HUSSEIN Obama’s Collusion With Iran’s Mullahs: Kerry, The Bagman. Jarrett, The Point Woman! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

TYPICALLY, when one refers to a bagman, the conjured up images are that of a garden variety criminal. Yes and no.

IN reality, a bagman can be associated with all walks of life, just ask any team of prosecutors. Said criminal can be a courier for a drug cartel, as well as a white-collar banker/businessman type who launder money for any given financial crime. The point being, it just depends. Both are equally dangerous and guilty.

SO it is within this pendulum shift of criminal behavior – after all, treason IS a high crime and misdemeanor – which the actual details of HUSSEIN Obama’s anti-American tap dance with Iran’s mullahs are fully disclosed. However, on multiple occasions, the fact remains that this site revealed where its basis was headed: to a CALCULATED arming of Iran with nuclear weapons! No ifs, ands or buts. Atop it all, all of his related efforts are designed to anoint/appoint Iran as the regional hegemonic power. Incontestably. 

A veritable trail of breadcrumbs to said outcome can be found at various commentaries…seek, and you will find.


AS reported in Sept. 2013: the Islamist-in-Chief was jaw-jawing Iran to the WMD finish line. No doubt. Hence, its centrifuges spun (and continue to) on and on.


RESULTANT, was there any reason to believe that a nuclear armed Iran wouldn’t be a reasonable foregone conclusion?


THEREBY, it was asserted in Oct. 2013: Iran’s triumph has been ensured by the leader of the free world. Indeed.


REGARDLESS, the question, as always, is: to what end? Well, America’s and Israel’s jugular are primary targets. Yes, they are. 


IN other words, the jig is up, and in Nov. 2013 it was asserted as such. Okay.


AND if there were more than 24 hours in a day there would be time to re-document all the breadcrumbs housed within this site. Nevertheless, the following must be highlighted: it has always been claimed within these pages – to a 100% certainty – that Valerie Jarrett was HUSSEIN Obama’s point woman and consigliere, Iran’s deal maker.

NOW, as to Kerry, suffice to state that he was the final bagman. He was chosen for his “patrician” stature, yet, most importantly, his close ties to the mullahs on a familial and ideological basis. Plain and simple.

IN this regard, few recognized exactly how Allah bent HUSSEIN Obama and surrogates have been (since he took office!) to arm the mullahs, even to the point of colluding with the Senate to re-write the Constitution! Here’s the proof:


IN juxtaposition to a runaway POTUS, Congress can hardly claim (patriotic) bragging rights, and that’s not an overblown assessment. And this truth brings us right back to the recent hullabaloo over the “veto-proof” (aka “hard bargain”) vote they supposedly boxed HUSSEIN Obama into, relative to Iran’s mullahs. Ahh….the watered down and leaky “Corker Bill”. In reality, if it stands as is, it will go down in history as their most craven appeasement to date. Here’s why….

YES, while the president has the authority to negotiate treaties – emphasis placed on negotiate – the Constitution demands that 2/3 of the senators agree. Indeed, this is the case because of the inherent danger to too much power accruing in one leader’s hands, even/especially if POTUS. Bulls eye. Stipulated, the Founders were more than prescient.

“Alexander Hamilton tells us” that joint possession of such power provides the greater prospect of success, he said.

Under the proposed legislation, Congress can review the president’s deal with the radical Islamists and can reject it with a 60-vote margin. But Obama then can veto it, and it would take a 67-vote total to overturn the veto.

“We’ve turned the treaty provision on its head,” Levin said. “Instead of requiring two-thirds of the senators present to approve, this bill explicitly” demands 67 votes to stop the president.

“You need 67 votes to override a presidential veto to undo what Obama’s done,” he said. “Now we need a supermajority to override the president rather than a supermajority where the president needs approval for a treaty.”

WITH the above in mind, let’s pull back the curtain. Hence, the smoke will clear. AT its stripped base, the Senate just rewrote the Constitution, despite their bloviating:

“The United States Senate just rewrote the treaty provision of the Constitution,” he exclaimed. “This may be over the heads of most commentators … but it’s not over my head, and it won’t be over yours.” …continue reading

STILL, there are certain breadcrumbs which only surface when all the trimmings are fully cemented. Such is the case with the gravest act of treason imaginable, no less, from the leader of the heretofore free world. Hanging-worthy!

 Image result for pics of obama with fingers to his lips

What if everything you thought you knew about the Iranian nuclear deal was a lie? Ok, perhaps I should frame this question differently. 

What if the basic premise upon which the Obama administration is trying to advance the Iranian nuclear deal is a lie? What if the whole charade about seeking to end the Iranian nuclear endeavor was jus smoke and mirrors? What if this whole effort was covertly initiated by the Obama administration with a far different intent?

Well, based on the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) Special Dispatch #6131, dated August 10, 2015, President Obama may not end up having a great vacay after all, and it’s to spin up ol’ Josh “not so” Earnest.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon,President Barack Obama approved of Iran’s right to operate a nuclear program in 2011 during secret meetings with Iranian officials, according to new disclosures by Iran’s Supreme Leader.

The comments, made earlier this year by Ali Khamenei, dispute claims by the Obama administration that it only began talking to Iran after the election of President Hassan Rouhani. Khamenei revealed in a recent speech that talks began in secret with anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying former President Mahmoud Ahmadenejad.

At this time, Obama told the Iranians he endorses Iran’s right to have a nuclear program. “The issue of negotiating with the Americans is related to the term of the previous [Ahmadinejad] government, and to the dispatching of a mediator to Tehran to request talks,” Khamenei said in a recent speech translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“At the time, a respected regional figure came to me as a mediator and explicitly said that U.S. President [Obama] had asked him to come to Tehran and present an American request for negotiations,” Khamenei disclosed. “The Americans told this mediator: ‘We want to solve the nuclear issue and lift sanctions within six months, while recognizing Iran as a nuclear power.’” “I told that mediator that I did not trust the Americans and their words, but after he insisted, I agreed to reexamine this topic, and negotiations began,” Khamenei added.”

And how exactly did all this go down back even before the 2012 reelection? First of all, the MEMRI Special Dispatch alleges that before becoming Secretary of State, then Senator John Kerry, entered into negotiations with Iran while Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Secretary of State John Kerry sent a letter to Iran stating that the United States “recognizes Iran’s rights regarding” nuclear enrichment, according to another senior Iranian official, Hossein Sheikh Al-Islam.

“We came to the [secret] negotiations [with the United States] after Kerry wrote a letter and sent it to us via [mediator Omani Sultan Qaboos], stating that America officially recognizes Iran’s rights regarding the [nuclear fuel] enrichment cycle,” Al-Islam said in a recent interview with Iran’s Tasnim news agency, according to MEMRI. “Then there were two meetings in Oman between the [Iranian and U.S.] deputy foreign ministers, and after those, Sultan Qaboos was dispatched by Obama to Khamenei with Kerry’s letter,” the official added. Khamenei went on to tell him at the time: “‘I don’t trust them.’ Sultan Qaboos said: ‘Trust them one more time.’ On this basis the negotiations began, and not on the basis of sanctions, as they [the Americans] claim in their propaganda.”

Interestingly, we reported here that Oman had been the broker in the release of three American hikers, and in return Iran had secured several key individuals. Is it possible that this could have been part of a “trust-building” engagement between the Obama administration and Iran?

What is also very perplexing is that this whole encounter did not begin, as we were told, under the leadership of the “moderate” Iranian President Hasan Rouhani. These covert actions took place while the sociopathic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the Iranian president.

Another aspect that is interesting about the Obama — Oman relationship is what we reported to you here regarding the use of Oman Air to evacuate our U.S. Embassy personnel, including our Marine Security Guards from Sanaa, Yemen — as the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels pressed the city.

We asked the question then, and reinforce that question now, why did we utilize Oman Air for a non-combatant evacuation from Yemen when we had a Navy Amphibious Ready Group, with its compliment of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), sitting off the coast of Yemen, trained to execute such a mission? Why did we break established protocol to fly American personnel and Marines out to Oman? And we know there’s been a decent amount of GITMO unlawful enemy combatants released to Oman.

There are many questions that must be answered by Barack Obama and John Kerry. The deduction here is that the final JCPOA “deal” was already in the making back in 2011 and all else was just grandstanding and hyperbole — at a minimum. At its fundamental interpretation, the American people were lied to, yet again. And what about transparency? It seems Obama promised the Iranians they would indeed keep their nuclear program. Unlike his promise to us about keeping our doctors, he kept his word to Ayatollah Khamenei. The result is indisputable: the initial claims about negotiations aimed to stop Iran from achieving a nuclear capability were just, well, a false narrative — just like Benghazi was about a video.

Now of course, the liberal progressives will do everything to discredit MEMRI and anyone asking for an explanation. Remember, the only person to go to jail over Benghazi was a video maker, just the same as only the videographers taping Planned Parenthood have been the recipients of legal action. The trolls who surf this site will come up with something totally unrelated to the subject of this missive.

The allegations here are damning for President Barack Obama because it demonstrates — yet again — a purposeful deception of the American people. And for what purpose? Sorry folks, but the evidence here is substantial and the examination of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) lends itself to validate these assertions — which are based upon translations from named individuals. If this is not aiding and abetting the enemy, then please explain to me what could be?

Obama has had a secret relationship with Oman. He has had covert communications with the Supreme Leader of Iran. And all of a sudden Iran will have economic sanctions lifted, weapons embargoes lifted, and will still be able to pursue its nuclear ambitions. Just gotta call this for what it is: TREASON. Completely FUBAR!

And any Member of our House of Representatives or Senate voting to support the JCPOA is complicit and guilty as well.

AS repeatedly confirmed in the above trails, HUSSEIN Obama gave Iran’s mullahs a “green” light several years ago, but his spin doctors feigned otherwise. Hmmm.

MOST significantly, the biggest clue to the Islamist-in-Chief’s nuclear death dance with Iran’s mullahs –  at the west’s expense – goes back to two symbiotic relationships: his conjoining at-the-hip with Iranian born Valerie Jarrett, as well as his absolute fealty to all things Islamic, be it Sunni or Shia. Know this: fealty to one Islamic stream over the other does not factor into said overall calculus. Results driven.

AND but for the fact that he (correctly) views America and Israel as the two lynch pins holding up western civilization, well, both have to crumble. Again, whatever it takes!

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