NEWSFLASH:98% Muslim Majority Country BANNING Islamic Devotion. U.S./Europe BOWING & SUBMITTING, Israel Alike. The Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

blasphemy cut off hand

(“The boy accused of blasphemy who cut off his hand,” BBC, January 19, 2016,“Why should I feel any pain or trouble in cutting off the hand that was raised against the Holy Prophet?”)

BEFORE we head to the NEWSFLASH, yes, it is imperative to set the stage. So, let Exhibit One – the recent self amputation by a 15 year old in Pakistan, horrific as it is to non-Muslim westerners – be understood for what it is: Blasphemy is a Koranic injunction, one which Obama Inc. (Euro leaders alike) is attempting to import into America! They are.

Amputation, is the removal of part or all of a body part enclosed by skin.[177] It is a prescribed punishment in the Qur’an, and within the context of Islamic law, it refers to the removal of the hands or feet. Today, amputation is used as punishment for theft in Saudi Arabia[178] and Nigeria, which reintroduced shariah law in 1999[179], and in Somalia, a court run by an extremist Islamic group sentenced four Somali men in June of 2009 to each have a hand and a leg cut off for allegedly stealing mobile phones and guns.[180][181] In 2008, the Islamic Republic of Iran saw five double amputations in a single week–five convicted robbers were each sentenced to have their right hands and left feet amputated.[182] When the Taliban, an Islamic militant group, took over Afghanistan in 1996, within a year, public executions, amputations and stonings were a regular Friday event in Kabul.[183]

TRUTH dare be told, countless committed Muslims actually believe that said “punishment fits the crime.” Imagine that.

AND this is where the crux lies, in so far as Islam is TOTALLY incompatible with western values. 

ONCE internalized, the key question becomes: How is it possible that American leadership, Europe’s, and even Israel’s – a nation which has never had a respite from Islam’s militant jihad – are willing to bend over ass-backwards to accommodate Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, even to the point of endangering the rest of the non-Muslim citizens?

MIND you, as to the charges against U.S. leaders, well, they are bullet proof. Regarding Euro leadership’s (except for a few within the eastern bloc) capitulation, the jury has been in for quite some time: TOTAL submission.

NOW, it is even more perplexing – head scratching – trying to figure out what drives Israel’s appeasement-oriented leaders, knowing full well that Allah’s Muslim Terrorists will NEVER let them live in peace. But never mind, outsiders view PM Netanyahu (and his associates) as tough as nails. Not exactly.

IN the main, the following two (out of enumerable) should attest otherwise:


“Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? An Interview With Adina Kutnicki” is a brutal rendering of Israel’s failure of leadership, one which absolutely mandates securing the interests of Jews in their homeland. Inviolate.This is the G-d’s honest truth.


EVEN so, adding insult onto grave injury, the holiest site in Judaism – the Jewish Temple Mount – is, for all intents and purposes, off limits to Jews!! Is THAT not bowing and submitting to Islam? If not, why not? Besides, the proofs are manifest and can be found here. Counter intuitively, they dovetail into the leadership’s abject appeasement of an increasingly volatile, belligerent, and militant Arab/Muslim minority. What’s going on?

ALAS, even with continuous waves of terror from the same fifth column jihadists, it doesn’t influence PM Netanyahu (and his top tier) to volte-face. Not one iota. Just consider the most recent slap to Jews in Israel:


As the number of violent terror attacks in Israel have begun to decline in recent weeks, protests inciting Palestinians to further violence returned to the Temple Mount on Friday.

According to reports by the Temple Institute, loud protests including inciteful remarks, ISIS flags and covered faces returned to the Temple Mount plaza following Friday’s prayers on the Mount.

The Institute revealed video footage from Palestinian media sources that depicted the protests and the incitement. Speeches were made in an attempt to encourage Palestinians to commit terror acts against Jews and Israelis. Large posters bearing the faces of terrorists who have been killed and imprisoned by Israeli security forces after carrying out attacks were set up near the Dome of the Rock mosque.

In one frame, a large poster bearing the image of Nashat Milhem – the Israeli Arab terrorist who murdered three people in a Tel Aviv shooting spree earlier this year – can be seen.

The Temple Institute warned that this may be a case of “signaling the return of Temple Mount incited violence.”

“This is a bitter sign that terrorism is still plaguing Israel. It seems that the police have forgotten that the seeds for all of the terror attacks were sown right under their noses, for months by the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, right here on the Temple Mount.”  

The busses of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement are still working and they are bringing busloads of followers of Ra’ad Salah to the Temple Mount. It is as if the organization were never made illegal.

“The continuing incitement to terrorism on the Temple Mount proves there is no truth in what police are calling equality on the mount, especially with regard to searching the worshippers who visit,” the organization blasted. “Many of the Islamic protesters also brought firecrackers and firebombs, and were still allowed access to the Temple Mount.”

“Under Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, Jews are more limited to the Temple Mount than ever, but terrorists are allowed to freely celebrate on the holy site of of our former Temple. It seems that the mount has returned to the reign of terrorists from the days of MK Yitzhak Aharonovich.”


A country that is struggling to rein in their growing Muslim population has recently implemented some mandatory changes to crack down on Islamic terror and devout jihad in a way that some might find “extreme,” but in a way that should be followed by the rest of the world.

MadWorldNews  Since the 1994 election of President Emomali Rahmon, Tajikistan’s government has made a massive effort to drive out devotion to Allah and the jihad, subjugation, persecution, and oppression that comes with it — and some might say it’s working.


The Times of India reports that federal police were dispatched to personally shave nearly 13,000 Muslim men’s beards, a symbol of their religious dedication to Islam. The central Asian country forced men to line up for a quick shave, and it’s assumed that many more will come forward before the policy is completed.

However, this required grooming wasn’t the only measure the Muslim-majority’s leadership put in place. In fact, to prevent the influence of barbaric Islamic customs from neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan, the country has been fighting Muslim culture with several controversial ordinances within the last year.

  • Last week, the parliament officially passed legislation to ban Arabic-sounding names, encouraging citizens to give their children Asian names instead.


  • In the same week, the country outlawed legal marriages between first cousins, a huge social and religious move, since around half of all marriages between Muslims are first cousins.


  • Last year, Islamic beards were banned, although only recently have they begun to crack down on offenders.
  • The government is pressuring women to relinquish hijabs, labeling wearers “prostitutes.” Law enforcement has successfully convinced over 1,700 women and girls to leave behind the oppressive, misogynistic custom.
  • Restaurants are forced to serve alcohol and cannot legally display “no alcohol” signs, arguing that such a policy violates the rights of alcohol drinkers.
  • Hajj, the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca, has been outlawed for Muslims under the age of 35 to prevent young people from being religiously influenced by such a dangerously devout Muslim country.
  • Authorities have closed independent mosques and are encouraging imams to refrain from sermons that uplift Sharia law over the country’s governance.
  • To ensure a more secular, freer republic, the Supreme Court banned the country’s only registered Islamic political party for encouraging violence and sedition.

While most Muslims around the world will stop at nothing to destroy all man-made governments and implement strict Sharia law, Tajikistan teeters on the border of freedom and religiosity, and it remains dependent upon Russia, regardless of their legal independence.

Tajikistan is a prime example of how dangerous Islam is to Muslims themselves. Although the population is 98 percent Muslim, their government is a struggling, young republic that gained independence after the Soviet Union fell. Now, they’ve realized that if they do not wish to transform into yet another 7th-century, Islamic wasteland, they must physically deter their majority from becoming devout Islamists.

Although many Muslims and ignorant apologists will cry foul about the compulsory legislation that widely targets Islamists, they fail to acknowledge that without it, Muslims absolutely cannot coexist with non-Muslims or even each other for that matter. Islam is such a tyrannical, oppressive religion that its violent and compulsory commands must be restricted, lest others fall victim to its requirements.

President Emomali Rahmon is fighting Islamic governance in Tajikistan


THERE is something infinitely twisted with the thinking of western leaders – Israel’s, most especially, who should know better – because they still pander to followers of a death cult, one which surpasses all others in human history! 

MOST significantly, if a leader of a 98% Muslim country could CRACK DOWN on Islam, what exactly is stopping non-Muslim majority countries from doing the same, other than cowardice and the contemptuous notion that one must bow down to Islam!!


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4 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH:98% Muslim Majority Country BANNING Islamic Devotion. U.S./Europe BOWING & SUBMITTING, Israel Alike. The Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. God bless President Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan for fighting Islamic Governance! Cowardice and the outrageous politically correct garbage that we must bow down to Islam are definitely responsible. Plus our government is infiltrated with evil and lies, starting at the top. Many of our church leaders are not speaking out about the evils of Islam or the genocide taking the lives of Christians, Jews and some Muslims. It is disgusting and weak. Some say they are unable to discuss it, because it is political. My God, they are in the wrong job! Thank you.

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