America’s Border War: The Lawbreaker-in-Chief Guts The Law. The Sham of Immigration ‘Reform’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

In the midst of war drums blaring in Syria and throughout the Mid East, let us dare not forget about another war – the war on America’s borders. Yes, it is a pitched battle. But, this one involves a myriad of attempts by Obama Inc to brazenly circumvent the laws of the land, thus, cementing the hollow core of immigration ‘reform’. Obama Inc., every step of the way, ties the hands of those in charge of securing the borders, plus guts laws already on the books against illegal aliens. How much clearer can it get, demonstrating, Obama and gang operate as ‘legal’ outlaws

Consider: there are, for all intents and purposes, ties that bind the hands of border agents, as they are ordered NOT to profile. In other words, they are mandated to treat those whose actual profile fits illegal aliens – to the Orwellian point that even though acting suspiciously – yet, they must be treated as average Joe’s and Jane’s from Middle America. Really now, you can’t make this crap up, even in your most horrific nightmares. The same irrational behavior is displayed when dealing with Islamic terrorists, taken to such an extreme that law enforcement – judges too – are ordered to delete any mention of Islam + terror + jihad, even as jihadis scream Allahu Akbar !

So, why is anyone still shocked that border agents are further castrated in their quest to ‘detain’ illegal aliens, regardless of ‘this or that’? Well, perhaps Obama Inc. prefers its border agents to hand out a WELCOME mat with flowers and chocolates to lawbreakers who manage to evade their net – not too hard to do, since ‘profiling’ is a NO GO – further demanding agents to hoist high fives, as Washington’s goons encourage illegals to give them the finger. Alas, a mockery of the so called ‘law’. No exaggeration on this end required, for the flouting of the ‘law’ is surreal. An absolute travesty of (in)justice. 

New Obama policy warns agents not to detain illegal immigrant parents – August 2013

The Obama administration issued a new policy Friday that says immigration agents should try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children. The move adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport.

In a nine-page memo, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents should use “prosecutorial discretion” to try to avoid detaining parents and, if parents are detained, agents should make sure they have the ability to visit with their children or participate in family court proceedings.

The move won praise from immigrant-rights groups who said it’s a step toward a less harsh detention policy. But a top Republican blasted the memo as another effort by the Obama administration to circumvent the law.

“President Obama has once again abused his authority and unilaterally refused to enforce our current immigration laws by directing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stop removing broad categories of unlawful immigrants,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, Virginia Republican.

Mr. Goodlatte, whose committee is in charge of many of the immigration bills the House could consider later this year and who is working on a legalization bill for young illegal immigrants, said the Obama administration move “poisons the debate” and shows the president is trying to “politicize the issue” rather than work for a compromise bill.

The memo is the latest in a series of directives issued by ICE and by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that try to lay out priorities for who the government will detain and try to deport.

Ms. Napolitano says her department is only funded to deport about 400,000 immigrants a year, out of a total population of about 11 million. She said it makes sense to focus those deportation efforts on immigrants with serious criminal records or who have repeatedly violated immigration laws.

A year ago, she issued a policy granting tentative legal status to young illegal immigrants brought to the country as children, who call themselves Dreamers. That policy began accepting applications in August 2012 and as of the end of this July had approved legal status for more than 430,000 illegal immigrants.

The new memo instructs ICE agents to give special consideration when they encounter an illegal immigrant who is a parent or legal guardian of a child.

“FODs shall continue to weigh whether an exercise of prosecutorial discretion may be warranted for a given alien and shall consider all relevant factors in this determination, including whether the alien is a parent or legal guardian of a USC or LPR minor, or is a primary caretaker of a minor,” said the new memo, known as the “Family Interest Directive.” FODs are field operations directors, LPRs are legal permanent residents and USCs are U.S. citizens.

Bruce Lesley, president of the First Focus Campaign for Children, said the only long-term solution is for Congress to pass a law, but said in the meantime the new policy helps.

“The Family Interest Directive is a major victory for children, reducing the likelihood that immigration enforcement will tear families apart and reducing the harm to kids when separation is unavoidable,” he said in a statement.

ICE agents and officers sued to try to block the policies, but a federal judge in Texas last month turned down their case. The judge said they were probably correct in arguing that the law requires them to arrest illegal immigrants, but he said he didn’t have jurisdiction since it was a matter for collective bargaining, not for the courts.

Come on folks, how can anyone expect a Lawbreaker-in-Chief who aids and abets illegals, in tandem with a (mostly) spineless, ineffective RINO leadership, to muster the will to actually enforce the law? More specifically, the highest law enforcement official in America, AG Holder, is himself a lawbreaker ! Herein lies the crux. An American/western tragedy.  

Basically, the deconstruction of America requires its lawlessness, and illegals + terrorists fit the bill. Rest assured, whatever it takes, Obama Inc. is DEADLY serious! 

9 thoughts on “America’s Border War: The Lawbreaker-in-Chief Guts The Law. The Sham of Immigration ‘Reform’…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. This all points to something I read lately about Islam terrorists recruiting Mexicans and getting them to convert to Muslim ideology, it’s easier to get into the country,and less suspicious for terror activities. Obama’s handiwork is all over this.Bob NZ

    • Indeed.
      Hezbollah has been well established in Mexico, Central and South America for quite some time, now.

      Immigration Reform has thrown the door wide open.

  2. A friend and retired federal agent said it’s been this way since about ’06. My friend was posted to the AZ/CA/Mexico border area for the purpose of gathering intellingence about illegal crossings of anyone, not merely Mexicans. My friend’s responsibilities also included identifying and locating those who smuggled weapons into America. Contrary to the BS in the media about ‘American guns causing Mexican homicides’, these were neither American nor Mexican smugglers but rather those from other nations across the Atlantic who were smuggling weapons more substantial than firearms.

    My friend loved the job, absolutely loved it for decades yet was never so happy to retire, as twenty-somethings with law degrees in DC were constantly hamstringing efforts to implement meaningful border security.

    It’s quite obvious this is not mere negligence. My friend retired, moved from the warm climes they loved into the central part of the United States on acreage.

    The Elite thugs who’re playing with citizens’ lives will one day face an accounting for this.




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