DHS, Jeh Johnson, Proclaimed:Gun Control On Tap.DHS Will Assist To Pass Laws! Patriots, This IS War. What Say You?? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BEFORE we segue to the heart, the guts, of the matter, let’s just examine a few cold, hard facts. Readers, NO pussyfooting is countenanced at this site.



FROM the inception of this blog, specifically, in July 2012, it was plain as day that gun control would be enforced – by hook or by crook, the Constitution be damned! Indeed, its basis was laid out July 9, 2012 in: “Washington To Subsume The Constitutional Right to Bear Arms To UN Thugs.”


IF interested, take a look-back.


AND through 2012 onward, countless piggybacks followed. Nevertheless, it is more than noteworthy to cite two, in so far that they revolved around hot-button issues which clearly got the nation’s attention: ObamaCare and DHS’s JADE HELM 15.

THUS, on Feb. 18, 2013, the following ripped through the core: “Obama’s March Toward Gun Control Runs Through ObamaCare And Via The Definition Of Mentally Ill.” 


SIMILARLY, on May 19, 2015, the back-story of “JADE HELM 15’s Objectives; Gun Control And Martial Law Through Federalized Policing”, told (part of) the ominous tale. Preparatory. Foreshadowing.

 martial law boston 2

ALAS, patriots – who have been paying attention – shouldn’t be at all shocked by what DHS’s chief thug, Jeh Johnson, announced this week. Regardless, a MEGA push back by millions of well-armed patriots is the only option left. It is what it is. There is not a moment to lose.

YES, this is war!

EGREGIOUSLY, hot on the heels to the latest (out of a long list) act of militant Islamic jihad (this time in Orlando), the Islamist-in-Chief spat on the graves of those slaughtered by Allah’s Muslim Terrorist(s) by abusing their deaths to push his overarching agenda; the disarming of legal (Constitutionally backed) gun owners.

FORTHWITH, let’s get some intrinsic facts straight: Obama Inc., with DHS in the forefront, had no problem issuing security clearance for a known Islamic jihadi to work for the largest defense contractor, bar none – G4S!

Since 2007, Mateen worked for G4S. G4S is a security company contracted by the Department of Homeland Security to provide protection for federal buildings.

As Powerline Blog points out, Mateen had security clearance, which likely gave him access to sensitive areas like nuclear facilities, high-risk facilities and gave him the responsibility of advising best security practices and “ensuring the safety of travelers and the efficiency of the international transport system.”

According to a co-worker, multiple reports were filed against Mateen, but because of his Islamic faith, he wasn’t fired or reprimanded.

YOU got that?

IN tandem, the FBI cut him loose, even after having very good reason to believe that he was a threat to homeland security! Therefore, all is not as it seems.

EVEN more so, the Islamic bent AG had this to say

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that on Monday, the FBI will release edited transcripts of the 911 calls made by the Orlando nightclub shooter to the police during his rampage.

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”….continue reading

IN this regard, HUSSEIN Obama and gang surely know that the worst mass attack since 9/11/01 had zero to do with the underpinnings of the Second Amendment, in so far that Orlando’s jihadi was never placed on a watch list, despite all that DHS knew about him! Now, that would have been “common sense” gun control. Ya think?

THUS, as always, never letting a crisis go to waste, gun control (which has been part of the leadership’s agenda for decades – though the groundwork had to be laid – is now ready for execution under HUSSEIN Obama) is currently in force. Step by step, that is, until the ACTUAL confiscation begins! And it will.

STILL yet, some recent (UN) backgrounder is in order:

  • IN Sept. 2013, it was reported: the UN Arms Trade Treaty was written in secret by the Obama/Hillary Clinton State Department, along with Russia, China, France and Britain.Article 2 defines the conventional arms covered, which include battle tanks, 
artillery systems, combat aircraft, 
attack helicopters, warships, missiles — and “small arms and light weapons.Article 3 of the treaty places UN prohibitions on “ammunition/munitions fired, launched or delivered by the conventional arms (including small arms) covered under Article 2.”Article 4 puts all “parts and components” of weapons (including small arms) within the scheme.Several places in the treaty text, including Article 5require all countries to “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.” Moreover, it declares, “Each State Party is encouraged to apply the provisions of this Treaty to the broadest range of conventional arms.”

    Article 5, Section 4 says each State Party “shall provide its national control list to the Secretariat, which shall make it available to other States Parties.”

  • Fast forward to Oct. 2015, and who recalls L O R E T T A ‘s speech at the UN, you know, the one which included the Orwellian initiative to combat “violent extremism”, whatever the hell that means. Part and parcel thereof, is another gobbleygook invention – the “Strong Cities Network”. Hmm. WTF are they hiding?  Well, the aforementioned doublespeak was the backdrop for the Marxist/Islamist bent AG’s pronouncement: the US has formed a Global Police Force Partnership with the UN”! Yes, the UN is the defacto controller of America.

De Blasio, speaking at the UN, said New York joined Strong Cities because the group will target 'intolerance' and make the city safer.

(Indeed, NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio – a full-on Marxist/commie – is fully on board! As an aside, this investigative journalist’s hometown, though currently living in Israel)

  • Lo and behold, it is due to the aforementioned treacheries that the US is now “required” to hand over gun registrations. OMG!! Understood?
  • Resultant, a two-prong anti-Constitutional putsch (timed to prey on the fears of those who haven’t a clue – as to how the nation came from there to here – under the guise of protecting from mass shootings, ala Orlando etc) just went down.
  • Prong One: with the stroke of a pen, HUSSEIN Obama, via Executive Order, banned the sale of assault weapons. Now, according to the powers that be, the AR-15 is an assault weapon, when many of us know that’s just another bold-faced lie, a load of crap, they are peddling to the clueless and feckless. It is, and has always been, an AIR rifle, mostly used for hunting and sports!

  • Prong Two: Which leads us to their END GOAL: DHS’s Jeh Johnson – an anti-American lying bastard – whose agency is jacked-up with so many Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operatives, one can be forgiven for losing count – is fronting for HUSSEIN Obama with the “kosherized” legal assistance of the AG. Yes, an Islamic captured agency, subsumed under Presidential Directive-5!  Head-spinning. Numbing. Criminal…and so on and so forth. But that’s the “good” news.
  • Excerpted from Washington Free Beacon: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday that passing gun control laws is now “part and parcel of homeland security” in an interview on CBS This Morning.In the segment which was flagged by Politico, Johnson said this was the first time he had vocalized such a belief publicly. President Obama and congressional Democrats have made a renewed push for gun control laws in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack on a gay nightclub that left 49 people dead…continue reading, if you dare….

IN the most in-your-face and F U manner, ostensibly, said “holier than thou” gun control announcement was trotted out due to the massacre in Orlando, as if it was divorced from any Islamic connection! Adding insult to grievous injury, it was heralded at the ADAMS Center, founded by senior Muslim Brotherhood Mafia front-men. He was flanked by the worst of the worst terrorists at his side, with a useful idiot “Rabbi” as a photo-op prop too.

AS always, HUSSEIN Obama’s henchmen are at the ready, re anything and everything F/B/O the Brotherhood Mafia.

BTW, the above requires a full-on revolutionary response, that is, if liberty and freedom has any meaning left.

Obama’s DHS Chief: Gun Control Is Now “Part and Parcel Of Homeland Security”

BESIDES, all you need to know is “who’s who” among this “august” body at the ADAM Center’s podium. In particular, Johnson’s erect standing foot soldier – yes, THAT one, who appears to be guarding his back – he’s the same Siraj Wahhaj, a jacked-up Brotherhood Mafia leader, an “unindicted” co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing! Remember the first jihadi attack on the Twin Towers?

MORE specifically, as mentioned from the outset, none of this happened in a vacuum. Incontestably, it has been in motion for decades. 

TO wit, study the following link for the Globalist’s bullet point plan:

Globalist Plan to Disarm America:

PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act /
State Department Publication No.7277



THE only “rational” reason to grab legal guns – no less, at a time that the threat to the homeland couldn’t be more acute – is to pre-ordain the outcome toward the triumph of Islam and Marxism. As is known, the Global Agenda must suppress, subsume, America! 

OF course, no rational person believes that Islamic terrorists, mass murderers and their ilk give a rat’s ass about legalities. After all, when the Mafia’s crime families and assorted gang-bangers wage war on the streets, or “garden variety” criminals break in to an unsuspecting homeowner’s dwelling, does Obama Inc. think that they will ask for PERMISSION to own a weapon, an assault one or otherwise? Concomitantly, who exactly will be their shooting ducks, when stripped of their Constitutional right to bear arms? And never mind the worst offenders of all – an out of control government, totally bent on taking over the lives of the citizens.

NOT only that, Fed (and State) forces, as well as foreign ones who will assist in the policing of America (prescribed through the “Strong Cities Network”) will encounter little resistance, once gun control is in full force! Until now, the Second Amendment stood in their way, but no longer, if they are not stopped.

MOST ominously, historically speaking, whenever millions died under the ruthless hands of dictators, ask yourselves: was gun control in place, or not?

The Australian Tea Party's photo.

PATRIOTS, this is your last stand, your last draw. 

THAT’s a (gun control) wrap.

Barry James's photo.

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  1. FYI The Treaty Of Umar, or sharia, Forbids non-muslims (Kufirs) from owning, storing, buying or carrying weapons.

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