The Scourge Of Islam Facilitated By American (Western) Academia:Earth Shattering Blow Back…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

MUCH has been written at this site (and elsewhere) regarding a multiplicity of betrayals attributed to American (western) academia. In this regard, their poisonous influence is, after several decades of infection, bearing fruit from various explosive directions. Blow back.

INTRINSICALLY, if not for said fatal flaws, the west’s foundations would be sufficiently grounded to weather the upcoming (non “global warming”) storms. Sheer force of will may not be enough to beat back what is hurtling in America’s direction. Other western countries will be similarly affected. But this commentary is laser-focused on American academia (Israeli academia is a mirror image, but let’s not digress), as this subject matter is hardly news on this end. 

AT the same time, before we proceed, an educational grounding in the red/green alliance is mandatory scholarship. Stipulated, radical leftist profs, in collusion with their Islamist helpmates, are the main indoctrinating forces on U.S. campuses. Without their nexus this topic would hardly merit such attention.

The ubiquitous anti-American, MIT’s Prof Chomsky, in a sit-down with arch terrorist Hassan Nasrallah! He is emblematic of countless others who pollute/infect America’s most influential campuses.

WHILE most view academia as a means to an end – its end result being a diploma for gainful employment – its value, or lack thereof, is so much more. Yes, on an individual level a college education gives a leg up. But at what cost, aside from the financial debt accrued? Here are some essential truths:

Truth One:

FITTINGLY, the havoc wrought by western academia…its trials and tribulations…are its paradoxes and pitfalls.

Truth Two:

INDEED, one of its bitterest fruits are the life and death threats which have become the “norm” within America’s campuses, as if nothing too egregious is deemed unacceptable. In fact, a “BOLO” alert, regarding a  “Palestinian student” at SFSU Mohammad Hammad, was issued from these pages! That dangerous.

Truth Three:

SANS any hesitation, let it be resolved: U.S. academia is placing the nail in western civilization. A heady charge sheet, but no less true.

Truth Four:

CONCOMITANTLY, the death of the west, or its survival, runs through American (western) academia.

IN light of the harsh facts presented above, it is incumbent to tie up some loose threads. Alas, this is where Professor Paul Eidelberg, a rare exception to enumerable tainted profs, comes into the picture. He is a professor’s professor. All professors are hardly equal in stature.

The Scourge of Islam

Paul Eidelberg – Islam and Blood

One does not have to be familiar with the well-informed views of Lebanese-born Brigitte Gabriel, or of Syrian-born Wafa Sultan, or of Egyptian-born Nonie Darwish, or of Sudanese-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali – women of moral courage and integrity – to know that Islamic Scriptures, above all the Qur’an, have spawned worldwide terrorism, a scourge from which no man or woman, young or old, is safe.

Century after century, serious scholars and statesmen who represent a variety of nations, have written about the theologically-driven savagery that animates scores of millions of Muslims who collectively constitute the greatest threat to civilization in general, and to Western civilization in particular.

Yet hardly anything about this scourge is spoken in American and European universities, which otherwise boast of freedom of speech. It is simply “politically incorrect,” if not dangerous, to utter so much as a word that may be construed as disparaging of Islam or of hurting the feelings of Muslims, even though they represent by far the world’s leading terrorists.

Of course, in an age of liberal democracy that boasts of freedom of religion and tolerance, and whose institutions of higher education purvey the doctrine of multicultural moral relativism, it would be au contraire to say anything judgmental of any religion, even if its devotees danced gleefully and praised Allah upon learning of the destruction of the New York World Trade Center and the cruel death of almost 3,000 men, women, and children on that infamous day known as “9/11.”

“How dreadful is such violence” seems to be the most one hears from the clergy. Fearful of the canard of bigotry, or of arousing violent passions, the clergy have engaged in a conspiracy of silence about the religion that calls Israel the “Small Satan” and America the “Great Satan,” and then vows to eliminate the “Saturday People” first and the “Sunday People” second.  Islam has been given a free ride. It exploits the civil liberties of democratic societies to facilitate its imperialistic and totalitarian ambitions.

If moral relativism has made Europe post-Christian, what shall we say of America, where the 9/11 atrocity perpetrated by Islamic jihadists did not diminish the moral relativism prevalent on American campuses – indeed, where left-wing atheist professors have become allies of Islam.

How remarkable: the Age of Atrocity has become the Age of Stupidity, despite the unequaled number of PhDs that grace this democratic and scientific era.

I may be mistaken, but the odds are that no professor in this democratic era of triumphant secularism is going to encourage a graduate student to write a doctoral dissertation on the factitious development of Islam. Such a dissertation might suffer comparison with the doyen of Islamic scholarship, Bernard Lewis, who seems to have found nothing in that religion that contradicts reason or that scorns the Genesis conception of man’s creation in the image of God as blasphemous.

It follows from the preceding analysis that if Iran, the spearhead of Islam, develops nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, the game of life, from a Darwinian point of view, will be over, and the scourge of Islam, with its love of death, will reign over mankind.◙

The Professors - The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America (book cover).jpg
FULL disclosure: this topic took on a life of its own, even before this site’s inception in June 2012. How so? Countless friends and colleagues have inquired: how can we (as parents) ensure that our children have a shot at the “brass ring”, an admit ticket to America’s elite universities? They wanted to know this blogger’s “secret” to her parental success.

WELL, aside from telling them what is certainly not a secret – at the very least, top high school credentials are a given –  the counter question always becomes: what is your son or daughter interested in studying? While not really anyone’s business, the fact of the matter is that to answer the aforementioned question it becomes wholly germane.

INTRINSICALLY, if ones offspring will not be majoring in the sciences, engineering or a related tech arena, one would be foolish in the extreme to pay top dollar (or become indebted up to one’s eyeballs, whatever the financial case) for any of the so-called elite universities, including the “hallowed” trio, namely, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Basically, any (mis)education in the social sciences/humanities is a harrowing gamble, a rolling of the dice that one’s child will not come out a full-fledged (im)moral cultural relativist! So, why expend a fortune for such a “privilege”? Indeed.

SIMPLY put, the more “esteemed” the school, the greater the damage. In essence, “no name” schools can hardly attract the biggest menaces to western civilization, the “superstar” whose life’s work is to bring down “Amerika”. Absolutely. Nevertheless, the lesser known schools have a similar problem, but just on a smaller scale. Parent beware.

SIGNIFICANTLY, without the toxic brews percolating within U.S. (western) academia – at least since the 1960’s – does anyone believe that a so-called play glorifying Jew-murder would be debuting (this Fall) at one of the world’s most famous opera houses, The Met? Yes, there is a direct correlation between The Death (Execution) of Leon Klinghoffer and those (mis)schooled in the social sciences aka humanities, as many of them end up in the arts, media, journalism and attendant cultural arenas. Mind you, many of their profs (spanning decades) did not teach them anything even remotely humane within the humanities discipline! They are still at it, deconstructing western civilization.

NOT only that, what took place in 2004, under MIT’s Associate Provost of the Arts banner, is nothing less than a mirror image of the upcoming travesty to debut at The Met.

The Tech - Online Edition

When History Becomes Hijacked

This past week, I attended the Dramashop’s performance of “The Company of Angels,” written by MIT Associate Provost for the Arts Alan Brody. As I thumbed through the Playbill, I came upon the end of the “Author’s Note,” a short message from Alan Brody in which he informs the audience that the modern state of Israel was the focal point of hope for the Holocaust survivors, but warns us that we shouldn’t misconstrue his play as “an apologia for political decisions being made by that country today.” He then continues to say that he hopes “the play is a reminder of what it means for any people to be homeless and stateless.” If his political agenda were not clear enough already, he concludes that he hopes his play “might help the people who see it to understand how important a home is to the Palestinians who have been driven to their experience of despair by historical circumstance.”

The moral implications of that statement are disturbing enough, of placing the onus on the Israeli people for the suffering of the Palestinians with the same moral weight as the unbearable burden of shame which lay upon the shoulders of the world community of silent bystanders after the Holocaust.

I also realize that it probably would not prove fruitful to begin a discourse on the utter fallacy of equating Israel’s policies of self-defense to the murderous genocide committed by the Nazis, an implication of Professor Brody’s statements clear to anyone who has studied the politics of the Middle East in the last decade.

Most significantly though for the readers of The Tech, I believe that it is an academic tragedy for a faculty member of Professor Brody’s stature to inject his own political tendencies into his work at the Institute. He was hired to contribute to the student body his great skill and talent in the world of theater, not for his personal ideologies which may constitute his world view. It is truly an inexcusable affront to those who survived the Holocaust and to the memories of the six million who perished, and a black mark on the proverbial eye of the Faculty of the Arts at MIT. – Chaim Kutnicki ’07

RESULTANT, the scourge of Islam is immeasurably facilitated by western academia. America’s cesspool is in the forefront.

ACADEMIC case closed!

17 thoughts on “The Scourge Of Islam Facilitated By American (Western) Academia:Earth Shattering Blow Back…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Many think when a people reject the Tanah/Bible , the people will go mad! They believe wisdom comes from the minds of men ever learning but never discovering the truth. ,Enlightenment from a pill (like the movies Matrix & Lucy). Not knowing good from evil, calling perversion normal. Dark ages!

  2. In all of our schools, K-12 as well as colleges and universities. What a changed (yes, Obama) Country in the last 8 years and, especially the last 6!!! The world is watching the demise of the U.S.A., and the funeral will not make headline news.

  3. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, and Tally’s Corner did the heavy lifting for popular communism and the destruction of the Black American family by the bigGovernment Educational programming.

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