Tucker’s Firing; Scapegoating….

Hidden Truths Beneath the (Dominion, Etc.) Lies!

By Adina Kutnicki

“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable” – James A. Garfield
A brave man is a man who dares to look the Devil in the face and tell him he is a Devil” – James A. Garfield
In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell
Ever since the torturous, two-term reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “transformative” wrecking balls (with a stealth-like 3rd term embedded within the Biden regime), every manner of weaponization is being deployed to silence truth-tellers. Invariably, censorship is the ultimate goal. So much so, more than a smattering have ended up six feet under. Literally. But let’s leave the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief’s trail of dead bodies – cravenly described as “disappearances” and “mysterious suicides” – in abeyance, for now.
It is with the above context in mind, the whip-lash-like dumping of Tucker Carlson must be viewed. Analyzed.
In point of fact, the notion that media-driven market share is being given the heave-ho speaks volumes, that is, since Tucker Carlson consistently ranks Number One (or Number Two) in the feverish quest for top-tier in the Cable News Wars. Indeed, the precious chase for ad revenues is tied to “who’s on first.” Free market capitalism at its core. May the best (and truthful) content win, socialism/Marxism be damned.
But even if FOX’s chucking aside the premier business model appears to be like a bolt of lightening, let it be stated for the record: the writing was on the wall – since the 2020 electoral steal was set in motion. Simply put, the dye was cast: TUCKER GOTTA GO!!
Specifically, the following excerpts (November 9, 2020) from this writer’s site attest to the above: “WE DID IT! Wife of FOX NEWS Heir Goes Public, After FOX Declares Biden the Winner:

The most influential person in a man’s (married) life is his wife — admittedly, or not. After all, at the end of the day, it is said “woman behind the man” whose “advice and consent” is taken to heart — inside and outside the marital bed. Assuredly, femi-nazis will become unglued and atwitter at such feminist heresy, but said feverish reactions are neither here nor there.

Alas, it is through the above realistic lens and prism that FOX’s leftward tilt should be viewed, that is, via Kathryn Murdoch — wifey of James Murdoch, FOX’s heir apparent!!
Married to the already left-leaning James since 2000, it still takes time for the “woman behind the man” to become the real “kingmaker” — or whatever verbiage one chooses to assign.
In this regard, couple the above with the entry of Arnon Mishkin —die-hard Democrat operative to FOX’s ‘elections data team’, in 1998 — yes, his trajectory to Director of FOX News Decision Desk for presidential elections became official in 2012 and “in the bag.” Believe it or not. Indeed, Mishkin’s fortunes grew commensurate with Kathryn’s political influence beside FOX’s heir apparent! Still yet, for more on FOX’s (data) “fox in the hen-house”, peruse this:

The ‘Wizard of Oz’ at FOX News Revealed: Arnon Mishkin, Democrat Operative aka ‘The Data Guy’, at the Election Desk Called Arizona – Why Did He Jump the Gun? [VIDEO EVIDENCE]

Back to more on the “woman behind the man”……

But we are not done. Actually, we are just getting started.

As always, a pretext, a scapegoat, if you will, must accompany what would otherwise reveal their complete left-ward bias. Effectively, for FOX to maintain the veneer/appearance of a so-called “conservative” outlet, well, a full-on smoke and mirrors show has to enter the fray.
In this case, the perfect foil became: Dominion’s Lawsuit. Adding insult to grievous injury: the trumped-up lawsuit smacked of a brazen/bold-faced lie. Crime. How so?
While Dominion was the underbelly for the data-driven electoral fraud, that is, a complete Demster-driven operation (foreign backed, too), it became the cudgel to wield against Tucker Carlson – all for the “crime” of being the only truth-teller to dare to tell the stolen tale, ala evidentiary trail after trail. And that’s barely scratching the surface, as per how many skeletons he has unearthed from the Deep State’s multi-pronged closets!! Drinking from a firehose comes to mind.
For (a smattering of) proofs of the same, excerpted within (Dec. 20, 2020:
It is not for nothing that Dr. Ayyadurai has been featured at this investigative journalist’s Intel site on multiple occasions. To qualify for such highlighting, well, one must be either a high-level scoundrel or a standout in this or that arena of national import.
Dear readers and fellow patriots: Is it any wonder that this renowned MIT scientist, engineer and inventor is deemed a two-fer superstar; a tech genius and a brave-heart? Rhetorical.
Read on….

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD., scored a major victory in his lawsuit claiming that his campaign for Senator in Massachusetts was fraudulently stolen thanks to Dominion Voting Systems machines used to tabulate and calculate the vote.

Dr. Ayyadurai is well known to TGP readers. Here are two pieces resulting from Dr. Ayyadurai’s research–Dr. Shiva Presents Arizona Data and Election Fraud with Dr. Shiva, Jim Hoft and Joe Hoft.

Dr. Ayyadurai is David fighting Goliath. He could not find a lawyer to take his case so he was left to fight alone. He filed Pro Se, i.e.

Dr. Ayyadurai, not a lawyer, faced off with the Secretary of State William Galvin and won the right to present an amended complaint (see Case 1:20-cv-12080-MLW). Judge D. J.  Wolf, the man who put Whitey Bulger in prison, made the ruling……

But for the fact that the electoral steal decimated America’s domestic and foreign interests, General Flynn’s dire warning would not be issued.
As such, pay strict heed via ThreePercenter Nation:

Few people on the social and political fronts today are as measured and calm as the former general, which makes his dire warning all the more important.

Flynn recently delivered a stern warning to a crowd in Florida. …

He warned of the ‘final power grab’ that American communists are now advocating—a power grab that is both imminent and must not be ignored.

He goes on to detail the subtle yet powerful shifts and power games currently coming from the American ‘progressive left’, a perspective eerily reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s ‘final revolution’.

continue reading re the unfolding catastrophe here….

Therefore, the so-called admission from a key Dominion exec., re the biggest heist in American history, is a day late and a dollar short. This is so, for all intents and purposes, because their planned wrecking balls exceeded the Deep State Mafia’s wildest expectations. No doubt, Obama 3.0, China/Dementia/Crooked Joe’s hench-men are reveling in the off-the-charts destruction. Picture the high-fives, happy dances, and the wicked smiles!
Besides, consider the following admission in Feb. 2021:
Then, couple it with another blockbuster reveal:
Ipso facto,
The dire warning from General Flynn must be shouted from the rooftops…..

Still yet, fools and knaves will believe whatever verbal jiujutsu is flung in their direction. No matter.

Regardless, in the plus column, FOX’s mask has been unveiled. Yes, millions upon millions of free-thinkers will never, ever agree to the up is down and down is up twisted set of lies. Selling their souls to the Devil is not an option.
For, in reality, the pejoratively coined “bitter-clingers” will fight till the death to preserve their G-d given rights – regardless of the power-hungry, elitist hordes and their incessant/shrill threats to jump on board with the program – or else.
On the other hand, ask yourselves: if normative business practices are still the measurable yardstick, the insidious firing of a brave-heart like Tucker, in the long-term, would not compute. Again, what is really going on?
Well, at this fork-in-the-road, the financial trade-off (never mind the nonsense re Dominion’s bogus/costly lawsuit as the main impetus) may be worth it for Murdoch & Co. Consider: with Tucker gone (likely, other conservative hosts will get the ax, too), the titular heads will, finally, acquire the social acceptance within “polite” society that they really craved all along!
As such, the expected blow-back, namely, with millions of irate viewers (many of whom tuned in to FOX because of Tucker!) abandoning the channel is a small price to pay.
Resultant, FOX, sooner than later, will join CNN and the rest of the Mockingbird/Propaganda/Pravda-like American media shills.
A final note: For many years, the go-to truth-teller, sorta, kinda, Tucker’s elder, that is, Glenn Beck, has yet to steer conservatives/patriots wrong.
Hence, it is highly relevant, appropriate and righteous to conclude with his video assessment, as to the outrages at hand.
Take Beck’s analysis to the bank. To heart.
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