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Do you think a second Holocaust against Jews is coming?

EVERY now and again there exists a few who emit clarion calls, whose messages resonate to a degree that others can’t. Such is the case with the following young woman, Chloe Valdary. Fraught with passion, knowledge and an impending sense of urgency, to listen to her speak [] is akin to hearing a wailing siren. Goosebumps. With complete clarity, she warns of today’s resurgent anti-semitism, almost Casandra-like. She evokes the clearest comparison of today’s rising tide of global anti-semitism, to the precursor of Hitler in 1933. Bravo!

Mind you, for all her courageous efforts, the usual attack dogs (rabid leftist Jew-boys in tow) joined in for a gang bang, and Legal Insurrection came to her defense. Thank heavens. Can you believe the brazen chutzpah of the left and their Islamist cohorts? View this. You decide.

We have featured Tulane University student Chloé Simone Valdary before.

We highlighted a great video Valdary produced for a pro-Israel event to be held at Tulane.

For that effort, Valdary was attacked by the usual suspects like Max Blumenthal, as being an Israel Lobby paid stooge. As Lori Lowenthal Marcus reports, the event Valdaray promoted took place with great success in late March, attended by over 400 pro-Israel students.

But there has been a more sinister angle to the attacks on Valdary, as we highlighted in out post about The ugly, repugnant attack on a pro-Israel black American student, including a series of nasty racialized tweets by Richard Silverstein, like this one:

Is race behind the attacks on Valdary? Yes, says an op-ed column in The NY Post by Anthony Hardy Williams, the Democratic whip in the Pennsylvania state Senate, whose father worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and broke the color barrier at Penn State, The racism of the Israel-bashers:


The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement against Israel is often seen as progressive — so it’s astounding to see its supporters turn to racism.

The latest target: Chloé Simone Valdary, an African-American undergraduate at the University of New Orleans and founder of the Allies of Israel Association.

Valdary recently wrote an article criticizing the Jewish Museum’s decision to invite Judith Butler, a University of California, Berkeley professor and outspoken BDS supporter to speak — an invitation Butler at first accepted, then declined.

BDS supporters’ response to Valdary was vile. Activist Zaid Jilani tweeted, “Non-jew [Chloé Valdary] smears famous Jewish academic as ally of Hitler,” then mocked her outspoken stand against anti-Semitism. (Jilani, by the way, was ousted from a liberal think tank last year for use of what his boss called “terrible anti-Semitic language.”)

Then there was Max Blumenthal, a former writer for the pro-Hezbollah Al Akhbar newspaper. (The Nation found Blumenthal’s recent book notable for its “equation of Israel with Nazis.”) He tweeted that Valdary is “beyond sickening” and “irrationally hateful” — and a “non-Jew” who represents “the future of Zionism.” ….

I’ve seen this too many times before: a supposed “progressive” stepping on the backs of African-Americans, then walking away as if the pain he’s inflicted is different from that caused by any other racist. Why should such hate speech go unchallenged, just because it’s cloaked as criticism of Israel?

As a civil-rights activist and leader in the African-American community, I’m exceptionally disturbed to discover that the response to this attack on Valdary has been subdued, almost nonexistent.

There is a reason the BDS movement goes after non-white supporters of Israel with a particular vengeance, including not just blacks but also Native Americans.

As we witnessed at Vassar recently, trying to racialize the dispute on campuses is a key strategy of the BDS movement.

BDS feeds off racial division, hoping that in a race war non-whites on campus will side with BDS. And if it needs to create those divisions, it will.

Don’t let BDS win. Stand with Chloé Simone Valdary.

OMINOUSLY, there are no shortage of indicators, as to the raging tide of anti-semitism, even though Islamists continually exhort: “Islamophobia” places Muslims in grave danger in the west! Agreed, they slaughter one another all over Islamic lands, but this is an internecine, tribal-related struggle, it has NOTHING to do with the west. On the other hand, they shamefacedly opine: Jews are barely targeted! They lie as easily as they breathe, taqiyya gives them Shariah cover. Hmm.

Indicator One:

International forums are hardly sympathetic to the explosive tide of Jew-hatred, even as they opine otherwise, designating this and that (useless) “committee” and “remembrance” sops to “combat” anti-semitism. Moreover, Sec Kerry is demonstrably pro Muslim. No arguments to the contrary will change this dangerous calculus. Nevertheless, certain indicators have forced relevant poohbahs to concede to ground-based facts. To wit, despite their usual lip service, this was admitted to:

The International Religious Freedom Report, revealed on Monday (May 2013) by US State Secretary John Kerry, states that there has been a “continued global increase in anti-Semitism.” It adds: “Holocaust denial and glorification remained troubling themes, and opposition to Israeli policy at times was used to promote or justify blatant anti-Semitism.”

According to the report, the greatest concern stems from the anti-Semitic statements by government officials, religious leaders and the media, especially in Venezuela, Egypt and Iran. The report noted that the phenomenon is spreading in France and Hungary despite state efforts to fight it.

 Indicator Two:

The rise of global anti-semitism is such that it is hard to ignore, even at the most unlikely places, public broadcasting. Its perches (in the U.S. too) are not known to sympathize with Jewish issues: Canada’s CBC placed it front and center.

Indicator Three:

One can go on and on to document the menace, but various gauges should serve as prima facie evidence. Consequentially, this one is duly notable: Jews flee France as anti-semitism rises!

Most tellingly, how ingrained is anti-semitism throughout Europe, so much so that Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Euro basketball win sparked insane amounts of anti-semitic torrents – twitter-like!

And yet, thankfully, this is not 1933, the Jewish people have returned “home” and are in possession of a very powerful, yet tiny sliver of land. However, this American-Israeli prefers to see things as they are, not to live in fantasy land.

Concomitantly, what does it help to have the most advanced weaponry, a full nuclear arsenal – yes, we all know that Israel is a nuclear state – a highly competent, hi-tech equipped standing army, if the leadership are more terrified of international “disapproval” than anything else? Meaning, leftism and its delusions have taken a concerted toll, therefore, for over 2 terms in office, Israel’s PM has allowed the fate of the nation to fall in line with Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s dictates!  

Significantly, to those who prefer to bury their head(s) in the sand, what other proofs are they looking for, in order to spur them into action? Tragically, rather than accept that they too have to take a stand and rise up, they deny reality. For shame. Never mind the usual insidious suspects; individuals (groups/entities) who are complicit in inciting to another Holocaust!

So, at the very least, this courageous young woman (and a paltry few others like her) deserves all of our gratitude for being such a clear messenger. Intrinsically, her efforts are much more valiant and harder to accomplish, as she essentially swims against the rising tide of haters in her midst. Kudos!

Dear readers, imagine how hard it is for any young person, a Black female no less, to go against the grain, with so many hostile voices attempting to drown out, to silence, said truth telling! Therefore, this American-Israeli sends Chloe many thumbs up. Virtual hugs too. This site’s readership should consider doing the same.


  1. I been ranting this for years. ISLAM is out to kill the Jews, and the [F] left is behind it. Obama Kerry, and Clinton. And those Jewish Billionaires like Soros and Bloombag are KAPOS!!! NOT ME..

  2. Thanks Adina!

    In USA, of course, “progressive” means “radical left” (maybe “Trotskyite” even 🙂

    The misuse of the term “progressive” is just one more example (out of a countless number of examples) of abuse of language for political reasons 😦

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