EVEN if the Radical-in-Chief is a lame duck for the rest of his term it matters not a whit. Between his thrust into every citizen’s core private recesses through Obamacare, the POTUS has designated the gov’t as the ultimate controlling entity. In effect, Obama Inc. seeks nothing less than control over life and death ! What could be more intrusive and totalitarian? Rhetorical question.

Similarly, the kiddies – for generations to come – are a key part of their radical designs. Revolutionary predecessors prepped the groundwork for their co-option, but the Radical-in-Chief has ratcheted up said implementation at warp speed. A good portion of evidence can be found within a book review featured at American Thinker: Bringing Down America.

As such, keep in mind the CORE contribution of Billy Boy Ayers, yes, the domestic terrorist cum “educator”, who has been orchestrating the (mis)education of the kiddies for decades.

INDEED, he has also been a frequent visitor at the People’s House, courtesy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, even as the Liar-in-Chief opined: “Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood.” Oh reallyTerrorist Bill Ayers: From Bombs to Obama.

No matter. Let’s not be bothered with pesky details, and never mind the fact that Ayers escaped the long-arm of the law (why isn’t he rotting in Federal prison?) as head of the Weathermen, a group which committed murder and domestic acts of terrorism for years!

Alas, onto the kiddies and Obama Inc.’s iron-grip core!

Obamacore: The travesty called the Common Core Standards (Part I)

by GAMALIEL ISAAC, PHD December  2013

This article is about the travesty called the Common Core Standards.  Its design began before Obama was elected but I and others refer to it as Obamacore because Obama played a major role in imposing it on the country, and like Obamacare it was passed without being read, and it involves centralized data collection of private information.  States across the U.S. signed on to Obamacore because they were bribed with stimulus funds.  As parents became aware of the changes that were made to their children’s education many joined organizations to oppose it.  Many insightful and alarming critiques have been written regarding the danger of Common Core.  There are fears that Common Core is paving the way for indoctrination of American students by centralizing control of education, collecting massive amount of data on students, and telling teachers what they must and must not teach.  There are reports that scores have dropped when the Common Core was adopted and that a curriculum designed to meet the Common Core standards would only prepare students for entry level courses in nonselective community colleges.

James Milgram, the only mathematician in the Common Core validation committee , refused to sign off on the math standards.  He said that Common Core math standards would put students two years behind those of high-achieving countries.  He told the Texas state legislature that Common Core standards are, “in large measure a political document that . . . is written at a very low level and does not adequately reflect our current understanding of why the math programs in the high-achieving countries give dramatically better results.”

He said:

“I had considerable influence on the mathematics standards in the document. However, as is often the case, there was input from many other sources — including State Departments of Education — that had to be incorporated into the standards…  A number of these sources were mainly focused on things like making the standards as non-challenging as possible. Others were focused on making sure their favorite topics were present, and handled in the way they liked.”

Dr. Milgram added that it led to a number of “extremely serious failings” in the Common Core that made it premature for any state hoping to improve math scores to implement them and that the Core Math standards were designed to reflect very low expectations.

The Common Core standards are low compared to those of high achieving countries but a study by the Thomas Fordham Institute found that the Common Core English standards are higher than those of 37 states and the math standards are higher than those of 39 states.  The reason for this is that states dumbed down their minimum standards so they could show they were meeting their standards and get No Child Left Behind money.  Previously it was easy for a school to exceed the minimum state standards.  Common Core imposes a low level curriculum on schools which dictate what to teach and what not to teach.

Why are the standards of Common Core low when the ostensible purpose of Common Core is to raise the performance of American students?  One can find the answer in a document by the American Federation of Teachers which states that one of the goals of Common Core is to “close the intolerable achievement gap between minority and non-minority students.”  It’s much easier to close the gap by lowering standards than to raise the performance of poorly performing students and no teacher or school administrator wants to be in the position where their jobs depend on getting students to perform.

There are ideological reasons to lower standards as well.  Common Core instructions tell teachers to “avoid giving any background context” to texts on the grounds that Common Core’s close reading strategy “forces students to rely exclusively on the text instead of privileging background knowledge, and levels the playing field for all.”

The ideology reason given above is to level the playing field although the argument that leaving out background information will somehow do that is ridiculous.  Those making that argument should be going to school instead of designing a curriculum for schools.

Common Core tests do not emphasize getting the right answer.  Instead they focus on essay questions, which makes possible grading in such a way that underperforming minority groups score as well as high performing groups.

The other goal of Common Core stated by the American Federation of Teachers is to help American students compete in the global economy.  That raises the question “Is the reason for America’s poor economic performance low standards?”

Is Curriculum the Cause of America’s Poor Worldwide Education Rank?

You can have the best curriculum in the world but if there is no discipline you can’t teach it.  A school staffer at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia told CBS that:

 “It’s mayhem. Students are in the halls, they’re smoking in the bathroom; cigarettes, marijuana,” said a worker at the school, who asked not to be identified. “We can’t contain them and it’s really hazardous for us working and these kids are not being educated at all.”

“It’s a zoo in here. Parents really need to come up here and see what’s going on in this school because it’s ridiculous,”

Asian students who want to study are assaulted by blacks.  In 2010, a federal judge found that black students at South Philadelphia High School had assaulted and harassed Asian students daily — for years but the principal said she did not call police because she did not want to “criminalize” the black students.

Laws prevent public schools from taking effective action to stop the violence.  John Hood in an article for the Foundation of Economic Education wrote:

“A host of administrative decisions, court rulings, and legislative actions have created such a maze of regulations that school principals and teachers are often unable to exercise meaningful control over their schools. Furthermore, the prevailing “ethos” in the education establishment-made up of researchers, administrators, and bureaucrats-is suspicious of many forms of punishment, and exhibits a fixation with “sensitivity training” and building self-esteem among students.”

One would think that if the Obama administration was serious about improving education they would remove the regulations that interfere with classroom discipline.  Instead in response to higher number of blacks being suspended than whites, President Obama issued an “executive order” which effectively placed “quotas” on school discipline based on race.  If there are more disruptive blacks than Chinese in a school and you suspend the blacks you could face possible civil rights violation charges.

Obamacore: The travesty called the Common Core Standards (Part II)

Obamacore: The travesty called the Common Core Standards (Part III)

David Coleman, one of the architects of Common Core said he believes there is “a massive social injustice in this country” and that education is “the engine of social justice.”

Common Core Literature and Writing books by Zaner-Bloser teach social activism to 6 year old children in first grade.  Children are taught how to manipulate others by getting them angry with emotional words.  Reading about this I can’t help but think how the Obama administration manipulates Americans with emotional words to get them angry at Republicans.  An example that comes to mind is Obama’s accusation against Republicans that they were holding the government hostage when they blocked funding for Obamacare.  A similar example of public manipulation was when the Obama administration blocked access to veteran memorials in order to make the public angry at the Republicans.

The Common Core approved book Barack Obama by Jane Sutcliffe indoctrinates children that whites mistreat black people and are racist and therefore didn’t want to vote for ‘Barack’, and only Barack can make the country better.  The Common Core approved book, Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Child of Hope, shows Barack glowing with a heavenly aura.

A Common Core lesson plan blames Islamic terrorism on low self esteem.  The Common Core approved text book World History devotes an entire chapter to promoting  the virtues of Islam and has anti-Israel propagandaspread throughout the book.  State Rep. Ritch Workman told Fox News that “kids are going to take this book as gospel and believe that Christians and Jews were murderous barbarians and thank God the Muslims came along and the world is great.”

The Common Core Science Curriculum teaches children that humans are dangerous to the planet, that man made global warming is an accepted incontrovertible fact even though it is not and that government action is required to fix global warming even though the taxes the Obama administration would like to impose on carbon dioxide producers would have a negligible effect on global warming but would have a devastating effect on a crumbling economy.

A February 2013 USDOE report that discusses measuring student attitudes, beliefs, and behavior lists desired competencies or improvement of attitudes such as “appreciation of diversity” and “recognizing bias in sources.”  From the perspective of the left wing originators of Common Core conservative view points are biased and of course this is what children will be taught.

The Obama administration has already used the IRS to harass conservative groups, which raises the concern that parents of children who lack sufficient appreciation of diversity might be harassed as well.  One can imagine a scenario where a child, who has some reservations about Islam, is labeled racist and his parents are determined to be the source of his racism.  Perhaps separation of the child from the negative influence of his parents might be seen as a solution to the problem.

One of the reasons given for collecting data on student attitudes is to help improve their motivation.  Studies have shown that students from fatherless parent families are less likely to be motivated to stay in school than those from two parent families.  If the government wants to motivate students they are more likely to accomplish their goal if instead of collecting personal data on students, they reconsider welfare policies that have been shown to lead to the proliferation of single parent families and antisocial behavior.

Is a Single Curriculum better than Multiple Curricula?

The final question I will consider here is whether one single common curriculum is a good idea.  Students have different abilities.  Some thrive in challenging environments while others perform better in more laid back environments.

Problems of a single curriculum become problems for everyone and there is reason to believe that the experimental approaches of Common Core are problematic.  Another problem of a single common curriculum is that it enables indoctrination by the Federal government on a massive scale as discussed previously.  The focus of a good curriculum should be to teach critical thinking which is the opposite of indoctrination.

How to Really Improve Education

The first and most important step for improving education in the U.S. is reversing legislation that prevents discipline in the classroom.  Attempts to level the playing field by bringing down performance of high achievers must be stopped.  Legislators should not impose a common curriculum that makes all schools the same.  Legislators should not interfere with school choice so that parents can use school vouchers to send children to the best schools for their children.  Legislators should reconsider welfare policies that lead to badly behaved youth.  Our government should step back and allow the free market of education to work without imposing restrictions on what teachers can teach and without passing laws that make it impossible for teachers and principals to bring peace to the classroom.

ADDITIONAL proofs – woven within several interconnecting commentaries – demonstrate their desperate quest to control future generations. However, one stands out on its own: ALERT: American Domestic Terrorists (Foreign Born Too) ARE Teaching Your Kiddies. Mentoring Their Teachers Through Workshops

Parents, what say you?


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