The CIA’s Netherworld: Its Underbelly Gutted – Out Of Necessity – By One Of Its Top Agents. Mossad, Sayeret Matkal (Jewish Justice Squads) Featured Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The notion that clandestine agencies are not necessary to protect a nation’s interests is exceedingly naive and dangerously deluded. As a matter of record, if not for the ‘off the charts’ operations from Israel’s Mossad and Sayeret Matkal, rest assured, the Islamic assassins of Israel’s athletes in Munich would still be breathing. A highly recommended visual aid is embedded herein. In fact, its message should be: this is how it’s done. Jewish justice, Israeli-style.

While most of their operations are unknown – as well they should be, hence, the clandestine part – for whatever reason, some do make it into the public domain. Besides, having had a ‘blood brother’ who was involved with clandestine operations, aside from knowing about his participation in the raid on Entebbe, the rest of his work was never spoken about. With a smile on his face, he remained as tight lipped as a sphinx (not that prodding wasn’t attempted!), regardless of our closeness.

Mossad’s double down mission, hunting down ‘soldiers for Allah, when they struck down Jews in Bulgaria (July 2012), weaves some threads for those unfamiliar with said netherworld.

But even though most operations are eventually taken to the graves of these warriors, some become known. Almost to a perfect hit score, the PLO’s Munich terrorists (by the bye, the same outfit of terrorists – currently incarnated into the PA/Fatah regime – are dressed up/koshered as ‘peace’ partners, yet they never stopped killing Jews/Israelis!) have been duly dispatched to their pagan, Allah. Now, that’s quite a feat of Jewish justice! For some ‘delicious’ tidbits on the ‘eliminations’:

“The soldiers ditched their dinghies and crossed the empty beach to where agents from the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, were waiting for them in three cars. The commandos split up into groups. On their way through the city, they were disguised as couples out for an evening ride in the hills. At a stoplight, Ehud Barak, 31 years old, a future prime minister of Israel, dressed, in a wig and lipstick, as a sassy brunette, smiled at the man in the next car. The light changed and off the man drove. Each of the commandos knew the route by heart, a maze of roads that led through the city to the target: a building on the outskirts, home of two of the leaders of Black September, a splinter group of the P.L.O. that, a few months earlier, at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, had kidnapped several members of the Israeli Olympic team; 11 were killed.

In the aftermath of this massacre, Golda Meir, the country’s grandmotherly, Wisconsin-raised prime minister, ordered the military to hunt down the members of Black September—a mission undertaken as a matter of deterrence and as a statement of resolve. In those weeks of planning, much of the mission was turned over to Sayeret Matkal, a highly classified special-ops outfit, which is known as “the Unit…..”

But the recounting of this magnificent, brilliantly planned and executed mission is not to suggest that some agents (from whichever intelligence agency, though for this discussion the reference is to western agencies) haven’t turned on their own, if tasked to do so. However, one would think/hope that every person should set (im)moral boundaries they would never cross. Yet, to believe said lines aren’t crossed… Now, onto the CIA and its netherworld….

CIA authors ‘secret key’ unlocks CIA redactions

Image courtesy of Canada Free Press Image courtesy of Canada Free Press Please comment on this article at Canada Free Press By Douglas J. Hagmann 23 August 2013: “I was in the belly of the beast.  I began to see the lengths to which the CIA will go to conceal unconstitutional operations, hide information from Congress and silence anyone inside who challenges it.”  Those are the words of Kevin M. Shipp, a former category 1, highly decorated CIA agent who held positions as an agent on the protective detail of the director and deputy director of the CIA, a manager of ongoing operations, an internal Security Officer, a counterintelligence investigator tasked to ferret moles out of the CIA, a Counter Terrorism Center (CTC) officer, a protective operations team leader and a polygraph examiner.

While working to identify moles inside the agency in the wake of the 1994 Aldrich Ames spy scandal, Mr. Shipp uncovered a significant global vulnerability that if left uncorrected, allowed the personal identities of  CIA agents working undercover to be disclosed to our enemies. Every day, every hour that this vulnerability was allowed to remain, the lives of countless undercover agents were in real jeopardy. “The more I looked into this, the worse it became.” Upon concluding his lengthy investigation, he submitted an extremely detailed report of his findings to the top channels of the CIA. In fact, he submitted his explosive findings three times, only to learn that each time the report was “lost” or destroyed, with no record of it existing anywhere within the internal system. It was then he realized that something was terribly wrong. The third time he submitted his findings, he hand carried the report to the highest levels of the CIA. Yet, the hole remained unplugged and the lives of his fellow agents working undercover remained at risk.

At this point, the Inspector General for the Department of State was provided with a copy of his investigative findings. Their investigation concluded that the situation was even worsethan initially believed. After an immediate investigation, the findings of Kevin Shipp were verified and the CIA was publicly rebuked for putting lives of its agents at risk. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story, but merely the beginning. Kevin M. Shipp, the highly decorated veteran of the CIA who was loyal to the oath he took to the U.S. Constitution to serve and protect his country from enemies, foreign and domestic, and for his efforts to protect the lives of his fellow agents, never anticipated the events that would follow.

As a result of his actions to protect the lives of his fellow agents working undercover throughout the world, he began to receive threatening phone calls from his superiors within the CIA. He was harassed, followed, and his communications were tapped. His professional life was turning into a private hell, and the situation was about to get much worse. It was about to get very personal, and very ugly. Kevin Shipp and his family were relocated to another location within the U.S., and was provided a house for he and his family to reside with this reassignment. After living at this new residence for a few months, his wife and three young children began to become very ill. His son began to bleed from his nose and mouth. Strange bruises and rashes appeared and lingered on his body, symptoms that affected each member of his family. The physical health of his wife and children gradually declined, leaving his wife nearly with severe short term memory loss, bedridden and his children debilitated. Mr. Shipp reported the problem to his superiors, asking… pleading that something be done to identify whatever was causing this sudden sickness. Mr. Shipp asserted that something in the house was making them sick, and asked for an investigation. The CIA refused.

As any loving husband and father would do, Kevin Shipp took his family to several doctors and immunologists for their diagnosis and treatment at his own expense to avoid discovery by the CIA. Once, he flew his son to a specialist, and was shaken by what he was told. He learned that his son and his entire family was exposed to some significant toxin that was damaging their immune systems. Continued exposure would certainly be fatal.

It was at this point that he contacted the FBI, an agency where he had made contacts and friendships. Their investigation, in tandem with biohazard teams inspecting Mr. Shipp’s family home, discovered that the house contained toxic substances that would slowly kill them. In fact, the situation was so bad that a HAZMAT team in full gear emptied their home of all of its furnishings, including every personal item once owed by their family. The contamination was so severe that all of the items, from their memorabilia to the children’s toys had to be removed, contained and destroyed as they watched from a safe distance. They lost everything, including their health.

During this investigation independent of the CIA, the family home remained vacant and closed up, pending further tests and analysis. However, Mr. Shipp was notified by an individual in close proximity to the residence of unusual activity at the house – of a break-in. Using his skills as an agent, Mr. Shipp took measures to record activities inside the residence while the house remained vacant. From those measures, he learned that unidentified individuals gained access to the house again, this time painting a chemical substance on the ceiling of one of the rooms over an area identified as one of the toxic ‘hot spots.’ Somebody, it seemed, wanted Mr. Shipp and his family to die a slow and painful death.

After being professionally marginalized, personally harassed and having his wife and children exposed to lethal levels of toxic substances, Mr. Shipp had enough. He resigned his position within the CIA and decided to fight this from the outside. Upon meeting menacing supervisory agents in Washington, DC when he resigned, he looked them in the eyes and offered this prophetic warning: “The same courage that made me a good CIA agent is the same courage I’m going to use to bring you to justice for what you’ve done to me and my family.” Mr. Shipp retained “a courageous attorney from Texas” who filed suit against the agency to expose the truth of what was taking place.

The harassment, however, did not stop. Mr. Shipp was initially denied his retirement funds, only to have them released  after making it known that their actions constituted a felony. The interest rates on his car loans were raised and the payments skyrocketed, making it all but impossible to keep financially viable. The CIA set out to destroy Mr. Shipp’s reputation, finances and family. Like David facing Goliath, however, Mr. Shipp fought back.

He wrote a book about what happened to his family, only to have the entire book redacted by the CIA prepublications review board to ridiculous levels. Then, he wrote another book, this time about his experiences within the CIA. Titled From the Company of Shadows, the manuscript went back and forth between the author, publisher and the CIA until it was finally approved, with redactions, of course, after a two-year battle. The most heavily redacted portion of the book is chapter 26, titled ‘Tyranny, The Story of an American Family.’ It was the personal story of everything that he and his family had been forced to endure at the hands of the CIA. The manuscript was approved by the CIA, although they must have forgotten just how well they trained Mr. Shipp.

Although the book was first published in October 2012, it was not until Wednesday, August 21, 2013 that Mr. Shipp publicly disclosed for the first time anywhere on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report that he embedded a code within the book – a code that exposes the redacted information in chapter 26. “The CIA examined every word in every sentence.  After a two year battle, they approved [it] for release.  Unknown to them I built a code into book – exposing the black outs in Chapter 26.  The CIA missed it,” stated Mr. Shipp. “The code exposes the CIA’s use of the State Secrets Privilege to conceal the illness of my wife and children.

There have been other cases in the CIA and cases in the US military where people have been injured or killed because of government negligence, and it has been covered up using secrecy.” “Originally I built the code into the book as a legacy to my wife and children.  I was going to leave the key to them after I was gone, so someday they would have justice for what was done to them.  But, they have been pleading with me for help.  So, I have decided to release it now.  I am taking a significant personal risk to do this.  But they did this to my children.  You don’t mess with a man’s children.”

This author was provided the key to the embedded code – one of a handful of individuals to possess it. Indeed, what is revealed is exactly what has been stated by Mr. Shipp, from what happened to him and his family to every American citizen.  The current intelligence apparatus that was implemented under President George Bush and expanded exponentially under Obama is monitoring virtually all of our activities.

We live in a surveillance state where we now have 1,271 sites located inside the U.S. with a domestic mission, contrary to the charter of the CIA and the United States Constitution. CIA operatives have been inserted into all of the fusion centers to collect information about U.S. citizens. And now, they are exploiting the use using of the States Secrets Privilege operate in the shadows, outside of any oversight, and to silence any inquiry, any lawsuit, anyone in Congress, or any citizen from learning just how expansive their operations are. “The NSA is using the State Secrets Privilege right now to block lawsuits and Congressional inquiry into the NSA spying scandal.  The CIA secrecy agreement and the State Secrets Privilege are being used to silence Benghazi witnesses,” stated Mr. Shipp. We are living in a “post-Constitutional” government.

Note: Mr. Shipp’s book with the embedded code can only be obtained from his website at (click HERE). The books sold on Amazon do not contain the embedded code.

While both Republican and Demster administrations are guilty of failing to rein in rogue CIA heads, does anyone rationally believe, under John Brennan – the Islamist-leaning CIA Director – that illegal, anti-Constitutional activities have not catapulted into the stratosphere, so to speak? Patriots, come on….

10 thoughts on “The CIA’s Netherworld: Its Underbelly Gutted – Out Of Necessity – By One Of Its Top Agents. Mossad, Sayeret Matkal (Jewish Justice Squads) Featured Too…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. Bless you Adina for your courage and truthfulness! I read your whole piece to my husband and we are in total agreement. We do not trust many institutions in America now and it keeps getting worse. What do we expect, when Obama, Brennan and so many in positions of power, refuse to use words like Jihad or Sharia and admit who our enemies are. The actions of some in the CIA, FBI and military are inexcusable and disheartening! You, Act For America and Jihad Watch help keep us informed. Until our miserable press starts printing the truth, we must keep speaking out and fighting them. Obama is ” The Manchurian Candidate “.

    • Obama, Brennan and others won’t admit who the enemies are because they are the enemy. Obama and Brennan are Muslims themselves. Adina has said this, as has Walid Shoebat and others. Walid has an article up on his site now about this very thing. I hope Adina doesn’t mind if I post it. I read both as well as Jihad Watch and some others.

      Perhaps Obama is better called the Meccan Candidate, as in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. But probably no one would know what that is, so Manchurian Candidate is a good description.

      • Sam, a good link to cite. I pieced all of this together from the moment he soiled the People’s House! This is precisely why I continually have him in the cross hairs, and why all patriots must do so as well.

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