Harry Reid behind BLM land grab of Bundy Ranch




A snake-in-the-grass of the human kind can be much more lethal than those found in the animal kingdom. How so? Well, only a poisonous snake can do you in, while the rest are just slippery and slithery-like creatures. NOT so with a certain segment of humans, if they can even be characterized as such.

Think of it this way: when one holds the reins of the free world, or is close enough to those who do, how much damage can accrue, if one is less than an honest broker and a radical leftist to boot? Exactly. Few recognize the mega power held by mousy-looking Reid, a snake par excellence. This creature is not your average American grandpa!

And the fact that he has been in power for close to 3 decades – not unlike many of his glued to their seats counterparts – he is emblematic of the rot in Congress, screaming for term limits!!

Harry Reid
Harry Reid official portrait 2009.jpg
United States Senator
from Nevada
Assumed office
January 3, 1987

But, really now, does anyone believe that Congress will restrain their own power, to wit, to do the right thing and institute term limits? Do pigs fly?

On the other hand, a large segment of patriots have awoken to the internal dangers, aptly coined – the rot within. And, there are so many to name, a veritable smorgasbord of inequity, it will take too long to pen. Regardless, a sleeping giant of patriotic Americans are placing their own lines in the sand. More accurately, boots (some literally, others….) are being implanted on the Bundy Ranch! But why is this even necessary?

Necessity One:

Even though a “sneak attack” hasn’t materialized, Obama’s goons are, rest assured, making plans. Therefore, a “red alert” is still in place: Bundy Ranch still a target!

Necessity Two:

Yet who in their right – no pun intended – mind believes that sparks were lit over unpaid “grazing” fees, “endangered” specie protection, or some such clap trap? Only the willfully blind, deluded and radical left – that’s who. Indeed, a two-prong thrust was (still is) involved: their catalyst to start a civil war, and to grab said land in the process! Yes, Reid’s mega financial deals are in the works…Chinese promises to fulfill…Monstrous.

Besides, when was the last – or first – time that a FED army presence deployed at the nation’s southern borders to protect citizens from dangerous infiltrators? NEVER & NEVER. And, whatever happened to U.S. hyper-muscle, its (army/special ops) cavalry, when Benghazigate erupted. NOWHERE to be found! Why? Because they had orders to “stand down”! So, anyone who still believes in the dangerous lies put forth by Obama & gang, well, take your head(s) out of the sand…the toilet…wherever…

Not only that, to top it off, there is a subtext to the struggle against a VORACIOUS land grabbing Fed:This land is whose land? Nevada ranch standoff reveals bigger fight over federally owned land.

As a result of the above, “battle lines” have been drawn…

Reid Bunkerville LLC Exposed:Is This Why The Bundy Ranch Was Targeted?

(Before It’s News Exclusive) Public land records obtained by Before It’s News show a corporate entity partially owned by Senator Harry Reid is the owner of over 93 acres of undeveloped land within several miles of the Clliven Bundy ranch. Reid Bunkerville, LLC is listed as the current owner of four parcels of land on the west side of Bunkerville are within several miles of the Bundy ranch. This area appears to be slated for development in the future.


While this will be explained, parcels numbers provided along with ownership proof, it is encouraged for everyone reading to go through the information, the documents provided, visit the links and come to their own conclusions, because this is just the data from public records.


It tells a story of a man, Cliven Bundy, seemingly in the way of some lucrative business deals.


Below are the parcel numbers of land which the Clark County Assessors Office lists as owned by Reid Bunkerville, LLC, who coincidentally updated their company records on April 17, 2014. The parcel map with ownership data will be shown for the three parcels Reid Bunkerville, LLC owns,  below the linked parcel numbers.


REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-901 #002-26-301-002

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-004

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-005

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001





To put some of this into context and to provide readers a starting point on why parcels and ownership listings are not only important but should be researched extensively, please note that three of those four parcel numbers above are listed as Bunkerville jurisdiction, where Mr. Cliven Bundy’s ranch is located.


Parcels above and below are listed as owned by USA, jurisdiction listed as Mesquite, two examples of that shown below.


USA #002-26-202-001

USA #002-26-301-001


The last one listed above for Reid Bunkerville, LLC, (REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001) directly borders another parcel in Bunkerville, and shows the “owner” as Bureau of Land Management (BLM), not the USA as the examples above are.


REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001






According to descriptions of the BLM, their job is to “administer” or “manage” public lands, yet they are listed as “owners” of the parcel directly connected to the Reid Bunkerville parcel.


It is also noteworthy that a Google map from Mesquite Nevada, through Bunkerville, down to Riverside, goes up to a fully functional and built intersection that loops back around to Mesquite, shown in the image below.



Zoning and development are driven by “business loops”, which use high speed intersections from freeways that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. These can instantly raise property values for landowners in the right place who know where the development is going to happen. Decisions for the infrastructure are controlled by state and local and generally involve money from the federal government.


Below is a comprehensive report of properties owned by Reid Bunkerville Trust and Reid Bunkerville LLC, showing over 30 properties in the Bunkerville and Mesquite area.

Reid Bunkerville by Susan Duclos

In the video below a Bundy neighbor claims he was threatened, then the BLM carried out those threats to force him off his land, exactly what BLM and Harry Reid are being accused of doing to Cliven Bundy.

WAY past time to choose sides. Either you are with those who side with America’s patriots, or you stand alongside the aforementioned snake(s) in the grass. Straddling in the middle is no longer an option, at least for those who are loathe to be called cowards. Not only that, whatever shakes out, one owns their position or lack thereof. That’s a fact. Where it’s at.




  1. Fantastic, Adina. You know more and report more than anyone in this Country. Correction on the snake…should have been a Diamond Back rattler, more venomous !!!! Love you, and God Bless you!!

  2. gvjane, well, “I be” flattered at your compliment.

    As mentioned on several occasions, I couldn’t do what I do without my “well endowed” contacts…sans their tidbits, I would surely drown in all the geo-political muck! And that goes for the U.S. and Israel!

  3. Bundy is an old geezer, much like me. When I was a kid in the legendary Eisenhower ’50’s, Negro was a polite term, not the bad term n****rs,

    Thanks, Adina, for all the work. It is obvious that the slimebag Harry Reid thought he could take out Bundy and then get millions for himself and his retarded son from the “Chicoms,” as Rush Limbaugh calls them.. Beneath contempt.

    For those who don’t know – Bundy’s main bodyguard is an ex-Marine who says he will take a bullet for Bundy and views him as a grandpa. Oh…and the bodyguard is black.

    I have nothing but contempt for the federal thugs who like to play “soldiers.” M16s, they get to march in groups, cool helmets. Probably the same as the draft dodgers who really hated those commies while in colleges in the USA while I was getting shot at every day on a river patrol boat in Vietnam.

    Keep up the good work, Adina. As those of us who fish for catfish in the Platte River in Nebraska say, “You are a keeper!”

    And for all you PC idiots out there, I am NOT comparing Jewish women to fishes. However, I must admit that both species look quite good when wet, especially the ones wearing bikinis.

    Well…time for warm milk and bed. Being a 66 year old retired attorney/professor/Vet ain’t for sissies.

  4. Don, no worries. I have been compared to many things, and a catfish is a step up! There are so many who want to quiet me down they really believe – they must be on meds – that talking smack about me will make a dent! Oh dear…
    I have been “playing” in the big leagues for some time and little rattles me. But when it does, I have contacts who know how to “take care of business”. They have my back, and span from the U.S. to Israel.
    Thanks for the heads up!


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