Islamist-in-Chief Facilitated ISIS, aka ISIL: A “Plain View” Case For Treason…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is nigh (surgically) impossible to separate Barack HUSSEIN Obama from the death and destruction swathing across the Mid East & beyond. Like a pig to its         sh-t. Coming to an explosive theater near you!

STILL, if one insists on indulging via flights from fancy into varying shades of gray, well, go right ahead. But don’t dare drag others down this danger-filled rabbit hole. Most significantly, some things ARE black and white, as discomfiting as it may seem. You just gotta buck up. As is said, “man up”…women alike…good vs evil…right from wrong. Far too many operate ala mental and intellectual disconnects/gymnastics, those which defy all rational logic. So-called smarties too. Simple as that. Besides, associated meandering obviates ones integrity – personal or professional – to pretend what is isn’t. It is no longer an “opinion” or subjective question: is the POTUS operating in the interests of America? That (leaky) ship has long since sailed.

DESPITE all of the above it is intrinsic to separate various groupings: individuals who are truly malignant and adhere to Islamic jihadi tenets; from bedazzled Obamabots – those who stubbornly refuse to believe said malignant intent – irrespective of all evidence; to individuals who are absolutely confused as to what’s what. A motley crew. Be that as it may, it is this site’s core mission to educate. Forewarn.

Hopefully, my small effort will enlighten Israelis and Americans (and the west in general) to the dangers posed by our common foes. These dangers are fueled exponentially by the morphing of the Red/Green alliance-radical leftists and Islamic jihadists.

IN line with said mission statement truth-telling is not optional. It is obligatory. So while it was also the case that a slight smattering of “rebels” aligned with principles of some variant of democratic views, the fact of the matter was that said actors were NOT the ones the Islamist-in-Chief set out to arm. The proofs are manifest. They are laid out, in all their ignominy, at this site and elsewhere.

GOING a step further, consider said exhibits akin to those used by law enforcement. Inherently, when deciding whether it is legal to seize certain evidence via the criminal law tenet, Plain View Doctrine, one cannot make it up as one goes along, unless living by the laws of the jungle, or within an Islamic 7th century “law of the sword” mandate. This bears repeating over and over. In other words, some evidence is so weighty – so obviously in “plain view” – it is impossible not to (mentally) seize upon it!

The plain view doctrine is a concept in criminal law that allows a law enforcement officer to make a search and seizure without obtaining a search warrant if evidence of criminal activity or the product of a crime can be seen without entry or search. 

AGREED, the charge of treason is separate (and apart) from criminal law. In fact, it is duly delineated within the Constitution:

To avoid the abuses of the English law (including executions by Henry VIII of those who criticized his repeated marriages), treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution, the only crime so defined. Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

ATOP all of his crimes against the American people, consorting with the enemy takes on special significance. Resonance. It reaches the HIGHEST bar in national crimes. So if operating under the premise that ISIS/ISIL/Hamas (and the entire Brotherhood Mafia…their Shia helpmates in toto) are avowed enemies of the U.S. (by extension, the entire west), surely treason is more than supportable. It rises to the occasion – on steroids!

BUT to connect the Jihadi-in-Chief to ISIS one must resurrect the roots of his Mid East wildfires. Upheavals. Alas, from the moment that he PLANNED the ouster of Egypt’s Mubarak all hell broke loose, as intended. Say what? 

WELL, as a result of his “meddling” and his championing of the Brotherhood Mafia, Egypt’s leaders filed an indictment against Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Hill too. Interesting. Congress has yet to do the same. Orwellian.

The underlying theme of the trial seems to be a case being made against the Obama administration. Testimony by Mubarak administration officials is that the Obama administration had a direct hand in the 2011 revolution in Egypt. In reality, according to testimony, it wasn’t a revolution at all but a conspiracy.

KNOW this to the nth degree: Egypt’s toppling was designed as a knock-on effect to lead into Libya; ipso facto as a gateway to topple Syria via MASSIVE weapons-running – MAN-PADS as prime booty – resulting in Benghazigate. The operational end point involved transfers to the “rebels” in Syria. Basically, said fires were meant to assist the “rebels” – via the Islamist-in-Chief’s mischief – to install the Brotherhood Mafia into power, even though Obama Inc.’s thrust into Egypt didn’t go as planned. Machiavellian. 

MORE specifically, ISIS is an outgrowth of said “rebels” and Obama Inc. helped to arm and train them! Sounds like conspiracy-talk, but no less true.

DEFY anyone to counter said charge sheet…


The Muslim President of the U.S. Barack Obama lied about ISIL. We know this because as a Muslim, he would know the truth about who ISIL is. We also know this because he has access to far more intelligence than those of us who knew who ISIL was with far less information at our disposal.

Obama’s Muslim brother Malik Obama runs a foundation given illegal tax exempt status by Lois Lerner and is connected to Sudan’s terrorist regime as well as Hamas through his boss Suar al-Dahab. Barack Obama’s Muslim grandmother Mama Sarah Obama runs a foundation that Barack Obama’s Muslim cousin Musa Ismail Obama says uses funds to send Kenyan students to virulent Wahhabist schools in Saudi Arabia. Barack Obama’s Muslim uncle Sayyid was caught on video saying that the entire family is Muslim.

Yet, Muslim Barack Obama didn’t see ISIL coming?

Even if you’re of the persuasion that believes Barack Obama is the only non-Muslim member of his clan, wouldn’t you think with all his familial Muslim resources, he’d pick up the phone and get their take on ISIL before calling it “JV” (assuming he didn’t trust his own intelligence committee)?

CLICK HERE for more proof that the Obama family is UP TO ITS NECK IN MUSLIM TERRORISM.

Here is a short video that shows just how Muslim Obama’s family is. His uncle Sayyid can be heard saying all of them are:

IN furtherance of the charges that Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s family is a jacked-up Muslim Brotherhood family entity, there exists prima facie evidence that his closer than close half bro is, in no uncertain terms, a key Brotherhood operative. Ditto… the jihadi despoiling the People’s House! Not only that, the Traitor-in-Chief abused the IRS’s non-profit laws to assist Malik’s Brotherhood front-arm. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Again, in “plain view”.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, while Islamic jihadis will do what they always do – slaughterhouse-like – the fact of the matter is that an open sesame, granted by the heretofore leader of the free world, is more than treasonous. It is a war crime!

AS such, ISIS/ISIL (and other hydras) jihadis will make good on their threats, and they are more than likely already on American soil.  Don’t have any doubt about this. 

087 isis here 610

Judge Jeanine asks Brigitte Gabriel if ISIS is already here. YES, they are being monitored by DHS!

AN ominous post on Twitter, purportedly from somebody connected with Islamic State, shows a photo of the Old Republic Building, 307 N. Michigan Ave., in Chicago and the White House.

We are in your state We are in your cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere

The text reads:

We are in your state
We are in your cities
We are in your streets

You are our goals anywhere.

The handwritten note is dated June 20.

TRUTH dare be told, Islamic killers are not verbal blowhards, unlike many western poohbahs. They are ready to pounce. They mean what they say, whatever horror is being planned. But what matters most within this discussion is that they have the Islamist-in-Chief’s wink and a nod…high-fiving them alongregardless of how many drone strikes eventually are ordered to keep them at bay in the Mid East theater! Swatting at flies. They know who armed them and that is worth much more for their onward thrust than any amount of dead “martyrs”! Readers, don’t be fooled by whatever smoke and mirrors show comes down, so “ordered” by the Islamist-in-Chief and his gang of surrogates, including Hagel and Brennan.  

TO reiterate: treason? MORE than (Constitutionally) supportable!

12 thoughts on “Islamist-in-Chief Facilitated ISIS, aka ISIL: A “Plain View” Case For Treason…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. I don’t understand why American Christian Conservative people aren’t in an uproar about Obama and his Muslim connections, his family receiving tax exempt status, his refusal to act in America’s behalf about our safety from the southern borders, and specifically ISIS declaring war against America! Just who is Barack Hussein Obama? Does Obama give a damn about keeping America free from Muslims taking over, defeating our Nation and killing all who aren’t Muslim? In my opinion, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and a traitor to this Nation and must be exposed and tried for his treasonous actions.

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