General Smith Urges Trump: “Don’t Surrender!” + Manhattan D.A. Bragg Wants Trump’s DNA

By Adina Kutnicki

FOR those who still believe that the entire DEMONRAT Party is not weaponzied for totalitarian rule, well, there is absolutely nothing to discuss. Frankly, you will reap what you sow.

AND since it appears that President Trump is determined to surrender himself to Bragg’s goon squads, it must be noted: he has been strongly advised not to do so!!

AS such, let it be stated for the record ….

General Smith Urges Trump: “Don’t Surrender!”

An astutely cautious General Eric M. Smith on Thursday urged President Donald J. Trump to not surrender to the Deep State amid concerns that Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg plans to charge him with 30 fabricated counts of business fraud, a source in the General’s office told Real Raw News.

Earlier Thursday, a corrupt NYC Grand Jury indicted the President, and Bragg’s office said it had spoken with Trump’s attorneys to facilitate his surrender early next week.

The illegal indictment, which remains sealed, comes after weeks of failed predictions. Two weeks ago, Trump posted to Truth Social that he’d be arrested on March 21; a few days ago, he said he’d heard Bragg had “given up” for lack of evidence.

General Smith, too, has revised his prediction and tactical assessment of what he has called a “fluid battlefield.” As reported on March 19, Gen. Smith opposed Trump surrendering but said a contingent of his forces was ready to spirit him to safety if the Deep State had designs to disappear him. Now, he is beseeching Trump to hunker down at Mar-a-Lago under military protection, from where, if necessary, he can mount a protracted defense.

Our source said President Trump and Gen. Smith spoke over an encrypted line Thursday evening, with the latter saying any attempt to defend Trump on the streets of Lower Manhattan would result in a “blood bath with extreme collateral damage.”

“General Smith sees the potential for unimaginable carnage,” our source said. “New York City has activated 9,600 uniformed officers and the federal government will have 2,200 FBI and IRS criminal investigation agents on the battlefield. Although Trump “backs the blue,” Gen. Smith warned him that none of them would publicly support him in a Deep State stronghold like Manhattan. Gen. Smith feels a rescue operation under those conditions could turn Manhattan into bombed-out Baghdad.”

The General, he added, told Trump that if he enters the courthouse, he’s entrusting the Deep State with his safety and placing his trust in a few Secret Service agents whose political impartiality is questionable, at best. He reminded Trump that Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle reports to Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas, the deepest of Deep Staters.

“If they betray you, Mr. President, you may be all alone,” Gen. Smith said to Trump.

But Trump rejected Gen. Smith’s concerns, saying his disappearance or sudden death in New York would almost immediately spark a revolution “unlike anything the country’s ever seen” and galvanize an indefatigable resistance. His plan, he told the general, would be to accept extradition and plead not guilty to Bragg’s baseless charges.

“There’s a plan, General. If they try anything funny, we win. If they don’t, we will win. Either way, we win,” Trump reportedly said.

Gen. Smith offered a final plea, a last suggestion, asking Trump to accompany him to safety at either Fort Bragg or Guantanamo Bay, both of which had arsenals capable of repelling an armed Deep State incursion.

“General Smith laid out his concerns, but Trump seems determined to go to New York,” our source said.

SO, it is along this crooked indictment that an added warning was issued to President Trump, as well as to all those who want to save America’s freedom-based Republic — or what’s left of it.

Manhattan D.A. Bragg Wants Trump’s DNA

If President Donald J. Trump surrenders to authorities on Tuesday, he may undergo a DNA collection process more befitting a murder suspect than a person falsely accused of paying hush money to a washed-up adult actress, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

According to him, the general’s office, via U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER,) has obtained an email sent from Lisa DelPizzo, chief of the Manhattan D.A.’s trial division, to Alvin Bragg, in which she asks whether the office will collect a buccal swab, blood, and “at least 100 hair samples” from President Trump Tuesday afternoon. She also asked for Bragg’s thoughts on whether the Secret Service would try to block DNA collection.

ARCYBER, our source said, did not intercept a reply but forwarded DelPizzo’s email to Gen. Smith since it seemed like a portent that Bragg might entrap Trump with additional, albeit fictitious, charges.

In homicide and sexual assault cases, law enforcement routinely mouth-swabs suspects and collects hair follicles. In most cases, a suspect (or even a witness) is asked to surrender his DNA voluntarily; but refusal inevitably results in police hostility and a warrant compelling cooperation by force, if necessary. In specific DUI investigations, cops can get a warrant for a blood draw to check for intoxicants.

However, there is no case law mandating the collection of DNA evidence from a person charged with financial crimes, attorney Bill Cullen of the Constitutional Law Foundation told Real Raw News.

“Not only is there no precedent for indicting a president, but there’s also none that I’m aware of for swabbing or taking hair roots from anyone suspected of financial misdemeanors, and if indeed they intend to do that, no honest judge would sign a warrant—there’s no probable cause. The police can ask, of course, but no one should voluntarily talk to or help them. Alvin Bragg’s indictment is still sealed, which I find suspicious, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the charges against Trump are spurious,” Mr. Cullen said.

Our source in Gen. Smith’s office speculated as to why Bragg wants Trump’s DNA.

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Bragg, who is Deep State, wants to make sure the Trump he has in custody is the Real Donald Trump and not a clone, doppelganger, or body double. I don’t see how DNA could exclude a clone, but it could detect a double,” he said. “Or, of course, they might just try to frame him for something else once he gets in there.”

We asked our source to comment on theories that the real President Trump is stashed away at NORAD or AREA 51, while a doppelganger lives at Mar-a-Lago and makes public appearances at rallies.

“If that were true, it would be outside the ambit of what I can say,” he said.

Regardless, he said Gen. Smith forwarded DelPizzo’s email to President Trump and his legal team.

As reported yesterday, Gen. Smith implored Trump to hold fast at Mar-a-Lago and avoid traveling to New York, but Trump wouldn’t heed the advice. They plan to speak again Sunday, our source said.

ALAS, it is minus zero hour to take a stand against the monstrous Deep State…


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