Military Cautions Trump Over Pro-Vaccine Comments … Will He “Stand Down”??

By Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, hindsight is 20/20.

STILL yet, it is hard to fathom why President Trump, a beyond astute strategist, picked Fauci, Dr. Evil, to lead the initial response to the outbreak of the CHI-COM virus. Indeed, even though he has been top dog at the NIH for decades, Trump should have ordered a deep-dive into his background for such a high stakes task. Surely, many skeletons via connections to Wuhan would have emerged. But that was then, this is now.

AND speaking of now, he surely is aware of Fauci’s criminality — as per being the vaccine-pusher-in-chief through his inextricable financial ties with big pharma. This is no secret.

ATOP all of that, the grave adverse effects of the experimental mRNA vax have been proven six ways to Sunday, too.

AND the above is merely the tip of the vax dangers.

AS such, it beggar’s belief that in light of the above, and so much more, President Trump is still touting the vax, albeit, he disagrees with any mandates.

BUT to make his cognitive dissonance more inexplicable, it is hardly a secret that the top-tier of the Marines is totally against the experimental vax mandates for his troops.

SO, let’s pray and hope that the following sinks in — with the expectation that the fiesty POTUS will “stand down” re this and that vax promotion! After all, aside from his strangeness re the topic at hand, there is no doubt that he has been the most effective POTUS, bar none.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | December 24, 2021

High-ranking officers in the U.S. Marine Corps have split hairs with Donald J. Trump over his recent vaccine endorsements, first in Dallas at the History Tour with Bill O’Reilly, then on Wednesday during a sit down with conservative commentator Candace Owens.

On each occasion, Trump, who said he had gotten his booster shot because it saves lives, met resistance from otherwise loyal MAGA supporters. At the History Tour, part of the audience—I was at this event, and it was about 125 people (out of 9,000)–booed and jeered him for encouraging them to get vaxxed, though he said vaccination must be a matter of choice and not determined by mandates. A few days later he butted heads with Owens when she questioned vaccine safety and efficacy, rightfully buttressing her assertion with fact—more people have died since vaccines hit the market than before they were publicly available, particularly in heavily vaccinated states.

Trump replied, “All are very, very good. The ones who get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine. People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”

His military allies took notice of his comments. Following his and Owens’ talk, Trump got a telephone call from one of his most prominent military supporters, commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps David H. Berger, who politely informed him that the criminal Biden administration had lied to the populace about the number of servicemen killed by Covid-19 vaccines. Two hundred and twenty-five perfectly healthy troops, Gen. Berger said, perished within weeks of receiving the clot shot. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ignored some deaths while attributing others to Covid-19 or “training accidents.”

Lawful facets of the military, Berger added, have so little confidence in the current vaccines that they’re eschewing Austin’s mandates in favor of waiting on the U.S. Army to complete trials on its novel vaccine, which until recently was kept secret. It does not scramble the DNA of recipients or cause myocarditis, according to the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. But only immunocompromised troops would get that shot, he said, because healthy people don’t die of Covid.

“Sir, with all due respect, we’re working hard to put you back in office sooner than later, but your praising boosters isn’t making our job easier. Marines and soldiers across all branches overwhelmingly oppose them, and so does your base. Maybe you’re just saying what you’re saying to get more votes if this stretches out longer than we’d like. You should consider that Democrats and liberals will not switch sides, no matter what you say, good or bad, about boosters, again, with all due respect,” Gen. Berger told Trump, said a U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command source privy to the general’s side of the conversation.

The 10-minute call ended with Gen. Berger thanking Trump for “staying in the fight.”

RRN does not know how Trump responded to the general’s concerns, as our source overheard only Gen. Berger speaking.

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2 thoughts on “Military Cautions Trump Over Pro-Vaccine Comments … Will He “Stand Down”??

  1. It has been proposed that Trump touts the vax in order keep lockdowns from being imposed and, of course, from being entirely censored. His words about unvaccinated dying and not the vaccinated sound like he reads them off of a script. However, Gen. Berger is absolutely right in what he said to DJT. And Trump, for once, needs to listen to the advice of others who are critical of his actions.

    Trump has done a great deal and even more will be revealed but like the great general Moses, he is not perfect and when his task is accomplished, he will have to leave.

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