TODAY, being Yom Hazikaron – יום הזכרון – Israeli Memorial Day, it is entirely befitting to reveal the part(s) played by Israel’s demented, delusional left in the deaths of many of its Jewish citizens, and a small portion of its minority citizens too. Truth dare be told, if NOT for their fealty to “peace at all costs”, Israel’s graveyards would not be littered with so many lost souls. Their “sacrifices for peace”…the actual, tangible, palpable life and death costs of appeasement. 

IN this regard, outsiders looking in can’t help but query, as they often do at this blog:what the hell is wrong with Israel’s leaders? Are they serially incompetent or delusional, as they attempt, ad infinitum, to make “peace” with those who have sworn to kill their people? Well, the tragic answer is:they are both! The following is more than indicting:Into the fray: Mainstreaming treason? Read it and weep.

WHILE the evidence is overwhelming that Abbas’s PA/Fatah terror led junta – birthed by the godfather of suicide terrorism, “Chairman” Arafat – are in-veritable  anti-semites and Israel haters, Israel’s leaders veer from hope to despair that somehow, someway, one day (in far off fantasy land, and over countless dead and maimed Jewish bodies) “peace” will be birthed. Their delusional pendulum swings in so many directions an onlooker can emerge with serious signs of whiplash. Now, just imagine how Zionists feel, especially those living in Israel! Walk a mile in our shoes….the angst…heartaches…disappointments…humiliations, to just name a few descriptors.

YET, while kowtowing to Washington accounts for some of their “peace” hysteria, it’s certainly not the whole picture. Not by a long shot. They have many leftist inner demons to conquer. Vanquish. Are they capable of reversing course? This jury says no, despite the most recent (out of countless) “obstacle” to “peace”. Simply put, they are also addicted to the “process”!

Even Leftist Ministers May Agree to Stop Talks

Diplomacy-security cabinet meets for key discussion of ‘peace process’ after Fatah-Hamas unity agreement announced.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 4/24/2014

The inner cabinet forum known as the Diplomacy-Security Cabinet will convene Thursday to discuss the reconciliation announcement by the Ramallah-based PalestinianAuthority (PA) and Gaza-based Hamas.

Even the government’s most fervent believer in the “peace process,” Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who heads the negotiations team, appeared flummoxed by the latest events Wednesday. “This is a very problematic development, which harms the peace efforts that have been going on intensively and the chance that was only created recently,” she said. “The reconciliation agreement that [PA chief] Abu Mazen signed with Hamas is a bad step that casts a heavy shadow on the possibility of advancing in the talks,” she wrote on Facebook.

Livni clarified that no negotiation with Hamas is possible as long as Hamas does not recognize Israel.

Yair Lapid, who has been a vocal proponent of the “peace process,” also sounded less than optimistic Wednesday. “Hamas is not a government,” he said, “it is a jihadi terror organization with a stated goal of killing civilians – women, children, old people – only because they are Jews.”

“How do you want to reach an agreement with us,” he asked, “when you have just signed an agreement with the people who swore to kill us? How do you want to establish a state alongside us, with these people? What kind of state do you want to establish? Or maybe they do not really want to?”

Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, insisted Wednesday that the reconciliation with Hamas does not contradict the peace process with Israel, and that it will bolster his standing in the Palestinian Arab public.

MOST significantly, the onus lies atop Israel’s delusional fantasists. Therefore, their peace/death delusions must be exposed in plain view:

Peace/Death Delusion One:

HOW depressing is it to also realize that ones leaders are less than rational and hardly trustworthy:Israel’s leaders possess an achilles heel;serial mendacity morphs with besieged mentalities. A road to national, serial disaster.

Peace/Death Delusion Two:

BUT what exactly has resulted from their criminal delusions? Yes, delusions can maintain an element of criminality:peace-obsessed leadership commit crimes against Jewish national sovereign rights, and in contravention of Israel’s penal code too!

Peace/Death Delusion Three:

IN this regard, rational leaders should be capable of looking back at constant error, learning their requisite lessons. However, Israel’s resident poohbahs NEVER do:Oslo’s authentic truth, and what it has cost the nation; the Jewish people!

DESPITE all of the above, what’s to be done? Well, if any hope is to be found, look no further than to the policy prescriptions elucidated by Israel’s foremost strategic policy analyst: Presenting, A Strategic-Based Policy Interview With Dr. Martin Sherman.

The Israel Institute for Strategic Studies is where the answers lie. The rest of the “prescriptions” – little more than DANGEROUS hooey and phooey!

Israel’s demented left agrees with the following too…yes, they do!



  1. Thanks Adina! The only solution I can think of is to keep up the criticism. It seems to be having some effect finally.

  2. well, a little light starts to shine

    DM Yaalon was talking at a memorial yesterday and mentioned “price tag”, yes, along with the murdered people of Israel we have to hear about “price tag” and how the idiot government will not tolerate the murder of a car tire… whoopee

    people there complained about it afterwards to the media that it was so out of place and how can you put these two issues in the same sentence

    Bibi was giving his usual charm speech today and then someone called out why are you releasing murderers.. of course Bibi ignored him and went on about painful concessions, may the pain be coming to him and his traitors very soon, so they can too enjoy the pain they inflict on am Yisrael

    a father wrote a letter to his son and told him don’t follow the idiotic commands of the army and endanger yourself, and I, your father, will support you as I myself have faced the same situation many, many, many times

    one voice here, one voice there, but better than the normal silence. and maybe one by one , the nation will stop swallowing the propoganda

  3. Adina
    Excellent take on the delusions of the liberals, accomodationists and appeasers.
    I can remember the days of yore when those who refused to live in, and deal with, reality were considered to be severely mentally ill. Now they flaunt their hallucinations.

    “Give Hitler the Sudetenland and I’m sure he will be satisfied.”

    Also, I join with you and other Israelis in saluting your fallen heroes and in grieving for the victims of terrorists on this “Day of Rememberance.” “

  4. Thank you, Adina, for your dedication. I cannot imagine what will happen to Israel and the USA if we continue down this leftist road. Today’s big news is Obama will continue his irresponsible use of presidential privilege. God help us all.

  5. The radical left is evil incarnate, so there is no point in trying to reason with them, any more than there was any point in trying to reason with Trotsky. The radical leftists should be sent into exile, like Trotsky was, to meet their fate in foreign lands.

  6. The Algorithmic Analyst has the solution. Send these idiots into exile where the goyim can beat the shit out of them. We don’t need the trash.


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