State’s first gay AG: A ‘drag queen’ in every school!

By Adina Kutnicki

AKIN to the reliability of a Swiss clock, as well as the sun rising and setting, whenever/wherever an ‘out, loud, and proud‘ gay grabs the reins of power, well, their bully pulpit turns into a cudgel to advance the gay agenda. Guaranteed.

MIND you, it makes no diff if one is the spokesperson for the POTUS, a so-called rep. of the people, an AG, or any other high-powered commissar ensconced within the radical left community. For, in reality, it is as if the fact that so many have reached the highest pinnacles of professional success amounts to diddly squat. Thus, the questions become: What is really going on here? As such, the follow-on is: If they are so discriminated against, how did they attain said success, despite openly wearing their identity with nary any push-back? How, indeed.

STILL yet, the aforementioned queries merely scratch the surface. The actual core should be: Whose hands are really behind the ‘gaying of America‘, most perniciously, via the kiddies? Truth dare be told, it is the all-powerful ‘Gay Mafia‘, yes, an actual Mafia-like hierarchy!

MAKE no mistake. None of the strident militancy has anything to do with the shrill mantra that is thrust into every sphere of public-private life, that is, ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity.’ Hogwash. As already evidenced, this small sub-section of the population (wherever they hoist their ‘pride’) is already privileged!!

AND, as it happens, there is no escaping their grasp. As an American-Israeli (living in Israel), this writer was compelled to expose (Dec. 12, 2021) the insidious nature of their powerful tentacles in one of Israel’s major media outlets –

MORE specifically, through the below excerpts (from the above analysis), hopefully, the reader will gain a firmer handle on its dangerous hierarchical components — as per what they are witnessing today; the most powerful, tentacled organization in America, as well as throughout the west at large.


As one of the first investigative journalists to “out” said term (in 2012), I can attest that it was not meant to be flippant, to be used as a pejorative, nor as hyperbole. For in reality and all intents and purposes, its hierarchies and methodologies are little different than actual Mafia entities. And for said inconvenient truth-telling, attendant threats came fast and furious, and in too many ways to enumerate.

The inroads made decades ago by the “Gay Mafia” were barely visible then. Decades later, when all necessary major avenues to exert power and control came under their grip, they let loose and went for broke. Loud, out, and proud! Inexorably, the fruits of their efforts were too late to stop.

Speaking of the actual Mafia, decades ago, forward/progressive-thinking Mafioso (via a cadre of their top-tier) realized the benefits to be accrued by forging a nexus between their crews and that of the “Gay Mafia.” Call it what it is: a pact cemented in profit and blood.

See The Mafia and the Gays (March 2015)

“The Mafia and the Gays” meticulously documents how the mob controlled the gay bars for decades in New York and Chicago due to their once illicit status, and relies upon an extensive collection of primary sources including FBI files, many of which were not publicly available until acquired by author Phillip Crawford Jr. through the Freedom of Information Act. Mr. Crawford illustrates how the gay bars historically were integrated into the Mafia rackets. For example, the establishments often were financed through mob-tied coin-op vendors and their related loan companies….”

Today’s so-called “activists” who agitate and lead the push for the LGBTQIA agenda (in innumerable visible and invisible ways) owe a debt of gratitude to their forebears; most of whom had little interest in “fair play”. The notion of the all-consuming quest for equality and non-discriminatory practices against their multi-headed communities, is barely more than a smoke-screen.

Even so, despite the incessant lobbying and unremitting bullying by the leadership of the “Gay Mafia” – their stealth-by-stealth and thrust-by-thrust boring into every educational, political, legal, and cultural sphere – none of it should be misconstrued as a license for any decent individual to interfere with the intimate activities of non-hetero consenting adults, emphasis added. This is so because living in a free society means just that: keeping off another’s private business! First and foremost.


THERE’s more. Much more.

HOW can it be that within the Jewish homeland that its Health Minister, yes, an ‘out, loud, and proud homosexual‘ endangers the country’s health and welfare upon the altar of gay politics??


♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

WND | June 16, 2022

GOP candidates fire back amid national debate over gender

MOST significantly, the Orwellian and highly dangerous crazy train goes on and on — all ‘credit’ to the most powerful Mafia in history, that is, the ‘Gay Mafia!’

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

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