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HALTING Islam’s March In America, A National/Western Imperative. Pro-action Mandatory! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

RATIONAL folks understand that “taking the bull by the horns”, so to speak, can often be a life-saving measure. Remedial. Hence, Shariah Law (Islam’s underpinnings) must be eliminated in America.

BUT to extend the thought process even further, isn’t it a fact that Islam’s march into America poses a precipitous danger, as well as to the west at large? Yet, if flying heads – plus every other barbarism housed under Shariah Law’s banner – isn’t enough to spur westerners into action, then what else is there left to say? Nite…nite…alas, don’t expect to have sweet dreams!

MOST significantly, behind every Islamic danger hides a tentacled Muslim Brotherhood front group. This truth cannot be swept under the rug, nor double-talked. You gotta deal with reality, discomfiting as it is.

STILL, as onerous as it is, there has to be a starting point. Therefore, let’s begin by unmasking Islam, and we can proceed from there. Why is this necessary? Well, once the (mental) band aid is ripped off, not only will it get easier to do what must be done, but it will allow westerners to realize that stepping up is a matter of national security. Concomitantly, the above unveiling (delineated at the link) has zero to do with prejudice or bias, as assorted jackals are wont to scream. Besides, you can always invest in earphones or resort to your childhood ditties: call me this, call me that…sticks and stones…so, express yourself…liberating…

ONCE this task is accomplished, the next step is to understand, then to admit, just how embedded Islam/Shariah Law is within America’s power centers. Absolutely, sans Shariah Law, Islam would cease to function. Exist. A blessing.

NEVERTHELESS, despite the uphill battle there is no other option, but to ensure that Shariah Law is gutted from America’s courts (refer to attached pdf), schools, financial centers and everywhere that affects America’s security.

IN this regard, especially when Muslims refuse to abide by America’s laws, the gutting, its lessons, must commence. Shariah Law violates the Constitution, the law(s) of the land. That is that. 


KEEP uppermost in mind that as hard as you are working to secure America, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is operating to influence the political outcome, one which will tilt in Shariah Law’s direction to obliterate the Constitution.

They say that all politics are local. When you want to bring about real change, influencing and impacting the minds of people, then you start local and grow from there. That is precisely the strategy currently being used by the Muslim Brotherhood who are now officially in America trying to influence the political system. Their initial target? Chicago.

Known for its massive corruption and already home to a very active chapter of the Communist Party USA, Chicago has made a name for itself with its radicalism. Being the home of the anti-American, racist Black Liberation Theology church attended by Barack and Michelle Obama for over 20 years, which was led by Pastor Jeremiah Wright, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the Muslim Brotherhood would have Chicago as their first target to try to influence the American political system.
Sabri Samirah, who is a member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, was exiled from the United States after being investigated for a possible role in the terrorist attacks by al Qaeda on 9/11/2001. He was allowed to return last year and is using his return to organize an official political party, UMMA. (blogger’s note: on Dec. 7, 2014 this site’s readers were warned of the aforementioned political danger!)

Samirah is listed with the Illinois Secretary of State as the registered agent. The goal of the group, according to the Center for Security Policy, is to formally promote the political ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

UMMA is not an acronym, but an Arabic word meaning worldwide community of Muslims. The group held a candidate forum before the mid-term elections. Nearly two dozen Democrats attended to speak to the group of 100 at that forum.

 The group has attempted to portray a patriotic message with a series of pictures. According to the Center for Security Policy, one of the photos used to promote their group is a picture of Barack Obama with the words that he spoke at the United Nations, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

That picture has since been removed. However CSP was able to capture a screenshot before the group had a chance to do so.

obama islam

AS such, is it any wonder why Barack HUSSEIN Obama keeps bowing during his visits to the Middle East?

RESULTANT, be afraid, but not too scared to fight back.


HOWEVER, to counter them you must understand their methods, hence, a gift: The Book of Jihad!


AND as one example out of countless, refer to their particular type of bullying, CAIR-style:

On January 15th the Tennessean newspaper published Paul “Iesa” Galloway’s response to the Paris jihadi murders. Galloway is the new executive director of the American Center for Outreach (ACO) which he says represents the political voice of Muslims in Tennessee.

Galloway’s resume includes running his own public relations firm. He claims an expertise in “rebranding,” aka, professional spin doctor. He founded CAIR-Houston and operated it for four years. He served on Mohamed Elibiary’s Freedom and Justice Foundation board alongside arch Islamist Abdulhakim Mohammed, former imam at the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN), who was a mentor to Memphis jihadi Carlos Bledsoe. (blogger’s note: trust this, the “fella” is a JACKED-UP Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator!)

Galloway’s predecessor at ACO, Remziya Suleyman also used the “Muslim as victim” narrative and Islamophobia as her rallying cry. AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) founder and former chair, Daoud Abudiab will try to revive the Islamophobia tactic with his spring 2015 Islamophobia Conference.

“Islamophobia” is name-calling designed to suppress any criticism of Islam and Muslims. It was invented specifically for this purpose by a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT). The IIIT was part of a 5 year terrorism financing investigation for being the largest monetary donor to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group and because it has other questionable ties to terrorist groups.

Being a Muslim Brotherhood insider by virtue of his CAIR leadership, Galloway knows the Islamophobia tactic is losing its impact because subsequent to each jihadi attack, the public is less convinced that Muslims are the real victims. The Associated Press eliminated the term “Islamophobia” from its stylebook which is the media “bible” to guide accuracy in reporting. Remember this the next time you pick up a newspaper or read a report.

Tennessee Islamists Galloway, Suleyman, and AMAC representatives claim that the way to counter what they believe is hate speech against Islam and Muslims, is more speech. But when they don’t like what they hear or when their propaganda is exposed, they revert to bullying.

Whether its “American Muslims” or “Muslim Americans” doing the bullying, they still can’t put lipstick on the Islamophobia pig. (blogger’s note: yes, the “Islamophobia” bugaboo”!)

We shouldn’t be making that distinction and should just refer those who act in the name of or to advance Islam and sharia as Muslims. Some Muslims use terror (jihadists) to do it, others wearing suits and ties use the law and intimidation as their form of jihad. They are all Muslims.


BUT for those who prefer a more “direct” approach, or have a megaphone reach, perhaps the following tactic suits your temperament: Dallas radio host calls Muslims in the U.S. and Europe cockroaches.

CAIR is trying to get him fired: Send support to Chris here:

MOST significantly, the epicenter of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia; the jihadi mosques! Their spearheads.


BUT never be too proud to learn from a smaller power, Slovakia…

“Given that Slovakia is a country where the Catholic Church dominates, followed by the Lutheran Church, we cannot tolerate an influx of 300 – 400,000 Muslim immigrants who would start building mosques all over the place and endeavoring to change the nature, culture, and values of the state,” explained Fico.


The prime minister pointed out that some countries in the world are passing special laws concerning the fight against Islamic terrorism which give more leeway to police. “Maybe the world or events would (eventually) press on us to set different rules for certain groups when it comes to privacy, telephones or bank accounts,” said Fico.

Concerning Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe he said that Slovakia cannot act as if this problem is not also our concern. This is why, nowadays certain persons or ethnic groups are monitored much more carefully.

EU Muslim Population

“Most of the people in these groups are foreign born, but there also could be persons who are citizens of our country, acting in a way to raise suspicion that in the future they might do something harmful to the country (as we’ve seen in Western Europe) and we must be prepared.

GUESS what, Milan gets in on the act too.

Passes a new ‘anti-mosque’ law

no.mosque_alahram.captionPoliticians in the Lombardy region have passed a provisionary law that would make it almost impossible for new mosques to be built in Milan and that would heavily monitor existing Islamic houses of worship, not to mention stopping Muslims from lifting their asses to Allah in the middle of the street.


AS to the “fairer sex”, who said they don’t “got it going on”? One such patriot has taken aim at the danger ala her gun range!

In the five months since Hot Springs, Arkansas, gun range owner Jan Morgan banned Muslims from her facilities, she has seen business quadruple. She has also faced threats and the prospect of lawsuits, which so far, have not materialized. Morgan owns Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range.

According to Fox News, Morgan decided to ban Muslims after “two customers she deemed suspicious” showed up in September. Since that time, she has excluded those “she believes to be Muslim based upon their names.” Morgan sees it as a safety issue. She said, “We are dealing in lethal firearms. I am not going to let a Nazi shoot in here, or a Ku Klux Klan member in here, either.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has written Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to intervene. In the letter, CAIR said, “Given the recent spike in anti-Muslim rhetoric, including Islamophobic statements by government officials, community leaders and media outlets, death threats, and other bias incidents targeting Muslims, I urge you to investigate this matter soon.” CAIR argued that banning Muslims from the shooting range “is a violation of federal laws prohibiting racial and religious discrimination.” (blogger’s note: there they blow again!)


The ACLU is also asked the DOJ to do something about Morgan’s policies, and they want to talk to any Muslim who gets turned away from Morgan’s shooting range. But Morgan is standing her ground. She compared “offering target practice to potential terrorists to flight schools offering lessons to the 9/11 terrorists.” A caption on an image of Morgan with a gun says, “I am the infidel your imam warned you about.”

 YOU go girl!! Gotta love her…


AS hyper vigilant as Americans must be (as well as all westerners…Europeans, Australians etc.), Canadians must be equally so. If not, they are in for a very rude, an explosive, awakening. In fact, it has been uncovered that a major Canadian Muslim (Brotherhood front) group funds Hamas! Yet, is not as if anyone should be surprised…besides, their ambitions are not regional, they are global in scope.

MOST devastatingly, though hardly unexpected, top U.S. defense analysts have proven how Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s (domestic and foreign) policies have imperiled America. Western civilization. 

IF anything, the most intrinsic step you can take to “see from here to there” is to listen to this video analysis –

THE only two points of departure this investigative journalist takes issue with – in regard to the above link – is when they specifically call out “radical Islam”, as opposed to Islam itself! So, repeat: there is no “moderate” Islam. Islam is Islam. Period. Moreover, they allude to the “misguided” intentions of their Commander-in-Chief, instead of his purposeful incendiary fires. Pyromaniac-like.

NO matter, the report is (strategic-wise) devastatingly accurate, all “credit” given to the Traitor-in-Chief!

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