Brotherhood Mafia CONTROLS DHS: Global Dominance Assured Via Obama Inc. The Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Screen-Shot-2015-04-03-at-10.20.05-AMAMERICANS (westerners), try as they might, can’t help but bump into the inextricable links between Obama Inc.’s top leadership and Muslim Brotherhood front groups. 

AS many folks already recognize, this topic has been explored at these pages ad infinitum. Regardless, until it no longer merits this site’s attention, each dot will continue to be connected. Its basis must be understood by those who consider themselves patriots. Said information is that important to America’s ultimate survival. Simple as that.

THUS, each time you come across a heretofore inexplicable news item – involving officials from HUSSEIN Obama’s top arms, while embracing and praising the top spears of the Brotherhood Mafia – utilize this site as necessary disinfectant.


WHILE enumerable other proofs are housed within, the fact that Obama Inc. superimposes a full-on shield to protect the Brotherhood Mafia, it stands to reason that halting Islam’s march in America is more than a national imperative.

ALONG this information route, how many more proofs are required to charge: yes, it is incontestably an act of treason for a Public Official to laud an enemy of the United States. And while patriots are cleaning house, HUSSEIN Obama has amply qualified for this indictment on enumerable occasions. 

Is it treason for a Public Official to publicly laud an enemy of the United States? The DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson did so last week.

At the “Empowering Voices” conference (3/20/2015) held by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was not only given an award by our enemy for his outreach and engagement activities with them – for which DHS brags – he said, at the event, “The reading of the Quran reminded me of two things that MLK said a lot, which are quintessentially American values.” [One is, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ Second, ‘I cannot be, what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be in this country.’”]

Secretary Jeh Johnson is the same guy who declared the “War on Terror” over in 2012.

It seems that Sedition, Treason, and Aiding and Abetting the Enemy are all in play here.  Where are the calls to the Department of Justice from our elected officials to charge Secretary Johnson?

AS to the above query, “where are the calls to the Department of Justice”, well, pigs will fly before the DOJ conducts its due diligence. How do we know this?

JUST to set another record straight, let’s examine the facts: now that AG Holder has resigned (don’t be so relieved, his successor will rip apart/stomp upon the Constitution too…replacing one anti-American devil with another); coupled with ISIS poised to pounce and Boston’s Islamic Society/Muslim American Society-Boston at ISIS’s epicenter, the questions become: where does AG Holder tie-in, relative to the previous Boston Marathon slaughter (April 15, 2013) and with Islamic jihad in general? More aptly, where doesn’t he? 

TO go from there to here is simply a matter of connecting the proper dots. In other words, please recall that AG Holder, in bed with Barack HUSSEIN, has made it “legal” to stop all criticism of Islam.

MOST significantly, let’s set the American record straight, as ugly as it is: the United States of America, in its current infestation, is more accurately in line with the Shariah States of America

CREEP by creep, step by step, Shariah Law is being instituted into the legal system within the U.S. This step is their last one before an Islamist takeover, even though its appearance is still, for the most part, under the radar. Yes, it is meant to be “introduced” in stages, and its basis is laid out in the “Phased Plan.”

STILL, many will tsk, tsk at such a notion and opine that it will never happen. NEWSFLASH: it already has. But the fact remains that the leadership of the Brotherhood Mafia is very patient and has been waiting for decades to pounce. So while their infestation pre-dated HUSSEIN Obama, it wasn’t until he came on board that the process sped up. 

Dr. Muhammad Badi, supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said: “The Brotherhood is getting closer to achieving its greatest goal as envisioned by its founder, Imam Hassan al-Banna. This will be accomplished by establishing a righteous and fair ruling system [based on Islamic sharia], with all its institutions and associations, including a government evolving into a rightly guided caliphate and mastership of the world.”

The Brotherhood proudly promises its followers a new Caliphate that will make Islam the world’s only religion, while they engage in stealth Jihad and a deceitful charm offensive for the useful idiots in First World governments and Western mass media. They are aided by men like the Obama Administration’s Paul Stockton, who, while under oath before Congress, repeatedly refused to admit there was such a thing as Islamic extremism and insisted that al-Qaeda were only murderers who had no affiliation with Islam.

Watching the back and forth between Stockton and U.S. Representative Dan Lungen is a mind boggling example of just how far down the rabbit hole of denial the Obama Administration has gone to protect Islam from even the slightest criticism. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Morsi government that Obama supported is tearing Egypt apart.

As an expert on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, we asked Ms. Kutnicki here today to reveal the truth about the Brotherhood’s activities and explain their ultimate goals for humanity. There is no limit to how far they are willing to go to accomplish their aims, from butchering Copts in Egypt to unleashing Adnan Oktar and his Muslim “Barbie Doll” sex kittens on complicit Israeli media and politicians….

Adina Kutnicki: Indeed, let’s, as a first stop, hop aboard our Inquisitr journey with “The Plan”. At its core, “The Plan” is a detailed blueprint, one which the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood adheres to – and augments as necessary – to infiltrate and penetrate the west, but most intrinsically they are targeting America, the “Great Satan”. It is the main linchpin to the west’s fall. “The Plan’s” basic goals are described thusly:

Phase 1: Establishment of an elite Muslim leadership, while raising taqwa, or Islamic consciousness, in the Muslim community.

Phase 2: Creation of Islamic institutions the leadership can control, along with the formation of autonomous Muslim enclaves.

Phase 3: Infiltration and Islamization of America’s political, social, economic and educational systems, forming a shadow state within the state. Escalation of religious conversions to Islam.

Editor’s Note: One of the hot spots of conversion to Islam is America’s extensive system of prisons.

Phase 4: Openly hostile public confrontation over US policies, including rioting, and militant demands for special rights and accommodations for Muslims.

Phase 5: Final conflict and overthrow (jihad).

While each phase has many subsections and takes years to implement, the fact of the matter is that their goals have been ongoing for decades. They are rapidly, stealth-fully bearing fruit.

Editors note: The following statement revealing the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for America was found in an internal Brotherhood document and presented into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trials in 2007 and 2008.

“The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”


THE very fact that the HEAD of the Department of Homeland Security (as well as his CIA counterpart and the Pentagon too, all of which should be categorized as CAPTURED operations) lauds the Muslim Brotherhood and its major terror tentacles; and the Brotherhood Mafia is at war with the U.S., is akin to America’s security agencies operating in sync with the Nazi apparatus during World War 2. And while there was absolute collusion between certain elements, it wasn’t the case that SS officers were running official U.S. policy.

HEREIN lie the parallels and the differences!

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4 thoughts on “Brotherhood Mafia CONTROLS DHS: Global Dominance Assured Via Obama Inc. The Proofs. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. I cant be till you become what you ought to be. Obama said the same.” We cant be redeemed till all the US is redeemed”. Group redemption. He is So confused/conflicted cuz Christians believe in Individual redemption! (as for me & my house). The whole country or world should not influence us. This country will be “conflicted” as half of the immigrants coming in be Christians & the other half be muslim! LOL Obama only cares that they are non-whites.

  2. After listening to Paul Stockton not answer the simple questions from Mr. Lungren, I’ve got a headache. Typical of the verbal garbage we hear every day in America. God forbid that we need another bombing for people to wake up and realize we are at war and yes, the enemy is here already. All the signs are obvious that our country is being taken over by our enemies, but the sheep remain in denial. Denial kills!

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