PM Netanyahu’s CONTINUAL Islamic (& Leftist) Appeasement Endangers The National Interest…Intersecting With Jihadists In America…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Lurking in the background always awaits a monumental, catastrophic and earth shaking price for national submission, and Boston’s jihad is one such explosive extraction. For if not for American leadership’s (an indictment of both parties) tolerance of (and in some instances collusion) Wahhabi-infused mosques all over the nation, the Chechen jihadists would have been left spitting in the wind, despite their desire to “please” their Pagan Allah –

Similarly, Israel’s appeasement after the 1967 war  (despite a hard fought win which was so spectacular in its CLEAR cut results…still studied in warfare colleges for its brilliant campaign is reverberating till today – . As a result, no rest for the weary….exhausting…Most intrinsically, there is no shelf life to submission for it always comes back to haunt, regardless of the methods employed. 

So, once again, Jews (MK’s too are given the boot) are ordered: stay off Judaism’s holiest site -( otherwise World War Three will ensue…as if it hasn’t started already, paradoxically due to western appeasement – !

‘Bibi Capitulates To Muslim Threats, Orders Feiglin Off Temple Mount’

The Waqf threatened Netanyahu with “World War Three” should Feiglin go on the Mount on Monday.
Published: April 28th, 2013
Latest update: April 29th, 2013
MK Moshe Feiglin (3rd from left) visiting Temple Mount in early 2013.
MK Moshe Feiglin (3rd from left) visiting Temple Mount in early 2013.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

For the past ten years, MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud-Beitenu) has been visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on the 19th of the Hebrew month, every month. But on Sunday, April 28, 2013, Feiglin received a phone call from Deputy Commander Moshe Barkat, Chief of the Israeli Police David Precinct, which includes the Old City of Jerusalem.

He informed me that, on direct order from the prime minister, I would not be permitted to enter the Mount tomorrow,” MK Feiglin wrote in his Facebook page.

A source close to Feiglin told The Jewish Press that the deputy commander told the MK that the Waqf, the Jordanian charity organization which runs the Temple Mount, warned the Prime Minister’s office that should Feiglin go up on the Mount on Monday, it would “start World War Three.”

No one wants that. Except that the same Waqf has been cautioning about new world wars frequently, and is often involved in organizing, rather than trying to prevent them.

According to Feiglin, the prime minister has no legal authority to give such an order, because it violates three basic laws:

1. Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, which gives each person freedom of movement, and requires the state to protect this right.

2. Basic Law: The Knesset, which grants every MK complete immunity in carrying out his duties.

3. Basic Law: Jerusalem, which says: “The sacred sites shall be protected from desecration and any other violation and from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the religionists to the sites they hold sacred, or their feelings concerning those sites.”

Also: “Any and all authority applying to the area of Jerusalem that is granted by law to the State of Israel or the Jerusalem Municipality, shall not be transferred to a foreign entity, political or governmental, whether permanently or temporarily.”

“The only legal way to prevent me from going up to the Temple Mount tomorrow (without changing existing law),” says MK Feiglin, “is if, in the opinion of the officer in charge of the place there exists an immediate, clear and present danger.”

But, having given him the warning a full day in advance, Feiglin argues, security forces should have ample time—had the prime minister only told them so—to organize and prevent dangerous gathering and violence.

According to MK Feiglin, the Prime Minister’s decision “confirms what I was told by the police command when I asked to tour the Dome of the Rock, that the Temple Mount is under Muslim sovereignty.”

This unfortunate decision, writes Feiglin, can be added to reports this week about transferring broad supervisory authority to UNESCO in Jerusalem, as well as the reality of a de facto construction freeze in Jerusalem, as Housing Minister Uri Ariel warned last week.

The source close to Feiglin says the MK will obey Netanyahu’s directive, but that as of tomorrow Feiglin would no longer be voting the Likud-Beitenu party line.

“When, just before Jerusalem Liberation Day, the Prime Minister orders an Israeli Knesset member that—contrary to Israeli law— he not to go up to the Temple Mount, it means that the Prime Minister has officially and openly revoked Israeli sovereignty on the Mount and given it to the Muslim Waqf,” MK Feiglin wrote.

“This is an entirely new situation, more severe than before, and I must consider now how to force the Prime Minister to respect the sovereignty of the State of Israel in its capital Jerusalem,” he concluded.

Some acts of appeasement are hidden below the radar and their effects barely register among the newly submitted. Others are so “in your face” they fly off the Richter scale. Such is the case with PM Netanyahu’s (latest…in too long a line) capitulation to Jordan’s Islamist Waqf, as Israel’s PM pays further “jizya” –…to “keep the peace”; a “calm” which is only in the mind of appeasers, the likes of which Americans experienced through Boston’s jihad. Pretending that what is isn’t is a recipe for further Islamic extortion, without even receiving the actual “peace”! A bargain with the Islamic devil…

Yet if you believe that PM Netanyahu’s appeasement-train is slowing down, think again. Ponder the following, and you will glean the mental sickness gripping Israel’s top leadership. It is not a pretty picture.

‘Palestinian who murdered an Israeli man was just out of jail’ DEBKAfile April 30, 2013

An Israeli man waiting for a lift at the Tapuach junction near Ariel was repeatedly stabbed by a Palestinian who then snatched his victim’s sidearm and shot him dead. The victim was later identified as Evyatar Borovsky, 31, father of five, from Yitzhar. The attack occurred near Ariel early Tuesday morning. The Palestinian, Salem Asad from a village north of Tulkarem, then turned the gun on Border Police officers and was shot and injured himself.  Asad was released a month ago from four years in jail for lobbing rocks and bottle bombs at passing Israeli traffic. A claim of responsibility for the attack was released by a Palestinian group over a TV network associated with Hamas.

For added heartburn, follow up within…

‘Mosques to get Millions for Security, Nothing for Synagogues’

Mosques and monasteries to get millions of shekels in security to prevent ‘price tag’ vandalism. Jewish victims get nothing.

By Maayana Miskin

First Publish: 4/23/2013
Price tag vandalism (illustration)

Price tag vandalism (illustration)

The Ministry of the Interior will invest an estimated 15 million shekels in protecting mosques and monasteries from vandals, IDF Radio (Galei Tzahal) reports. Currently, there is no plan to provide Jewish holy places with similar protection.

Minister Gidon Saar has reportedly approved funding for extra security, including security cameras, for dozens of Muslim and Christian places of worship. Among the buildings that will be protected are several that were vandalized in the past along with others that have never been vandalized, but are considered at risk due to their location.

Over recent months several mosques and monasteries have been painted with offensive graffiti or otherwise vandalized. The attacks have widely been attributed to Jewish nationalists, although few of the vandals have been identified. The trend to point to Jewish nationalists is sometimes mistaken; in one case, an attack attributed to “price tag” nationalists was later found to have been committed by Arabs.

Sagi Keisler of the Binyamin and Samaria (Shomron) Residents’ Councils asked Tuesday if Saar has any plan to provide similar protection to Jewish places of worship. He noted the recent vandalism in Mitzpeh Yericho, which included the desecration of a Torah scroll, as proof that Jewish sites have been targeted as well.

In recent years synagogues have been targeted in arson attacks in JerusalemRamle and elsewhere as well.

Keisler also suggested putting up security cameras at junctions to prevent rock attacks on motorists, and on farms to help fight the phenomenon of thefts and vandalism targeting Jewish farmers.

“If the Minister of the Interior managed to get a sum of 15 million shekels of taxpayer moneyfrom residents of Israel, and Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, in order to care for Arab property, do we not deserve a similar investment in the protection of our bodies and property?” he asked. …their insanity is boundless.

Despite the above, Americans (westerners) should still learn Israel’s hard fought lessons as to “hardening targets”; “mop ups”; and attendant security measures. But don’t believe for a nanosecond that Israel’s political leaders have a clue how to assert a national spine and secure Israel’s long-range national interest (despite some possible short-term temporary “relief”) and honor.

Spineless leaders ALWAYS revert true to form, as evidenced by the  actual blow back –…and nothing but more terror should ever be its expected result –

Learn these bitter lessons well!

UPDATE: h/t – Americans For A Safe Israel

I Cannot Continue as if Nothing has Happened:  By Moshe Feiglin 

The following is a letter that Moshe Feiglin wrote to his Likud MK colleagues after he was barred from ascending the Temple Mount earlier this week:

Dear Friends,

(Caricature by Asher Schwartz at the
I will not be able to make the following clarifications at the faction meeting, so the right thing to do is to send them to you in writing. I will be happy to add details on a personal basis. The following facts are supported by documents and recordings.

For over a decade, I ascend to the Temple Mount – usually on the 19th of every Hebrew month – and guide the visitors there. Over the years, a basic core group has formed, whose members wait for our monthly ascent to the Temple Mount with my guidance. Two months ago, I visited the Mount for the first time as a Knesset Member. When I requested entry to the Dome of the Rock (as opposed to the El Aktza mosque, the Dome of the Rock is not a mosque) which has always been a tourist site, a friendlywakf member blocked my path and explained that entry is permitted to Moslems only. I did not argue with him and asked to call in the local police commander. To my amazement, the officer explained to me that for all practical purposes, the place is under the sovereignty of the Moslem wakf. In an answer to a letter that I sent the same day to the Chief of Israel Police, the police essentially admitted that this is the state of affairs. In other words, Israel’s sovereignty at the innermost core of Jerusalem was secretly transferred to the Moslem wakf – with no Knesset decision on the matter being made.

This is the place to explain that the wakf allows any Jew to ascend the Mount as a tourist, but doggedly fights against any show of non-Moslem affinity or sovereignty there. Any citizen or MK can ascend the Temple Mount with a camera and sunglasses, as if he had just arrived on a charter flight from Japan. But if the “tourist” will dare pray a non-Moslem prayer (thus expressing the connection of the Mount to other religions) or to stand at attention during the Memorial Day siren – or any other exhibition of non-Moslem sovereignty on the Mount – the wakf custodians will instigate pandemonium.

As I was blamed for not coordinating my visit to the Temple Mount (an action that was never demanded before) and in order to prevent derogatory remarks – I wrote to the Police Chief, to notify him that I planned to ascend to the Mount on the Sunday of Chol Hamoed Pesach – even though I am not legally required to do so. After receiving my notification, Interior Minister Aharonovitz called a meeting in his office attended by the David District Commander and legal advisors. After various clarifications, it was agreed that I would indeed ascend to the Mount on Pesach, on the date that I had requested. I arrived (with my son) happy and light-hearted on Chol Hamoed Pesach, ready for my festive ascent to the holy place. In light of the agreements with the police, I was convinced that there would be no problems and that this time – the police were prepared to make it possible for me to actualize my legal right as a citizen – and even more so – as a Knesset Member.
Sure enough, the police allowed all the Jews who had gathered that morning to enter the Temple Mount. But they asked me to wait for the District Commander. Initially, I thought that perhaps the District Commander wanted to accompany me on my visit. But instead of accompanying me, the District Commander told me that he prohibits me (and only me) from ascending, due to wakf threats of violence if I would enter the Mount. I asked the District Commander why he was surrendering to threats of violence, punishing those who conduct themselves according to law. Moreover, I am a Knesset Member, which affords me legal immunity. The District Commander’s answer was, “That’s the way it is.”

That time, as well, the police blamed me, strangely claiming that they were forced to prevent my ascent because I announced my planned visit on my Facebook page. That is a preposterous claim. I am not a private person and I do not ascend to the Temple Mount as such. I am a Knesset Member – a public representative – and it is unthinkable to demand that I conduct myself in secret.
Nonetheless, at a chance meeting with the Minister of Internal Security in the Knesset, I agreed with a heavy heart not to announce my next ascent on the 19th of Iyar on my Facebook page. I explained to Minister Aharonovitz that the media know full well that I ascend on the 19th of the month, but that I would not initiate any announcement.

This Sunday, the 18th of Iyar, the Commander of the David Region called me and told me that by “direct instruction from the Prime Minister,” I would not be allowed to ascend to the Temple Mount the following morning.

At this point, the final mask has been lifted. I could no longer evade the issue and blame lower level officials. Nobody attempted to claim that there was a local security problem. After all, I was notified the day before my planned ascent, when the Mount was completely quiet. The situation became crystal clear: The Moslem wakf terrorizes Israel’s government, decides which MKs will ascend the Mount and which will not – and it is none other than the Prime Minister who implements their directives.

This is not a personal issue. Today, the police informed the Knesset Interior Committee that was scheduled to tour the Temple Mount next Tuesday, the 27th of Iyar, Jerusalem Day Eve, that it will not be able to visit on that day or any other day – due to the wakf’s objections. Whoever represents the sovereignty of the State of Israel in the eyes of the sovereign on the Mount – the wakf, is not allowed to visit there. Once again, the wakf demand is implemented by the government of Israel.

I do not have to explain the severe significance of these events to the Knesset Members of the National Movement. All the red lines of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem have been trampled and breached. This is in addition to the infringement of the law inherent in these decisions, the violation of the Jerusalem Basic Law and other Basic Laws. These decisions make a mockery of the immunity and sovereignty afforded to Israel’s Knesset Members. We are facing a new reality that obligates us all to act in an unconventional manner.

I would like to make it clear that the last thing that I want is to find myself in a conflict with the Prime Minister, who I highly respect and am careful to honor. I clearly have nothing to gain from that. Clearly, I do not wish to create difficulties for the rest of the members of the faction. Just the opposite: When I was elected to the Knesset I made no demands. I was happy to accept the duties and tasks that were offered me and I believe that it was obvious to all that I have put every effort into giving the maximum for our common goals.
But what is all my work in the Knesset worth if the Knesset, as it turns out, surrenders Israel’s sovereignty in the heart of Jerusalem?

Who is the sovereign in Jerusalem when the Moslem wakf determines which Knesset Member is allowed or not allowed to ascend to the most holy of places – to the Temple Mount? Who exactly are we fooling? Have we forgotten our vow, “If I forget thee, Jerusalem, may my right hand be forgotten”? What is this vow worth if we ignore the terrible reality in which the wakf dictates to Israel’s government what to do on the Mount, in defiance of the law?

If we could have deceived ourselves until now that we are the sovereign and the wakf acts as an extension of our sovereignty, it has now become clear that it is the government of Israel that acts as an extension of the wakf. We are paving the way for them to rule the entire Land, as the poet of the National Movement, Uri Tzvi Greenberg, warned: “He who rules the Mount rules the Land.”
A red line has been crossed. It was forced upon me with no chance for discussion and does not allow me (and in my opinion, does not allow you, either) to continue to conduct “business as usual.” How can I face myself if, for the good of my political future, I will abandon the Temple Mount?

With a heavy heart and totally converse to my original intent, I am forced to suspend all my regular parliamentary activity. I know that we have just begun this Knesset term and we all have goals and ambitions to accomplish as much as possible. But there are moments in life when one must put everything aside and act according to his conscience. The Temple Mount, the rock of our existence, is calling us. This is the moment.

Moshe Feiglin

Indeed, let this American-Israeli repeat – “If I forget thee, Jerusalem, may my right hand be forgotten”, and “He who rules the Mount rules the Land.” 

Two sides of the same Jewish Zionist coin.Simple as that!

8 thoughts on “PM Netanyahu’s CONTINUAL Islamic (& Leftist) Appeasement Endangers The National Interest…Intersecting With Jihadists In America…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. I sincerely think that Netanyahu is influenced greatly by the Potus, which means more trouble from the evil left and the crazy Pallistinians. Hope you Israelis can unite ,It is your only hope so you better be quick. Bob NZ

  2. Dear Adina, I am very sad over the blog today. Wish Netanyahu could just tell BO to go to hell. When did he start being so wimpy? Peace at any price is no peace. I’m reading, ” The Israelis ” by Donna Rosenthal and learning a lot. Look forward to reading you every day and passing it on. We yearn for the America we knew growing up and keep fighting for it. Love to you.

  3. Leith, as to your question: when did he become so wimpy, refer to the following part in the commentary – the moment he shed his IDF uniform and became an appeasing politician – “Mind you, this is coming from leaders who often hail from Israel’s most elite fighting force, Sayeret Matkal (unlike the dilettantes in Obama Inc, whose pre-Washington time was mostly spent on pampered campuses) –…and one such warrior was honored through a highly personal op-ed, ‘Israel’s Hero, My Hero’ – Their battlefield mettle is legendary, but tragically when many become politicians they undergo a mental metamorphosis, thus advocating one appeasement policy after another. The reasons are vast and complex, regardless, the damage wrought is incalculable.”

  4. I can’t help but admire Netanyahu. That pic that floats around the Internet of him preparing to go to Entebbe shows a true patriot.
    I doubt that he is swayed by the Kenyan Communist occupying the White House. I believe that Bibi has him figured out. It is more a matter of securing American aid while waiting for NoBama to exit in a few years.
    I will always wonder why Dayan did not take advantage of his position in 1967. They were sitting on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. They had captured Jordanian artillery. They should have demolished the awful mooslim “shrine” on the Temple Mount and blamed it on the Jordanians.
    I hope that some day this awful “shrine” will be removed.

  5. Don, you really need to understand the difference between being a warrior and a politician in Israel. Yes, Bibi was part of Sayeret Matkal and was a mucho macho brave warrior…and if you read ‘Israel’s Hero, My Hero -, you would understand how well I know said warriors! We were like brother and sister – THAT close. Not only that, but my Israeli hero was part of the raid on Entebbe, under the command of Yoni, not Bibi.
    In addition, a true patriot does this: my hero “brother”, Tsafrir Ronen, was a Director of Communications to late PM Rabin. When Rabin signed onto the Oslo Peace/Death Accords, Tsafrir Ronen quit his (high profile) post, knowing full well what Oslo portended. He never looked back in regret, he just moved onward to protect Zion. Enough said.
    That being said, appeasement reigns supreme, in spite of the fact that the leadership understands where the Islamist-in-Chief is headed.
    It is a very complex issue, but my degree of closeness to quite a few “in positions to know” what’s what lends me the ability to “see from here to there”. I stand by all of my assessments.

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