Hey, Barack, It’s Time To Man Up, And Explain To The American People Why Our Lives Don’t Matter To You. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Indeed, there are certain times when little commentary is warranted. Brilliantly stated, the following commentary and analysis hardly necessitates edification.
Without further ado, presenting, the Head Editor of a well-known International news website (as well as a contributing author at Israel’s Voice), Wolf Bachner….
Hey, Barack, It’s Time To Man Up, And Explain To The American People Why Our Lives Don’t Matter To You.
© Wolff Bachner 2015
What on earth is going on in this country? The American people are deliberately being endangered by the policies and actions of Barack Obama, many of which are unconstitutional and illegal. While we expected this from the insane man who defrauded his way into the presidency, we also expected the members of Congress to oppose any actions or executive orders that will endanger American lives if they are enacted. There is little question that a president who knowingly endangers the lives of the citizens with his policies should be impeached for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”
Where exactly on G*D’s green earth are the elected officials who have also taken an oath to protect us from a president who refuses to do his sworn duty, endangers the nation, and constantly violates the Constitution?
This is no longer about Obama’s experience or the fact he has none, or his obnoxious demeanor, or his excessive vacations, or the dozens of golf rounds, some of which required Air Force One to fly the Duffer-in-Chief to a country club in Florida at $181,000 per hour. This is about the lives of 330 million Americans who are being threatened with terror and death by a foreign enemy the simpering weakling in the White House refuses to even name.
But, we must also remember the day this weasel of a president stood at the podium to announce that ISIS had beheaded James Foley. Two quick sound bites about “Jim,” as if James Foley was a pal of his from the Choom Gang, and 10 minutes of political psychobabble blaming everything but Islam for Mr. Foley’s murder.
America elected a president who lacks even the most basic manners. Obama exuded extreme disinterest throughout his speech except when he was lecturing the American people about Islam being the Religion of Peace. He insisted ISIS was not Islamic, and ISIS members were not real Muslims. Obama mumbled a few more meaningless platitudes about how tough he was when he dealt with America’s enemies, and thankfully, people in the audience realized that the news out of Syria was too serious to laugh in Obama’s face. As Obama made for the exit, he absorbed the praise from his minions as if it was fine wine, and 15 minutes later, he was back on the golf course.
I have been a political columnist for the better part of four decades, and I have never witnessed a more disrespectful attitude or more self-absorbed, sociopathic individual occupying the Oval Office than this creepy political hack from Chi-Town. He is truly a vile, contemptible human being, and Obama’s behavior was just heartless. Barack Hussein Obama spits in the face of every single American, and he used the announcement of James Foley’s murder to run interference for the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacist ideology. An American journalist was executed by ISIS, and the takeaway from Obama’s performance made it abundantly clear he was going to do nothing whatsoever to stop the Islamist takeover of the Middle East and Africa.
Fast forward to December of 2015, and ISIS has arrived in France and the United States to commence the slaughter. 139 dead in Paris and 14 dead in San Bernardino, and Obama is still doing nothing to stop ISIS, while he continues to insist Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Instead, he increases the number of Syrian Refugees that will arrive in the US in 2016 by 1000 percent.
When the news broke that there was no way to run proper security checks on the Syrian refugees, Obama essentially said, “So What,” told Congress to screw off, and doubled down on his belligerent demeanor. He made it clear to all concerned that the country will absorb 100,000 more penniless Muslims, and no one will make him change his mind.
The American people have essentially been completely disenfranchised, and the Congress has been put out of business by Harry Reid, who is still managing to block every single Republican bill to come down to the Senate from the House of Representatives, as he has done.for the last seven years. The only part of the government that is functioning is Obama’s pen and phone. Call it by any name you please; I call it a coup by Barack Hussein Obama and his cadre of inner circle advisers. We have lost our country.
For man-child Barack to refuse to even pause immigration and develop a vetting and security policy that our law enforcement agencies and our intelligence agencies consider sufficient to properly screen all immigrants and clearly identify potential risks, is utterly criminal and the most irresponsible policy decision since Neville Chamberlain submitted to Adolph Hitler’s will and told the world, “We now have peace in our time.”
After the Islamic terror attacks in Paris, the two recent Islamic terror attacks in the USA, one of which our mentally disturbed president refuses to call a terror attack, a month of daily Islamic terror attacks in Israel that have taken the lives of 21 Israeli civilians,.and the infiltration of refugee populations by ISIS, there is no excuse imaginable that justifies continuing to import thousands of immigrants from the heartland of Islamic terror without even pausing the program for a few months while the agencies responsible for stopping terror attacks are actually allowed by Obama to do their jobs for once. Is this really too much to ask of King Barry of Absurdia? If an FBI agent or a CIA operative says the words, “Islamic terror,” we promise you can wash his or her mouth out with soap. No, really Barack, we mean it. You can. Your choice. Ivory or Dove.
A majority of Americans are in favor of at least pausing the immigration programs, and a majority of Americans also feel the unconstitutional immigration policies of this lawless president should be stopped permanently. But at this juncture, we must focus on the potential threat from so-called Syrian refugees while our police and intelligence services do everything in their power to establish the means to screen anyone who wishes to enter this country as an immigrant from the Middle East.
Consider the following immigration facts. While Obama refuses to pause, stop, or limit immigration from Syria and other Arab Nations that have been overrun by Islamists and Jihadi armies, he has instructed his immigration services to perform extra screening on Israelis for a variety of flimsy and often petty reasons.
Always happy to abuse Israel with juvenile game playing, members of the Obama Administration falsely accused Israeli tourists of coming here to spy on the United States. Israelis with a background in technology or science were accused of coming here to take high paying jobs away from Americans.
The Obama Administration gives many thousands of special work visas every year to skilled foreign workers from India and other nations, many of which have sizable Muslim populations who actually do come here and take important technology and science jobs away from Americans. The H1B visa program workers have been known to work for lower wages, and the American workers they replace are often forced to train their own replacements. But the citizens of our closest ally, Israel, are slandered by anonymous Obama insiders who leak tidbits to the media, whispering petty lies to cooperative journalists hinting that Israelis are coming here to steal the best jobs and spy on Americans.
In reality, it is the US under Obama that was spying on every one of our Western allies, and once again, Obama is obsessing over those pesky “JOOOZ,” and completely ignoring a 35,000 man Islamic army that is making every imaginable effort to get their hands on a nuclear weapon or a deadly germ to kill millions of non-Muslims in one attack. Syrians Muslims get in by the thousands even though we have no way to screen them, and Israeli Jews get the shaft.
No one is in Israel is fooled by Obama. They are well aware he is doing everything he can to give the middle finger to Israel. Obama is so determined to win the argument with Netanyahu, who has been making Barack look like a total fool every time they have a disagreement. The latest attempt to annoy Netanyahu involved US immigration harassing Israelis who are highly skilled in Science, Technology or current or former members of the Israeli military by subjecting them to entry screening usually reserved for people coming to America from nations such as Pakistan and Iraq. The Israelis are detained for hours while they are asked to turn over cell phones for inspection, reveal encryption codes and passwords to all their electronic devices, and fill out intrusive questionnaires that would be normal for a CIA interview of a terror suspect.
Yet, if an American voices a concern about Muslim immigration from Syria after three terror attacks in the last month, they are called racists, bigots, and Islamophobes. Well, Barack, I will do you one better. Why don’t you explain to the American people why you are demanding we import 100,000 unvetted Syrians who are more than 95 percent Muslims? Surely, since you claim to be the smartest guy alive, you must know that the Islamic State terrorists have displaced, brutally attacked, raped, robbed, and murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians originally from Syria, Libya, and Iraq. Why do Christians only get two percent of the refugee visas, and Muslims get more than 95 percent?
There is no excuse for America to invite 100,000 Syrian Muslim refugees and only take about 2,000 Syrian Christian refugees. The total lack of assistance is a direct reflection on decisions made by Barack Obama, who has helped provoke a seven-year assault on American Christians and their beliefs. There is very little Obama can say today to defend against the fact that the evidence indicates he has a major issue with Christianity. Why is he so unwilling to show any sympathy or provide any meaningful help for Syrian Christians? For heaven’s sake man, you are the ^&%$ president, and you won’t even mention the Christians who are suffering by the millions from one end of the Islamic world to the other. Shame on you and damn your hypocrisy.
FDR closed America to the Jews of Europe, and six million Jews died in the death camps. You, Mr.Obama, are doing the same to the five million Christians fleeing the Islamic state. You bombed Libya into the Stone Age to get rid of a dictator who was on a tight leash and turned it over to ISIS. You refused to listen to your own military about Iraq, and now most of Iraq is in the hands of ISIS. In Syria, you treated Assad like a Duncan yo-yo, first sending an American Ambassador to praise him when Congress begged you not to, and then demanded his ouster. You then picked a group of jihadists to become America’s proxy army to fight Assad, and you armed them. They became ISIS, and now, they also control large portions of Syria.
Last week, the world was on the brink after Turkey shot down a Russian jet on the Syrian border with Turkey. The US, France, the UK, Turkey, Russia, and a whole alphabet soup of Islamic terror groups, who are running around with advanced weapons from Russia and the United States, are all rattling their sabers in Syria. The US, UK, France and Russia have fighter jets in the air constantly, and there is a small fleet of nuclear-armed submarines from the US, UK, and Russia lurking off the coast. Israel is known to have several nuclear-armed subs in the region, and France has an eight-ship fleet on the way to Syria with a nuclear submarine due to arrive before the fleet. The possibility of a mistake, an accident, religious lunacy, or outright aggression starting World War III is no longer considered a paranoid delusion.
The world also has Obama to thank for being a prime mover in provoking the Syrian Civil War. It is no longer a secret the CIA was responsible for provoking the Syrian Civil War in the first place. The only question left to ask is why would you send the CIA into Syria to start a major war. Didn’t you get enough shits and giggles from obliterating most of Libya?
And amidst the carnage and death and suffering, with millions of refugees fleeing the region, the words, “Christian Syrian Refugee” never crossed your lips. I wish I had a name for you that does justice to the level of evil you represent. Someday in the future, people will say Hitler tried to wipe out every Jew on earth, and Obama lets ISIS wipe out all the Middle Eastern Christians. The Christians in Israel, who are the only Christians who are increasing in number in the Middle East will survive, and the Coptic Christians in Egypt may survive, but the blood of Arabia’s Christians will be on your hands.
Yes, most Americans are against allowing 20 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country and begin their citizenship process, especially with 95 million Americans now listed as long-term unemployed, and a 19 trillion dollar deficit hanging over our heads like the blade of a guillotine. The opponents of Obama’s policies want every single American back in the workforce before we allow immigrants to enter the USA and look for work.
Obama’s opponents also want significant steps taken to reduce the deficit and reduce spending before we even consider adding the burden of opening our borders to hundreds of thousands of impoverished immigrants who will place a significant, long-term financial obligation of the government. The cost of contending with 20 million illegal immigrants is already over 100 billion dollars a year, and Obama wants to add more than 100,000 Syrian rebels to America’s balance sheet when we can’t provide for our own citizens.
The fact is that this president is a rigid ideologue, who has put his own goals and personal philosophy about social justice ahead of the well-being of the American people. Obama has made it clear in speech after speech he blames George Bush and American foreign policy for the situation in the Middle East. In his warped, resentful little bubble, we are obligated to provide for the Syrians refugees first and foremost. If Americans suffer as a result of Syrian immigration, as far as Obama is concerned, we only have ourselves to blame, and he does not intend to do anything to help us.
OK, I admit there is one thing Obama will do for the American people. He will subject us to endless lectures about our faults and bore us into a really good night’s sleep. Our healthcare is now two to four times more expensive than before he took office; we are being monitored by the government every moment of our lives; the president has given himself the authority to kill American citizens with drones anytime and anyplace without a trial and conviction; he helped oust Mubarak, and installed the Muslim Brotherhood as Egypt’s government; He laid the foundation for a race war in this country, and spent more time promoting Gay rights and Islam than he did reducing the deficit, balancing the budget, and uniting the American people to rebuild our nation.
The community organizer-in-chief has driven away and done harm to every single American ally; he has doubled the deficit from nine trillion to 19 trillion dollars in seven years; he has imposed a treaty on the United States that could affect every nation on earth in ways that are simply too horrific to even imagine. The Iranians got everything they wanted, including 150 billion dollars to give to terrorists to attack Israel, and build one of the most destructive arsenals of conventional weapons on the planet.
American families are losing their homes, their jobs, their life savings, and they are being forced to buy health insurance that is much more expensive than their pre-Obamacare policies. Every aspect of American culture is under attack, and the Obama Administration is determined to undermine the principals of freedom and morality that Americans cherish. He has used the Department of Justice, which was headed for the first six years of the Obama imperial presidency by the first Attorney General held in contempt of Congress in US history, to erode or remove the standards of law and human decency that have been the bedrock of the Judeo-Christian morality for more than 2000 years.
While Obama and his rabid supporters still insist he is the greatest president ever elected, the majority of Americans do not support flooding the nation with 20 million unskilled  human beings who do not speak our language and have violated our laws by entering the nation illegally to drain our economy of over 100 billion dollars annually while committing a substantial percentage of robberies, rapes, and murders. The majority of Americans do not want their children to be forced to learn under the thumb of the Federal government, which is using Common Core educational standards and financial blackmail to eliminate the rights of the 50 individual states to set their own educational policies.
The Obama Administration has replaced a curriculum based on reading comprehension, essay writing, the study of the great literary works of humanity, mathematics, history, and science with humanism, social justice, environmentalism, Climate Change and volunteerism to produce generations of morally challenged adults who will remain obedient to the progressive agenda and despise the values that made America the light of nations. While Obama uses the full force of the Federal government to force acceptance of his policies, the majority of Americans are appalled by mixed gender bathrooms, LGBT education beginning in elementary school, Muslim students being allowed to practice their religion in public schools while all other religion is completely banned, the introduction of women and transsexuals into combat units of the US military, and the deliberate destruction of the oil industry and the coal industry when green energy is still 30 to 50 years away from selling for less than it costs. If we remove the facade of political deceit, the last seven years under Obama has been used by a small group of ultra-progressive, Far Left politicians and their billionaire backers who lurk in the shadows to change America and instill hopelessness in any and all Americans who still believe in liberty, G*D, and country.
While Obama’s domestic policies are frightening, his inept foreign policy and embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Supremacism have endangered the very existence of the human race. Obama issued another royal edict proclaiming the Iran deal to be an agreement, not a treaty, and according to the Constitution of Bammyland, Congress has no say on anything to do with the agreement. Obama gave Iran control of most of the Middle East, a foothold to eventually control all 22 Arab nations, and ability to build a nuclear arsenal. Examine the so-called achievements of Barack Hussein Obama and you will encounter a frightening record of deliberately planned chaos and disaster designed to bring down and humble this country.  Name one policy that has not done grievous harm to the American people and our way of life. Obama’s daddy issues and hatred of our independent spirit has brought Western civilization to the brink of destruction.
Most Americans are only aware of the most basic details of the recent refugee invasion of Europe. How many of you are also aware that out of the nearly one million alleged Syrian refugees who recently rampaged across the Balkans to get to Germany, leaving a trail of rapes, garbage and burnt out buildings in their wake, less than 30 percent are actually Syrian and less than 20 percent are women, children, widows or orphans. 80 percent of these refugees are men, the vast majority of whom are of military age, healthy, muscular, well-dressed and almost all of them are Muslims. The bulk of these so-called victims of war own cell phones and iPads.
They are, almost to a man, aggressive, demanding, hostile to any culture or religion but their own, they are outspoken about their intentions to make Europe part of the Caliphate. The icing on the cake is the additional news that even the 30 percent that are believed to be Syrian refugees are problematic because the German security services discovered many of the alleged Syrians have forged or stolen identification. One official, speaking off the record, was quoted as saying when all the data is finally confirmed, he believes only about 10 to 15 percent of the refugees are actually Syrians. While this news certainly inspires anger and a feeling of betrayal by the leaders of Europe, it really means very little because according to the European Unions immigration laws, if an immigrant manages to actually reach European soil, they are almost always permitted to stay.
Some of us who are in the media and are not in the tank for the madman in the White House have taken the time to view the vast numbers of videos coming out of Germany and other European nations that the refugees have passed through, and we have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears how Islam will finally conquer Europe and Britain. The Syrian men, with no hesitation and a great deal of mockery and boastful pride, look at the camera and tell the audience that Europe will belong to Islam in 10 years. As macho menace oozes from every pore, they inform the viewer that they won’t need to fight a war to make Europe into Eurabia. They will just f**k our wives and daughters, make them pregnant as many times as possible, convince the British women to marry them and convert to Islam. “We will give them so many Muslim babies, the Christians and the Jews” will be too terrified to fight them or remain in Europe or Britain.
Sadly, there are Americans who are unwilling to admit they are wrong or accept the idea that Obama betrayed this nation when he broke almost every single promise he made on the campaign trail. They will call me an Islamophobe, accuse me of lying about what’s going on now in Europe, and ignore the undeniable evidence that Islam and Muslim immigrants are literally destroying the achievements of what we in the free world call the “Great Enlightenment.” Europe is being ripped to shreds by millions of people who despise everything the American people fought two World Wars to save and preserve. The forces of Jihad will destroy Europe. They will not be stopped. America will be next.
If you care about your freedom, your country, your son, your daughter, your wife, your mother, your father, your grandparents or your friends, you must become involved and become involved now. We have a man in the Oval Office who cares more about people who are openly hostile to our way of life, who follow a religion that has brought terrorism in the name of Allah to virtually every nation on this planet since 9/11, with more than 25,000 documented terror attacks in the name of Islam. If some Americans chose to believe a group of extremely rich, power hungry politicians who claim to be the leaders of the free world when they tell you over and over that the terrorists are not real Muslims, and they are not practicing real Islam, that is your right, but it isn’t the truth either.
How many of the politicians who are the presidents, premiers, and prime ministers of the Western nations, none of whom are openly declared Muslims, have actually studied Islam? There are not different levels or versions of Islam. There is one Islam, and it is contained in the following five texts and teachings. They are the Qur’an, the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed, the Sahaba (the actions of the disciples of Mohammed), the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, and the Tafseer (or Interpretations) of the Qur’an. I will add it took me 40 years of study and mentoring by a respected scholar of Islam to finally acquire a basic understanding of Islam.
Simply put, there are no moderate Muslims or strict Muslims; there are only Muslims. Any non-Muslim who tells you otherwise or tries to impose Western values on the definition of Islam by saying, for example, “ISIS isn’t Islamic,” is wrong or lying, and they know less than nothing about Islam or they are concealing their knowledge of Islam to deceive you, which is what Obama is doing.
What pisses me off more than Obama is the so-called loyal opposition; the Republican party. They control both houses of Congress, 33 states have Republican governors, and they control the state legislatures in 30 states. When will one of these unspeakable disappointments open his or her mouth and say what must be said?
“Mr. Obama, you have violated your oath of office. You have endangered the lives of 330 million American citizens. Either change the policy, or we will cut off every single penny for your unlawful, dangerous, and frankly, insane immigration policies. We will also move for Impeachment.”
As we know, these words will never be spoken. The Republican party, for reasons that we may never really know, has abandoned the American people as well. They pleaded with us to mobilize and give them control of both Houses of Congress so they could stop Obama. We did what they asked and worked our butts off to make it happen. They then used their majority in both Houses of Congress to fund every single budget item and policy Obama demanded.
Let’s make America great again. Stop Hillary in 2016 and elect a true Conservative. Personally, my ticket of choice would be Senator Ted Cruz for President and Representative Trey Gowdy for Vice President. Be sure to vote in 2016, and volunteer to help TRUE THE VOTE protect American voters from fraud. The Democrats have been manipulating elections for decades, and it is essential we monitor every election and steer the Ship of State to restore our nation to greatness.

7 thoughts on “Hey, Barack, It’s Time To Man Up, And Explain To The American People Why Our Lives Don’t Matter To You. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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    Jennifer Wedel]
    I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. Why does the government continue to issue H-1B visas when there are tons of Americans, just like my husband, with no job?

    Malia and Natasha are supposed to be doing this to fight the STEM worker shortage that doesn’t actually exist and to justify immigration reforms, some of which (unlimited H1-Bs) will only hurt our economy.

    These are the facts?! By whom a multicultural fascist? Its Obama who is the fascist here. You know whats genocide?
    Genocide is when one race is replaced by another through force and this is currently happening in the US.
    Americans are replaced by people from a cultural background that is from completely different continent with completely different DNA. Thats genocide.

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