Leftist Americans & Their Ape-Like Israeli Counterparts: Their Utopian Dreams, An Ever-Lurking National Nightmare! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WITHIN the fascist-left – mind you, there is little progressive about them, that is, if said definition doesn’t include regression via strong-arm, mob-like tactics, most perniciously, as they storm through the (mis)educational system – you know, the “do as we say, or we will destroy each and everyone one of you” collective of rage-mongers, lies a grouping of anti-freedom agitators with two main contingents, both of which must be understood for the symbiotic parts they play. In other words, like oxygen, one can’t survive without the other – even though one segment is subservient and should be deemed akin to useful idiots. Harsh, but no less true. After all, this is not the time to pussyfoot around.

IT is into this sea of insanity that the ever-hysterical left in Israel (approximately 3% of the majority Jewish population) finds its mirror image. Often taking their cues and banding together with leftist counterparts in America, they work, at all costs, towards dismantling their nation’s foundational roots. Like true apparatchiks “the ends always justifies the means.”

IN this regard, as an American-Israeli whose (media) pulse is firmly implanted within both nations, let the record state: the actions emanating from the aforementioned dangerous fronts are no longer consigned to the democratic process, rather, they operate alongside, and in support of, enemy forces. No doubt.

AS to America’s fascist-left: how can it be that yesteryear’s centrist-leaning Democratic Party is more in line with socialist despots throughout the world, as they march the nation towards an amalgam of Marxism/socialism and all the (historical) wreckage it entails? Rhetorical.

IN fact, much has been written at this site about the rise of “The Squad”, a/k/a “AOC + 3”, and make no mistake: they are in FULL control of the party!


RESULTANT, Trump’s scalp (along with his supporters) has been the raison d’être for Congressional Demsters, as well as their domestic terror base, ANTIFA. For no sooner did a nanosecond pass after Trump’s electoral triumph, lo and behold, “Russia-Gate” entered the fray, in tandem with all manner of anti-Trump violence becoming the “norm.” Incontestably, the much evidenced Deep State’s “insurance policy ” – via their road-map to a veritable coup – overtook the powers that be. As evidenced, even after three years of a do-nothing Congress (with zero to show for themselves), that is, other than multiple millions of wasted taxpayer funds for scalp-hunting, they are hardly done. Not at all. Enter: Impeachment-Gate! Of course, undoing the electoral process is of no consequence to the so-called “liberal” Demsters.

BUT there’s more. So much more. Alas, that would take another book to detail all the tracks and trails in its entirety! Besides, time is of the essence and not on our side.

ALL of which brings the discussion full circle, so to speak, back to Israel’s ape-like fascist-left – many of whom sit in the Knesset. As in America, their counterparts are deeply ensconced within media, legal, academic, and cultural perches. Relentless.

FULL DISCLOSURE: while there is no “love lost” at this end for “King Bibi” – far from it –  the fact is that the alternative is beyond worse. Incontrovertibly, in a pig’s eye, too, the so-called “centrist” Blue and White (the recent “kingmaker” in Israel’s fractured parliamentary system, as party leaders promise to stand behind all the leftist PC buzzwords and their pet causes) is nothing of the sort. While top-heavy with Generals, most observers are unaware that they are of the leftist bent. Trust, they are.

NOT only that, they have aligned with the Joint List; a dangerous coalition of communists and Arab parties, that which include in their Knesset ranks OPEN supporters of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah! Moreover, their members have been known to call the IDF war criminals – even from the Knesset plenum, as they incite their constituencies to join in the destruction of Israel, too! As to why they are allowed to remain, well, the same dementia which tolerates anti-Americans in Congress permeates Israel’s political sphere. As always, Israel’s braying left turns a blind eye to every imaginable act of domestic aggression against the Jewish homeland – after all, being “inclusive” trumps national interests, Israel’s security, be damned. 

ADDING to the nexus between America’s and Israel’s fascist-left, one finds the very same choke-hold – that which the so-called mainstream media have on national discourse, and without any regard for the truth and the facts at hand. Fake news on steroids!

SO just as the Democratic Party exhibits utter contempt for the public they are elected to represent – as they ramp up one made up out of whole cloth narrative after another to unseat Trump – similarly, Israel’s anti-Zionist Knesset members stop at nothing to dislodge Zion from Israel – even if it means colluding with the Arab enemy! Naturally, they do so with the aid of a collusive and corrosive media. Know this: Israel’s leftist media brayers wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them upside the head. 

INEXORABLY, as one out of countless dangerous knock-on effects, is it any wonder that another anti-Israel movie was “made in Israel”, of course, with deafening applause – by the nation’s domestic and foreign enemies – never far behind. Treacherous.

…..That’s where we seem to be with famed Israeli writer/director, Joseph Cedar. In partnership with another Israeli, and a Palestinian Arab, and through Israel’s Channel 12 Television, we get an HBO series titled, “Our Boys,” a real downer, and shown in 10 parts, so that not just once, but 10 times viewers across the world get to watch a Jewish filmmaker lick the dust and blaspheme his own people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls the production “anti-Semitic,” and apparently that is a justified rebuke and review.

It’s about the events of 2014, first when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered by Arab terrorists; followed by one Arab allegedly murdered by three Israelis. Never mind that Muslim terrorism is an everyday event, in Israel, and around the world, and that a single act of Jewish misbehavior of that kind happens maybe once every 20, 30, 40 years.

That’s enough for Cedar to question Israeli values, then darken Israeli society entirely. One false move is enough to tip the scales in favor of the Arab cause. That’s the movie.

I assume funding was no problem once word got out that a top Israeli film director had a film in the works that is sensitive to the Arabs and brutal to the Jews.

(Here’s the twist: Moses meets Pharaoh, and Pharaoh is the hero. Think about it, Mr. DeMille.)

What is it about our crowd that compels them to do this? I have yet to figure this out. I doubt that Cedar’s Arab partner would even think of going rogue against his fellow Arabs. He wouldn’t dare, and they don’t do this anyway.

Nobody does this. Nobody else in the world. No, we do this, and the artistic backstabbers are comparatively small in number, true, but big in cultural clout.

This is why I curb the cheers for any news about any Israeli film being considered for an Academy Award.

Chances are it’s entirely critical and lopsided in favor of Israel’s enemies, worthy of a Korach Award; the envelope please. In fact, Joseph Cedar has won many laurels for his films.

Some of them are really good. I liked his “Footnote,” an intelligent study of fathers and sons, and what happens when both grapple for the same literary prize. I assumed that this was where this filmmaker was heading, good, sharp, thoughtful, polished renderings, and even suspenseful until the end.

Good theater. Quirky and edgy enough to qualify as truly artistic.

Then came “Norman,” which I also liked, if not as much, but still, creative. This starred Richard Gere, a terrific actor and anti-Semite.

Gere’s excuse is that he is totally clueless about the heart and soul of the Jewish State. Joseph Cedar, an Orthodox Jew, he calls himself, has no such excuse. Shame on him.

YES, as to Cedar, mental besiegement is found within the self-described Orthodox, too. An equal opportunity scourge.

MOST significantly, America and Israel – the twin pillars shoring up Western Civilization – are running out of time. Effectively, if national patriots fail to re-take and beat-back against the enemies within, it will be on their watch that both nations fall to the sword – be it wielded by the fascist-left (via a hybrid of socialists, Marxists, or communists), or the ever-brazen and assertive Muslims via political Islam.


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