HUSSEIN’s Mid East Designs Full Circle: Hands Over Reins To Russia, Iran & Turkey. Global Knock-On Effects. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THOSE who are familiar with the ins and outs of geo-politics understand the following basics: though its chessboard may have various moving and fluid parts, its major pieces, in a manner of speaking, are pre-designed.

NOT only that, fast-paced events reported on by the media as the “gospel” truth should be viewed as nothing short of political spin. Confabulated fairy tales. And it is into this netherworld that the masses view global events, as they play out in both warp speed and gory detail.

IN this regard, this site’s geo-political (Mid East) analysis from June 2013 is as true today as it was over three years ago. Moreover, its basis is unfolding before the west’s horrified eyes, just as this Brotherhood expert “predicted.” And this is hardly an insignificant geo-political matter.

THUS, let’s recap a bit. Step back. Resultant, it will be easier to see from there to here. In other words, as to the why/how the heretofore superpower in the world – the lone western “policeman” in the ever fiery jungles of the Mid East – abdicated and abandoned its footprints to the Russian Bear, Iran’s mastermind Mullahs, Syria’s Assad, and Turkey’s Brotherhood leader, Erdogan.

IN the main, it is intrinsic to recognize that the so-called reported “tussles” between HUSSEIN and Putin are little more than theater. In fact, it has been under HUSSEIN’s umbrella that Russian boots have been training on U.S. ground, and it is not for nothing.

YES, this relationship is part and parcel of his indelible and inextricable red/Marxist side. No doubt about it.

AS to Iran, well, the House of Bribes tells the horrific tale of the Obama administration’s western betrayal. Let’s just stipulate: if NOT for HUSSEIN, the biggest importer of worldwide terror (in competition with Saudi Arabia, but let’s not digress) would not be on course to attaining nuclear power status! 

WHICH brings us to Turkey’s Brotherhood “made man”, Erdogan. Alas, regardless of the media’s spin that he is sparring with HUSSEINhe is one of his BFF’s. Incontestably, the best buds, as recently as April 2016, gathered at Turkey’s 100 mil plus MEGA mosque opening in Lanham, Maryland! Mind you, this Brotherhood mobbed up behemoth is in the shadow of America’s Capitol in Washington, DC, in fact, a mere 13 miles away. For the record, it is the largest mosque (aka Islamic “cultural” center) in the western hemisphere. G-d have mercy. To wit, does this sound like a fractured relationship between Brothers?? Come on.

IN line with the above, bear in mind several intersecting factors. In so doing, the seemingly mind-boggling geo-political dots will start to fall into place. Wait and see.

  • HUSSEIN, an Islamist and a cultural Marxist, has been inching towards reversing decades worth of U.S. hyper-muscle in the Mid East theater. From the inception of his first term, his apology tour in June 2009 to Cairo – the heart of the Muslim world and the Brotherhood – kicked this reversal into high gear.
  • As repeatedly mentioned, Libya’s implosion, which led directly to Benghazigate, was designed to set the region on fire. Most inherently, the firestorms engulfing Syria have been essential to rearranging the Mid East’s decks – F/B/O Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Indeed, HUSSEIN’s ideological heart is aligned with theirs, hence, the Mid East had to be – one pre-set fire after another – placed into their hands.
  • And when factoring in the rise of ISIS under his “watchful” eyes, his helping hands, no less, the rest of the dominoes were set to fall – and fall they did!
  • One must urgently ask: under his stewardship, has the Mid East improved or deteriorated? Consequentially, has the Mid East ever been in such dire shape, even considering its basket case condition to begin with? Concomitantly, since World War 2, has the west ever been in such chaos?

AND so here we are, as America runs from the Mid East with nukes in hand, so to speak.

In an earthshaking Middle East development, the United States has begun secretly evacuating the tactical nuclear weapons it had stockpiled at the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik and is transporting them to US bases in Romania.

The Obama administration has thus taken another step towards folding its tents in the Middle East.

In contrast, Moscow is rapidly expanding its air force footprint in the region with a new base in Iran following its facility in Syria. Advanced bombers and fighters are stepping up operations in both countries, while Russian warships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles gather in the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas.

Debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that Washington decided to remove the nuclear arsenal to safety after talks between American and Turkish talks on release 1,500 US airmen serving at the base from the siege clamped down a month ago broke down. The airmen were running the US air campaign against ISIS in Syria just 112km away.
The talks ground to a halt over Turkish insistence on assuming control of the nuclear arsenal and America’s rejection of this demand.

The 50-70 B61 tactical gravity nuclear bombs were stored in underground bunkers close to the US bombers’ air strips. Although this was not fully admitted by Washington, the US air and ground crews were held intermittently in lockdown since the President Tayyip Erdogan suppressed a military coup against him a month ago.

The deterioration of relations between Ankara and Washington contrasted strongly with the Turkish-Russian rapprochement, which Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin sealed in St. Petersburg on Aug.8. Since then, there have been calls for the Russian Air Force to be allowed to displace the US warplanes at Incirlik. This process has now begun.

Hmm. Seriously, who could have “predicted” (other than those who understand what geo-political knock-on effects really mean) that Russia would react as it did, as the Bear, hot on the heels of HUSSEIN’s nuke airlift, immediately bombed the crap out of the pro-US Kurdish enclave Hassake and Kurdish positions in Asayish in northeastern Syria! Go figure. Of course, steep casualties were reported by the Kurdish Arab militia which is armed and trained by the US!! Mind you – aside from Israel – the Kurds are the only reliable ally in the Mid East. 

THUS, as night follows day, so too the geo-political fallout. As such, Allah’s Muslim terrorists continuously slip through U.S. borders, even as this is being written. Again, this was anticipated a few years ago, and most recently in March 2015.

MOST significantly, when speaking of coming full circle, there are two intersecting points of convergence.

FIRST, the removal of America’s footprints, turning tail, if you will, is meant to humiliate the military, the main bone in HUSSEIN’s anti-American craw. It is not for nothing that he slashed the Defense budget, U.S. military readiness, to the lowest point in years. 

The Army’s manpower is down 10 percent since President Obama took office. Our naval capabilities are aging and inadequate to meet our national security demands. The Air Force fields the smallest and oldest force of combat aircraft in its history. The Marines are running only about two-thirds the number of battalions they have historically needed to meet day-to-day operational demands.

Most neglected of all U.S. national security elements are our strategic forces. Here, President Obama has reined in development and deployment of ballistic missile defenses.  The president cut all advanced missile defense programs designed to keep the United States ahead of the ballistic missile threat in the future. The president also delayed and underfunded existing programs, most notably the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system. Meanwhile, to curry favor with Russia, he pulled the plug on planned missile defense installations in Poland and the Czech Republic, simultaneously alienating those allies while displaying weakness to Moscow.

IN tandem, his insistence on the “gaying” of the military is designed to reduce the comfort level of heterosexual soldiers, you know, the hard-charging, gung-ho, macho type male who represents the kick-ass soldier. 

SECOND, as if on cue, the geo-political dots begin to align, that is, once one internalizes where Syria’s implosion comes in. Simply put, in order for a mass migration via Islamic mandated hijrah for Allah to occur – to bust through the west’s borders – well, particular wildfires became necessary. Pre-designed.

SO, a two for one thrust was conceived (none of it has been happenstance) to explode into Europe, with knock-on effects to America through a non-existent border policy. And it’s playing out to a tee, even though this and that wildfire doesn’t always go as planned. 

BUT in the scheme of things, could anyone have imagined the heretofore unimaginable western-shattering event, to the point in which U.S. soldiers became virtual captives at their airbase in Turkey, as stated above? Locked down.

GRRR….It is now “understandable” why special forces were tasked to hightail America’s nuke arsenal out of the Mid East, thus, leaving the door WIDE open for Russia, Iran, and Turkey to completely dominate the Mid East sphere in place of U.S. hyper-power! Yes, the most strategically important region for the U.S., bar none.

AS is said, easy peasy. A + B.


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