American Patriots, Your Kiddies Must Dress Islamically For ‘Field’ Trips! What Say You? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki








(A bulletin board at Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary in Wichita, Kansas with the Five Pillars of Islam!)


PATRIOTS, your head may feel like exploding after reading the upcoming report. Alas, that’s a good result. “Say WHAAT?” Well, it means that you are duly outraged, enough to put your individual school board on the following notice: hell no, don’t dare mess with our kiddies!

NOW, it is near impossible to know where to begin because the (mis)educational system’s transgressions are so voluminous. Never mind. Part of this site’s mission statement includes conducting whatever heavy lifting is required, irrespective of this or that direction. No rest for the weary or the wicked. Can you hear (in your mind’s eye) the guttural sigh all the way from Israel?

THUS, whereas countless teachers are busy oogling your children via the leftist direction, there are others creating mischief through linkages with Islamic infiltrated front groups. Yes, ‘it be’ true.

CONSIDER the evidence:

OOPS, this ‘packet’ was featured in a previous post but it requires a second debut, awful as it is. 

Packet given to kids at conference from “Boston GLASS” homosexual activist group includes oral sex instructions . . . and much more.


MIND blowing. Numbing.

FROM the time that the kiddies enter (public school) kindergarten they are firmly within the left’s vise-grip. For heaven’s sake, Common Core was designed to accommodate the penetration and indoctrination of America’s children for generations to come…..INDUBITABLY, sexual deviance runs rampant among leftist academia! But let’s segue to their Euro counterparts:

READERS, how many are aware of the hypersexualization of schoolchildren from kindergarten and upwards? If not, it is way past time to check out what is really going on.

IN tandem with the left’s grasping, Islamists are equally busy. Mind you, leftists and Islamists have equally influenced the underpinnings of teacher’s lesson plans! 

ONCE again, this time in California, Islam reigns supreme, at least in its public schools. Mind you, separation of church and state means squat when Islamists are controlling school boards, even as they opine that it is just a cultural lesson! In a pig’s eye…as if Judaism and Christianity would ever be taught within the same contextual lesson plan…or if Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah is, heaven forfend, uttered within public school premises. Hell hath no fury like a leftist and Islamist “offended” by anyone who refuses to bow to their dogmas.

It happened again.  A parent saw a child’s assignment regarding Islam and the parent objected to what is being taught in a public school – the faith tenets of Islam.  This time in California and this time with more details as to what parents objected to in a school assignment.


AND the following is just another (among a rapidly growing list…akin to America’s house on fire) such outed Islamic-indoctrination assignment within a previous commentary:

SEVERAL warnings were blared but the following sets the stage: Obama Inc. funnels taxpayer revenues to Islamize kiddies. This is transpiring inside America and beyond its borders!

INDEED, housed under the guise of Common Core are lesson plans which ‘innocuously’ slide in the ‘exemplary’ and “benign” aspects of Islam. These plans are usually found within the social studies and English curriculum’s, but not exclusively so. One example (out of countless) is more than instructive, relative to the underlying goal of indoctrination.

FOLKS, it was under the aforementioned deceptive rubrics which students in Douglas County, Colorado (other states too) were shown how to behave as ‘proper’ Muslims! You got that? And the school board’s claim that the outing was an ‘optional’ field trip was an Allah-wash – “Three students out of 155 did not attend the field trip that included stops at a mosque, synagogue and Greek Orthodox church. School officials said they do not know why the trio opted out. Participation in field trips is optional.”

ASIDE from the fact that 3 students had the fortitude to ‘opt’ out, it is entirely the case that children – whether in primary, middle or high school – tend to go along with the majority of their peers, aka their packs. Thus, those who decide not to attend said programs are very few and far between. Besides, how often is a 100% attendance rate within any realm of reality? Ridiculous.


Allah is replacing God in our schools.

A perfect example is happening in a school in Douglas County, Colorado. The school is forcing students to wear Muslim head coverings during a field trip to local mosque.

Peter Boyles, radio host, said he got a hold of the permission slip sent to parents for the excursion.

Here’s what it says:

“ In the world religions field trip we will be visiting the Denver Mosque (blogger’s note: its exact name purposefully omitted), the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and the Rodef Shalom Synagogue. We will then eat lunch at Park Meadows Food Court.

Students must either bring a sack lunch or money to purchase lunch at the food court.
THERE IS A DRESS CODE FOR THIS TRIP: All students must wear appropriate long pants. Ankles must be covered. Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.”

Why are they visiting a mosque? If they do not practice that religion, why are they being forced to abide by its laws?

So many keep quiet because they worry about being politically correct or being labeled a bigot.

WHY indeed.

MOREOVER, the reflexive rejoinder that adults who visit the Vatican or a Jewish holy site are asked to dress appropriately, ipso facto, what’s all the fuss about, is not only specious but mendacious. While adults choose to visit whatever sites they want, effectively, schoolchildren have no such choice. Apples and oranges…and the (mis)educators know it.

ASIDE from the fact that it has already been proven that Islamic (leftist alike) indoctrination is key and core within public school education…certain private schools too…it is also the case that the reflexive mantra via the (mis)educators, re learning about world religions, is a whole lot of hooey and phooey.

AGREED, a world history/social studies program surely encompasses world religions, but not by ELEVATING one over the other. We must all agree on a parity between playing fields. Education, not indoctrination.

BESIDES, what about ENGLISH classes and other subjects too, where do they fit in with ‘promoting the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.This is a yes or no, true or false question and not that complicated for the core mischief makers!

BUT the case against their dangerously deceptive ‘lesson plans’ are deeper than most can grasp. How about the fact that trips to houses of worship are a violation of (at the very least) the spirit of the Constitutionally mandated separation of church and state? Moreover, this is due to the fact that the public school system is part of the Federal Education Department, resultant, they have defacto control over what they plan on emphasizing, Common Core-like – The federal government is responsible for four basic functions in public education today, according to the U.S. Department of Education website. 

NOT only that, even if one closes their eyes to the above absolute violation, ask yourselves: when the kiddies enter a church or a synagogue are they required to dress (et al) according to religious guidelines? In other words, are they taken to orthodox synagogues where a required dress code is the norm, where girls dress modestly and the boys don yamulkahs (skullcaps) etc? Hardly. 

MOST significantly, the trip to Congregation Rodef Shalom in Denver is absolutely instructive. How so? It is a conservative congregation, but not in the traditional meaning of the word. The Conservative Synagogue Movement, much like its Reform counterpart, is as loosey goosey as it gets. Trust this descriptor. The notion of a field trip to an Orthodox Synagogue would never be acceptable to the ‘lesson planners.’ Guaranteed.

ON the other hand, the mosque visit was PURPOSEFULLY left ambiguous, not re the mandated dress code but via directly identifying the name of the mosque. Holy jihad.

THE importance and relevance of this ‘oversight’ cannot be overstated. It was not for nothing – “ In the world religions field trip we will be visiting the Denver Mosque (blogger’s note: pray tell, which one?), the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and the Rodef Shalom Synagogue.”

THE point being, they understood that the ‘inquiring’ public would be able to identify any linkages to this and that, if a specific mosque was mentioned. Inherently, folks who dig beneath the surface – and also have a megaphone – would inform the public as to how jacked up the mosque is with Islamic terror front groups! Wanna bet?

BOTTOM LINE: it can no longer be explained away that Islam is being taught as a just one part of the ‘world religions’ curriculum…blah, blah, blah…so why the fuss and angst.

INCONTESTABLY, once the kiddies are taught the shahada and the five (lying) pillars of Islam, well, let’s just call it what it is: outright indoctrination, and with a dose of subliminal/brainwashing messaging in between. Damn them all to hell and back – the (mis)educators and their Islamic (leftist) counterparts.

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14 thoughts on “American Patriots, Your Kiddies Must Dress Islamically For ‘Field’ Trips! What Say You? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. I love all your articles. I wonder if you could somehow add a “print” button. Sometimes I check my mail in the morning but don’t have time to read longer (more quality) reads. Thanks! Kymberly Bade

  2. You can’t be forced to do anything, you have to just say NO . Fight for what you believe, stop letting devil take ground.

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