New York City families protest Common Core (Photo: WNYC)

AS repeatedly stated at this site, charging after the kiddies is a MAIN objective of the radical, revolutionary left. In fact, this is precisely why “capturing their hearts and minds” has been a preoccupation of the left, ever since they went wild in the 1960’s.

At the same time that Demsters were busy indoctrinating generation after generation via leftist front-arms of (mis)education – plus co-opting the teacher’s unions…most recently through Obama Inc’s training of various foot soldier’s – what have conservatives been doing? NOTHING. Yup…nada, zip, zilch. 

To wit, the chickens have come home to roost and America’s children are their prized foul. How so? Let this site count the ways:

Count One:

Charging after America’s children, one cannot escape the imprint of both the reds and the greens (Islamists). Tragically, as a result, the kiddies are boxed into their vise-grip:First They Came For The Kiddies: Well Heeled/Known Prep School (Philips Exeter Academy)Trucks With Terrorists!

Count Two:

Therefore, how many American parents (others too) understand how insidious the grab for the kiddies is? And, as mentioned, their reach has been ongoing for decades, yet, under the reign of the Radical-in-Chief, their thrust has been raised to the max:Domestic Terrorist, Bill Ayers (Educator Too!), Exhorts Control Over The Kiddies!

Count Three:

In light of the above, a little over a year ago, this issue required back to back alarms and the following was blared:ALERT: Americans, Domestic Terrorists (Foreign Born Too) Are Teaching Your Kiddies & Mentoring Their Teachers Through Workshops Etc!

This issue is so serious, it was also featured at an op-ed (by this blogger) at American Thinker:

Bill Ayers, the foremost leader of the Weathermen “isin his third decade as a national leader in the movement to radicalize the educational training of schoolteachers”. His wife, Bernardine Dohrn, a top leader too “is a professor of law at Northwestern and a high-ranking officer in the American Bar Association.” Eleanor Raskin (ne Stein) “is a law professor at S.U.N.Y Albany and, astonishingly, a NYS administrative law judge”. Jeff Jones “currently heads the New York-based Apollo Alliance, a highly influential coalition of labor leaders and environmentalists, and was responsible for drafting President Obama’s 2009 Recovery Act.”

The list of “respectable” cover, of other “notables” in the Weathermen, is equally impressive. Through a stringently planned operational “stealth jihad”, yesteryear’s Weathermen have returned, fully primed to carry out their original goal — the “transformation” of Amerika. Most significantly, they subvert the national interest from a distinctly dangerous vantage point. They are currently ensconced in some of the most powerful positions in academia and political life. The only difference is, this time they are dressed in “capitalist” garb, not only in their clothing choices, but in the wealth they have accumulated, paradoxically, through joining the “establishment”. Who said one can’t enrich oneself, but at the same time deny the masses/proletariat said wealth potential? Highly dangerous in their bomb-making days, their capacity to cripple America, sans firing actual weaponry is that much greater at this critical juncture in time. Deeply involved in the “transformation” process, as promised by President Obama, many of them working inside the executive branch, while others operate through progressive think tanks, they want nothing more than to distance themselves from their bloody past. Therefore, an omerta has descended from the denizens of the leftist media and their powerful organs….

Count Four:


Alas, 30 states are now on the warpath, and thank heavens for that…aiming for all 50!


‘They thought people would be sheep and roll over, but it hasn’t turned out that way’

By Karen VanTil Gushta

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of stories about Common Core, the controversial new educational agenda aimed at imposing federal government standards on every aspect of public and private education in America, which some are even calling “ObamaCore.” The first part spelled out the high stakes for parents, students and education. The second part followed the money trail behind Common Core.

The battle over the deceptively titled Common Core State Standards Initiative, or CCSSI, is raging, and the rhetoric is fierce. Supporters of the national standards have called their opponents “right-wing nuts” and “black helicopter” types.

“All of us get lumped together as ‘the fringe,’ ‘the far right,’ tea partiers,’ etc.,” said Jane Robbins, co-author of the report “Controlling Education from the Top: Why the Common Core is Bad for America.”

“When they don’t have the facts on their side they resort to ad-hominem,” she said.

Opponents of Common Core claim it is the product of progressive elitists who want to put all children under control of federal government bureaucrats. That view was reinforced when a panelist at the liberal think-tank Center for American Progress discounted the opposition as only a “tiny minority,” claiming such views should be ignored because “the children belong to all of us.”

The term “Common Core” has become “toxic,” according to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. He continues to support the standards in spite of a unanimous resolution by the Republican National Committee in April 2013 to oppose them. Huckabee told state education leaders at a meeting of the Council of Chief State School Officers: “Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat.”

So far, Arizona, Iowa, Florida and Pennsylvania have followed his advice, eliminating the name “Common Core” from their state standards.

‘White suburban moms’

Education Secretary Arne Duncan claims opposition to Common Core is coming from “white, suburban moms” who are suddenly discovering their children are not “as brilliant as they thought they were.” When Duncan’s comments went viral, “white, suburban moms” quickly found many defenders in the blogosphere and opinion columns.

In January, Duncan spoke to a gathering of curriculum professionals. As he lectured them on the distinction between standards and curricula, he asserted that “not a word, not a single semi-colon of curriculum [sic] will be created, encouraged, or prescribed by the federal government.”

But Duncan’s pep talk to curriculum specialists about their role in implementing the standards only increased the perception that it is indeed a federal, not a state, initiative. George Will noted in his Washington Post article “Doubts Over Common Core” that when the federal government initiates top-down “reforms” in education, any mistakes that result are “continental mistakes.”

Will stated the obvious: “National standards must breed ineluctable pressure to standardize educational content. Targets, metrics, guidelines and curriculum models all induce conformity in instructional materials.”

Indeed, textbook companies now advertise “Common Core Editions,” and educational testing companies provide “Common Core-aligned” standardized tests.

The link between the national SAT test and Common Core was forged when the College Board, which puts out the placement test for college-bound students, hired David Coleman as president. The Gates and Mott foundations gave Coleman’s nonprofit, Student Achievement Partners, money to write the standards, which were commissioned by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association.

The new College Board assessments will start rolling out this year with the redesigned PSAT. The new SAT is scheduled for 2015. The once-venerable Iowa Test of Basic Skills is now Common Core-aligned, and even the GED is getting its first makeover since 2002 so it will line up with the standards.

Teachers withdraw support

Fearing this link between the national standards and high-stakes testing, the board of New York’s teachers union voted unanimously Jan. 25 to withdraw its support for the national standards “as they are being implemented.” The union board also declared no confidence in Education Commissioner John King Jr., a Common Core backer, and asked the Board of Regents to remove him. Union leaders urged the state education department to make “major course corrections to its failed implementation plan” and enact a three-year moratorium on the testing.

The Board of Regents responded to the concerns by giving public schools five more years to implement Common Core. Public school teachers will not be held accountable for student test scores for two years.

There is some movement in Congress to oppose the CCSSI. On Jan. 30, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., introduced Senate Bill 1974. It is now in the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, on which Roberts sits.

The bill, titled the “Learning Opportunities Created at the Local Level Act,” would prohibit the federal government from coercing states to adopt education standards like Common Core. The act would forbid the federal government from intervening in a state’s education standards, curricula and assessments through the use of incentives, mandates, grants, waivers or any other form of manipulation.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the state legislature effectively banned Common Core from Texas schools

Roberts opposed the Obama administration’s Race to the Top grant program, and he and nine other senators have gone on record against spending any federal funds to develop education curriculum or standards, including the Common Core. Given the present make-up of the Senate, Roberts’ efforts may not gain much headway in Congress.

The real battle against Common Core is being waged in the states. As of Feb. 8, edu-blogger Mercedes Schneider had identified legislative action on the Common Core in 30 states.

“Legislators in most of these 30 states are advancing bills to halt the testing consequences of a CCSS that they admittedly do not understand – and for which they must now count the cost,” Schneider wrote.

Initially, the only states that didn’t compete for Race to the Top funds were Alaska, North Dakota, Texas and Vermont. For Texas legislators, that wasn’t enough. They wanted to ensure the State Board of Education would not follow Alaska’s example and adopt Common Core anyway. In June, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed H.B. 462, effectively banning the Common Core State Standards from Texas schools. The bill had passed by a 140-2 vote in the Texas House.

Some states are now delaying implementation of the standards, such as New York. Illinois has bills in both legislative chambers to delay implementation. Colorado’s legislation would delay them until public hearings have been held. Rhode Island wants to study and evaluate the standards.

After its Board of Education voted in 2010 to adopt the CCSSI, Indiana became the first to align its teacher preparation standards to Common Core. However, even members of the state legislature’s education committees didn’t know much about what the adoption entailed until they started hearing from alarmed parents when the standards began to impact school curricula.

Opposition spreads

As opposition to the standards spread, former Indiana Superintendent of Instruction Tony Bennett visited tea-party meetings around the state to defend them. His Democrat opponent in the 2012 election, Glenda Ritz, told parents she wanted to “pause” adoption of the Common Core.

When election results came in, Bennett was out, in spite of the $90,000 reportedly given by the Gates Foundation to fund pro-Common Core advertising on Indiana TV and radio. Last May, newly elected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill delaying adoption of the Common Core. In January, the Indiana Senate Education and Career Development Committee voted to send a measure to the Senate floor to repeal the Common Core Standards. If the state legislature passes the bill, it would charge the State Board of Education with developing by July 1 new “college- and-career-ready standards,” a favorite phrase with the pro-Common Core faction.

Erin Tuttle, founder of the grassroots Hoosiers Against Common Core, told the Indy Star that the State Board of Education should not make a few tweaks and slap the label “Indiana Standards” on any new guidelines. She said parents will notice if their children are assigned homework that looks like Common Core.

“Parents will be outraged. They will feel tricked,” he said.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said to be “big gorilla” behind Common Core movement

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has been an active advocate of Common Core, not only in Florida but across the country. His nonprofit, Foundation for Educational Excellence, which received $500,000 from the Gates Foundation in 2010, has lobbied for the Core and sent letters to state legislators in embattled states.

Jane Robbins, senior fellow at the American Principles Project, said Jeb Bush “is the ‘big gorilla’ behind the Common Core movement.”

“Bill Gates is the financier, but Jeb Bush is the one who is twisting the arms of all of these Republican governors and legislators around the country not to do the right thing and regain local control,” Robbins said.

See the dozens of products in the WND Superstore that address education, what it is, what it should be, and what it is becoming in America.

In 2013, after he was voted out as Indiana school chief, Bush’s protégé, Tony Bennett, was appointed Florida’s Education Commissioner. His tenure didn’t last long. He resigned after eight months when it was discovered he had been involved in a plan to improve the school evaluation grade of an Indiana charter school run by Christel DeHaan, a major donor to the Republican Party and to Bennett.

Now the question is whether Bush’s influence in Florida is strong enough to stop efforts there to repeal Common Core. A bill to prohibit the State Board of Education from continuing to implement the Common Core Standards has been introduced in the Florida House, which convenes March 4. The bill (H.B. 25) would stop implementation until certain requirements are met for the adoption or revision of state curricular standards. It also would prohibit Florida from implementing Common Core-aligned assessments.

Common Core supporters are hoping H.B.25 won’t go anywhere. It’s being held in the House and Senate education committees until a companion bill is offered in the Senate. Karen Effrem, co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, said a Senate companion bill has been written and will be submitted.

Effrem said that since Florida is “the land of Jeb Bush,” if these bills pass “it would be a huge shot in the arm to the anti-Common Core movement not only in Florida, but in the rest of the country.”

“And that is why ‘the powers that be’ are fighting us so hard.”

Florida protest against Common Core (Photo: The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition)

Scathing report

The Heritage Foundation, Heartland Foundation, Pioneer Institute and the American Principles Project, which produced the scathing report on Common Core, “Controlling Education from the Top: Why Common Core Is Bad for America,” are all providing intellectual bullets and moral support to those on the battle lines. Co-authors of the APP report, Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins, have been traveling around the country to speak to groups that are fighting the standards.

Robbins said proponents of Common Core did not anticipate how much opposition they would face.

“They thought people would be sheep and roll over and accept what the experts told them to do; but it hasn’t turned out that way,” she said.

Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee now have bills in their state legislatures to halt or abolish the standards.

MOST stunningly, the dept of (mis)education always has the backing of one billionaire Demster or another. RINO’s can be found in tow too. Appallingly, the Bush dynasty is in the forefront, even as they audaciously drape themselves in Repub garb. Disturbingly, too many conservatives buy their hustle. For the umpteenth time, Bush and Co. play footsie with Demsters and their globalist agenda, of which indoctrinating the kiddies are part and parcel thereof! And, this is NO conspiracy theory. Full disclosure: mea culpa, this American-Israeli voted for Bush…does holding ones nose resonate? 

In other words, while Gates and cronies have amassed great wealth – and can afford to educate their kiddies for generations to come, however they deem fit – the mischief they design (think:George Soros, the devil incarnate) towards America’s children (and their parents) is nightmarish. So, one has to ask: what benefit do they accrue by “dumbing down” generations of American kiddies?

Intrinsically, the bigotry of low expectations, especially against minorities who are most at risk, is stunningly revealed. Obamacore has been exposed for what it is. It is hereby renamed: Indoctrinecore. Indeed, does total control ring any alarms?

Assuredly, even when the leftists of today are no longer among the living, their blood lines move forward for generations to come Think: the New World Order designs of the Rockefeller’s and their lust for total power and control!  


  1. Main mitzvah of Torah Judaism is Ahavat Yisroel. Jews must help bretherin in need. That is what G-d requires of us. At this time, Jews of Ukraine are in need. There been a violent takeover of the power by radical elements. Democratically elected, even corrupt, President been deposed.  Gangs that took control, trace their history & allegiance to murderous pro-nazi WWII proxy. There been a number of attacks on Jews. Jew-hating rhetoric is everywhere. Current self-appointed government been under western diplomatic pressure to act civilly. There is even one minister with a Jewish surname there. There are about 100,000 Jews live in Ukraine today. Most are very assimilated and many are intermarried & alienated. Most leadership, both religious & secular, is corrupt like the rest of the country. Reading their statements, following events, talking to friends & relatives in Ukraine, leaves impression that Jewish leadership there simply does not care about the community. They are concerned with preserving their personal influence & collecting money, most of which they steal. Ukrainian Jews had been betrayed by their corrupt leaders. Israeli Government took wait-and-see approach. U.S. Jewish organizations mostly ignoring the situation, waving to branches of some outfits engaged in small-scale social work in major Ukrainian cities. Rabbis, mostly Chabad, act as puppets of the new regime. What do one expects from them? Future of Ukraine is bleak. Country is breaking apart. It is on the verge of armed conflict with powerful Russia next door. Economy is stagnated. Currency is devalued. Russia threatens to end flow of cheap gas. It looks like there will be major social problems in Ukraine in the near future. It is safe to predict that Ukrainian Jews will be hit not only with poverty but attacked as well. At this time, the only logical solution is to urge Ukrainian Jews to leave. If Israeli Government would recognize Ukrainian Jews as refugees, 50,000 or more may move to Israel. Israel would have to welcome family members who are not Jewish. This should not be a problem. Issue is to bring Ukrainian Jews home to safety. Ukrainian Jews are being ignored & betrayed. Israeli Government & influential Jewish Communities & organizations, primarily in US & Europe, especially Zionist organizations, must act now to prevent more sufferings & possibly, more spilled blood.

  2. Adina

    Most excellent article!

    Please do excuse my for not posting lately..Have been “lurking” while involved in other matters. Your posts are always “spot on” and truthful

    I was very pixllated (See: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town). My elementary teachers were Czech ladies who once road horses to country schools. My college and law school professors were of the WWII generation. We pledged allegiance to the flag every morning.

    They taught us love of country and all sorts of stuff about integrity.

    I grew up in a town of about 3,000 people in eastern Nebraska. In 1969, out of a high school class of 122, there were 6 of us in Vietnam. Tells alot about patriotism and alot about who the elites wanted to fight the war.

    Common Core is nothing but Lenin Core. All my four kids are out of .college, but if they were still in grade school or high school I would home school. them.

    Again, I might be lurking, but I am always following. Keep up the good work, you modern day Deborah!

    • Most modern elementary schools are bizarre looking monuments to the community’s willingness to mindlessly throw money at the issue of educating the children. Inside, the kids are drugged and only move about in straight lines supervised by teachers’ aides, dressed in what we would’ve considered to be pajamas when I was in grade school. I was shocked to see it. If you don’t believe it, then go up to the high school to behold the magnificent outdoor sports complex. In other words, the kids don’t learn a thing in grade school and merely mark time until those who emerge as athletes can entertain the community when they are in high school sports. In the end, every ‘student’ who endeavors to persevere gets a piece of paper to certify that they have graduated, which qualifies them to be enrolled in remedial courses to prepare them to enter dumbed-down college classes where they will learn to feel instead of to think. All is lost.

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