ON a multiplicity of occasions, this site has warned about a plethora of terror-tied “student” organizations throughout U.S. campuses (abroad as well, but let’s stick to America’s cesspool), treating them as if they are “legitimate” partners to a student’s higher educational pursuits. In fact, these inter-related campus groups not only sponsor speakers who incite to Islamic jihad (receiving much of their funding under the catch-all of student-run groups), but many of their students plot their terror plans from within the confines of these same campus organizations. The evidence can be found below. Academia’s “kosher” jihad!

Along this trajectory, can anyone imagine a student-run group – one found all across America’s campuses – whose goal is to hang/kill Blacks, gays, or any other minority? My, oh my…it would be shut down (and be reported to law enforcement) before the ink dried on its masthead. In a nanosecond…two shakes of a lamb’s tail…Rightfully so.
NOW, flip the above upside its head and replace their targets with Jews and a very different scenario emerges. A 360 degree volte face.

In this regard, aside from actual jihad promoted at the largest Muslim Brotherhood backed “student” group across America – the Muslim Student Association (MSA) – what part of terror-related is NOT clear:

Boston’s Jihadis & Their Cambridge, MA Mosque (A Mirror Image of US Mosques)Tied Into MIT & Other Campuses:Linking Back To Brotherhood Mafia’s MSA/MSU “Student” Unions!

NOT only that, but one would think that America’s (mis)educators would have learned their relevant lessons, smarties that they are. And, particularly after 9/11/01, whereby a clear nexus was found between one of its jihadi plotters and MIT’s MSA, it should have been their rallying cry! Besides, how hard is it for academia’s know-it-alls to close down campus groups? Hmm. Ideologically aligned.

For this discussion it is intrinsic to note the intersection between an “occupational” interest in the Muslim Student Association, and its morphing with a mother’s growing concern. This is an understatement.

Many have heard of the “student group”, but few understand its essence and mission. Fewer have spent time watching their Dawah (the Muslim mission to convert others to Islam, mainly through “outreach” programs) efforts too.

In this regard, like most mothers of college-aged students, this blogger visited her son at his MIT college campus, as often as time allowed. Of course to keep a watchful eye, but from a respectful distance. You gotta know when to let go, but we all know it is easier said than done!

Moving right along….already immersed in “tracking the money laundering” of Islamic jihadists (see https://adinakutnicki.com/about/ ), and understanding full well what theMuslim Student Association represented, imagine the shock when I noticed that their offices were cheek-to-jowl with Hillel, the Jewish Student Association…..

Moreover, there were rumblings about MSA’s MIT most infamous alumni – none other than Ms. Aafia Siddiqui – a 9/11/01 Al Qaeda plotter, now in jail for life !

For a grand overview, please see this  via ‘The Counter Jihad Report’ 

“The Muslim community expressed its outrage this week over a New York Police Department surveillance report from 2006 that theAssociated Press reported on Monday. The report disclosed that the NYPD monitored Muslim Students Association (MSA) chapters in the Northeast. The outrage, centered on the perceived violation of privacy, is based on an incorrect presumption that law enforcement had no cause for concern with the MSA.”

Siddiqui can be found listed among all the MSA “dignitaries” – the full link is here -http://counterjihadreport.com/2012/02/. You can’t make this stuff up.

Back to Huma Abedin, aka, the damsel-in-distress.

‘Well, Whaddya Know ? Huma Abedin Was A Muslim Students Association Board Member’ places another ! nail in her Islamic infiltration/penetration.

A violence-glorifying student who has made repeated graphic threats against Israelis and pro-Israel Americans is finally gone from SFSU, but is presumably still in San Francisco, along with his knives.
Published: February 19th, 2014
One of many similar violent Social Media messages allegedly sent by SFSU student and General Palestine Student Union president
One of many similar violent Social Media messages allegedly sent by SFSU student and General Palestine Student Union president
Photo Credit: AMCHA Iniative

Back in December, The Jewish Press ran a story about Mohammad Hammad, the San Francisco State University student and president of SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students.

Hammad had posted a picture and a message on the social media site Tumblr, which shows Hammad with a knife, beneath which is the caption, “I seriously can not get over how much I love this blade. It is the sharpest thing I own and cuts through everything like butter and just holding it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier.”

The California-based AMCHA Initiative, which brought Hammad’s original threats to the public’s attention, released another statement today. This statement links to many more violent and threatening statements by Hammad which he made after the one that was the original focus of the group’s concern. The AMCHA Initiative is dedicated to documenting, exposing and eradicating anti-Semitism on American campuses.

In its Feb. 18 statement, AMCHA said that although its documentation of Hammad’s violent postings had been submitted to SFSU president Leslie Wong in mid-January, there had been no response.

Because Wong had not responded to AMCHA’s documentations, and due to serious concern about the health and safety of SFSU students, earlier on the day it released its statement, AMCHA alerted San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr, and the San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascòn, about Hammad’s violent predilection. They also provided copies of the many threatening and hostile public statements issued by Hammad.

The lurid messages continued right through November 22, when the student posted a public message in which he wrote:

You know what?
Israelis ARE colonizers, there is literally no way around it
And you know what else?
My heroes have always killed colonizers
I literally see nothing wrong with this
and my only regret is that not all colonizers were killed

In Hammad’s other violence-glorifying posts, he targeted not only members of the IDF and all Israelis, but anyone who is pro-Israel, as well as American soldiers. He also posted several more general paeans to murder, decapitation and depraved violence.

Something that AMCHA found particularly troubling was that Hammad revealed his excitement about being made the president of SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS), because then, he wrote, he hopes “to radicalize half of our population and bring them back with me as fighters.”


Although Robert Nava, SFSU’s vice president for university development, initially told The Jewish Press by telephone that SFSU was engaged in the process of discipline with respect to Hammad, he later called back to provide a far more definitive statement.

Nava said that the student we had been discussing – Mohammad Hammad –  “is no longer a student on campus.” Hammad no longer is in student housing and he is no longer enrolled at SFSU.

When Tammi Benjamin-Rossman, co-founder of AMCHA, was told that SFSU officially stated that Hammad was gone from the SFSU campus, she expressed both relief and continued concern.

“The GUPS students knew who Hammad was, what kinds of things he said and has done, and yet they selected him as their representative,” said Rossman-Benjamin. “SFSU cannot just breathe a sigh of relief and end its diligence with the dismissal of Hammad.”

“What steps is SFSU taking to protect students who remain in harms way?” Rosmman-Benjamin wanted to know. “Their continued silence suggests they have done nothing more than get rid of one problem, without ensuring that it won’t be repeated.”

Officer Albie Esparza, the spokesperson for the San Francisco Chief of Police acknowledged that the office had received a packet of material earlier in the day and told The Jewish Press that the office was “looking into the matter.”  He said that an investigator had already contacted the person who provided the department with the information.

Esparza focused primarily on whether the alleged criminal acts had been committed within the SFPD’s jurisdiction. But if Hammad is still in San Francisco, and if he is in possession of the knives he displayed in some of his public posts, Hammad may very well pose a serious threat to the safety of individuals and organizations in the Bay area.

The director of communications for the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, Alex Bastian, said he was unaware of the delivery, by email and hand delivery, of the materials regarding Mohamad Hammad.

Officer Esparza asked that anyone with information regarding violent threats allegedly made by Mohammad Hammad should contact the San Francisco Police Department at 415.575.4444, or should text the department by dialing TIP411, and put “SFPD” at the start of the message.

The AMCHA Initiative began monitoring GUPS in November, after the organization hosted an all-day celebration commemorating the 6th anniversary of the Edward Said mural. At that event, students were handed stencils with which to make signs that said, “MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS KILLED COLONIZERS,” a reference to the killing of Jews.

Although SFSU President Wong publicly condemned the GUPS stencils glorifying violence, he had made no further public statements on the matter until one was provided to The Jewish Press, through Robert Nava, in response to our inquiry on Feb. 18.

This site adds its own BOLO alert – BE ON THE LOOK OUT – for MOHAMMAD HAMMAD and for his associates, ensconced at San Francisco State U and its GUPS/MSA affiliates.

NOT only that, after the above terrorist threats, one would believe that GUPS would be closed down – across the campus spectrum…MSA too. But, we are also realistic herein, and before the above takes place, well, pigs will first learn to fly. 

NEVER mind. There are many (hundreds of thousands) readers online who will read the clarion call within. So, since academia is not up to the task (when have they ever been), it is up to each of us to keep our eyes peeled.

THUS, if anyone comes across the above terrorist (who enjoyed safe harbor, for far too long, at SFSU’s campus without raising any eyebrows) and his fellow jihadis, report their locations immediately to the requisite authorities. Let’s see if they do their jobs – or not.

To wit, if one threatens the IDF with any terror-laden threat, and this site gets wind of it, expect to be headlined within – for starters!



  2. Thank you for all of your hard work, Adina. Bonnie of Bare Naked Islam has a link at her blog for people who want to donate to her. What you do is a full-time job for which you are not paid, though you should be. There are plenty of patriots who would love to give you financial support for your diligence and hard work in this field.
    Food for thought, Adina… I’m certainly not the only one who thinks you should be compensated for not only your hard work, but also for putting yourself in harms way which you undoubtedly have.
    May G-d keep you safe.

    Please consider my suggestion. There is certainly no shame in it!

  3. Juliet, yes, it is a FULL time job, and yes, it is very risky.

    As to compensation, thankfully, I am well provided for and have no need for this. This blog is truly a labor of love for my birth country (America) and my Jewish homeland (Israel), where I now reside.

    Most importantly, it is dedicated in the memory of my beloved husband, and no compensation is warranted.

    “This blog is dedicated in memory of their father; my beloved husband. He is resting, watching over us, on Har HaMenuchot (Mount of Rest) in Jerusalem. A man who believed in justice, loved Israel, was a proud American and especially grateful for the freedoms it gave his parents, after they survived the horrors of Auschwitz.”

    In any case, thanks so much for the suggestion and your support!

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