ISIS’s Twin Caliphate Spears: Capturing America & Israel Key! Europe: DOA. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


FIRST and foremost, don’t be distracted by the singling out of ISIS in this and that act of jihadi barbarism. In other words, it is only because they have emerged as the leading Islamic dogs – in the centuries-long intra-Sunni war and cock-fight – that they have “earned” top billing at this site. Effectively, keep your eyes peeled toward the overall cancer, that is, Shariah Law via Islam.     

OH, and this particular analysis (and its corroborative links) should not be misconstrued as a mitigating factor which lessens the extreme danger emanating from the Shia side. Alas, Iran’s proxy pawn, Hezbollah, is incontestably recognized as a proven killing machine throughout the world. Not only that, its agents are poised to possess nuclear weapons, and this is (largely) due to the Islamist-in-Chief’s “deal” with Iran’s genocidal mullahs.

EVEN so, for this discussion, let’s keep our focus riveted on ISIS. After all, it only serves their purpose if we become bogged down, thus, and distracted with their internal Islamic jockeying for hegemony. Besides, whichever side eventually comes close to ushering in the Caliphate, well, they will absolutely join forces F/B/O Islam. Afterwards, if history serves as a guide, they will duke it out among themselves for final TOP dog status. Either way, the west will be decimated because they will share whatever WMD’s come into their possession. NO doubt.

SO it is under this clear-eyed lens that ISIS’s twin Caliphate spears – under the wings of the overall Brotherhood Mafia – must be viewed. Enter: Jerusalem/Zion, Israel!

IN this regard, several inter-connecting commentaries connected the absolute presence of ISIS inside Israel. The following was revealed in Dec. 2014:

ALONG this dangerous terrain, certain matters have come to this investigative journalist’s attention, being an American-Israeli living in Israel. Significantly (andattributed to a Golani Druze journalist, who shall remain nameless), he interviewed Syrian Druze and they credibly documented ISIS, for quite some time, inside their border, one which is adjacent to Israel’s Golan!

THE urgent query becomes: Could it be remotely possible, in any rational reality – with Israel’s second to none “eyes in the sky” and other operational capabilities – that they haven’t seen the “rebels” merging with ISIS, long before this week’s “announcement”? Whom are they kidding?

IN this regard, there is a growing sense of outrage within the Druze community, as they realize that Israel’s leadership “lent” the IDF to quarterback for Obama’s “rebels”, those whom have proven to be (many months ago) ISIS affiliated.

IT gets worse.

ONCE again, a source has confirmed an unfathomable situation: Israel’s gov’t is clearly taking care of the medical needs of Obama’s “rebels”.

REPORTEDLY (another contact would have to go into hiding, if his identity was revealed), Israeli hospitals are at their disposal! Therefore, it is up to others to document the story’s underlying basis.

IN April 2014, over 10 Islamists (identified as either ISIS or Al-Nusra…six of one, half a dozen of another) were being treated in a Tsfat hospital for almost an entire month. To wit, they were separated from the rest of the patients, they were forbidden to walk around the hospital, and they were always guarded by IDF soldiers. By the way, it doesn’t matter a wit how this source was able to identify their presence. That’s neither here nor thereTo wit, blow back should be expected, as opposed to querying: How the hell did this happen? Read the whole thing….

MOREOVER, several follow-up reports ensued, and the last one (Oct. 2015) concentrated on the Israeli-Arab nexus to ISIS. It was not for nothing.

LET it sink in: A distinct majority of Israel’s minority Arab population identify with Israel’s enemies, especially the so-called Palestinian narrative. And it is this allegiance (an Islamic imperative) which causes too many to become entangled with terror, be it actively or through material assistance. Agreed, a small segment are grateful to be living in a country where they not only enjoy equal rights but every opportunity imaginable. As such, recognizing that one doesn’t bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak, they want nothing to do with terror activity. Nevertheless, they are a minority within a minority, and this assessment reflects reality on the ground.

IN this regard, on multiple occasions, this site reported on the entry of ISIS into Israel. It occurred right under the noses of the Shin Bet, Israel’s vaunted internal security services. But before we wade into that, let’s recap how the otherwise highly adept (that is, when political biases are not driving their efforts, ala when they spend valuable resources hunting down Jewish nationalists for the “crime” of saving Judea and Samaria, the Jewish heartland) intelligence agents are hampered by appeasement-addicted leaders. As previously stated:

LET there be no doubt: Israel’s mentally besieged fantasists are running the nation’s “strategic” calculus, such that it is. And this statement is certainly not meant to be flippant, rather, it is heart-wrenching. Nevertheless, it is a realistic assessment borne out of much experience, and it is gleaned through certain in-depth investigations. The fact that this American-Israeli is laser focused on U.S. and Israeli security, rest assured, there is no time (nor inclination) to pussyfoot around. Like it or not ….continue reading

NOW, some may have heard about last week’s large-scale IDF exercises “targeting” an EXTREME ISIS invasion scenario. Hmm.

STILL yet, when reading the following (Dec. 7, 2015) update from Israel National News, keep UPPERMOST in mind the opening paragraph’s spotlight on Israel’s Arab citizens. Then, juxtapose it against this investigative journalist’s declaration (in the above linked Oct. 2015 commentary, as well as at several global interviews) re the Israeli-Arab nexus to ISIS!  

Senior security sources have estimated that an Islamic State (ISIS) attack inside Israel is merely a matter of time, as the number of Arab citizens of the Jewish state who support the terrorist group grows.

Just last week a surprise IDF general staff drill was held, in which the forces trained to deal with a mock large-scale ISIS attack in the south, and a paratrooper brigade was scrambled.

The senior sources were cited by Yedioth Aharonoth on Monday estimating that as pressure builds on ISIS in Syria from Russian and US-coalition airstrikes, the group will increase its attacks outside of the war-torn state. Backing up the estimation the sources pointed to recent international attacks, including the Russian airliner downed in Sinai, the Paris attacks, and the California shooting last week.

Illustrating the threat, ISIS recently has started publishing its first videos in Hebrewthreatening Israel with attacks, in which it vowed that “not a single Jew will be left in the country.”

According to the sources, while the IDF knows where to hit other terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas in response to attacks, there are no real targets to respond to against potential ISIS attacks, whether from Sinai or Syria on the Golan Heights.

“Who will we strike in Syria that the international coalition or the Russians aren’t striking now?” posed the source.

Arab citizens of Israel have been growing more and more supportive of the brutal jihadist group as well; in 2014 there were eight cases of Arab Israelis involved in ISIS, but in 2015 that figure jumped to 14 cases, with a total of 34 suspects arrested. That number is still relatively low however compared to the numbers of Muslim ISIS recruits from European and other western states.

But the extent of support for ISIS is still worrying. A recent poll last month found that no less than 18.2% of Arab Muslim citizens of Israel, said they do not consider ISIS to be a radical terrorist organization, and that they are not ashamed of the brutal jihadist group. That number rose to 28.1% among supporters of the extremist Islamic Movement in Israel group specifically.

Israel Security Agency (ISA) assessments posit that there are several hundred Arab Israelis who actively support ISIS, although the poll would indicate that figure is somewhat underestimated. The Shin Bet says 32 Arab citizens have gone to Syria or Iraq to fight for ISIS, and seven of them were killed in Syria.

Just last weekend ISIS’s Sinai commander Shadi al-Menei held a secret visit in Gaza for covert talks with Hamas. The two groups have kept their ties under wraps, as ISIS smuggles weapons into Gaza while Hamas provides it with advanced weaponry.

CLEAR enough?

OMINOUSLY, it is into this nightmarish vortex that various Islamic manifestos have emerged from the Brotherhood Mafia’s TOP dogs.

LO and behold, a new one has surfaced!

ISIS has made no secret of its plans to bring vast swathes of the globe under its tyrannical heel.

But how the well-organised and ruthless terror group will achieve their sickening aims has largely remained a mystery – until now.

A document outlining how ISIS organises the vast territory it controls has been unearthed – and the terror group is far more sophisticated than we feared.

The leaked dossier, published by the Guardian, outlines how the terror group is trying to build a state complete with guidelines for education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military.

The 24-page document ‘Principles in the administration of the Islamic State’ gives an incredible insight into the well-funded regime.

Here are some of the guidelines the terror group has to overrun the lands of its enemies.


The Islamic State has attracted militants from all over the world – and with it the problems in culture and communication that brings.

They seek to create a single identity for the terror group to unite both foreigners and locals.

The document reads: “The announcement of the caliphate was the obligation that gathers those arriving in the land of jihad, strengthens their hearts – and through it their minds are set – and gathers them over the difference of their colours under one banner, one word and one caliph.”

Fighting the enemy

The dossier reveals how experienced jihadi warriors only need to take ‘refresher courses’ of 15 days every year to stay combat-ready.

It states: “The mujahid through that camp comes upon the latest arts of using weapons, military planning and military technologies currently put forth in battles and weapons whose use by the enemy are anticipated, along with detailed commentary on the technologies of enemy use of the weapons, areas of their use, their strength and how the soldiers of the state can take advantage of them.”

At least 40 Islamic State recruits can be seen in the “Sheikh Jalaluddin training camp”, thought to be in the eastern province of Nangarhar
Killers: Experienced jihadis should undergo ‘refresher’ combat courses


“(The military leader) should not be discouraged, having doubts, hesitating or cowardly because he is the example that the mujahid summons whenever the furnace of the battle flares up.”

Gold and oil

ISIS helps fund its campaign of terror with illicit sales of oil from the refineries it controls and the sale of artefacts from important archaeological sites in the region.

Isis destroy Palmyra statues
Ruin: ISIS sell artefacts from archaeological sites it raids

The document states: “It is not allowed for a person who has no pledge of allegiance on his neck to the caliph to invest in an oil or gas field or what has arisen from their trajectory, but it is allowed besides that to produce derivatives after buying the crude products from the fields of the Islamic State, just as it is allowed to sell and deal in them inside and outside the state.

“It is not allowed to excavate for gold and antiquities except by expressed agreement from the resources department, and all transferred and stored materials will be confiscated for the interest of the treasury.”

ISIS terrorists in ruthless training camps
Brutal: ISIS terrorists train youngsters in ruthless training camps


ISIS must “develop Islamic society on the basis of manners and on sharia”.

Another of its aims is “Raising a knowledgeable Islamic generation capable of bearing the ummah (nation) and its future without needing the expertises of the west”.

MOST significantly, Islam’s barbarians, with ISIS in the forefront, are not hiding their march on America. Know that Redlands is their foretaste. Appetizer.

MORE specifically, they are crowing about it. Regardless, America still is, bar none, the biggest obstacle (and booty) standing in the way of their Caliphate swathe. Hence, it must be captured, and the quicker the better. Indeed, we all know that their aspirations have been fast tracked, and with a large portion of the credit given to HUSSEIN Obama. 

CONSEQUENTIALLY, between PM Netanyahu’s serial accommodations to HUSSEIN Obama; the Islamist-in-Chief’s purposeful weakening of America; and his Mid East wildfires (designed, in part, to encircle Israel), Islam’s barbarians are poised to capture (for the first time since the fall of the last Caliphate – the Turkish Ottoman Empire – from 1517–1924) their twin spears: America and Israel!

OH, as to Europe: It is just a pesky fly to finish off, since Euro leaders prepped the ground for their invasion from the early 1970’s. Yes, no amount of arguing from naysayers will prove otherwise.


At least 40 Islamic State recruits can be seen in the “Sheikh Jalaluddin training camp”, thought to be in the eastern province of Nangarhar

(Dossier: An ISIS document has revealed how sophisticated their government is.)

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