WARNING: Totalitarian Grab By U.S. Congress – Dems & Repubs Join Hands Via Online Messaging. No Longer Private, If ‘EARN IT BILL’ Passes! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

READERS are becoming increasingly aware that this investigative journalist is also a founding member of the newly launched and well-timed AmericasCivilWarRising.org (ACWR). As excerpted within “About Us”:

ACWR educates and warns the public about the growing threat of Islamic sleeper cells in America and the unholy alliance forged between Islamic terrorist front groups and fascist communist factions. This has erupted in a violent ideological clash against those who cherish the values and ideals inherent in American exceptionalism and our Constitutional Republic. Under the guise of “resistance,” the so-called “progressive” left has called for an all-out civil war!

ACWR names and exposes these players and identifies their methods and plots through firsthand research, primary source evidence, and the onsite fieldwork of experts—namely, our founder and counter-terrorism expert, Dave Gaubatz, and our Muslim Brotherhood expert, Adina Kutnicki. We also team up with other leading authorities and organizations to expose and combat propaganda by those who try to silence and demonize us. We do not self-censor and sanitize the truth.

IN this respect, certain posts will be cross-referenced between both sites. As is said, there is no sense in recreating the wheel. This cross-posting will depend on this and that, as well as other mitigating factors.


TO wit, this site’s first excerpted cross-reference with ACWR appears at today’s headline. Moreover, of special note, several others can be viewed at ACWR, too. Hot potatoes all around.

INDEED, in no uncertain terms, the full-on totalitarian internet grab can be found within the link below, despite all the jive-talk from both Dems & Repubs who jumped on board! It is excerpted as follows:

New Web Threat: Government plan to scan online messages

[EDITOR’S NOTE BY ADINA KUTNICKI: As always, under the guise of public safety, there are countless politicians—in tandem with self-appointed elites—who will swear that there is nothing nefarious in their plans for this and that. Hogwash. But what is a real head-scratcher is the fact that Sen. Graham is joining forces with Senator Blumenthal (a proven leftist-fascist) in this anti-democratic scheme. Read on….]

ALONG the cross-posting trajectory by these editorial hands, the following bullet points will more than interest this site’s highly-informed readership:

  • DHS Changes Rule to Import More H-1B Foreign Workers in Economic Meltdown

    President Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security quietly adopted a second tactic to speed the inflow of foreign H-1B workers into U.S. jobs — even though hundreds of thousands of American graduates are expected to lose their jobs in the next few weeks.

    [EDITOR’S NOTE BY ADINA KUTNICKI: It boggles the mind that under President Trump’s highly-trumpeted, MAGA-touted initiative, lo and behold, he hasn’t conducted a volte-face from the very same anti-American policies enacted by HUSSEIN Obama. How is it possible—most worryingly, when millions are in danger of losing their jobs due to the knock-on effects of Coronavirus—that DHS is giving FOREIGN workers preference—yes, they are—over AMERICAN workers, and under Trump’s so-called watchful domain, no less? Could it be that President Trump is as wedded to corporate America as his predecessor, so much so that their hunger for cheap labor supersedes all his promises to American workers, that is, placing them first and foremost at the front of the line, so to speak? You decide.]

         [EDITOR’S NOTE BY ADINA KUTNICKI: Is there anyone with working brain                  cells who is shocked, shocked that criminally and fascist-bent Hillary                               Clinton is aiding and abetting the propaganda machine coming out of                                   communist China? If so, go back to sleep

       [EDITOR’S NOTE BY ADINA KUTNICKI: Under the banner of political                     correctness and so-called tolerance—implemented via bought and paid for                 mega textbook publishers through Qatari cash—a bastion of leftists in the U.S.           Department of Education have ensured that Common Core highlights Islam               above all other religions, namely, Christianity and Judaism. So, is it any wonder         that students are bowing down to Islam all across America, with Tennessee               schools being one among many? Rhetorical. View the tell-all VIDEO. Proof in             the pudding….]

        [ EDITOR’S NOTE: BY ADINA KUTNICKI: As is said, when the fish stinks                  from the head up, well, the whole body is in mortal danger from the                              embedded poisons.

          No more so than when the health and well-being of the wider world hangs in              the balance, that is, when the WHO – a global behemoth housed under the                umbrella of the biggest kleptocracy in the world, the United Nations – is                      implementing the strings of the aforementioned to creep closer to what is                    known as the New World Order!

         Sans a shadow of a doubt, the WHO (World Health Organization) is wedded to           the Global 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda – and therein lies the                   massive danger!

        So, once subject matter expert Rosa Koire painstakingly explains (and                        exposes) what’s really going down – based upon the facts contained within UN          AGENDA 2030 and other analytical data – it will no longer be any question as            to why the WHO should be listened to at your own peril. Never mind that many         within officialdom in America still trot out the entity’s front people as the “experts         of all experts!”

      Again, whenever WHO is represented as the go-to address for controlling the            Coronavirus pandemic (or, for that matter, any other global health issue), know          that its long-range goals are diametrically opposed to saving lives, rather, they            are in line with controlling populations to suit the nefarious Globalist Agenda.              Indeed, decimating national economies and borders are KEY elements to                  achieving “sustainability.” Ask yourselves: How better to tank economies (thus,          destroying the national fabric) than through the panic brought about by a                    worldwide pandemic? And, this is no conspiracy theory!]

MOST significantly, in these trying and scary times, it is imperative for the public to be able to rely on non-biased, non-PC, non-bullsh*t sites, wherever the truth lands. And it is with this mission in the forefront, readers of AdinaKutnicki: A Zionist&Conservative Blog, as well as  AmericasCivilWarRising.org, now have two reliable internet addresses. A (patriotic and conservative) win-win!  

{MEMO: FB’s censors are limiting the sharing of Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog. Indeed, the following message from FB’s censors is crystal clear:


7 thoughts on “WARNING: Totalitarian Grab By U.S. Congress – Dems & Repubs Join Hands Via Online Messaging. No Longer Private, If ‘EARN IT BILL’ Passes! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. As I read the Epoch Times publication NINE COMMENTARIES ON THE COMMUNIST PARTY it brought to mind the Democratic Socialists.

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  3. Each of us must go to the Official White House e-mail and post the title and link to Adina Kutnicki articles, Posted on March 24, 2020
    WARNING: Totalitarian Grab By U.S. Congress – Dems & Repubs Join Hands Via Online Messaging. No Longer Private, If ‘EARN IT BILL’ Passes!

    There might be members of the Congressional Muslim Staff Association (CMSA) on this staff!

    As far back as 1989, I knew the DoD had been infiltrated by someone that wanted to destroy us. Have you ever heard of 4GW? Look it up!

    READ: The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation

    by William S. Lind, Colonel Keith Nightengale (USA),
    Captain John F. Schmitt (USMC), Colonel Joseph W. Sutton (USA),
    and Lieutenant Colonel Gary I. Wilson (USMCR)
    Marine Corps Gazette
    October 1989, Pages 22-26
    The Idea-Driven Fourth Generation is a fact.

    Here are some examples of 4GW:

    • Terrorists use a free society’s freedom and openness, its greatest strengths, against it. They can move freely within our society while actively working to subvert it. They use our democratic rights not only to penetrate but also to defend themselves. If we treat them within our laws, they gain many protections; if we simply shoot them down, the television news can easily make them appear to be the victims. Terrorists can effectively wage their form of warfare while being protected by the society they are attacking. If we are forced to set aside our own system of legal protections to deal with terrorists, the terrorists win another sort of victory.
    • Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through manipulation of the media, particularly television news.

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