Islamists Smuggled Into U.S. (ala Texas) Via E. European Cartels: Video Proofs…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


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OMINOUSLY, atop every other national disaster  – accrued via Obama Inc.’s (purposeful) open sesame borders – the entry of Islamic terrorists lies at the epicenter. 

TANGIBLY, many thousands of (non-terror related) illegals pouring into the U.S. – on a non-stop basis – eat away at the nation’s fiber. Inevitably, America will be transformed into a third world country. The regime is counting on it.

HOWEVER, the disasters attributed to their illegal thrust into the heart of America – under the “watchful eyes” of Barack HUSSEIN Obama – will take a number of years to become self-evident, before the full effects are truly felt. A slow and torturous death. Cancerous. Yet, by then, the Betrayer-in-Chief will be reveling in his explosive handiwork from afar.

Just weeks after the Obama administration let more than 37,000 illegal-alien children into the U.S. without health screening, more than 1,000 kids across 10 states have been stricken with a respiratory virus – prompting widespread concerns about a major outbreak sweeping across the nation.

On his Monday show, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh explored the possibility of a link between the flood of illegal aliens and the spread of a severe and rare respiratory virus known as Enterovirus D68, or EV-D68.

“Obama will not tell anybody where all of the children that have crossed the border in the last four months have been relocated to,” Limbaugh said.

“There are a bunch of people who want to know. We had these kids cross the border from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, wherever they came from in Central America, and they were processed real quickly. They were gotten in, gotten out, and they’ve been distributed all over the country. And Obama won’t tell anybody where he put ‘em. … The regime will not announce where they are.”

Limbaugh asked, “Are the two stories related or are they not? Does this sweeping, mysterious virus that’s multiplying across the Midwest, does it have anything to do with it or not? We don’t know. That’s the answer. We just don’t know. But some people think there may be some kind of a connection.”

Another talk-radio giant, Michael Savage, blasted Obama for releasing the illegal-alien children in all 50 states: “This population in America, which once enjoyed the greatest health on earth, is now being devolved into a second-world nation in terms of health because Obama is so corrupt, was so ignorant, was so evil that he’s taken what was once the greatest nation on earth and devolving us into a second nation status.”

Savage, who earned a doctorate in epidemiology at the University of California at Berkeley, declared on his show Monday, “For 20 years, I’ve been trying to warn America about the unscreened immigrants being brought in. Now, of course, it’s coming home to roost and the American people are being lied to by the Centers for Disease Transmission. They used to be the CDC; they’re now the CDT….

THEREFORE, from every rational and patriotic perspective, the notion of encouraging, or even tolerating, unfettered illegal immigration is little more than an agreement (implied or otherwise) to commit national suicide. Mind you, the leadership’s (and surrogates) reasoning is neither here nor there. What matters is the end result – the demise of America.

SO it is with the above in mind that smuggling via cartels, whatever their point of origin, must be viewed, even though stopping them completely will be next to impossible. Nevertheless, we can agree that placing this and that obstacle in their paths will certainly slow them down, and to a more than consequential margin.

IN the main, it is already an established fact: there is a deep nexus between Latin/Central American/Mexican narco-terrorists and smuggling illegals into America.

RANCHERS, their families, and citizens in general, are terrorized by drug cartels. Said gangsters operate, hand-in-glove, with Islamic terrorists seeking to enter America, for whatever price needs to be paid to get the job done. Infiltrating and penetrating. They are deadly serious, as are Obama and Demster comrades, and they will do ANYTHING to “incentivize a tsunami of illegality”. ALARMS along the way, re MS-13 and their narco-terror linkage to Islamic terrorists – Sunni and Shia alike – are blaring at this site.

BUT it wasn’t until an investigation (on this end) into Hezbollah’s (Iran’s proxy terror arm) burgeoning presence in Latin America that the first narco-terror thread emerged. Unexpectedly, these (“follow the jihadi money”) weaving’s led straight back to the nexus between narco-terror and illegal smuggling into America. Imagine that.

Certain subjects hit closer to the gut than others. And this one qualifies as one such direct hit. To be sure, one doesn’t wake up one morning and decide, yes, let’s start “following the money”. Not at all. But things do have to fall into place to bring one aboard.

Some background: in the aftermath of 9/11/01, a concerted sense of personal outrage prevailed, akin to one’s blood boiling. While Americans were literally incinerated by Islamic jihadists, fellow Jews, in Israel, were continually blown to bits on buses, at shopping malls and everywhere in between. Said scenario was certainly not conducive to sitting on the sidelines….with many other pressure points in the mix, duly explained within.

In tandem, an idea was percolating where “following the (jihadi) money” evolved, and it can be found at – It became obvious that being a co-owner of a corporate tax practice could be useful, and not just as a way to comfortably support one’s family. As such, a place where one earns a living could also be utilized for the greater good.

Thus, joining forces with several investigators became a force multiplier with infinite potential. Having more than enough business resource material/access to sift through the financial muck of Islamic jihadi (inter-related !) US non-profit groups, a starting point was born. After much painstaking effort, a treasure trove of goodies was uncovered.

Not only was it galling to witness said abuse of U.S. non-profit tax laws (and their tax violations are ongoing), but upon learning who supported the terror organs (even though it wasn’t readily apparent in the supplementary 990 IRS attachments, but this was where a forensic colonoscopy came in), as well as whose hands the monies ended up in, the findings were more than enough reason to march on.

And this is where Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld intersected…having coming to the realization that a tax practice can only get one so far – even with the IRS Criminal Complaint Division (Newark, NJ) on speed dial and occasional “in-their-face” drop-ins to their headquarters – as such, a main contact who knows her well sent the following research material gratis…and many more droppings along the way – What a “helper”. A very connected fella.

Yet, to understand why she is the master/mistress of the narco-terror domain, see this too – 

So pay rapt attention to the good Doc, housed in the link “certain subjects….”
‘Latin America’s Narco-Terrorism Nexus ‘

the Obama Administration

ALWAYS one who won’t take no for an answer, as well as a tenacious and dogged student, a wealth of info was painstakingly uncovered. This treasure trove (sorry, it can’t be shared publicly), even a decade later, helps to serve as building blocks (to report on) for today’s Eastern Euro connection; one which SOLELY involves smuggling Muslims (Islamists) into America!  

The report on a Houston television news program describes how an Eastern European smuggling connection is being utilized by Muslims wishing to enter the United States through the wide-open border Hussein Obama has provided for them.

Reporter Art Rascon does the investigative work, conducting an on-camera interview with a man he calls Hakim. Hakim is still en route to his final destination, taking cover in a Houston-area safe house for the time being. In addition to the one on-camera interview, Rascon has spoken with nearly two dozen others, who had similar stories to tell.

While Hakim identifies himself as being friendly to the United States, he says there are probably many who make the trip who are not. His safe house is presently the temporary residence of a dozen Muslim illegal aliens, none of whom are known to each other. {blog note: as if he would tell an investigator that he wasn’t “friendly”!}

He says he would not have known if there were an Islamic extremist in their midst on the trip over and there well could have been. He says, “Chances are pretty good” that a whole host of Islamic extremists are coming over, on a regular basis. {blog note: you got that right, Hakim}

Rascon actually met with one of the smuggler ring-leaders in Eastern Europe, who quoted prices and showed him a passport, part of the package price of $21,000 for a covert trip to the U.S.

Their itinerary took the illegals to Belgrade, then to Mexico and the border crossing at Laredo, TX. Central America often plays an important role in the operation because their officials are easily bribed.

For Americans who rest easy at night thinking their country is secure, believing the lies of the illegal alien “president” and his corrupt officials at DHS and DOJ.  This is more evidence that theirs is a false sense of security, that there will be a price to pay for allowing a criminal government to act with impunity to disarm us and allow an enemy that is intent on our destruction into our midst.

There is no doubt that this is part of the preparation for attacks that will be unleashed upon America. The questions lie in the timing, and how strong do we allow our enemy to become before we take corrective action.



TO wit, in the same manner in which Hezbollah’s narco-terror morphs with MS-13 and others, so too Eastern Euro traffickers are deeply in the Islamic fray.

CIA, wherefore art thou hiding?

IN any case, while basically a non-stop goldmine – to the tune of multi-millions lining the pockets of Eastern Euro’s smugglers – cartels are more than willing to deal in whatever illicit traffic comes their way. It ranges from humans, drugs, weapons and bio/chem materials (have this on good authority) etc., just as long as the price is high enough.

INDEED, while some individual smugglers are ideologically in sync with the illegals at hand, money is usually the overriding factor. Criminals of like-mind.

MOST significantly, since we know that the jumping off point, aka dumping ground, is Laredo…to Houston, Texas and so on and so forth, the questions become: where the hell is DHS…local law enforcement too?

On Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told the United States Conference of Mayors the 11 million or so illegal immigrants in the country have earned the right to be citizens,CNS News reported.

HIDE nor hare. Complicit.

7 thoughts on “Islamists Smuggled Into U.S. (ala Texas) Via E. European Cartels: Video Proofs…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. We all should be concerned about the Muslims entering the USA illegally especially if they are armed or are terrorists. My fear along with others is that these terrorists do something that will either endanger many Americans, or kill many Americans. In either case, the scenario doesn’t look very promising.

  2. One additional comment not really related to the above argument: I live close to the Mexican border and on occasion travel into the interior of Mexico usually to Guaymas or Hermosillo. To do that, I must show that I have Mexican car insurance, obtain a permit to travel into Mexico, and because I am traveling to the interior, I must obtain another special permit. All done through different police check points. Yet Mexicans who travel into the USA, do not need to have special and individual car insurance, nor any special permits. Consequently, we in the USA let anyone in regardless of who or whom they are. The Mexicans have it right, by not allowing everyone into their country unless you pay to enter, why can’t we in the States figure that one out?

  3. I lived in Mexico border town, Del Rio Texas from 95-2005. When I heard ‘beheading’ starting up over there.. well, we all know who does THAT… I knew America was pretty much infiltrated. As brutal as the cartels can be, shoot/run WAS more their speed.
    My thoughts (heathen, at the time) at 9/11 ‘IF I were a terrorist I would go to Mexico, learn spanglish, fold my flatbread and call it a taco, replace the pizza hut tablecloth with a baseball cap and walk into America’
    gee, maybe ‘they’ heard me LOL tragic LOL, not funny /0\
    PS NSA I am NOT a terrorist, I am a legacy 2nd generation Legal ( Front door to America, Ellis Island grandparents ) American

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