Pfizer Clot Shot Is Tracking You (if you got it) … Dystopian!

By Adina Kutnicki

WHEN one joins a cult, nothing else matters nor exists — even actual scientific proofs dispelling said so-called belief system. Its effects are that insidious.

SUCH is the case with all things covid-related. Yes, its designated “high priest” is none other than “Saint Fauci!” But before we dig into the facts as they are, as opposed to fanciful thinking, the following clip is more than worth listening to — any levity within beside the point. Consider its delivery as black/dark humor, surrounded by clear-cut truth-telling. Pay due heed.

ALL of which comprehensively under-girds what went down during the trial against Gates, JAG-style! 

… Gates’ lawyer instructed him to not answer the question.

“And did you not discuss placing what you referred to as a ‘nano-centric biometric recorder’ into vaccines—a chip, as it were, that would send biomedical data of recipients back to the vaccine manufacturers and to the NIH and to the CDC without the recipient’s knowledge?” Vice Adm. Hannink went on. “This invasion of privacy—and we are working to determine if this took place and the scope—is just another of example of Gates’ madness. We believe the Office of Military Commissions has offered enough prove to convict the accused and sentence him to death. But that decision is in your hands,” he told the 3-officer panel.

The officers needed not one minute to reach a unanimous decision; they found Gates guilty on all charges and asked that he be hanged for his atrocities. Vice Adm. Hannink set an execution date of October 5, 2021.

NOW, as inferred from the outset, cultists will vilify, tar and feather, cancel, as well as malign all those who refuse to toe the line. So, it is along this twisted mindset that those who refuse to be jabbed by an experimental vax (never mind one’s Constitutional freedom to refuse any coercive dictates) are deemed: anti-vaxxers! Heretics — with all that said appendage entails.

 ALAS, this writer has no time, patience, nor inclination to argue with “true believers”, so, don’t waste any time contacting at this end. It is what it is.

ONTO the real facts at hand, cultists be damned. Hang on tight.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | October 17, 2021

At Bill Gates’ military tribunal, Vice Adm. John G. Hannink (Correction: Darse E. Crandall) touched on the notion that Gates and the pharmaceutical manufactures had devised a method to insert a human tracking chip into Covid-19 vaccinations. The attached PDF is an important read, dealing with the Pfizer clot shot. Please read or download. It’s a long pdf, but worth the time to read.

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