Syria’s Gassed Kiddies: Kidnapped By ‘Rebels’ A Week Prior To Their Deaths! Where Does Obama Inc. Fit In? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

There are certain moments in time whereby the truth can no longer be ignored, even by the willfully blind, ignorant and truly malignant. And to make matters worse, ones hubris can often be the catalyst for the unraveling of events, still, faster…faster.

To wit, as more and and more bomblets come to the fore, exposing who the so called ‘rebels’ are, Obama and gang become ever so desperate to keep said truths from reaching climatic mass. A painstaking effort is operating on this end to interweave several commentaries through all their underlying context. Heavy lifting.

Ahh, in March 2013, this blog warned, Chemical Alert: Syrian ‘Rebels’ More Dangerous Than Assad’s Thugs, Al Qaeda, Salafists In The Forefront and few understood what the relevance entailed. But noted within was the foreshadowing of what has come to pass: ‘Alarming Footage: Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons’ by  on MARCH 25, 2013…..By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat In December of last year we revealed that the rebels had in their hands potent chemical weapons and were testing them on rabbits, and we predicted that they will use them on innocents.Well now it is happening.And now, new evidence translated from Arabic sources reveals the likelihood that it was the Muslim rebels (FSA) and not the Assad regime that carried out a chemical attack on the town of Khan al-Assal, west of Aleppo…”

As a result, your journey should have led to Israel’s Northern Front Primed For Explosion: Who Lit The Match? (May 2013), thus, building blocks fully emerged, akin to stepping stones. A blueprint. It demonstrated Obama Inc.’s handiwork in destabilizing Israel’s northern Golan border, having been quiet for over 40 years – until now. The linkage became manifestly clear.

Almost as if on a careening train ride, a week later, the reader could then hop aboard the next stop: War Drums Blaring: The Commander-in-Chief is AWOL; Russia In Charge; Iran’s Axis Ascendant; Israel Left DanglingIts contents jutted up against the insertion of Russian/Iranian/ Hezbollah proxies into the war front, yet on this end, hardly surprised that it came to pass.

Readers, do manage to keep your head on straight to mosey on over to June 2013, as Turkey entered the fray, however, not to tamp out the fires, but to collect the booty promised from the Islamist-in-Chief. You see, the Brotherhood Mafia’s insertion, as the major power player, was predicated on promises to Turkey’s Islamist leader, Erdogan, his BFF in the region. Thick as (Islamist) thieves, so to speak. Barack HUSSEIN Obama more than exposed himself and proofs were within: The Islamist-in-Chief’s Taqiyya-Driven Hand In resurrecting The Ottoman Empire & its Geo-Political Knock-On EffectsHistory repeated.

NOT done yet. Oh no. At the end of June, one encountered a piggyback analysis on the animating forces of the POTUS’s Islamic roots, as he steadfastly aligned himself with the Brotherhood Mafia, even as Egypt’s military rulers gave Morsi the back end of their boot. Obama’s Full Embrace Of The Brotherhood Mafia & Its Purposeful Horrific Consequences: Al Qaeda At Israel’s Throat, Iranian Proxies Alike left no room for equivocation, as to whose side he was on! Indeed, undeterred by Al Qaeda encircling Israel’s borders, one would be hard pressed to still insist: yes, Obama Inc. has Israel’s back ! A clear and present danger.

Need more? Egypt’s & Syria’s Civil Wars: Brotherhood/Salafists/Al Qaeda In The Forefront, Christians Beheaded, July 2013, lent little doubt which horse the Islamist-in-Chief backed. None at all.

Alas, August 2013 Worldwide Terror Alert & The Closing Of Embassies: Not Happening In A Vacuum managed to alert some sleepy heads to the prevailing/encircling menace. But more specifically, mid August revealed The Brotherhood Mafia’s Metaphorical Knife At The POTUS’s Throat, and just as in every criminal organization, nothing is for free, even if one is the leader of a super power. 

Thereby, heading into September 2013 one encountered back to back blaring alerts re the ‘rebels’: Syria’s Chemical Warfare Not What It Appears: ‘Rebels’ Fingerprints Too, plus Syria’s Chemical Warfare Has More Than One Address: Barack HUSSEIN Obama Enters The Mix Via ‘Rebel’ Assists demonstrated more than indictable proofs. Slam dunks.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

By Susan Duclos

The horrifying pictures of dead children being used by the Obama administration to justify an attack on Syria, with the claim that the Assad regime carried out the chemical attacks that killed those children, while emotionally heartbreaking, do not tell the story of those children and do not tell you the main point the Obama administration is trying to cover up.

Those children were kidnapped over a week earlier, before they were slaughtered……. by the Obama backed Syrian rebels.

August 11, 2013 a report discussed the rebels attacking the Latakia village and Sheikh Mohammed Reda Hatem, an Alawite religious leader in Latakia said  ”Until now 150 Alawites from the villages have been kidnapped. There are women and children among them. We have lost all contact with them.”

Some of those children were found less than two weeks later, in Ghouta, photos below:

The wide distribution of satellite channel images of victims allowed Alawite families near Latakia to recognize their children who had been abducted two weeks prior by the “rebels.” This identification was long in coming because there are few survivors of the massacre by the allies of the United States, the United Kingdom and France in loyalist villages where more than a thousand bodies of civilians were discovered in mass graves.

The children do not correspond to a sample of the population: they are all almost of the same age and have light hair. They are not accompanied by their grieving families.

They are in fact children who were abducted by jihadists two weeks before in Alawite villages in the surroundings of Latakia, 200km away from Ghouta.

Barack Obama’s narrative is unraveling as the truth of who murdered these children is being exposed.

The Obama backed Syrian rebels are slaughtering these children, pretending it was Assad that did it, so Obama can claim justification in attacking the Assad regime.

NOT to be lost in the discussion is a more than compelling point: due to the actions of a feckless, reckless and anti-American leadership, the stature of the U.S. – as a global leader – has become little more than a laughingstock. As such, whichever way this plays out, rest assured America’s bitter foes are watching very intently, gleeful that the heretofore super power has been brought to its knees. After all, let’s be honest, when the biggest, baddest becomes weak kneed – whether by design or default – those who should be afraid hardly quake in their sandals. Why should they. 

At the end of this death dance one truth remains: there is little more egregious – at least at this site – than messing with the kiddies, whatever the reasons, be they political or personal. So, just as the red (socialist, Marxist, communist) side of the POTUS – via the (mis)educational system, etc – abuses the children to bring down America, so too his green (Islamist) side is upending the Mid East, all the while pulling on the heartstrings, as pics of gassed kiddies are displayed worldwide to justify military action in Syria!

The facts herein bespeak of an evil only a rabid Islamic mind can conjure up: to be sure, there would NOT be any victims to parade, before the world’s horrified eyes, IF Obama Inc’s backed ‘rebels’ hadn’t kidnapped them, all in order to gas them for their twisted goals! These are the monsters the leadership of the free world wants to eventually hand the reins of Syria to. From the devil we know – Assad – to the devil incarnate, but at least one side comprises Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Brotherhood Mafia!  

Holy crap…

20 thoughts on “Syria’s Gassed Kiddies: Kidnapped By ‘Rebels’ A Week Prior To Their Deaths! Where Does Obama Inc. Fit In? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. The horrible sadness to this is, it has all been openly known and disgustingly ignored. There were three other gas attacks in the same manner with the very same scenario, men, woman and children were kidnapped from other villages to be murdered and then Assad would be blamed.
    With the intelligence agencies that we have at our disposal, they had to have known, we found out, and we did so with little effort.
    Our governments are evil, and especially so is the one governing United States..

    • Jeffrey—you are so right. I have been saying obamb was and is in the thick of thingsWe have an evil person running our country. I think we have the devils advocate that’s going to send more evil, to finish destroying

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  3. Thank you Adina for once again so daring to speak such truths, and thank G-d Obama is, at long last, being exposed, by those such as you, for “that” which he is, a liar, a traitor, an innocent child slayer. A “Brother” to the “Brotherhood”, an Islamist to his very core, who was so well groomed for this position long, long, ago. But however will the low information voters and the myriad of fraudsters ever come upon this information? Perhaps it should be dropped, in flyer fashion, from the cargo holds of countless aircraft, throughout these Divided States of America.

    Looking back to the days of the Clinton’s and their BFF relationship with one, Arafat – the terrorist of terrorists, and in consideration of the fact that potential presidential candidate Hillary lied through her teeth, regarding Benghazi (among other things), there’s hardly a doubt in my mind but that the Clinton’s were quite instrumental in Obama’s rise to such greatness as well as to this threat of World War that confronts us now – not for the sake of global peace, but submission – submission to Islam, and in that respect it IS all about Israel and the Jewish people – aka – the bearers of the words of Almighty G-d, YHVH, Who is not Allah. Allah cannot rise to absolute power and authority, upon the face of this earth, so long as YHVH is and His words remain in the hearts and on the lips of His people, be they Christian or Jew. I feel it’s imperative that we all understand this.

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  5. Things get less confused when you realize that Obama is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood which was founded to re-establish the Ottoman Caliphate in the Middle East. Syria is the last major domino to fall and Obama has run into a bump in the road called Russia. Syria is a different country than Egypt, Tunisia, or Libya. Syria has some powerful friends named Iran and Russia. Given the Benghazi video hoax, it makes perfect sense that Obama would use videos of kidnapped Alawite children killed by his al Qaeda/Brotherhood friends as propaganda for a war with Syria. At least some of the videos are posted on YouTube, so it’s not like they are top secret spy intercepts. Yes, I agree that the murders of children both for war and propaganda purposes is repulsive but that’s the kind of people we are having to deal with both in the Middle East and in the WH.

    If Assad falls, Syria would be taken over by elements who want the Sunni caliphate. I suppose Erdogan and Prince Abdullah would then have to duke it out over who would be caliph. Not likely they’d share since Islam has no secular stage.

    Putin undoubtedly sees exactly what is happening, unlike too many Americans. He’s probably not going to let Assad fall without a fight and Iran certainly won’t. SecState Lurch just gave Putin an opening he wasted no time in taking: a proposal for Assad to turn over his chemical weapons to international control (UN?) in exchange for not being struck by US Tomahawks or Hellfires or any other missile. Was it planned? Lurch’s comment was a response to an impromptu question, so maybe, maybe not.

    • Impromptu? Not. Obama so desperately needed a way out of the mess he’d gotten himself (us) into. Not only was he provided one, he can now claim authorship and proceed to laud himself as quite the peace keeping hero. I can hardly wait for all of the I, I, I’s, and Me, me, me’s we are bound to hear if we care to listen. I for one, don’t; and, would someone please remind me of what Obama’s standing is, exactly, at the UN? Please tell me that should the UN take charge of these chemical weapons, Obama wouldn’t be able to influence their disbursement.

  6. Showing snuff pictures to elicit an unthinking, emotional response is an old sleazy lawyer’s gag. It’s so old, it’s not even last year’s gag. Too bad no one’s buying it. The Left is stuck in marx’s era, scribbling psychotic manifestos by candlelight.

    This is a Net Centric era, one in which citizens use the reach and power of the Net to bypass communist media criminals’ propaganda. The Left is unteachable, incapable of learning anything.

    To know these leftist during their 60s acid-fest heyday was to know they were enemies of liberty.

    Only our Creator, YHWH, and His Son can ultimately straighten out this mess.

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