Iran’s Triumph (Almost) Assured Through The Leader Of The Free World: America’s Surrender To The Islamist Revolution…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just because one is an inveterate monster (read: Iran’s Hitlerite, Mahdi-driven leadership) does not obviate their capacity to see other evil-doers for what they are. In fact, it takes an incomparable, monstrous liar to often spot ones opponent’s inner core, so just consider it to be an inherent “liar’s radar”

But, what does this have to do with those who are causing chaos world over? Everything. You see, the most dangerous killers in Iran, the Quds Forces, are not off target as they posit the truth: yes, the leader of the free world has surrendered to Iran’s will. Yet, they are wrong in their underlying assessment, accusing Washington of bending to their will. Well, if one side is in sync with the other’s end goals, then surely one cannot be accused of surrendering, even if it appears as such to the outside world. 

So, in effect, Iran’s lying regime is doing what they do best, as they spin a narrative of surrender to the world. However, Barack HUSSEIN Obama surely knows that Iran’s genocidal regime sees through his mask, as he does theirs. Besides, Valerie Jarrett, his Iranian alter ego, is guiding him all the way with many surrogates in tow – to Iran’s success!

Most trenchantly, as Commentary Magazine – a “thinking” person’s  venue – assesses:

It’s fair to point out that American officials have spent the last five years persuading those who are worried about the nuclear threat reassuring us that there is plenty of time to talk about it and that the “window of diplomacy” was still open. To that end, the Obama administration has wasted years on laughable attempts to engage the Islamist regime and on diplomacy aimed at assembling a weak international coalition willing to impose sanctions on Iran and a diplomatic process that consistently flopped. Thus, if Iran is so much closer to realizing its dream of obtaining a genocidal weapon and making diplomacy difficult it is only because they have successfully manipulated a U.S. administration that wanted to be deceived. That’s something to be taken into consideration as we observe the ability of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to persuade the West to restart diplomacy almost as if the past decade of talks had never occurred.

ONTO Obama’s de facto surrender of the free world to the genocidal mullahs…..


Quds Forces chief: President’s remark acknowledged inability to change regime


President Obama’s statement to the United Nations last week that America is not seeking regime change in Iran is not merely a kind remark, but a recognition of U.S. inability to bring change to Iran, the head of Iran’s Quds Forces, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, said.

Joining in that view, an outlet of the Quds cyber forces officers posted an image of a surrendering Obama in military uniform under the title “In a not too distant future.”

The image has Soleimani on top overlooking the defeat of America with a note at the bottom: “One Qasem Soleimani is enough for all the enemies of this country (Iran).”

That claim was underscored this week by Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini, a member of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, who said that while “Iran complies with the Non-Proliferation Treaty rules and regulations and cooperates within that framework, it will never accept the Additional Protocol.”

That protocol allows the IAEA to verify whether countries are complying with nuclear regulations.

“Tehran will not accept any kind of suspension or halt, and all Iranian nuclear facilities will continue their operation,” Hosseini said.

Soleimani, in a Thursday speech to the Congress of Martyrs of the Holy Defense, said Obama was not after regime change only because the United States can’t topple Iran, adding that “America in the last 35 years has committed the most cowardly and worst practices against the … Islamic Republic.”

His remarks were reported by Fars News Agency, an outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.

Soleimani, called by a former CIA officer the “most powerful operative in the Middle East today,” directs all terrorist activities of the Islamic regime throughout the world and commands much of the behind-the-scenes operations in Syria to protect the Assad regime.

Another Iranian general,Yahya Safavi, former chief commander of the guards and special adviser to the supreme leader, said that the United States has clearly retreated and has chosen a soft approach on Iran.

“It seems that the Americans have reached a conclusion that Iran is a powerful and stable power in the region that maintains a logical and smart method in conflict with its enemies,” Safavi said. “Americans now see that they can’t confront the powerful Iran. Of course Iran will remain aggressive with its demands against America, because the reality is that there is much to demand from the Americans.”

In his U.N. speech, Obama reiterated his desire to continue negotiations with Iran and stated that Iran has a right to peaceful nuclear energy. He cited a fatwa (religious edict) by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, against nuclear weapons and President Hasan Rouhani’s earlier statement to the U.N. that the Islamic Republic will never develop a nuclear weapon.

But the Islamic regime recently paraded a new line of ballistic missiles that have a range of 1,250 miles and bragged that its power will change the geopolitics of the region and the world. It also announced the production of hundreds of small submarines to add to its ability to threaten the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. And last month it announced the completion of the installation of 18,000 centrifuges at its nuclear enrichment sites.

In emphasizing America’s “surrender,” Gen. Hossein Salami, the deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said in a speech at Friday prayers in Qom that, “The enemy only understands the logic of power and nothing else. … The jihadist groups (Hezbollah and others), in defeating the Israeli army, planted a seed that has grown to a strong tree with its branches visible throughout the world, and the threats by the oppressive powers no longer frighten the Muslims as the apparent posture of America has collapsed,” Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported Friday.

“Today our vision of America’s power is realistic,” Salami said. “The Americans, in a time when their president sneezed a storm [that] would form in another part of the world, today are incapable of a military operation in a country that suffers under three years of war (Syria).

“America’s power has been damaged and you can see its weakness in their own land in front of the Iranian officials. … Such impotence has not been seen from America in front of a country such as ours.”

Obama revealed that although the Iranian president refused to meet with him, he did hold a telephone conversation with Rouhani and that he was hopeful there would be a positive outcome in upcoming negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program.

Although Rouhani in several interviews stated that he has full authority to negotiate and that he was hopeful the nuclear issue could be resolved, a powerful member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee revealed last week that Rouhani has only been authorized by the supreme leader to change tactics but not policy. He said there would be no negotiations with America on the principles of the Islamic regime or anything else.

A recently revealed video of Rouhani before the Iranian June presidential elections shows him boasting about deceiving the West and advancing Iran’s nuclear program during his tenure as the head of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear negotiating team.

According to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit, who cannot be named for security reasons, the regime’s ayatollahs got exactly what they wanted: a commitment from America to accept the regime’s nuclear program and a statement from the president of America not wanting regime change in Iran.

Rouhani’s approach of moderation on the surface has isolated Israel as the regime knew that America would not take military action against Iran under Obama but was not sure about Israel, he said, and that’s now secured.

Most tellingly, this is where “negotiations” stand, as the Islamist-in-Chief assists Iran over the finish line – 

Nothing remains of the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s four stipulations for accepting a nuclear accord with Iran. Not a  vestige will reach the Geneva conference agenda after Washington brushed aside every one of those stipulations, which were: to halt uranium enrichment, remove enriched uranium stocks from Iran,  shut down the Fordo underground enrichment plant and suspend construction of the heavy water reactor in Arak for the production of plutonium.

Secretary Kerry threw a bone to the Israeli government in his comment Sunday via satellite to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee summit in California:  “I want you to know that our eyes are open, too. While we seek a peaceful resolution to Iran’s nuclear program, words must be matched with actions. In any engagement with Iran, we are mindful of Israel’s security needs.”

Of utmost significance, as always, in relation to Israel’s security interests, the onus lies with Israel’s PM. Now, whereas the hour before midnight is fast approaching, those of us in the cross hairs can only hope and pray that PM Netanyahu is not uttering his regular rhetorical flourishes and is deadly serious: 

Addressing a Knesset session marking the 40th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, Tuesday afternoon, the prime minister said: One lesson Israel learned from the Yom Kippur war was “never disallow the option of a preemptive strike a priori.” While this option may not meet all situations, it deserves careful and earnest consideration.

Netanyahu went on to say: The potential international reaction to such an attack is of less consequence than the price in blood Israel is apt to pay from a future “strategic blow” and the necessity to hit back.

Lest anyone believes that this American Israeli (living in the eye of the Iranian storm) has any patience for the prognostications delivered through a writer’s imagination, let alone takes them seriously, in regard to this existential issue, you would be correct. However, there are always exceptions to rules and this is one such time. So, as a gift to the readers, this blog offers up the following read, one which is a “fictional” scenario, yet its base elements are more than on target – Iran Knows What the West Forgot: Charm is Cheap. Read it.

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani

MOST significantly for Israel, as well as the entire west, those in league with Barack HUSSEIN Obama want nothing more than for Iran to gain the ultimate weapons of mass destruction. Why, just ask yourselves, are they dragging their feet through their fealty to jaw-jaw, knowing full well that it will NEVER stop Iran (despite sanctions) from getting within spitting distance to the bomb? Basically, these delaying tactics are necessary to bring about World War 3, after which the “New World Order” will become a fait accompli. 

Yes, there are those who will tsk, tsk over such words, as the meanderings of much more than a vivid imagination. Fine. But the guideposts are indeed pointing in the above direction, so much so that its explanations (historical parallels too) are more than resonant with the wildfires in the Mid East, as the leader of the free world assists the most hard-line leaderships to gain power.

Think about why EVERY counter intuitive measure, to deal with the world’s most dangerous and fanatical regime, is in play. It’s no accident.

Basically, thirty five years after Iran’s Islamic revolution, the free world is falling off a cliff. And in terms of the ever patient Islamic mindset, such a short time span is barely a blip on their radar. However, for the ADD-afflicted west, it is truly long gone history. Therein lies (part of) their triumph.

UPDATE: cementing Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s plans and betrayals – How Turkey shopped Mossad spies to Iran: A story leaked by Washington to caution Netanyahu – DEBKAfile Special Report October 17, 2013

10 thoughts on “Iran’s Triumph (Almost) Assured Through The Leader Of The Free World: America’s Surrender To The Islamist Revolution…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Time to pray with more fervour and sincerity than ever. “Put not your trust in Princes……” The G-D of Israel will never desert His people. Adina, Evil is building up everywhere. I am so grateful for all the information you publish on your site. Keep safe. G-D bless you and your family.

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