CREEPING (Stealth) Shariah Law Adopted In America! The Proofs, The Whys & Wherefores. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

COMPARABLE to the term “silent killer” in the medical sphere, the insertion of Shariah Law into America (the west) manifests via stealth jihad and it is more than cancerous. A stone cold killer. 

SO while countless Americans are subliminally brainwashed into laying down their guard and their lives – as leftists indoctrinate within the media, academia, and cultural messaging, yes, don’t dare to hurt the “feelings” of “the other” – Islam is taking over through stealth jihad to implant Shariah Law! Creep by creep. And before most even realize it, voilà, they have succumbed to its dictates without a shot being fired. How can this be?

AS is said, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, Islam’s soldiers for Allah operate on a two-tier track. Patiently. Viciously.

ON the one hand, the first tier mandates frontal engagements. This week’s militant jihad in Canada is more than emblematic of said continuous onslaughts.

“Suspect said ‘Allah told me to do this’ during double stabbing at Canadian Forces recruitment centre, police say,” National Post, March 15, 2016:

A Toronto man who attacked a Canadian military recruiting centre Monday said Allah told him to do it, according to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ayanle Hassan Ali, who was born in Montreal and moved to Toronto in 2011, was arrested Monday and charged with three counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

SO too, the continuous slaughter of Jews in Israel by militant jihadists are a mirror image of said “operations for Allah” ala this same first tier.


According to the indictment, about a month before the Ramle stabbing the two decided to become “martyrs” and be killed as part of a “religious war” by carrying out a murderous attack against Jews. 

Directly inspired by the deadly attack last Wednesday at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate – in which three heavily-armed Arab terrorists killed a female Border Police officer – the two chose to meet the next day equipped with kitchen knives.

On the day of the attack, one of the young terrorists asked her friend if she was interested in carrying out the stabbing as planned. The friend suggested conducting the attack after school, but was later convinced to carry out the attack in the morning instead of going to school.

Each girl took a kitchen knife and stashed it in her school bag, before traveling to the mall inside Ramle’s central bus station. They staked out the place three times, but noticed no civilians or soldiers present.

As there were no soldiers, the pair decided to stab a security guard at the entrance to the mall. They approached the inspection stand and when the guard asked to check their bags they drew out their knives and began to stab him with the intent of killing him.

According to the indictment, the pair yelled “Allah” (God) numerous times as well as “Death to you.”

Image result for pics of sharia law will rule

ALTHOUGH on a tandem and adjoining track, the second tier is clearly less visible. This is precisely why a stealth appellation is its best descriptor. Indeed, over decades and through The Plan, they have patiently laid the groundwork for Shariah Law within America and it has now taken root.  

IN this regard, let’s take a recent, albeit, brief look-back:

MOST know that alcohol is considered haram….حَرَام‎….forbidden in Islam. Now, even though this investigative journalist has zero interest in imbibing, the fact remains that in America alcohol is legal, although one can be cited for DUI, in itself, a criminal offense. Be that as it may, the era of Prohibition ended in 1934 and that is that. Not so fast.

YOU got that? Effectively, since Shariah Law forbids anything to do with alcohol (and a lengthy list of other anti-western restrictions), Islamists creep into America’s legal door by claiming “religious discrimination”, thus, implanting Shariah Law!

CONVERSELY, for example, let’s put it out there: Since strictly Orthodox Jews are forbidden to engage in pre-marital sex, what would happen if they refused to haul condoms (let’s throw in some sex toys for good measure) for distribution at college campuses, clearly indicating that said birth control was NOT designated for married couples?  Would they claim “religious discrimination” based on Torah Law, in order not to deliver said products? Of course not. Never and never. The point being, they are not attempting to impose Torah Law, unlike Islamists! 

Two Muslim men just got awarded $240,000 for refusing to do their job.

Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdikarim Hassan Bulshale were given the award by a jury after a judge found that Illinois trucking company Star Transport Inc. violated the religious convictions of the pair by firing them for refusing to deliver alcohol.

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on Monday that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) goes around the country looking for cases they want to prosecute but he said it was unclear why they would pick this case.

“Why did they pick a situation like this where they are outwardly, openly representing Muslims who knew before they took the job that they would be delivering alcoholic beverages,” Napolitano said. “Why take a job that is against your religion?”

Kelly argued that was the same argument opponents of Kim Davis took when they said she shouldn’t have taken a job as county clerk that would mandate she issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“Very different position from the same people who are not defending the Muslims,” she said adding that Davis should have been granted a religious accommodation.

“I don’t like the idea of the government getting involved,” Napolitano said. “When the government picks and chooses winners and losers – we always have an imbalance, an improper allocation of taxpayer resources and ultimately – decisions based on a political model rather than a moral model.”

The judgment was granted on Oct. 20 in a case that began in 2013 with a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of the Obama administration, who claimed the man weren’t provided “with a reasonable accommodation and by terminating them because of their religion,” according to the Peoria Journal Star.

It is unclear if the men will receive any of the award as Star Transport has gone out of business.

Still that didn’t dampen the spirits of the victors.

“This is an awesome outcome. Star Transport failed to provide any discrimination training to its human resources personnel, which led to catastrophic results for these employees,” EEOC attorneys June Calhoun said in a statement. “They suffered real injustice that needed to be addressed. By this verdict, the jury remedied the injustice by sending clear messages to Star Transport and other employers that they will be held accountable for their unlawful employment practices.

“Moreover, they signaled to Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Bulshale that religious freedom is a right for all Americans.”

Well, unless you are a Christian that doesn’t want to issue gay marriage licenses.


TO wit, this unlawful judgment was clearly a “put up” job by HUSSEIN Obama’s EEOC attorneys, and the jury was none the wiser. Hence, another back door was opened for Shariah Law’s imposition. Not only that, a precedent (and warning) has been set, that is, don’t dare go up against Shariah Law mandates, otherwise you will pay the price and may even be driven out of business!!

READERS, we are not done yet….even your (and the kiddies) food choices are being taken off the table!

Washington school district bans all pork products from school menu after Muslims threaten lawsuit if they don’t

This is not the first public school in America that has become ‘sharia-compliant’ by removing pork products from its food service, in order to accommodate Muslim supremacist religious demands.

An angry parent, Dave Brabo, spoke with the school’s Director of Nutritional Services, Tom Ogg, who informed him that “he was well aware of the issues (and the slippery slope) with the changes to menu options due to Muslim religious beliefs, but he said lots of Muslims had complained and threatened the school by reporting them to the U.S. Department of Education.”


Mr. Brabo was told that if the school system doesn’t “accommodate the Muslim dietary needs that their federal and state funding would be cut or pulled.” He was told that the school system may be doing this in order to better accommodate incoming illegal alien Muslim refugees.

The administration also told Mr. Brabo that they were obligated under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to “reasonably accommodate” this religious group’s needs. He was told that it’s for documented disabilities (physical or cognitive) and not for religious exceptions. (Yet religious exceptions are exactly what you are promoting, that is, unless you want to declare that all followers of Islam have a mental disorder?)

We never get these kinds of demands from Jews, who also don’t eat pork

This school district is removing pork products from their menu, and labeling all food, so Muslims can know if any food item has pork in it. This modification affects no other religious affiliation.

Mr. Brabo was also told by Mr. Ogg, the school principal, and two nutritional service employees to “drop it and they were fearful of reprisal from the School District Administration and that funding would be cut if we didn’t fall in line.”

With Muslims, first come demands for pork to be banned in public places. Then come the rest:

This is unacceptable.  If there is enough backlash to this ridiculous new policy, the school system will listen.  But you must speak up!

We strongly urge you to call the Kent, Washington School District and voice your strong opposition to their new food policy. Express to them that the food choices for all students should not be dictated by one particular religion or group.

This type of ridiculousness will continue to occur in school districts all across this country unless we speak up now and do something about it.

Pertinent contact information is noted below:

Kent School District
12033 SE 256th St
Kent, WA 98030-6503
Phone (253) 373-7000
Dr. Calvin J. Watts, Superintendent
Tom Ogg, Director of Nutritional Services

Click here to voice your opposition

MOST perniciously, Shariah Law has effectively embedded itself into America’s financial system, and the west at large. How many are aware of this? 

As a result of these numerous inquiries we have carefully compiled a list of financial institutions active in the USA that have some form of tie to Shariah Compliant Finance.

In some cases, the entire institution is Shariah-compliant. In other cases, the overall institution is not Shariah-compliant but it has a division or subsidiary that is, or it offers a product that is Shariah-compliant. In still more cases, some of the entities listed below do not offer financial products at all, but play key roles in enabling Shariah Compliant Finance in the West….continue reading….

KNOW this: Committed Muslims don’t give a rat’s behind about the “laws of the land.” Indeed, the implantation of Shariah Law is NON negotiable, be it through the sword or stealth. Whatever it takes.

AND if one is inclined to bet, as to which side will end up on top, well, this site recognizes (more than most) that some patriots are beginning to fight back, but not nearly enough. Hence, Americans should prepare themselves for stepped up Shariah Law – pork products being the least important item taken off the menu.

DON’T say you weren’t warned!

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