‘Instead of fighting terror, Bennett is fighting the settlers’ – Israel’s PM Held Captive By Leftists & Islamists!

By Adina Kutnicki

WHENEVER a leader sells his soul for power and control, rest assured, all manner of national betrayals rise to the fore. It matters not a whit their locale.

SUCH is the case with PM Bennett; a proven megalomaniac who has long abandoned his so-called right-wing, nationalist bonafides. So much so, the following was noted in the run-up to the last election, until today. Indeed, Israel’s highly dysfunctional and broken political underpinnings necessitates a mish-mash of musical chair-like cycles of unfinished terms.

IN this regard, with a football field trail of evidentiary material to attest to the charge-sheet against Bennett, it is of piece that so-called Jewish nationalist “settlers” — who reside within the heart of Israel’s cradle of Judaism, Judea and Samaria — are treated like terrorists, as opposed to those who really commit acts of terror!!


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An Opposition lawmaker accused Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Wednesday of ‘fighting against settlers’, while turning a blind eye to Arab terrorism.

Former Knesset Speaker MK Yariv Levin (Likud) spoke out Wednesday morning, following the arrest of a number of young men at the Homesh Yeshiva in northern Samaria overnight.

“The arrest of the Homesh pioneers is yet another example of a red line being crossed by the left-wing government led by Bennett. Instead of fighting against terrorism, Bennett is fighting against the settlers.”

“The invasive search of a home with young children in it in the middle of the night, without any serious justification, is dangerous to a democratic society and we must not let it happen. This hounding of the settlers must end. This is what it looks like when all restraints have been lost. And this is what it looks like when values have been lost.”

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