Socialist Son of Weather Underground Terrorists, San Fran DA Chesa Boudin Admits “We Are at the Tipping Point in San Francisco”

By Adina Kutnicki

IF ever an explosive subject matter was meant for these pages, well, look no further. This is so because this investigative journalist was requested to write (featured at American Thinker) the first book review (April 2013) on Bringing Down America: A Review

BRINGING DOWN AMERICA: An FBI Informant with the Weathermen, by Larry Grathwohl and Frank Reagan, originally published in 1976, is being reintroduced in 2013. Its introduction is written by Dr. Tina Trent.

During a dangerously volatile period of domestic terrorism, young anarchists were plotting the upending of America. In the vanguard stood the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers. Implanted in 1969 in the heart of a revolutionary movement, Larry Grathwohl, a 22-year-old Vietnam vet, found himself acting as an FBI informant. Inserted into the Weather Underground organization under deep cover, he became privy to their terror plots as well as the leadership’s “reasoning”. It is this facet which still resonates today. BRINGING DOWN AMERICA is a gripping tale of plots and subplots, each one aimed at “the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie [and] the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat”, as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and Jeff Jones exhorted in their 1974 manifesto, “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism.” The subtext of this gripping memoir is brought to the fore in Chapter 14: “The Cover Is Blown:” ……

IN this regard, let’s get down to the facts at hand: Chesa Boudin is the progeny of hard core domestic terrorists, that is, Kathy Boudin; a key lieutenant in the domestic terror organization, the Weather Underground, and convicted of felony murder. Onto his papa: David Gilbert, another murderous member, “spent 75 years-to-life on three counts of homicide, participated in the armed robbery of a Brink’s armored vehicle, along with members of the Black Liberation Army, members of the May 19 Communist Organization, fellow Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin and others……”

NOT only that, guess who is his adopted papa, having taken over his “mentoring” while his natural one was incarcerated?? None other than Bill Ayers, the founder of the Weather Underground!! But in order to really understand what’s what, the reader is referred back to the aforementioned book review. It highlights all the gory details, and links back to much of the domestic terror presently plaguing America.

MOST significantly, one would have to be as blind as a bat, or in sync with the destruction of the nation, to not realize that the complete anarchy enveloping San Francisco (akin to every blue state) is a direct knock-on effect of Boudin’s total support of criminal/terrorist elements. Of course, but for the deep pockets of the biggest criminal of all, George-the-devil-incarnate Soros, Boudin would not have been installed into office, even in radical San Fran! Elsewhere, alike.

WHICH brings us to the so-called admission, “We Are at the Tipping Point in San Francisco.” Nonsense. Hogwash. His plan is going just like gang-busters.

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Joe Hoft | December 26, 2021

Soros-funded, socialist, anti-cop son of Weather Underground terrorists, Chesa Boudin, wrote an op-ed in San Francisco admitting the city was a mess while arguing it’s not his fault.  

We reported on the socialist Soros-backed DA in San Francisco before.  In November 2019 he was voted in as DA of San Francisco.

“We Did It!” – Cop-Hating Socialist and Son of Weather Underground Terrorists Chesa Boudin Celebrates His Victory in San Francisco DA Race

Cop-hating socialist Chesa Boudin won his District Attorney race in San Francisco on Saturday. San Francisco. We did it. — Chesa Boudin 博徹思 (@chesaboudin) November 10, 2019 Chesa Boudin was brought up by terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn after his parents were sent to prison for terrorism. Chesa was the communist Working Families … Continue reading“We Did It!” – Cop-Hating Socialist and Son of Weather Underground Terrorists Chesa Boudin Celebrates His Victory in San Francisco DA Race

His policies of releasing violent and non-violent criminals only lead to more crime.  The victims are the people of San Francisco.

Boudin uses the following arguments in his op-ed [with our interpretation in brackets]:

…these types of thefts with multiple people running into a store and grabbing items are not new [happens all the time]…

…Nor are they isolated to the Bay Area [See other kids are doing it too]…

…my office’s high prosecution rates on these kinds of crimes [many would argue this is not true]…

…Fox News might have you think otherwise [FOX is the bad guy here]…

…aggressive charges do not necessarily translate to convictions [so why convict?]…

…Organized retail theft is not a problem that can be addressed solely by law enforcement solutions [so why arrest?]

…Blaming legal reforms is equally misguided [it’s not my fault]…

…Preventing these crimes before they happen [we have the ability to see the future]…

…We are at a tipping point in San Francisco; we are in danger of making decisions driven by fear. [rather they are driven by insanity]…

San Francisco made a big mistake putting this guy in power.  Big mistake.

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