U.S. Special Forces “Up In Arms”: Livid Over HUSSEIN Obama’s Castrating Orders. Is A Tipping Point Near? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THE “Doctor of Common Sense” –  displaying the rarest of commodities in America and the west at large – understands what too many are clueless about, even though some won’t like his in-your-face style of delivery. Get over it! Take a chill pill, if you must.


NOT only does he hog tie HUSSEIN Obama like the Islamic pig that he is – yup, it is way past time for a good dousing –  but he tongue lashes the mealy-mouthed, whipped, non-patriotic, bought and paid for top Pentagon brass. Barf, the guys with all those medals pinned to their chests, who strut around like turkeys preening. Ugh. 

Inventor tried to patent controversial anti-terror device which sprays Muslims with pigs blood

BUT if readers really want to know where this site stands, re the total betrayal from the so-called Commander-in-Chief and his like-minded sissy-pants surrogates, well, (aside from others throughout these pages), one can catch a recent glimpse, and its basis revolves around falsifying, yes, doctoring, intelligence reports!

IT is urgently imperative for Americans (other patriotic westerners) to internalize how the higher-ups in the U.S. Defense and Intelligence communities, CENTCOM, have betrayed them. Now, while the focus of this commentary is on HUSSEIN Obama’s admin, the fact remains that this (intelligence) treachery has been ongoing, at least since peanut farmer Carter took over the helm. Yes, THAT vile anti-semite and anti-American. Patience, dear readers.

AS forewarned on enumerable occasions – the latest on Aug. 30, 2015 – Obama Inc.’s complicity and culpability re intelligence manipulation on ISIS (Iran alike) has been more than instructive….continue reading

STILL yet, if you require additional reasons, as to why many in the armed forces are “up in arms,” the following is more than enraging:

Rules of engagement that risk the lives of U.S. forces and harsh punishments over questionable charges have America’s elite Green Berets fuming at the Obama administration, and the former commander of all Green Berets says it’s just the latest symptoms of a military deliberately weakened by this administration and military officials more concerned about advancement than the good of their forces and their nation.

The litany of Green Beret frustration was detailed this week by the Washington Times. The piece detailed several questionable punishments for elite service members over incidents that never resulted in formal charges.

Army Secretary John McHugh stripped Maj. Matt Golsteyn of a Silver Star for killing a Taliban bomb maker who took many U.S. lives. McHugh contends there is probable cause to believe Golsteyn committed murder, even though Golsteyn was cleared by the military.

Lt. Col. Jason Amerine shared his concerns about a flawed hostage rescue program with Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif. When the FBI looked into it, officials there reported Amerine to the Army, which opened a criminal investigation on Amerine because it suspected he transmitted classified information. No evidence was ever found to support such a charge.

The most highly publicized case in recent weeks centers on Sgt. Charles Martland, who is being expelled from the Army for roughing up an Afghan local police commander after a mother and son told troops the police official raped the 12-year-old boy and assaulted the mother.

The Times also quotes former Green Beret Danny Quinn, who quit the military because of how politicians and bureaucrats were punishing troops and tying their hands in theater.

“Cases like these certainly have an adverse effect on a Special Forces soldier’s psyche,” Quinn said in the article. “It creates a mentality of playing not to lose versus playing to win. Soldiers feel like their leadership, lieutenant colonel and above, won’t support them, regardless of what they’ve done in that career to that point and what situation they’re currently in.”

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin commanded all Green Berets for a portion of his 36 years in uniform. He said conditions and morale for the military are even worse than the Times and Quinn stated.

“There’s more that hasn’t been reported in terms of the kinds of things our Special Forces are putting up with now, to include rules of engagement, for example,” Boykin said. “They make it virtually impossible for them to succeed and, in many cases, even to protect themselves and the people they are responsible for.

Boykin places much of the blame for this shoddy treatment of service members at the feet of President Obama, but he said another group also shoulders a great deal of responsibility for America’s military decline.

“I am so disappointed in the Army leadership and the leadership in general in our military right now because they have allowed the social experimentation that has had such a devastating impact on our military,” said Boykin, who argued that weakening and transforming the military is a critical step in Obama’s efforts to change America.

“You can’t change society unless you change the military, because the military is such an anchor of our society in terms of values,” he said.

When it comes to the poor leadership of military leaders, Boykin said it is evident in multiple ways, starting with policy.

“The service chiefs have supported these major budget cuts as well as sequestration,” he said. “They have now, essentially, an all-out assault on religious liberty within the military, where people, including chaplains, are being punished for exercising their First Amendment rights of freedom of religion.”

The general said he is disgusted by departing defense secretaries like Leon Panetta and Robert Gates, who offered critical reviews of the administration on various issues but never confronted Obama when they had the power to do so. Boykin believes the proper reaction of military officers to the Obama military agenda should have been obvious.

“If they really object to what’s going on, they should stand up and say so,” he said. “They should put their stars on the table and be prepared to resign as a result of not being able to support the direction our military is taking our military.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin…click onto the link

How did the military drift to the point where the top brass is now content to endorse rules of engagement that leave troops exposed and punish members for actions that merit no official charges?

“The president came in with an agenda,” Boykin said. “He sought out, I believe, people who could be put into senior positions that were willing to support that agenda. Either they were aligned with him ideologically, which I don’t think is the case most of the time, or they were so focused or careerism that they have been unwilling to step up and be counted.”

November 2016 will be a critical time for the military, according to Boykin. He said electing a strong leader as commander-in-chief could reverse a lot of what’s gone wrong in the military over the past several years, but he fears some of the changes are here to stay.

“It’s going to take at least a decade for us to be able to turn this around,” he said. “That’s assuming we get a good commander-in-chief in who’s got some leadership and who wants to change it. But there are some things that are not going to change. You’re not going to roll back some of the social policies that have been implemented under this president.”

Boykin said he is concerned for the future of the military and the United States. He is especially worried that the absence of leadership among the highest-ranking officers is leaving young service members with no one worth emulating.

“When you look at the young officers in the military today, who should be looking up to proven combat leaders, who have a proven record of leading men and women in combat,” Boykin said, “instead of looking at them, they’re looking at careerists. They’re looking at people who have compromised on very important and fundamental issues. All these young leaders see that and know that. What are we raising? Are we raising a generation of young leaders who will ultimately be great combat leaders and great warriors, or are we raising a generation now that is going to be focused on careerism?” he asked.

“I am afraid and very concerned it will be the latter.”

INDEED, when the Anti-American-in-Chief purged top patriotic brass, know that it was the precursor to gutting the military, as a lethal step towards transforming society.

EVEN so – but not to stray too far afield – one has to admit that special forces may need to focus their quelling rage at “target-rich” home bases, that is, if they get itchy and need to vent.

MIND you, the specified focal point, if not brought down, will become a “legal” and “kosherized” monstrosity. Yes, it is still in its planning stage. But who is to say that knocking it down – as many times as it takes – while empty (emphasis placed) is not only a patriotic duty, but a first step towards restoring sanity to the American landscape. Indeed.


“Yale Establishes Islamic Law Center Thanks to $10M from Saudi Sharia-Banker, Alleged Bin Laden Financier.”

NOW, not sure whether special forces are up to speed on the absolute dangers presented by Shariah Law compliant financing, you know, THAT which aids and abets in funding worldwide jihad, but this site has delved into the out-sized dangers on numerous occasions. They can avail themselves, if necessary. Yes, blood money which has killed millions of innocent people, including American and Israeli soldiers! Blood brothers. Pointedly, Iran holds the most prominent spot in Shariah financing, and, alongside Saudi Arabia, the largest sponsor of worldwide terror. Cause and effect.

RESULTANT, if a bull’s eye is required to sharpen their “practice,” think: Yale Islamic Law School, funded by a top Al-Qaeda Saudi financier! Yes, the amount of whore-cash spread around U.S. academia is lengthy, but a few top the bucket list: Georgetown, Columbia (Bir-Zeit-On-The-Hudson), U of Arkansas, UCLA, Berkeley, and too many others. Grrr…America’s academic cesspools.

JUST sayin’…. 

(The fearless, fearsome, awesome U.S. Army Special Forces)

U.S. Army Special Forces (photo: Department of Defense)

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