Faith-Based Groups Slitting America’s Throat:Pimping For Cash For “Refugees” On Capitol Hill! What’s Going On?? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


FULL DISCLOSURE: This investigative journalist’s mother, of blessed memory, was a real humanitarian, but she knew where her priorities belonged. Intrinsically, after the mass murder of 6 million fellow Jews, she understood that assisting the remnants of the largest wholesale slaughter in history was the most worthy mission to put her many talents and energies into, particularly, as an American Jew who bore”witness” to the horrors from afar. Alas, working for the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society, aka HIAS, was the natural choice to team up with.

PER their Mission Statement:

Welcoming the Stranger for over a century…

From the pogroms of Eastern Europe and the unspeakable events of the Holocaust to the collapse of the Iron Curtain, HIAS Pennsylvania (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) was there to help resettle and integrate Jews into the United States.

Today, HIAS continues to work to create a welcoming and secure environment for immigrants and their families from any ethnic, cultural, or religious background.

IN this regard, she worked tirelessly in the area of family reunification and any other arena which assisted her beleaguered and devastated brethren. No stone was left unturned.  And it was through said efforts that many thousands of grateful survivors were deeply “indebted” for her seemingly Herculean efforts. There are many testimonials attesting to said effect.

THAT being said, that was then and this is now. In other words, over the years, HIAS, alongside Christian groups (always attached to leftist social and political tentacles), branched out, so to speak. Effectively, instead of taking care of their own – after all, their name, the HEBREW Aid Society, surely should be a clue that taking care of Jewish interests should be their mission statement – they are now aiding the enemy! Yes, after the Holocaust, it became apparent that their fortunes would rise if they tied into taking care of “the other”, even if that included mortal enemies of the Jews! 

NOW, as stated in their platform, HIAS continues to work to create a welcoming and secure environment for immigrants and their families from any (emphasis placed) ethnic, cultural, or religious background. Let that tidbit sink in. In the same manner in which Catholic Charities and assorted orgs reach out to all groups, regardless of their cultural backgrounds (which includes militant jihadists), so too does HIAS. Bastards, the whole damn lot of them.

The mission of Catholic Charities USA is to provide service to people in need, to advocate for justice in social structures, and to call the entire church and other people of good will to do the same.

BUT lest anyone believes otherwise, said TAX EXEMPT non-profits have become bottom line cash cows through gov’t contracts worth mega millions!! Yes, those at the top do quite well for themselves. Consider the 2013 salary of HIAS’s CEO:

$284,675 0.91% Mark Hetfield President, CEO

APPARENTLY, being the CEO of HIAS is not that far below the $ 400,000 salary of the POTUS! 

INDEED, twisted “do-gooders” must be outed for what they are because they endanger many millions who have no clue as to what they are up to.

Jewish refugee contractor, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), was on Capitol Hill along with the other major federal resettlement contractors looking for approval and $$$ for more refugees (paying clients!) to resettle.

Refugee Resettlement Watch One of the great mysteries of our times is how the Jewish leaders of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the J.M Kaplan Fund don’t get it—frankly, a large percentage of the world’s Muslims want them dead and facilitating Muslim migration to America is not going to make that Islamic imperative go away.

From HIAS website by Rachel Nusbaum 

I am on Capitol Hill right now along with not only other HIAS staff but with representatives from many of the top NGOs working on refugee issues. We’re here, pounding the pavement and filling the halls of the various House and Senate office buildings, for two days of intense advocacy organized by Refugee Council USA***, a coalition of 20 U.S.-based refugee protection NGOs.

Bringing in the “vulnerable” (and costly) ‘refugees’ (medical care for US taxpayers to pay for!):

Why is resettlement so important? Most refugees will remain in the country to which they first fled, until they are able to return to their home country. Only a very small number, about one percent, will be resettled to a third country. This small group is made up of the most vulnerable refugees, those who remain at risk even after fleeing their home country. This includes unaccompanied children, survivors of torture, LGBT refugees and people requiring medical attention not available to them in their host country. With so few resettlement spots and so many refugees, however, the need for resettlement far exceeds current availability.


It is maddening to know that, according to USA, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society received over $134 million from you since Obama took office, and HIAS, Inc. (its new name) has raked in another $58 million in that same time frame.  Are they lobbying on Capitol Hill on your dime? I bet they are!

More about this seditious Jewish group of left-wing bleeding hearts:

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society says we may have to admit 200,000 Syrian refugees

This is how they work!  They constantly raise the ceiling so that the 65,000 they have been demanding looks small in comparison to the 200,000 they would really like to drop off in your towns and cities. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of nine major resettlement contractors being paid to resettle refugees, is at the forefront of a coalition of “multifaith” groups to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims and to increase our annual quota of 70,000 (from all countries) to 100,000 each year.

Experts anticipate that by the time the refugee evaluation process is completed, some 400,000 will be recognized as needing resettlement. This will present America with a request to absorb 200,000 Syrian refugees.

But U.S. resettlement quotas, which have not been updated in years, now stand at 70,000 people total, from all over the world, per year. HIAS and Jewish groups are asking to increase this quota to 100,000 per year, a level the United States maintained in the 1980s. “It’s not a huge number for a country the size of the United States,” Nezer said.

If you think this is too outrageous to even consider, it isn’t.  Remember HIAS has helped resettle over 100,000 (mostly Muslim) Iraqis and over 100,000 Muslim Somalis to America.  Nothing would make them happier than to see 200,000 Syrians (90% will be Sunni Muslims) for you to care for where you live.  And, the Christian ‘charities’ will be right there with them!



Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society at it again: this time lobbying for lawyers for the “children”

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is one of nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors (aka lobbyists) which live off of your tax dollars.***

They have been busy, busy, busy lobbying for everything from amnesty (S. 744, Gang of Eight bill), to more Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees for America, for an expansion of the refugee program and now for more bucks for the Unaccompanied Alien Children.


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society launches petition drive to increase this year’s refugee quota from 70,000-100,000

Citing the crisis in Syria and Iraq, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of nine major federal contractors has launched a drive to petition the Obama Administration to increase the Fiscal Year 2015 admissions to the US.

Always keep in mind that the contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees to your towns and cities. Readers will remember it was Nezer who earlier this year said we should take 75,000 Syrians over 5 years.

Although she says they are trying to save Christians and religious minorities, interested readers should call them and ask how many Muslims they resettled in recent years and ask what percentage of the Syrians in the pipeline for America right now are Muslims.


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society hires grassroots organizer to get American Jews’ minds right

Rabbi Rosenn’s job is to try to bring around the American Jewish community to support Muslim refugee admission to the US.  The article says that some Jews (understandably!) got skittish after the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks. Her job is to organize the American Jewish community to “welcome the stranger,” in this case Muslims from the Middle East and Africa.


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society action alert to thwart “fear and hate campaign”

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) has put out an alert to its followers to tell Congress to ignore the ‘haters’ and do not suspend the refugee resettlement program (presumably a reference to the Babin bill although they never mention his name).

It is no surprise that HIAS is apparently out in front (ahead of the other eight federal refugee contractors) on this, on calling anyone who has legitimate concerns about the cost and scope of our present Refugee Admissions Program ‘haters.’

Refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society re-brands, drops the “Hebrew” ….and moves its headquarters closer to Washington so as to be closer to the federal money it depends on for survival.  It will also boost its advocacy role with Congress and federal agencies.

They will go by the name HIAS, Inc instead of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society which is probably better anyway since they have so many Muslims to resettle (who probably got skittish when they heard the word “Hebrew”).  According to Mark Hetfield: The word “Hebrew” is so outdated, like using the word “colored” to refer to African-Americans.

AS to Catholic Charities, consider the following as additional proof of the same…. pimps and whores alike:

Though they are officially “non-profit” organizations, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and several other Christian organizations are profiting from lucrative contracts with the federal government to resettle refugees in the United States.

Of the 100,000 refugees resettled in the United States in 2014 under the Refugee Resettlement program, an estimated 40 percent were Muslims.

In FY 2015, the State Department, through the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and the Office of Refugee Resettlement, spent more than $1 billion on these programs, which settled international refugees “vetted” by the United Nations High Commission on International Refugees in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The federal government spent hundreds of millions of dollars more than that on refugees, however. The Department of Health and Human Services also provided a number of “entitlements” to these refugees.

Much of this $1 billion in annual revenue goes to voluntary agencies (VOLAGs), several of which are Christian non-profits, such as Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, World Relief Corporation, Church World Service, and Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA. (also referred to as Episcopal Migration Ministries), who are contracted on behalf of the government to help these refugees get settled in their new homes in America.such as Hebrew Immigration Aid Society, and Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA. (also referred to as Episcopal Migration Ministries), who are contracted on behalf of the government to help these refugees get settled in their new homes in America.

Five of the top nine VOLAGs are Christian non-profits. The other four are Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, International Rescue Committee, US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and the Ethiopian Community Development Council.

After providing three to four months of resettlement services to these refugees, having been well compensated for their assistance services, these Christian non-profit VOLAGS stop providing services and are not required to keep track of their location within the United States.

As Ann Corcoran wrote recently at Refugee Resettlement Watch, the arrangement benefits the VOLAGs but provides little comfort to Americans worried about the national security implications of bringing in so many unvetted refugees:

Refugee resettlement is profitable to the organizations involved in it. They receive money from the federal government for each refugee they bring over. They have almost no real responsibilities for these refugees. After 4 months the “sponsoring” organization is not even required to know where the refugee lives.

A good percentage of the revenues of these Christian “non-profit” organizations, many of which were originally established to provide charitable services to the poor already within local American communities, now comes from their work as subcontractors to the federal government to relocate these foreign, often Muslim, refugees.

In effect, critics argue, these VOLAGS have become agents of the federal government whose new mission is to import terrorism to the United States under the false flag of Christian compassion.

As Refugee Resettlement Watch reported, there are multiple ways for these VOLAGs to generate revenue from this program:

a. $1,850 per refugee (including children) from the State Department.

b. Up to $2,200 for each refugee by participating in a U.S. DHHS program known as Matching Grant. To get the $2,200, the Volag need only show it spent $200 and gave away $800 worth of donated clothes, furniture, or cars.

c. The Volag pockets 25 percent of every transportation loan it collects from refugees it “sponsors”.

d. All Volag expenses and overhead in the Washington, DC HQ are paid by the U.S. government.

e. For their refugee programs, Volags collect money from all federal grant programs – “Marriage Initiative,” “Faith-based,” “Ownership Society etc., as well as from various state and local grants.

The program is so lucrative that in some towns the Catholic Church has lessened support for traditional charity works to put more effort into resettlement. It uses collection offerings to promote the refugee resettlement program.


The likelihood that some number of these Muslim refugees—whether from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, or any of the other predominantly Muslim countries that send refugees to the United States—are Islamist terrorists is very high.

MOST significantly, the very fact that the main cash cows of HIAS and Catholic Charities are gov’t contracts to “aid” Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, the so-called “refugees” – those who are not only a mortal danger to America’s interests but to Jews and Christians at large – well, it only attests to the fact that a combination of dangerous multiculturalism has morphed Islam’s monsters with faith-based non-profits.

Related image

YES, their original mission statements have strayed so far afield that they render themselves toxic to the underpinnings of the nation. Still yet, it makes perfect “sense” that Capitol Hill, in its current incarnation and infestation, is their “go to” address.  

AS is said in Hebrew, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, those outside and inside officialdom who believe that they will escape unscathed from their sell-outs to the most retrograde forces known to man – the followers of Islam, whose “prophet” was a war-lording pedophile, rapist, thief and murderer – will certainly receive their well-earned comeuppance. Guaranteed.

THE open question is: Will it be at the expense of the truly innocent, whose only “crime” has been to expose Islam’s barbarism, or will the ones who deserve to be victims pay the ultimate price with their very lives? 

LET’s hope they get what is coming to them – the “refugees” and those who aid them!

LESSON LEARNED: Donating to the above orgs renders one tainted as well. DONOR BEWARE!

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