Mossad’s Double Mission: Hunting Down “Soldiers For Allah” Who Struck In Bulgaria, Terrorists At Olympics Too….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Islamic barbarians (as this is being written) are being hunted down all over the globe – like the dogs that they are – by Israel’s elite Mossad trackers.

While the Mossad, Israel’s external, long-arm of Jewish justice is always in hot pursuit it is rare (at least for public consumption) that two terror attacks – one executed, the other on “stand by” – merge so closely together.

With this in mind, a recap of the Bulgarian terror attack is in order. A commentary ‘Non-Quenchable Jew-Hatred…Jewish Justice Necessitates Revenge…The More Punishing The Better…Nothing Less Will Suffice’ gives a sufficient overview of the horrific attack, plus what is required to avenge their Jewish blood –

And here is the latest development – ‘Woman Aided Terrorist in Bulgaria’  –

Thereby, Israel’s most adept (righteous) “hit squads” find themselves racing against the clock to catch an accomplice(s) to the Islamic suicide/homicide bomber in Bulgaria, reportedly headed to blow up as many Israeli Olympians as they can! Does anyone need further evidence to support how non-quenchable Islamic blood lust is? If so, this blogger refers the readers – once again – to an essential rendering, one which describes the origins of their orgasmic delight in Jewish blood, and to a lesser extent, to infidel blood too –

Read it…absorb its contents…weep, if you must…then, get busy countering it ! One good place to start is by exposing – as is being done here – the truth. Repeat as often as it takes – Islam is a death cult!

Back to the Mossad’s mission  described above. ‘Fearing attack, Israel sends Mossad agents to Europe’  is best described as otherworldly, bone chilling, and the stuff of ones worst nightmares. No matter. The (rightfully) vaunted Mossad is on the job, as evidenced by the following verbatim report –


“Fearing a spectacular Munich-style attack on its athletes at this week’s London Olympics, Israel has sent Mossad agents to hunt down Iranian-backed terrorists in Europe, a media report said today.

“Israeli agents fearing an `anniversary attack’ on Israel’s athletes at the Olympic Games in London are hunting Iranian-backed terrorists in Europe,” the Sunday Times reported.

The report quoting unnamed intelligence analysts in Tel Aviv fear the Iranians are back in the terrorist game in Europe and may be aiming to pull off a spectacular act of reprisal in the eye-for-an-eye war over their nuclear weapons programme.

The alert sounded for the security services last week when five Israeli tourists were ambushed and killed by a bomber in the resort of Burgas in Bulgaria, the first attack of its kind in that country.

Within 24 hours Mossad dispatched teams from its Neviot or “spring” units, which use state-of-the-art telecoms monitoring systems, to several capitals in Europe. Their job was to monitor known Quds Force agents operating from Iranian embassies and safe houses, the report said”.  Here is the link –

To shore up the urgency of the above link, an additional report spells it out too – ‘Olympics’ Most Wanted: Terror  Police fear suspect hunted for Bulgarian bus bomb could be on his way to London’  –

Just to go back in time – exactly 40 years ago this week – “spectacular” and symbolic terror campaigns rev their Islamic juices. This is why they will never stop….nor become satiated…. until we are (heaven forbid) all murdered!

In this regard, if Israelis/Jews haven’t received enough whiplash over many decades, here is a highly credible verbatim report entitled ‘Germany Received Warning of Munich Massacre, Der Spigel Reports’ – 

“According to the report, authorities ignored not only intelligence reports but also public warnings. On September 2, three days prior to the attack, the Italian magazine Gente also reported that Black September terrorists were planning “a sensational action in the Olympic games.”

The attackers were reportedly able to enter the quarters of the Israeli athletes without undergoing additional security measures.

Der Spiegel also implies that local and federal German authorities attempted to cover up their prior knowledge of the attack and their failures to prevent the murder of the 11 Israeli athletes.”

Once again, back to the Mossad  and their “capabilities”, regardless of how long it takes –

In ‘Countering Terrorism: The Israeli Response to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre and the Development of Independent Covert Action Teams’, readers can glean some of their findings below –

“A 48 page study published by the Marine Corps Command and Staff College in 1995. The purpose of this study was to examine the methodology of the covert action teams authorized by Prime Minister Golda Meir to find and assassinate those individuals responsible for the attack on the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games in September 1972. Specifically, the study addresses whether the operational and tactical methods utilized in this counterterrorist effort were successful relative to the original operational objectives.

In 1972, the Israeli Mossad initiated one of the most ambitious covert counterterrorist campaigns in history. Golda Meir and the Israeli cabinet’s top secret ‘Committee-X’ devised a campaign in retaliation for the massacre of eleven Israeli’s during the Munich Olympic Games, broadly referred to as Operation Wrath of God or Mitzvah Elohim. Black September’s (BSO) assault on the Olympic Village apartments on September 5, 1972, set in motion a chain of events unparalleled in the history of terrorism and antiterrorism tactics.

The report contains an extensive overview of the Munich Massacre. The study contains two case studies. The first case examines the details of the attempted assassination of Ali Hassan Salameh in Lillehammer on July 21, 1973. This operation resulted in the death of a Moroccan man misidentified as Ali Hassan Salameh and the exposure of seven Israeli officers in a highly publicized media event. On January 22, 1979, the Mossad found and killed Ali Hassan Salameh in Beirut using a remote-controlled car bomb.

The second case examines an independent team organized by senior Mossad operations officer Mike Harari, referred to as Avner’s team. The pseudonym “Avner” represents the unit team leader selected by Harari.  Mossad Chief Zwi Zamir provided the group with the identities of eleven top targets for assassination. Avner’s unit consisted of five highly trained individuals with varied specialties. Each officer had some second and third language proficiencies. The different specialties included: devising alias documents, stealing vehicles, improvised explosive devices (IED), small arms, electronics, business, banking, and operational security. The premise of the unit was total flexibility. Although each officer had specialized skills, each team member could essentially perform any task. To sever any official ties with the Israeli Government, Avner’s team resigned from their positions in the Mossad. With no formal contractual agreements, the resignations effectively terminated any further paper trails. The unit’s goal was to operate until the successful completion of the mission or until death or injuries rendered it inoperable.

The report includes names and backgrounds of the targets on Mossad’s hit list. A chart shows the 11 targets, whether they were hard or soft targets, the team assigned to assassinate, the date, location, and method for the hit, whether the hit was successful, if any members of the team was arrested, and collateral damage during the operation”.

As has often been repeated at this blog, Islamic “soldiers for Allah”  are hellishly bent on spilling rivers of blood. The Mossad must eliminate them first.

Mossadnicks, GO in strength. GO with G-d.

And is it still outrageous to posit  –  Islam will never be compatible with the west?

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