Putin: Pedophiles and Traffickers Hiding in Azovstal

By Adina Kutnicki

FROM the get-go, whenever one dares to point out the crimes committed by Zelensky — a bought and paid for pimp by globalist powers, including the deep state in the U.S.— rest assured, the follow-on is: Putin’s stooge! But never mind.

BESIDES, being that facts are not subject to the whims of histrionic types, well,

ALAS, when the above is examined in its totality — and by understanding the geo-political landscape over the past few decades — the fact remains that Putin, dictator that he is, is the more credible actor. Atop of said uncomfortable, disquieting truths, the criminal Biden regime has drawn America into an illegal, non-Congressional approved hot war, that which only malevolent leaders would encourage and sanction.

NOT only that, Zelensky is committing war crimes against his own citizens by using them as human shields. This is no less monstrous than what the barbarians ruling the Islamic Middle East have done for centuries.

ASK yourselves: Who has more to hide in this hot war, Putin, an acknowledged strong-arm dictator, or those who feign the so-called high-road, but are nothing of the kind??

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | May 6, 2022

If one believes the mainstream media, the final stand for the Ukrainian city of Mariupol began this week as Russian forces entered the massive Azovstal steel plant where, according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have been hiding for weeks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, has a different take on who exactly is hiding within the subterranean bunkers and tunnels of the colossal coastal complex.

On a Wednesday evening call with President Donald J. Trump, Putin said that child traffickers responsible for the abduction of thousands of Russian children were embedded among the civilians trapped inside Azovstal. He also claimed that Zelensky was endangering the lives of thousands of innocents by sheltering traffickers at Azovstal.

“Putin told Trump he saw two possibilities. Either Zelenskyy is genuinely trying to protect the traffickers, using civilians as human shields, or he’s hoping Putin bombs the place to oblivion, killing everyone, including the traffickers so they, if caught, can’t implicate Zelenskyy in the biggest human trafficking ring the world has ever known,” our Mar-a-Lago source said.

Putin, he added, namedropped two persons: Yuriy Kosiuk, a Ukrainian billionaire whose estate on the Khotiv settlement Russian forces had bombed to smithereens, and Alexan Hadjetian, an affluent Armenian national who had been marketing children on Ukrainian soil for nearly 20 years. Putin said he had solid evidence both men were camouflaged somewhere inside Azovstal’s dark, twisting, difficult to navigate tunnel system.

“Putin said the Ukrainian ‘freedom fighters’ entrenched in Azovstal don’t know the truth about Kosiuk and Hadjetian, that they’ve been led to believe they’re key to the resistance and must be protected at all costs. It’s Putin’s feeling the blood of civilians is on Zelenskyy’s hands, since it’s he who is using them as human shields to safeguard the child traffickers and pedophiles,” our source said.

Vladimir Putin, a humanitarian, has allowed hundreds of civilians to safely egress the area through a controlled evacuation corridor, with Russian troops—who have photographs of Kosiuk, Hadjetian, and a half dozen other known traffickers—scrutinizing every departure.

Before laying siege to Azovstal, Putin purportedly gave Zelenskyy a chilling ultimatum: “Surrender the scum criminals and turn yourself in, or I’m not responsible for what happens next.”

“Since we received no reply, the pig Zelenskyy’s intentions are clear,” Putin reportedly told Trump. “He will continue to give these evil men refuge. Maybe he wants me to kill them so they won’t testify against him. These men inside have done horrible atrocities and will not escape.”

Moreover, Putin made an urgent plea to President Trump, asking him to use his next rally to warn the world about what is really happening in Ukraine.

“President Putin, I’m with you, and I understand, but, you know, things are too hot here right now. I am working behind the scenes to get big things out in the open, but right now that’s the best I can do. Soon, very, very soon, the world will know what you’ve done to protect our children,” Trump replied.

In closing the call, Putin assured Trump that tales of him losing his mind or abdicating his presidency due to cancer were fictions created by the CIA.

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