FEMA’s Re-Education Camps Revealed, Guillotine-like: Jade Helm 15 Prepped 5 Yrs Ago! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


(Guillotines, anyone?)

TRY as one might, one can’t separate the unfolding JADE HELM 15 nightmare from FEMA‘s plans. They are inextricably tied, and supportive evidence will attest to the same.

BUT before we proceed, it must be recognized that some folks reflexively deal with frightening scenarios akin to kindergartners, as they close their ears and wag their fingers at the bearers of bad news. No matter, facts are stubborn.

IN this regard, let’s first explore the coined terminology “re-education camps.” Then, we will intertwine its basis to Bill Ayers who is a “koshered” domestic terrorist.  Yes, the same radical who was the head of the 1960’s/1970’s Weathermen, a group which bombed and shot up those who stood in their way to transform “Amerika!” Not only that, he openly opined that millions will have to die, while others will require “re-education” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65D2i7EV-IE) to bring them to heel.

NOW, Bill Ayers’s nexus to HUSSEIN Obama is rock solid. Ongoing. The following evidence should suffice as starting points:

RESEARCH conducted by this investigative journalist for a book review at American Thinker, Bringing Down America, revealed more than enough iron clad proof of their past relationship, as well as their present one. Why does this matter? More importantly, how couldn’t it?

Proof One:

FOR the record, if NOT for Billy boy Ayer’s relationship with the POTUS, Common Core, aka ObamaCore, would be DOA. Isn’t that proof enough of their DEEP and abiding connection?

Proof Two:

YET, never mind. The following is additional linkage which demonstrates the duo’s – Ayer’s and Obama’s – red manifesto and their plans for Amerika! 

Proof Three:

AND guess what? Sometimes even the smug left-set gets tripped up, and this is one of those times: Ayers confirms his connection to Obama!

THEREFORE, as this site back-tracks into their relationship, the following becomes more than self-explanatory. Self evident.

Enter: Eric Holder, a comrade-in-arms, his revolutionary (red/green)”legally-cloaked” hatchet man…he appointed attorney Deborah Leff to take over the Office of the Pardon Attorney. She is the KEY link to connecting the Criminal-in-Chief to domestic terrorist Ayers, all those years ago. Full circle? You betcha!


SO with the above commentary backgrounder/building blocks set in place, internalize the mega ways in which Obama Inc. has turned America leftward, concluding with the absolute secretive deals cooked up ala TPP and its New World Order basis. Similarly, the Brotherhood Mafia is embedded within his admin. There can no longer be any argument re this matter, now that a heretofore hidden doc has been revealed. Alas, the aforementioned two pillars have set the stage for FEMA’s “re-education” participation in JADE HELM 15, as opposed to requisite national preparedness exercises executed by a patriotic regime. Believe it or not.

The following is one of the most lucid accounts of FM 3-39.4 and FEMA camp detention. It is worthy of viewing and will help legitimize the question: Will beheadings ever become part of the FEMA camp experience?


The guillotine has never been used inside of the United States. The United States has executed people by firing squad, hanging, the electric chair and lethal injection. Claims that the guillotine will be used on American soil against Americans, seem ludicrous on its face. However, several dots are connecting which casts serious doubt on that assumption.

Ted Gunderson

Former FBI agent, the late Ted Gunderson, has a very mixed level of credibility among the Patriot community. However, nobody can accuse Gunderson as being incorrect when it came to assessing the depth and depravity of child sex trafficking. Gunderson is quite clear when he says that Guillotines will be used against political dissidents….

The Fast and Furious Component of Guillotines

Today, my sources tell me that guillotines are manufactured by front companies in China which are controlled by the Chinese military. The component parts are subsequently shipped to the Muslim Brotherhood and they are reshipped to Peru where the world’s biggest drug dealers, the Sanchez-Paredes cartel assembles the guillotines and ships them to various locations controlled by ISIS.

A month ago, I interviewed former Army Special Operations officer, Scott Bennett, the author of many ARSOF psyops programs, about the funding of the CIA through Swiss banks accounts. Along the lines of the Bennett revelations, I have learned that exotic weaponry, such as guillotines, are funded in the same manner.

Has anyone else ever noted that since the Mexican drug cartels became involved with Middle Eastern terrorist groups, that beheadings have become the modus operandi for the cartels?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I get understandably nervous, at the prospect of guillotines on American soil, as I watch the endless series of beheadings of Christians in the Middle East by the radical ISIS. The following represents a small sample size of what is happening to Christians and their subsequent mass beheadings at the hands of ISIS.

Islamic State terrorists in Iraq beheaded four Christian kids who refused to renounce their faith and become Muslim.

More than 250000 Christians have fled Northern Iraq amidst ISIS … to Islam or death bybeheading, the children chose to follow Jesus

National spokesman for Iraqi Christians and Chaldean-American … out by ISIS militants in Iraq now includes shocking beheadings of children, …

A British female who did convert to Islam recently threatened to behead Christians “with a blunt knife,” according to the Daily Mail. Even Christians who convert to Islam get beheaded. 

Notice that Christians are the victims?

Organ Harvesting

Have you ever heard the allegations which accuse some doctors, primarily in China, of killing patients in order to sell their organs on the black market?

After you read the following paragraphs, you may conclude that those rumors are true. When Representative Teper was asked about his motivation to exclusively use the guillotine to execute death row inmates, he said, it would allow for death-row inmates as organ donors. The very spooky Teper further reasoned that the “Blade makes a clean-cut and leaves vital organs intact.”  I will be happy to let this statement speak for itself. Below is a draft of the legislation.

HB 1274 – Death penalty; guillotine provisions


 1- 8  The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to death may wish to donate one or more of their organs for
transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that
electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for

The intent of the General Assembly in enacting this legislation is to provide for a method of execution which is compatible with the donation of organs by a condemned prisoner.


We have precedent for the beheading of Christians by radical Muslim forces, we have religious doctrine calling for the beheading of non-Islamic believers, we now have the “camps” where these acts could be perpetrated against American Christians and we have pastors hired to calm the people but they cannot mention Jesus or the Bible. We should all be connecting the dots. 

People should be able to practice their religion without infringing on the rights of non believers. However, when one doctrine demands beheadings for non believers, then we have  a problem. And when the United Nations is mandating that the U.S. must accept 70,000 Muslim immigrants, maybe we should all be paying closer attention to the nature of the people being admitted to the country. Inexcusably, the FBI has said that they do not have the resources to properly screen these immigrants, under the Refugee/Resettlement UN program. Idaho was the most recent site for relocation as 9,000 Syrians were recently deposited in the state. Many are viewing this program as a ticking time bomb.

As ISIS incursions increase in number and intensity, such as the one we recently witnessed in Garland, TX., we should consider the fact that we are going to see beheadings of American citizens on American soil. We know that Muslim terror groups traffic in guns, drugs and children. Is trafficking in organs that far-fetched? Therefore, many are asking the question if beheadings will become a part of official doctrine and policy at FEMA camps under FM 3-39.4? Well, the document does provide that foreign troops will be trained to work in the camps and that these foreign troops will be training more foreign troops to work in the camps.

Will ISIS personnel be recruited to work in the camps as the executioners? Well, is ISIS funded by the CIA? Did Eric Holder oversee Fast and Furious? Do the guillotines represent a new flavor of Fast and Furious? Will this be the fate of political dissidents extracted by Jade Helm?

In my estimation, there is no question that guillotines represent a form of Fast and Furious and the American people will be the intended targets. Will the elite also make money in the Black Market organ trading business? Will they team up with these terrorists? There are a lot of dots that are connecting for there not to be some real substance to these events!

Gunderson’s guillotine claims are historically bolstered by Representative Doug Teper, of the Georgia Legislative Assembly (Democrat) introduced a bill which will supplant the method of execution, the electric chair, with the guillotine back in 1995-6? The referenced bill was Georgia State House Bill (1995-6) HB 1274– Death penalty; guillotine provisions. Certainly, Teper would have never thought that this was possible if there were not already guillotines inside of the United States.

YOU may want to re-read the above to ensure that your eyes are not deceiving you.

MIND you, as to the assertion that ISIS may become decapitating partners for the regime, well, consider the fact that ISIS already has a nexus to the State Dept., thus, it becomes a decided possibility. Indeed. 

TRENCHANTLY, it is always the case that totalitarian leaning regimes understand certain rules of the game. Basics. Essentially, moving a free society into their orbit takes time, steadied patience and mass prep. 

EFFECTIVELY, what we are witnessing relative to JADE HELM 15 has ALL the hallmarks of such an undertaking. And since an increasing amount of Americans/westerners (other than those who are comrade aligned) agree that HUSSEIN Obama is a cultural Marxist who is infused with Islamist allegiances, extrapolating from this assessment connects to the whys and wherefores of his major strategic policies. Indeed, the underpinning of his twinned red/green ideologies are clearly visible via America’s domestic and foreign fronts.

IT is under said paradigm that the totalitarian directives – embodied within the intel confirmed from the leaked (video detailed) document “Military Internment Camps To Be Used For Political Dissidents”  must be urgently interpreted.

REGARDLESS of anything else, the fact remains that a patriotic POTUS would always have sundry preps in place against those who are plotting to bring down America as a FREE country. Nevertheless, however discomfiting and depressing the landscape is, rather, he is planning to overturn said freedoms by (eventually) having the plans/infrastructure in place to intern the most patriotic citizens of all; those whose essence reflects what red, white and blue embodies!

HEREIN lies the precipitous dangers of a run-away-regime, one which is hell-bent on TRANSFORMING the greatest democracy the world has ever known. History is replete with said monsters, in one variation or another.

SO what’s their end game? Consider: in a little over 7 years the malignant POTUS has succeeded (yes, he has) in turning the country into an unrecognizable shell of itself. If left unchecked, a blending of Marxist/socialist constructs – imbued with Shariah Law’s totalitarian maximalism – will become America’s underpinnings, if millions of patriots don’t put the brakes on it. Massive push back.  Whatever it takes.

HUSSEIN Obama is the enemy within. No doubt.

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