CNN’s Radical (Lesbian) Leftist Aids & Abets Islamic Jihadists:The Tie-Ins,The Dangers Within.What Should Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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READERS, just hang on a few short weeks (end of September or thereabouts) and a preponderance of the smoke will clear vis-à-vis the inextricable nexus between the left, aka liberals/progressives, and militant Islamic jihadists. Lending cover.



AS a matter of record, the evidence presented in this investigative journalist’s upcoming book (with co-author Joe Newby), Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, will serve as a template for this very deadly relationship. In fact, it is this incontestably clear linkage which necessitated its writing, with the understanding that considerable blow back will come this way. Bring it on!

AND having spent years operating in this murky and incendiary arena – in both seen and unseen ways – know that no one with any credibility can dismantle the unassailable proofs within these pages and piggyback sites. Not only that, what has remained hidden (for various reasons) from public view is much more damaging than what has become highly visible. Be that as it may, the evidence within (with re-blogs all over the web) can choke a horse. Still yet, what is soon to be revealed will settle this issue, the nexus, once and for all. Hang on.

THAT being established, regardless of all the jihad – prior and awaiting – from Islam’s barbarians, their western apologists will never cease their enabling. Again, while this site is rife with volumes of evidence attesting to the same, the latest smacks of a level of insanity which demonstrates how far down the rabbit hole this otherworldly milieu has descended.

IN this regard, as is well-known, Europe is overrun with Allah’s Muslim Terrorists via the Islamic hijrah, a western migration for Allah. They are posing as “migrants” and “refugees”, all the while many are raping “infidels” at will and with no punishment in sight. In fact, Sweden is called the “rape capital” of Europe but Germany is closing in on said distinctive title! But guess what their craven leadership proposed as a “deterrent” to Islam’s barbarians? Yes, JUST WEAR NO!!

Young girls at German swimming pools are being given temporary tattoos (pictured) with the word 'NO!' on them in an attempt to put off rapists

Young German girls are being given temporary tattoos spelling out word “NO” after a spate of sexual attacks at public swimming pools by Muslim migrant men. Leave it to the German government to think up an idea as stupid as this.

The small press-on designs also sport angel-like wings and are part of a new prevention campaign launched in the Bodensee district in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Veronika Wascher-Goggerle, the Women’s and Family representative of the district, is behind the launch and said the press-on tattoos would also help raise awareness over the growing issue of sex attacks in swimming pools.

The Bodenseekreis is famous for its bathing and boasts numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools.Alleged sex attacks by migrants have caused heated debate in the area over the last few months and some pools are hiring extra security – or even banning asylum seekers altogether.

However, Wascher-Goggerle does not want to associate her campaign with any problems with migrants, stating that there have always been sexual abuse problems at swimming pools, even before the start of the refugee crisis.

What’s the matter, didn’t the German cartoon campaign for Muslim rapists work out too well?

She said: “I think many girls are insecure. What is normal in daily interactions and what should not be allowed and needs to be reported?

“Illustrations have been made available at swimming pools and should make this clear. “The temporary tattoos are an incentive for young Muslim male swimmers to think about the issue.” (Oh, you can bet they are thinking about it, all right…)

Any problems of multiculturalism can be solved with love, tolerance, and “please don’t rape me” tattoos for

This German tattoo idea is almost as pathetic as Sweden’s “DO NOT GROPE” wristbands for young girls:

Swedish Police Hand Out “Don’t Touch Me” Bracelets To Stop Refugee Rapists 

Photo published for Swedish Police Have STUPIDEST Idea of ALL TIME To Stop Migrant Rape

Swedish Police Have STUPIDEST Idea of ALL TIME To Stop Migrant Rape

It really is the dumbest idea EVER.

EVEN so, it doesn’t matter where their western apologists and enablers reside, they are one and the same and beyond the pale.

WHICH leads us to the forever twisted femi-Nazi crew, mostly of the lesbian bent (whether Jews, Christians, atheists or what not) but not exclusively so. But what does this have to do with the subject at hand? Everything. Actually, the more pointed question is: how could it not be mentioned? 

(A typical punishment for gays under Shariah Law, whether tossed from roofs or otherwise tortured to death. But never mind the pesky facts!)

Last week, pro-sharia law, Muslim-loving Jewish Lesbian, far left pundit Sally Kohn defended Sharia law as good for feminists. A petition to send her to Saudi Arabia or any ISIS-controlled parts of Syria has now passed 7,800 signatures. 

Jihad Watch there is a petition urging Sally to spend one week in a country where Sharia Law makes it legal to kill gay people, by throwing them off rooftops, stoning them to death, or hanging them in public.Sally Kohn, CNN political commentator famous for the dumbest tweet of the year, is at it again. As if “educating” Donald Trump on the Sharia-supporting progressive Muslims wasn’t enough, Sally continues to spar with her Twitter followers over the basic principles of Sharia law. Let’s show those right-wing bigots that Sharia Law is all about tolerance and acceptance.Thankfully the vast majority of them mock her tweets, including one user who created a petition called “Petition Sally Kohn Spend one week in a country where Sharia is the law for LGBTQ-rights (without bodyguards).”

MIND you, if the Shariah toting jihadi who committed the worst massacre since 9/11/01 at Orlando’s GAY Pulse Nightclub hasn’t made a dent to Kohn’s outlook – as well as her like-minded comrades – what else is there left to say? Actually, deporting her (and others) for lending aid and comfort to jihadi killers is the first step, but preferably to a Shariah Law enforced regime!

NOW, while bringing down America is the main impetus behind the left’s arm-locking with Islamists, it must be understood that Europe must fall too – and it has! Mission accomplished. And it is also the case that the ringleader of Europe’s demise, Angela Merkel, is on the same page as HUSSEIN Obama. Both are ideologically on board, one being a Marxist and Islamist, the other whose roots lie in Germany’s Stasi. As always, financial incentives/payoffs are a factor.

AND it is within this leftist, aka liberal/progressive, cesspool that Facebook enters the Islamist fray. But to really connect the dots as to what’s what, well, just wait a few short weeks!


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