ISIS, Turkey & The Impending Caliphate:Explosive, Near Critical Mass.History Repeats…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki



WHILE westerners can hardly conceive of Islam’s global ambitions, it is this state of suspended disbelief which also presents a clear and compelling danger. It leaves one mentally defenseless for whatever lies ahead. But never mind all that perplexity, just believe it! Doing so may very well keep your head atop your shoulders. No joking.

READERS, in this regard, you would do well to absorb the following linked pdf – The Global Islamic Civilization: The Power Of A Nation Revived. However, do not ask why this investigative journalist is zeroing in on this particular document. Just know that there is a very good reason for doing so. Regardless, decide if Islamists are deadly serious – or not. It’s your call. Assuredly, knowing a thing or two about their operational methods/goals, a decision was made with related contacts – at the inception of this site – to warn about certain matters.

ADDITIONALLY, and along these same lines, Erdogan’s quest to resurrect the Ottoman Empire takes center stage at these pages. Prescient. So very soon into this minefield it became overwhelmingly clear: regardless of how much blood they have to spill to achieve their Brotherhood goals, Erodgan (and requisite Brotherhood leaders) will not be deterred. Guaranteed, Turkey’s thrust – with ISIS/Brotherhood as their partners – will reverberate FAR beyond its borders. All of the above is irrespective of Turkey’s inclusion into NATO in 1952. As always, Islamic supremacists behave as ingrates. 

BASICALLY, it is equally intrinsic not to be distracted by the so-called tug of war between Turkey and ISIS. It is nothing short of a smokescreen. Good cop vs bad cop, one of the oldest ploys/plays around. Oh yeah.

DEMONSTRABLY, various commentaries were written, and 2 major interviews were given, all of which highlighted said plans and its precipitous dangers for the west.  Barack HUSSEIN Obama is deeply in the fray.

READERS, take note:



Note One:

BACK in April 2014 it was further exposed: the Jew-hating, anti-western Erdogan is plotting with the Brotherhood to lead the Caliphate. This is a done deal.

Note Two:

IN a nutshell, Erdogan is doing whatever it takes to fulfill his aspiration from being Caliph-in-Waiting to Caliph! Afterwards, the west will (sooner or later) have to submit to the pagan Allah and that is that. This is irrespective of Turkey’s NATO membership. Dare it be repeated: ingrates.

Note Three:

AND you would be wrong, if you thought that the leader of the free world wasn’t on board!

ENTER: the Turkish-Islamic Union & Adnan Oktar!

Understanding Egypt: Understanding the caliphate (part II)


AH HA… Adnan Oktar has been a focal point at this site for very good reason. He is Erdogan’s/Turkey’s svengali, entry point, open sesame, into the Jewish/Israeli arena. Oh, what a tangled web they weave…

Wolff Bachner: In addition to Erdogan, there is another prominent Turkish Islamic leader who has been quite involved in Stealth Jihad. Who is Adnan Oktar and what is he doing to enable Islamic conquest and undermine the state of Israel?

Adina Kutnicki: Adnan Oktar enters into the Stealth Jihad arena under the protective umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even so, one can be forgiven for not knowing and asking: who is Adnan Oktar? and why does he matter? Furthermore, aren’t there other well known Islamic Brotherhood mouthpieces to report on? Yes and no.

As to the “who”…first and foremost, Adnan Oktar is a highly valued, well connected Turkish Muslim Brotherhood operative, as duly reported within The Global Muslim Brotherhood Report. He is most well known for his brushes (decades worth) with the Turkish legal system, as well as his (more recent) incessant push towards Turkish “creationism”, which is basically a foil for their authentic agenda – the implementation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Now, his harping on “creationism” only matters due to the fact that he plies it to wedge and insert himself into media arenas. Circus-like. Call it his “shtick”.

Yes, there are too many Brotherhood actors to cite, but there are not enough hours in a day. But for the fact that Adnan Oktar is a “special” case, therein lies his singular status. For our purposes, he is top dog. Patience, dear readers.

Wolff Bachner: As part of his effort to present Islam as a peaceful, modern faith that considers all religions to be equal, Oktar has used a group of rather voluptuous women to promote his ideas. These young, buxom, heavily made up “Barbie Dolls” appear on talk shows and at public events to promote Oktar’s agenda. What is going on here? Isn’t it forbidden for Muslim women to flaunt their sexuality?

Adina Kutnicki: Ah ha…you grabbed onto his sidekicks – more accurately, his harem – and gave them all due props through your visual descriptors. How many westerners are really familiar with a group of kitten-like, pin-up worthy, busty Turkish bombshells? Well, if not, I suggest readers catch up to speed, but certainly do not become enamored or distracted – male readers, I’m referring to you! To be sure, it is not as if hyping overt sexuality is newsworthy in the west, but the outward appearance of these Turkish kittens masks a far more sinister agenda than strutting their smoldering stuff. I kid you not. And, whereas western nymphets have been known to pimp themselves for monetary gain, Oktar’s lovelies are (mainly) in it for “Sexual Jihad”. Say what?.…..

Adnan Oktar's Women

Wolff Bachner: Among his many other activities, Adnan Oktar also spends a great deal of time using the media to present his ideology to the world. What is “Building Bridges and how is Oktar exploiting inter-faith dialogue to accomplish his goals?

Adina Kutnicki: Wolff, you touched upon their direct nerve center, and it is indeed a media weapon. It is a tv/general media conglomerate called “Building Bridges” – A9 TV.

At first blush, you gotta hand it to them, naming their TV station with such a sweet, innocent sounding connotation, yes, it is a work of genius; the building of (ideological/religious) bridges. What could be more friendly than that? A serpent’s bite.

Not to be a spoil sport, but the Muslim Brotherhood (under whose wings the above TV channel soars) is a subject I know intimately and expend a great deal of energy, time and resources exposing. The fact that I became involved with this particular issue, regarding Adnan Oktar, through a back-handed channel (something which doesn’t happen often on this end), doesn’t obviate what has been unearthed. Of ultimate consequence were the findings, developed with the assistance of several highly capable “helping hands”. A treasure trove.

Relevant documents and indictments against Adnan Oktar and crew are plentiful, but a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. Consider: the main impetus of their message is “reconciliation” through “peace”, “understanding” and “harmony”. Well and good. Who in their right mind isn’t interested in such good intentions? Those of us who know better, that’s who.

NO sooner than it takes Oktar’s “ladies” to bat their false eyelashes, they turn around and aim to strike, that is, if you dare to question their “messaging”. Talk about being two-faced, hot-tempered and schizophrenic. Read on.

Woff Bachner: In addition to building his own media empire, Oktar has spent a great deal of energy and influence to manipulate the media in Israel and other Western nations. What is Oktar up to and how much damage has he already done to Israel’s fragile international image?

Who is helping him among the Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews and why are they helping him?……

Adina Kutnicki: Adding to the threat level, the following venomous message was sent, all for daring to counter the positions of Oktar and his “lovelies”. To wit, in Arabic, from the same producer, then translated into English via a “helper”:

“قريب ستعلمون مدى ظلمكم وحقارت طباعكم تجاه اهل ارض فلسطين من المسلمين والنصارى يا يهود احذفو قناتي احذفو ردودي ولكن اعلموا ان اهل الارض اجتمعت على بغضكم وعرفوا انكم سفاكين لدم ارهابيين تقتلون النساء والاطفال العزل بالطائرات انتم تعلمون انكم ما انتم الا مجموعة سفله قتله مخربين اعداء للإنسانية ويلكم من الله ياويلكم من نار ستحرقكم في الآخرة”

And its translation is:

“the land of Palestine is to the Palestinians – you should be out of the land of Palestine – the land of Palestine is for Muslims and Christians – you are killing women and children – the Jews have no mercy – but in the future – we expel you from the land of Palestine, and this will happen soon”……

AS previously revealed (via multiple commentaries…resultant, explicit threats warned: shut the hell up…too close for their comfort), Oktar’s key value lies within his ability to sweet talk a particular cadre of Jews. Some sit in the most sensitive positions in Israeli circles, both elected and non-elected. Others are threatened to “soften up/pave” the ground for Jerusalem’s conquest! Yes, the Jewish people’s thousands year old capital, Jerusalem/Zion, is at the epicenter of their plan. How many do they intend to slaughter as a result? As many as it takes…

Adnan Oktar’s vision of a Turkish-led Islamic Union…a closely connected MB operative in Turkey…he is Allah-bent on helping to install Erdogan as Caliph!

THIS blogger has never laid claim to being a “prophet”. Such an assertion would be patently outlandish, especially for someone whose feet are firmly planted in reality. Grounded…regardless of the costs.

YES, there is great value in collaborating with professionals whose expertise is second to none. Therefore, more often than not, this site’s geo-political strategic prognostications are spot on. Besides, hardly a solo operation. In addition, related interviews have proven to be a foreshadowing. 

BUT before we dissect said forecasts, the reality is that PM Erodgan is now President Erdogan, moving him one step closer to his goal – Islam’s Caliph. Moreover, below, we shall see how his BFF, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has stealthily cheered him on, as any committed Islamist is wont to do…..

BACK to the “news”…the thesis: Erdogan, ISIS & Caliphate/Ottoman Empire Designs Explode! History Repeats. Consequentially, ISIS is advancing at the (Turkish) Tomb of the Grandfather of the Founder of the Ottoman Empire!

To ISIS and Turkey its their Islamic eschatology being fulfilled so that Erdogan’s ultimate dream is achieved in order to revive the sick man of Europe and recreate a sicker Islamic empire and Dabiq is they key to revert back the clock to when Sultan Selim I conquered Syria and then Egypt in order to complete the Ottoman conquest of the Middle East.

They are doing this regardless that the top secret plot was uncovered when a secret recording leaked of the highest officials discussing the plan to launch a military aggression on Syria by using ISIS to blow up the tomb who was buried in Aleppo near Dabiq.

Erdogan wants a repeat of that history so he can proclaim himself Selim I and Sulaiman The Magnificiant andMuhammad II Al-Fateh,  (Muhammad the Conqueror). Al-Fatih is significant in the Muslim mindset since the first Muhammad, the prophet of Islam when he proclaimed Islam as he was the “Fatih” (conqueror) of Mecca. Muhammad II was also a Fatih of Constantinople and so Erdogan wants to be the Fatih (conqueror) and The Third Muhammad if you will, the Sultan (ruler) who fulfills all the greatest Sultans put together……

IN line with said Caliphate push, Turkey “converted” {read: bulldozed} the 9th Hagia Sofia Church into a mosque! Why? Rhetorical.

AS always, when dealing with matters relating to Islamic world domination, remove all preconceived western paradigms. Take off your blinders. Think outside the (western) box and norm. Thus, place yourselves into the mindset of 7th century (or thereabouts) warlords, then apply everything you learned at this site regarding Islamic jihad. Afterwards, think back to all the recent gruesome killings committed under the banner of “Allāhu Akbar” (الله أكبر), “God is [the] greatest,” or “God is great”, each and every time they commit barbaric acts in their pagan’s name. Nihilistic.

NOW, aren’t the dangers manifestly clear, when understanding full well that nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop their quest to dominate the world via Islam, as Orwellian as it sounds to western ears?


Islamophobia - 4

YES, living as their predecessors centuries ago…a drop in the (historical) bucket to Islamic supremacists! 

AGAIN, keep your eyes peeled towards Turkey!

SMOKE and mirrors….




14 thoughts on “ISIS, Turkey & The Impending Caliphate:Explosive, Near Critical Mass.History Repeats…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

    • Indeed, some are blackmailed. And there is proof of this! This proof was found over the past 3 months, even though it was suspected a while back…but never mind.

      Much of it has to do with sexual blackmail, whereby foolish Israelis (some from the diaspora too) met with Okatar for “peace” lullabies, only to be lured into the typical “honey trap”, and then blackmailed in the process. But for others it is pure graft. Either way, some are working towards exposing the dangers…

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