Health chief: Monkeypox driven by gay bars, saunas, dating apps

Monkeypox (CDC)

By Adina Kutnicki

EVER since the hysteria surrounding the AIDS epidemic, coupled with the ever-present PC dictates permeating ALL spheres of discourse, public health has been infected with a virulent virus, namely: Omerta!

SO much so, anyone who dares to conflate promiscuous behavior within the gay community as per this and that, well, hell hath no fury like ….. For in reality, it is the Gay Mafia, yes, it is akin to a cartel, which rules the far left’s Marxist agenda — all of which is inextricably tied into the nihilism infecting western so-called democracies.

IT is under the aforementioned paradigm that the following is presented with this caveat: Don’t shoot the (non-PC) messenger!

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WND | By Art Moore | June 5, 2022

Government says ‘the risk of stigma’ tied to the disease ‘is great’

Most cases of monkeypox have been in gay and bisexual men, the United Kingdom’s Health Security Agency announced Friday.

The government released a report Thursday night stating, “Investigations to date have identified links to gay bars, saunas and the use of dating apps in the UK and abroad.”

“We’re reminding everyone of the symptoms of monkeypox, and especially gay and bisexual men in particular, to be especially aware and seek advice immediately by calling NHS 111 or their local sexual health clinic if they have concerns,” he said.

Fenton added: “As with any new disease outbreak, the risk of stigma and uncertainty is great.”

‘This is why we’re working side by side with the NHS, sexual health, voluntary and community sector organizations in London to share accurate information about monkeypox especially to people and groups at increased risk through representative voices.”

A former WHO official said last month the outbreak of monkeypox in a dozen Western nations is a “random event” that appears to have been the result of transmission among homosexual and bisexual men at two raves held in Spain and Belgium.

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2 thoughts on “Health chief: Monkeypox driven by gay bars, saunas, dating apps

  1. Thanks to FB censorship, I rarely go on the site. It’s a real slippery slope when Joe Blow fact checkers are given the power to censor information that doesn’t support their narrative or agenda.
    The misinformation spread by the Canadian Government and its MSM networks regarding the Truckers Freedom Rally should’ve shocked the masses and only now is the truth leaking out.
    Worse is the mandated jabs that have had devastating consequences for many who believed their narrative. Turns out they were the ones spreading disinformation so who are they to censor whomever they please.

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