America Upside Down: Anti-Jihadists Under Fire, Eliminating Jihadists Verboten! Bring It On…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


(Why is the above considered a lightening rod statement within  America?)

WHETHER a patriot is a candidate for national, state or local office, be it for the school board or even glorified dog catcher, the fact of the matter is that Obama Inc. will shut said person down and that is that. This is the case even if it appears that leftist goons and Islamist Brothers are hide nor hare.

NOW, this assessment may appear a tad exaggerated but it isn’t. In fact, it is much worse. But to understand how the nation is now upside down, is to realize who really calls the shots. Hint: it is not patriotic Americans.

YES, let’s dig beneath the surface because doing so will demonstrate why any calls to destroy Muslim jihadi terrorists brings out rabid attack dogs – even if seemingly out of nowhere – as well as unyielding wrath. This is the case, even to the point that the media feels obliged to pounce on anything which smacks of anti-Muslim jihad! Indeed, reflexively, they join in on the gang bang. As always, officialdom is either mute or jumps into the (coddling) fray. Topsy turvy.

THEREFORE, the questions become: why is the topic of Islamic jihad verboten? why isn’t such truth-telling considered a positive trait for potential office-holders, as opposed to the opposite? and who will take on the forces who defend jihadists, as they too are enemies of the nation?

IN the main, a brief overview of America’s dangerous landscape will expose why jihadists (and their apologists) feel emboldened to threaten those who dare to confront the enemy within. Fifth columnists.

RESULTANT, akin to Mafia cartels, the Arab/Muslim influence operation within America took years to develop and nurture, and HUSSEIN Obama became its top (grooming) Presidential candidate. Thus, his insertion into U.S. national politics for the Muslim Brotherhood’s global domination – via the “Great Satan” – became their highest priority.

CONCOMITANTLY, the profile of (one of) his main Arab/Muslim Chicago bag man, Nadhmi Auchibecomes a national priority, akin to George Soros via his leftist roots.

The Iraqi operator Nadhmi Auchi is the sort of rarefied sort of gentlemen you would normally come across in a spy novel. On the surface, Nadhmi Auchi is a business magnate, a dynamo philanthropist, and an honored citizen of many countries. As was explained by a former senior official of the Defense, State, and Commerce departments, John A. Shaw, Mr. Auchi made a name for himself as the international financier and arms dealer extraordinaire of Saddam Hussein. By 1980, Auchi was an asset of the British foreign intelligence service, MI6. (So multi-faceted is this billionaire mystery man that he has his own dedicated Wikileaks page.)  Auchi and Tony Rezko were partners in real estate and pizza.

  • Contemporary to the timeline of Obama’s political rise in Chicago, Auchi was building an influence operation one brick at a time in the very same city. His ties from the Middle East to America’s Midwest made his enterprise a conduit of Middle Eastern money into the United States of America.
  • Shaw writes, “Nadhmi Auchi, despite his purchased respectability in England, was the financial eminence behind the Chicago-Arab combine, and the man who, with Rezko, helped invent Barack Obama as a political star.” Through Tony Rezko, his local bagman, Auchi financed and guided Obama (and Jarrett) into the Oval Office.
  • While a large shareholder in BNP Paribas, Auchi was involved with the U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal, which was based on the sale of Iraqi oil.
  • In 2004, Auchi was banned from entering the U.S. for scamming the Pentagon on an Iraqi cellular deal he helped broker. After securing rights to Iraq’s cellular services, Auchi went on to corner the market on power contracts for the post-war transition, as well.
  • If Soros personifies the Progressive wing of Obama’s politics, it is Auchi that personifies the wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Auchi’s stances on litmus test issues tell who he is, politically speaking, in the Middle East.  Auchi is anti-Semitic, and led support for the Turkish terror flotilla (an operation which ties him to Ayers, Dohrn, and Soros).
  • It may seem an odd dichotomy that two people in low cost housing, Valerie Jarrett and Toni Rezko, and two artful and sophisticated investors, Auchi and Soros (both of whom are convicted of financial crimes in France), ushered Obama to the presidency. Yet each one of these individuals shares one lethal trait: they are masters at using government for their personal gain.
  • Auchi has a history of suing his critics, and silencing those who cause too much trouble.  His reputation as an aggressive litigator and someone who won’t hesitate to kill may have convinced journalist David Ignatius to think twice about disclosing his knowledge of Auchi’s activities. For instead of a nonfiction book, Ignatius did indeed pen a spy novel, The Bank of Fear, based on Auchi’s career….

IN retrospect, alongside his Islamist familial roots, is it any wonder that HUSSEIN Obama supports his Brothers above all others, as delineated time and again?

AS such, the above background portrait (responsible for co-opting, thus, poisoning the national well) brings us that much closer to understanding why a heretofore unknown Massachusetts candidate (for a local school board) is now under fire. He has become a lightening rod and a “poster man” for “Islamophobes”, and everything which smacks of “bigotry”. Yes, Baleanu dared to state the obvious: Muslim jihadists must be eliminated. Annihilated. For heaven’s sake.  A truer patriotic statement can’t be found.

Baleanu of Raynham is in a three-way contest for two Raynham seats held by incumbents Patricia Riley – the Bridgewater-Raynham committee’s chairwoman – and Louis “Tony” Ghelfi. The issue surfaced Monday when Baleanu’s campaign pitch on the “Bridgewater Residents” Facebook page prompted resident Kimberly Burke to engage him in conversation and also search his name online.

What popped up was a disconcerting stream of posts including a March 15 tweet about American students being “forced” to recognize Muslim holidays, she said. “We need to stand up, America! We need to send these barbarians back from where they come from, the 7th century,” Baleanu wrote.


On Jan. 15, referring to an Arab woman killed by militants, he said, “Yet again I repeat my claim to annihilate Muslims.”Last August, he wrote: “We will annihilate every one of you jihadists!”

Burke, of Bridgewater, said her initial reaction was “anger and shock. “As a private citizen he can believe what he wants to believe,” she said. “And he can tweet what he wants to tweet.” But once Baleanu entered the race for public office, she said the rules changed.

Non-Muslim school children being forced to pray to Allah on a mosque field trip

On Wednesday, Baleanu told The Enterprise his posts were a response to “extremism” and groups that continually call for the annihilation of the United States. “You have to fight fire with fire,” said Baleanu, who says he is a conservative Republican. “You can’t reason with these people. We have to defend ourselves.”

“Where are my rights as an American citizen to have freedom of speech?” he said. Baleanu, a Romanian emigre, earned citizenship in 2005. “I see a problem and I want to fix it for all Americans,” he said. “I haven’t seen any Muslims stand up against extremists.”

INTRINSICALLY, while his school board opponents blah, blah about the “extremism” of his statements, they have no legs to stand on when it comes to the dangers from Muslim jihadists. Besides, have they forgotten about what happened at Boston’s marathon, when Muslim jihadists blew it apart?

MOST significantly, those who really care about the kiddies should embrace Baleanu’s candidacy because the evidence is overwhelmingly in his favor: 

INDEED, housed under the guise of Common Core are lesson plans which “innocuously” slide in the “exemplary” and “benign” aspects of Islam. These plans are usually found within the social studies and English curriculum’s, but not exclusively so. One example (out of countless) is more than instructive, relative to the underlying goal of indoctrination.

“It really caught me off guard,” a Farmville Central High School student who was in the class told me. “If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school – how is this appropriate?”

The Islamic vocabulary worksheet was assigned to seniors.

“I was reading it and it caught me off guard,” the student told me. “I just looked at it and knew something was not right – so I emailed the pages to my mom.”

I asked the school district to provide me with a copy of vocabulary worksheets that promoted the Jewish, Hindu and Christian faiths. The school district did not reply…..

SO, after reading the evidence within the above link, you decide who is telling the truth about Islamic indoctrination – Baleanu, or Louis “Tony” Ghelfi (one of his opponents), as detailed below.

On Tuesday, during a candidates forum, Ghelfi rebuked Baleanu about his stated concerns that Islam is taught in class during another forum.

“It was claimed because of Common Core (education standards), Islam was taught,” Ghelfi said in his opening statements. “In a great deal of respect to Ion, it’s not right. It’s not correct.”

Ghelfi, an elementary school teacher, said that the only link to Islam in a state Common Core standards manual is the suggestion that the Koran could be used as a possible resource, to teach about the differences between world religions. The Bible was also suggested.

Baleanu insisted the courses are taught, and said religion should be taught at home.

Ghelfi, oh really??

POINTEDLY, it is due to an entrenched Islamist influence operation throughout America – and with the educational system deeply in the mix – that a local school board (Massachusetts) candidate came under fire, for daring to call for the annihilation of Muslim jihadists!

DENIAL is a (dangerous) river.

REGARDLESS, wherever you turn in America (and the west), despite the brayers…here, there and everywhere…the manifest dangers from Islam are rock solid.

QUESTIONS, anyone?

SCHOOL’s out.

US Capitol Terror Week

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