Turkey’s War Cry To Capture Jerusalem: Erdogan’s Caliphate Prize, Ratchets Up A World War! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki



AS noted within several commentaries, as well as through various interviews, Turkey’s role in Mid East mischief-making (which extends globally) is core. 

AGREED, there are so many Islamic factions vying for top dog status it is (almost) impossible to keep up. Nevertheless, there are only a few serious players who can pull off what Erdogan has in mind. Not only that, Turkey, as a part of NATO since 1952, is more than a serious actor. Don’t ever doubt this.

BUT before we head to the latest non-published (at least within mainstream English reading dailies) “news”, let’s review what has already been proven, re Erdogan’s designs on Jerusalem.

                                       Proof One:

FIRST and foremost, it must be understood that Erdogan is a “made man” – Mafia-like – from the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. They have his back and that is that. Mind you, it doesn’t preclude support tendered to other Islamist leaders, but they do recognize Erdogan’s power center, particularly via Barack HUSSEIN Obama!


RESULTANT, he was part and parcel to a Oct. 2013 global interview at Inquisitr, and this was before he became the President of Turkey too.

Wolff Bachner: Ever since Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan came to power in 2003, Turkey has slowly evolved from a secular state to a religious theocracy based on Sharia Law and Islam. Erdogan has taken every opportunity to undo decades of good relations with Israel while supporting Hamas and Jihad. What is going on in Turkey and what is Erdogan’s endgame?

Adina Kutnicki: In answer to the all important question of Turkey, its position as a so-called “moderate” Muslim nation and its relationship to Israel, a brief backgrounder is in order. Turkey has enjoyed a “pet” relationship within the west, ever since its membership in NATO began in 1952. And, while the honeymoon lasted a little over 50 years, not too long after Prime Minister Recep Erdogan took over the helm, in March 2003, as Turkey’s 25th PM, the government’s Islamist agenda (from a secular leaning/tolerant nation) reared its head. Their volte face was not done in rapid moves, but akin to the precepts of Stealth Jihad – incrementally, phase by phase.

It is essential to acknowledge that PM Erdogan is a devoted and dedicated leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, as elucidated at Aina.org. He is also President Obama’s BFF, and this is no secret. Indeed, it is more than instructive to view their relationship in global terms, particularly since the rise of Islamism throughout Turkey merges with its entrenchment within Washington’s corridors.

In the words of Commentary Magazine:

“Hamas is a terrorist group in search of a home. Uprooted by the Syrian civil war, and shaken by the Egyptian coup, the Hamas leadership has taken temporary shelter in Qatar, but that tiny emirate is showing every sign that they want the Islamist radicals to move on. So where would a radical Islamist terrorist group dedicated to the eradication of the State of Israel and whose charter endorses the crudest anti-Semitism turn? Perhaps to Turkey, America’s NATO ally and a country whose leader President Obama identified as one of his top personal foreign friends.”

According to Hürriyet Daily News:

“The prime ministry in Ankara was the venue for a meeting between the head of Hamas’ political bureau, Khaled Mashaal, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today. The meeting, which started at 7 p.m. and lasted for three hours, was closed to the press. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, National Intelligence Agency (MİT) chief Hakan Fidan, Deputy Undersecretary for the Prime Minister’s Office İbrahim Kalın and advisor Sefer Turan were also present at the meeting, Anadolu Agency reported. The meeting between Mashaal and Erdoğan came around four months after their latest meeting. It came at a time when rumors suggest that Mashaal, currently in exile in Qatar, is searching for another place to live.”

As such, a perfect storm. A union for Allah.

NOT only that, but please pay heed to the no holds barred nexus – between Erdogan and Hamas, the progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of its wings – which this investigative journalist highlighted, back in Oct. 2013.

THEN, fast forward to the end of 2014 and to the following video heralded by Hamas’s main bandito, Khalid Mashal, as he trumpeted Erdogan as the new head of the Muslim world; the leader who will bring about the invasion of Jerusalem for the worldwide ummah الأمة الإسلامية !

OKEY dokey…

                                       Proof Two:

ADDING to the incendiary mix and this site’s foreshadowing, it was noted in April 2014: the Brotherhood’s global thrust intersects with Turkey’s Ottoman ambitions. Hmm…

                                       Proof Three:

NOW let’s segue to July 2014 and readers found more of the same…the proof in (Erdogan’s) the pudding, so to speak: Turkey’s Erdogan, the Caliph-in-waiting.

                                      Proof Four:

YET, straight on the heels of July’s commentary, along came an Aug. follow-up, in so far as Erdogan became the newly installed President: Erdogan’s win shores up Caliph bid…Obama fully on board. Go figure…

                                     Proof Five:

IT gets worse. More specifically, in Sept. 2014, ISIS catapulted through Obama’s and the Brotherhood Mafia’s upheavals, all the while Turkey’s Erdogan serviced their killing spree.

                                   Proof Six:

BUT it is not as if certain acts, whether visibly declared as acts of war or not, go unnoticed at this site: yes, Turkey’s continuous incitement against Israel is a bullet proof qualifier.

AND now that that is settled, how many are shocked that Turkey’s President is openly – at least in front of non-western ears – revealing his declaration of war to “capture” Jerusalem, but as the first prize, the first leg of conquest, for the Muslim ummah? Of course, this is all done via his surrogates.

A major talk was organized in Konya the birth place of Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu and in his presence before a jubilant crowd shouting in Nazi style Davutoğlu can be seen elated at the statements spoken by the leader of Hamas, Khalid Mashal. The fiery speech hailed Turkey headed by Erdogan and Davutoğlu as the representative and head of the entire Muslim world and praised him for the soon invasion of Jerusalem in the coming world war.

In the speech, which was not aired in major media (Shoebat.com was able to obtain the footage thanks to Willi Adelberger) and after the crowd calmed down their Nazi style chants, Mashal reminded that “Jerusalem is the first center of direction for Muslims. It was Konya that in 1980 when Jerusalem was threatened rose up for Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque”. Looking towards the near future Mashal declared:

As Turkey for centuries was the main defender of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, likewise with you are the center of the Muslim Umma (Muslim nation) which will carry on the mission of liberating Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque.

At the 6:10 mark of the video Khalid Mashal declared:

know this, that strong Turkey is the strength of Palestine and of Jerusalem.

At around the 7:14 mark he exclaimed:

Turkey is the strength that represents all Muslim nations.

The crowd at that point paused and in unison with an elated should cried out “Allahu Akbar”

There is a picture of Davutoglu in front of the crowd; he can be seen right next to a young boy:

ahmet copy

Ahmet Davutoglu, Erdogan’s right hand man, is seen instantly clapping in jubilation at such affirmations the moment Khalid Mashal spoke of conquering Jerusalem with the crowds waiving flags that stem from the Turkish favorite colors in which the Ottomans prided themselves with the “fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow” (Revelation 9:17) which are also the colors of the flags the neo-Ottomans like to carry. In every time one can see Davutoğlu, he is smiling in joy.

Mashal complemented the AKP Islamic party of Turkey of their accomplishments in what he termed “lightening speed to have accomplished what they accomplished for the advancement of the Muslim world”. “Allah is with us and is with you for victory” Mashal reminded of war against Israel. He ended his speech reminding that he will invite Erdogan and Davutoğlu into the Temple Mount: “We were welcomed in Istanbul and now in Konya and tomorrow we will welcome you into the platform of Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount) in the next conferences, by the will of Allah”.

It is obvious what this signifies: the Turkish government wants to invade Jerusalem in a holy war, or jihad. World War III will then be over Jerusalem, which indicates one glorious coming event: the Crusades will be revived, and the Final Crusade will occur.

What is very sad, though, is that the Muslim world still has the spirit of jihad, and we in the West are still stuck in the mindset of the Enlightenment, in which the idea of Holy War or a Crusade is mocked and seen as lunacy, and where secular wars are praised over religious wars.

MOST significantly, the question becomes: what the hell are Israel’s leaders going to do about Turkey’s declaration of war? But the fact that said query even has to be asked in the first place, more than attests to the abysmal state of (strategic) affairs within Israel’s leadership!

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10 thoughts on “Turkey’s War Cry To Capture Jerusalem: Erdogan’s Caliphate Prize, Ratchets Up A World War! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. the great “CREATOR” has it all under control adina , things will get bumpy but in the end islam and all of it’s adherents will be exterminated ( so says the bible ) , read the book of obadiah and amos 1:11,12 )

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  3. The issues here are more complex than what is mentioned in the Holy Bible. The Jewish People are totally divided on the Israel question as more and more Jews support the most anti semitic President in US history, and less and less support for the State of Israel. In Israel itself, there are major divisions looming that may destroy the State from within. Instead of dealing with Islam as a cancer that must be destroyed, Israel has chosen the policy of appeasement. The Arab street knows this and plays upon Israeli weakness. Israel needs to present a united front against these Islamic savages, and American Jews need to understand that support for the anti semite at the White House will only promote the future coming of another exile, much like the one that President Lincoln ordered during the War between the States.

  4. They can always try. They can always die. Americans will not tolerate the conquest of Jerusalem by islam. The fur will be flying in 2015. That’s a good thing. America has $1+ billion worth of forward deployed warstocks in Israel. And Bibi has the keys to the bunkers. We are talking about the good stuff, that can be released from 50,000 ft. @1200 kph and strike within 3 meters of the target. Sleep tight Adina. We got this.

  5. Happy New Year, Adina. I have been following the Brandeis debacle. It’s uplifting to find ways around having anything to do with the politically correct trash in most universities now. The William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale has given us a place to support our beliefs. Bless them for having Ayaan Hirsi Ali, after Brandeis wimped out!

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