NORTHEAST INTELLIGENCE NETWORK…& ‘Insider Threats’…Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Brave New World…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The expression ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’ is the stuff of Orwell’s universe.  But it is also a terrifying truth; directives embedded within Obama’s ‘Executive Orders’ are stranger than any fictional scenario. Nightmarish so.

Several commentaries prop up this thesis, but they are hardly exhaustive: 

Alas, a ‘Brave New World’ necessitates stripping Americans of their Constitutional right to bear arms – …even if they have to pry them loose from their cold, dead hands!

But what else can be expected, when authentic leftist, anti-American revolutionaries grab the reins of power? –

As such, It is not for nothing that Obama’s ‘FORWARD’ march is leading to tyranny –

Which leads patriots to the core issue…as they peel back the socialist, Marxist, communist looking glass – smokes!

But do take heart…Doug Hagmann is on the case.


‘Obama’s memo on “insider threats”

26 November 2012: “On the day before Thanksgiving, Barack Hussein Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum, or an unofficial directive to the heads of departments and agencies under the executive branch. This Presidential Memorandum, the text of which is only 183 words, directs agency and department heads to establish a program “to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security.”

There is, however, a more important aspect to this memorandum that will be undoubtedly missed by many who report on it. It is reflected by a word that appears toward the end of the directive and should be considered the “key” to understanding the intent and action of Barack Hussein Obama. The word is “centrally,” and when it is considered in the context of Obama’s agenda we’ve seen being implemented over the last four years, it is chilling.Much like all of Obama’s other directives, Executive Orders and findings, there is a disturbing level of ambiguity contained within this memorandum. One could correctly state that the obvious intent of this directive is to stop government employees from leaking classified information that would endanger the safety and security of our nation. While true, there appears to be a deliberate lack of specificity concerning the exact elements that constitute such an “insider threat.”

The key to understanding this memorandum is to understand that we are witnessing the greatest consolidation of power and control under the Executive branch of the government in recent U.S. history. This consolidation of power makes it possible for a select number of highly political “czars” and appointed officials to observe, control and report on the activities of people within their various departments to the Executive branch. This process creates a closed system of surveillance that cannot be easily penetrated by other branches of our government.

Accordingly, it becomes a self-policing network that has the ability to silence critics and individuals opposing a particular agenda or activity, even if such dissent is lawful. Taken to its extreme, it gives Barack Hussein Obama the ability to redefine what constitutes a threat to the government, including treason. It’s no longer about the rule of law and one’s allegiance to the United States. It’s now about allegiance to the agenda of the Executive branch, assured by active surveillance of government employees by Obama’s hand-picked appointees.

This memorandum quietly inserts yet another plank in the framework for absolute control by Barack Hussein Obama. It is he, not laws enacted by congress or the workings of the judicial branch, who will now determine who and what constitutes an “insider threat.” The mechanisms for reporting such threats are now in place, and actual or perceived threats to our government are to be identified and reported on by the very people he appointed to key government positions. It is the very essence of “Big Brother” within the government itself.

Everyone needs to wake up and understand exactly what’s happening not only in the U.S., but across the world. We are witnessing the consolidation of power that historically precedes a war for absolute control.”

As a further response to their tyrannical rule, Western Center For Journalism reports Texas-style push back, as they are duly alarmed at the regime’s putsch against American liberties.

‘Texas Threatens To Lock Up Advocates Of Obama’s Unconstitutional NDAA’

NOVEMBER 27, 2012 BY 

“Written by Texas representative Lyle Larson, the Texas Liberty Preservation Act says that “…Texas shall not provide material support or participate in any way with the implementation of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 within the legal boundaries of the state of Texas.”

Incorporated into the NDAA at the demand of Barack Obama, these sections allow the president “…to indefinitely detain, without charge, persons including United States citizens and lawful resident aliens, whether or not they are captured within the confines of the United States.”  That is, anyone Barack Obama considers a terror threat to the United States or the American public may–at his sole discretion and direction–be rounded up and incarcerated by members of the U.S. military.

The NDAA not only authorizes this exercise of police powers on American soil by the U.S. military; it allows the president to detain“until the end of hostilities” anyone he believes to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban, or “associated forces.”  Those subjected to this arbitrary exercise of presidential power would face an indefinite period of imprisonment with no right of habeas corpus, no right to trial, no right to present proof of innocence, and no method of appeal. It makes for an utter abrogation of constitutional protections.

But State Representative Larson will have none of it as he seeks to shield the people of Texas from a law that Republicans in the U.S. Congress could not wait to pass.  “Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 are in direct contravention to the limits of federal power as stated in Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution and are in violation of the Texas constitution,” writes Larson in his Act.

The prospective Texas law relies for its authority and legitimacy on the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “The Tenth Amendment…provides the United States federal government authorization to exercise only those powers delegated to it in the Constitution (Article 1, Section Eight) and nothing more,” writes Larson. And the NDAA was in no way created according to “…[the] powers delegated to [congress]   in the Constitution.”

In April, Virginia passed HB 1160, making it illegal for anyone to accommodate the NDAA in that state. And as of November 19th, 16 states have refused to permit the creation of ObamaCare exchanges within their borders. With the corrupt, Marxist Obama administration in charge in Washington DC and the weak-kneed Republican Party a thoroughly undependable champion of individual liberty, it will be up to Republican-run state legislatures and non-RINO Governors to halt the progress of the imperial presidency.

The American public must make their voices heard at the state level on every important issue.”

IF the above appears too hard to digest, then take a gander within ‘Brotherhood of Darkness’ – . This is NO conspiracy theory. Wish it was.

NOT scared yet? Fine. 


Exclusive: Andrea Shea King warns Big Brother wants to read your e-mail nice, not nice at all…anti-democratic to boot.

And if not for the Radical-in-Chief’s deconstruction of the economy, cities near you wouldn’t be going bankrupt, thus leaving citizens unprotected too –…more than enough reason to NEVER give up your Constitutional right to bear arms!

YET without the leader of the ‘free’ world on board, ‘Big Brother’s’ train is stalled at the station. It is also the case, several POTUS’s before him were very much in sync, yet the out-sized march has been hyped-up under the reign of the Radical-in-Chief.

And it is also a fact, sans impeachment – for treason, ala Benghazigate and assorted crimes – the United States of America will resemble a composite of Putin’s Russia (recall his ‘off mic’ comment about ‘flexibility’ in a second term), Hugo’s Venezuela and Castro’s Cuba, in only a few short years. 

That ominous. That predictable.


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