At GITMO, Dr. Francis Collins Blames Covid Lies on Dr. Fauci … Co-Equal Devils

By Adina Kutnicki

IT is always the case, when one devil is caught, the blame is shifted to their partner-in-crime. Again and again, seasoned investigators have heard this song and dance. After all, there is no honor among thieves.

BUT when it comes to criminals of the highest magnitude, there is nothing more imperative than rounding them up and holding them to account. Whatever it takes!

AND whereas it is Dr. Death, Fauci, who is the well-known, 24/7 face of the biggest crime imaginable, the fact remains that Collins is equally culpable. As such, the underlying blocks to his arrest by SEAL operators is beyond germane. Here they are.

ONTO his immediate song and dance …

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | December 24, 2021

No sooner had former NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins arrived at Guantanamo Bay than he began professing his innocence and blaming his ex-coworker Dr. Anthony Fauci—AKA Dr. Death—for perpetrating the Covid-19 fraud on the American public.

In a first “interview” with investigators from the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions, a blubbering and sniveling Collins said, “It was never me. I was not in charge, only on paper. It was Tony—Dr. Fauci. He was the one in charge and I was forced to go along with what he said,” according to a partial transcript of the conversation reviewed by Real Raw News.

Who controlled the NIH’s Covid narrative is a hotly contested argument. Technically, Collins was Fauci’s boss, but it was Dr. Fauci who relished the limelight and appeared—and still does appear—daily on leftist media to promote unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates.

A JAG source told RRN that Collins blurted, “I can’t believe this is actually happening,” in response to being charged with murder, fraud, and mass medical malpractice.

When told he’d soon answer to a military Tribunal, Collins kept insisting he’d done nothing wrong and demanded to speak with Joseph Biden.

JAG investigators then produced printed copies of lengthy email exchanges between Collins and Fauci. In them, the devious doctors plotted to maliciously discredit and malign credible scientists and physicians who questioned the need for lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Their correspondence clearly showed that Collins was a willing participant in the Deep State’s plan to defame critics of its narrative. In one email Collins wrote, “We need to focus on scientists with credibility. We should destroy them, digging into their past and the past of their family and friends, look for anything we can find to impugn them,” to which Fauci responded, “That’s what we’re doing. Anyone questioning the necessity of mask and vaccine mandates will be cancelled, taken down, or marginalized to where no one will listen to them.”

Collins in another email wrote that “his people” were working with social media platforms Facebook and Twitter to purge videos and comment threads that disparaged vaccine efficacy.

“I’m innocent and you’re holding me against my will illegally. I need to get home for Christmas to be with my family,” Collins reportedly told JAG investigators.

“You might as well cancel Christmas, because that’s what you wanted to do for all the good people in this country,” investigators replied.

Collins’ military tribunal is scheduled for Jan 24.

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5 thoughts on “At GITMO, Dr. Francis Collins Blames Covid Lies on Dr. Fauci … Co-Equal Devils

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before: It was the others, not me, I’m innocent, pure as the driven snow so now let me go home and celebrate the birth of our holy savior who has forgiven me for anything wrong I might have done but really didn’t so that I can be with my beloved family and wallow in all the money I made doing nothing wrong — can’t you see how innocent I look — don’t I remind you of Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

    Jesus may forgive these evil ones but the lives they ruined and the people they killed, well they’re still ruined and the lives they took have not returned to where they were before they were taken. So “Dr.” Collins, don’t get all runny and sentimental about Christmas and the family and how important it is to be with family and friends you hold dear. The guards should insist he wear a mask or two or three in his cell and enjoy the company of all those souls who were ripped from their bodies by thls “kindly” old “doctor”.

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