Time to spill the beans or 'go down in flames' Lois.

Lois Lerner, infamous IRS stooge…

It is not often – in fact, when has it ever happened? – that a major Congressional hearing intersects with explosive info gleaned from a person who is also charging, albeit in an “indirect” manner, the POTUS with conspiring with a terrorist org – the Muslim Brotherhood!

To be sure, such is the case with the most corrupt admin in U.S. (and this is not an easy feat, to choose among so many admins) history, as Obama Inc. is embroiled in so many scandals it is hard to keep track. Their craven, illegal actions leaves one breathless.

NOW, before we go any further, delving into both the IRS’s penchant towards approving tax exempt status to terror-connected orgs, as well as linking Malik Obama’s trail herein, suffice it to say: yes, when this American-Israeli “tracked the jihadi money” via many hydra-related 990 forms (EZ and full blown ones) plus other avenues of interest, some of the instant tip offs to their illegal business was often found within very simple arenas. For the record, the usage of MULTIPLE addresses for the same org, as well as utilizing the same EIN number (Employer Identification Number) by MULTIPLE front groups under the umbrella of the designated org of interest, is like a neon sign . How brazen can they be? Very.

In this regard, let us first peer back into the initial IRS scandal. Afterwards, we will segue into the POTUS’s bro’, the main reason why Lois Lerner’s (eventually compelled) testimony will sink Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Not only will she blow the POTUS’s cover, but her illegal actions, regarding Conservative and Zionist oriented groups, will unmask her intimate (IRS) involvement with Malik Obama, a Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda linked operative!

As to IRSgate, their own Chief Counsel’s involvement helps to implicate the Lawbreaker-in-Chief and there is little wiggle room to deny said fact.

The chief counsel’s office for the Internal Revenue Service, headed by a political appointee of President Obama, helped develop the agency’s problematic guidelines for reviewing “tea party” cases, according to a top IRS attorney.

To make matters even starker and more incendiary for the regime in Washington, consider the damage done by smokin’ hot emails:

Embattled Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner and an attorney in the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel’s office appear to have twice colluded to influence the record before the FEC’s vote in the case of a conservative non-profit organization, according to e-mails unearthed by the House Ways and Means Committee and obtained exclusively by National Review Online. The correspondence suggests the discrimination of conservative groups extended beyond the IRS and into the FEC, where an attorney from the agency’s enforcement division in at least one case sought and received tax information about the status of a conservative group, the American Future Fund, before recommending that the commission prosecute it for violations of campaign-finance law. Lerner, the former head of the IRS’s exempt-organizations division, worked at the FEC from 1986 to 1995, and was known for aggressive investigation of conservative groups during her tenure there, too.

Okay now, if the above isn’t indicting enough, along comes the POTUS’s terror-soaked bro’, and this charge is not up for debate:MALIK OBAMA, OBAMA’s (CLOSELY CONNECTED) HALF BRO’ OUTED AS AL-QAEDA OPERATIVE.HOW DOES THIS “NEWS” LINK BACK TO OBAMA? 

Back to the IRS…

New Inconsistencies with Malik Obama’s IRS Paperwork Revealed on Eve of Hearing

by  on March 4, 2014
Barack H. Obama Foundation’s tax exempt status approved on a Sunday
**SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE** – VIDEO!As the scheduled March 5th House Oversight Committee Hearing draws closer, the man who filed complaint No. 1761/2013 against Malik Obama – Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid – is sending a fax to Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, along with members Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan, notifying them of even more disturbing inconsistencies. Many of these inconsistencies involve former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, Lois Lerner, who is scheduled to appear before the committee.Time to spill the beans or ‘go down in flames’ Lois.For starters, the date stamped at the top of the Barack H. Obama Foundation’s 501(c)(3) approval letter which bears Lerner’s signature, is dated June 26, 2011. That day was on a Sunday. This new revelation comes after it’s been known that Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) received expeditious and potentially illegal tax exempt status from Lerner when the approval was backdated by 38 months. That this approval was granted on a Sunday raises more questions.This is where Ebeid comes in. Within a few short hours of this posting, Ebeid will be faxing the following letter to Issa, Gowdy, and Jordan. Each one of their offices will receive this information approximately 24 hours before the hearing is convened (click on image to view letter):Malik Obama's Foundation granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.Malik Obama’s Foundation granted 501(c)(3) status on a Sunday.Lest anyone point to the possibility that the 501(c)(3) approval letter is actually a fraud, it is worth noting that the letter in question is posted on the official BHOF website.In addition to this new finding, it’s been learned that there are three addresses associated with the BHOF. Something else worth pointing out is the address for BHOF at the top of that approval letter:4301 N. Carlin Springs Road Arlington, VA 22203. The 2010 IRS Form 990 is date stamped on June 13, 2011 as being received by the Ogden, UT office, just 13 days prior to the approval letter. The address for the Foundation is handwritten as follows:4201 Wilson Blvd., Suite 110-152 Arlington, VA 22203Malik_Obama_990As for the third mailing address associated with BHOF, the website Charity Check 101 identifies a BHOF foundation with the exact same EIN as Malik’s BHOF as being at the following address:

107 S West Street 401
Alexandria, VA

All of these inconsistencies, when taken together, warrant much scrutiny. On March 5th, the House Oversight Committee should begin its search for answers by asking Lois Lerner why her signature is at the bottom of a 501(c)(3) approval letter for a foundation whose founder is connected to terrorism, why this foundation was given expeditious service, why it was backdated 38 months, why it was approved on a Sunday, and why there are three separate mailing addresses (two on IRS forms dated within weeks of each other).

Time is now short. The hearing is now barely more than 24 hours away. Please contact the following three Committee members and tell their offices you would like them to raise the issue of Malik Obama’s BHOF with Lois Lerner during the hearing.

Rep. Darrell Issa, 49th District of California (Chairman)
Washington, DC: (202) 225-3906
Vista, CA: (760) 599-5000
Dana Point, CA: (949) 281-2449

Rep. Trey Gowdy, 4th District of South Carolina (Member)
Washington, DC: (202) 225-6030
Greenville, SC: (864) 241-0175
Spartanburg, SC: (864) 583-3264

Rep. Jim Jordan, 4th District of Ohio (Member)
Washington, DC: (202) 225-2676
Lima, OH: (419) 999-6455
Norwalk, OH: (419) 663-1426

As Rep. Gowdy said during a recent television interview, “We have the evidence and it’s either save herself or go down in flames.” Introducing the possibility of aiding an enemy combatant into the equation certainly adds another – borderline literal – dimension to that statement.

So, here we go round the mulberry bush, as Lois Lerner continues to give Congress the finger and hopes to get away with it too. Yet, as mentioned, she refuses to spill her guts! Issa, Cummings clash at hearing after ex-IRS official Lerner takes 5th, and the video linked within gives a window into the unfolding drama and the admin’s desperate stonewalling.

Nevertheless, there are still those who took the the Liar-in-Chief at his word, expecting him to keep his word:Obama charged with blocking IRS probe, breaking promises to help!

Apparently, regular channels are incapable of bringing Obama Inc. to heel. Hence, a whistle blower bounty is in the offing:

Cleta Mitchell said in a panel at the CPAC conservative annual conference that she learned Thursday that the DOJ had questioned Lerner sometime during the past six months.

Lerner, however, as WND reported refused to answer questions posed by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight Committee, at a hearing Wednesday, invoking her Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself.

Issa told WND after the hearing that Congress could pursue contempt charges against Lerner.

Mitchell, meanwhile, sounded as if Congress would not be able to get to the bottom of the matter.

“We are going to have to take matters into our own hands – private investigations and rewards for whistleblowers,” she said in the CPAC panel discussion Friday.

Mitchell also disclosed that the IRS quietly released new rules this week that will require all applicants for 501(c)4 status to answer the invasive questions to which the tea party and conservative groups have been subjected for the past several years.

She traced the start of IRS targeting of conservatives to the success of the tea party in returning the House to Republicans in 2010 and the Citizens United Supreme Court case.

Therefore, expect the unexpected…the unorthodox, at least when dealing with this criminal regime! It is a very distinct possibility that a confluence of events, via a cascading effect from their illegal actions, will bring this damnable admin crashing down. 

NOT a moment too soon.


  1. FOLKS, this is a little off topic, but it appears that FB is, once again, chagrined, over the truth-tellers in its midst, behaving like the censorship police. You think?? However, their omertas only apply to those who describe the true tenets of Islam!

    As the Israel Administrator to Islam Exposed Online – http://islamexposed.org/ – an “offending” FB post described the EXACT tenets of jihad against the “kafir” and what is mandated under the “Laws of Blasphemy”. Thus, it requires 12 hrs of being in FB jail!! Holy jihad…

    Dear readers, you may want to let Zuckerberg & Co. know that the net is swiftly becoming a safe place for jihadists, but not for those who reveal said edicts. And, that FB is aiding and abetting (even if unintentional) to the anti-western jihad!

  2. Good Post.. Malik Obama’s generating a lot of smoke everywhere but here, something’s burning but our media, including Fox won’t touch it.. Even Breitbart has avoided it. That may not last now that the Saudi’s have had enough of Qatar and the Brotherhood. This morning Pamella Geller had a great post up on the plight of Christians in Syria.. She started it with a reminder Obama wanted to bomb the country on behalf of the jihadists

    I’m going to link this on my site in the morning..you should get the pingback..

    As for Facebook.. If you have enough friends, and they have enough friends to make it interesting you can set up something very similar to Facebook using Buddy Press with a self hosted WordPress site.. It’s not quite as pretty, but it has most of the features.. What it doesn’t have is Zuckerberg’s advertising or his bots monitoring everything keystroke

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  5. As a citizen, a teacher of at-risk populations I am outraged (have reams of printed documents of words, deeds, law breaking) from the White House Administration these last two years. Please read as my girlfriend and I did this weekend, THE CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY OF ORCHESTRATED CRISIS,

    Jan also a teacher called me very late Friday as she was reading; could not sleep and was able to see why Obama is doing what he is doing crisis after crisis that America was never meant (with our constitution, our laws and branches of the government to handle. The CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY Radical Left, and Barack Obama at Columbia University and his training at Columbia University on Saul Alinski, Bill Ayers, ACORN Wade Rathke, more.

    Go to DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG. I believe you will recognize the parallel (each crisis, with the same pattern: The patterns always the same from President Obama and the white house administration. The pattern is: First: “I did not know, I learned when you did, from reading, media, Second: He, they express outrage and we will hold those responsible accountable. Third: He, might fire a low level employee. Fifth: The President Promises the public there will be a thorough long study, we will get back to you as the President and administration continue to “play dumb”; covers up, tell other they are wrong. And continue to block, threatens those who the know the truth with their jobs, safety, security; uses every means of power and intimidation to hush the truth. You will read “the pattern of the manufactured crisis” and I believe you too will the Obama Administration has so many crisis – it is not inexperience. I believe each crisis is purposeful. Do you see a smug face/attitude from our President as he gives his talks to the press, the public; devoid of real care for each crisis (fly to play golf, go to bed, fly to campaign) no real care to follow through. (healthcare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, releasing the 5 most dangerous terrorist for an American deserter (interesting); Food Stamps, Acorn Voter Fraud, Mortgage Meltdown And now the border surge of children with pregnant mothers, men, other cartel coming across. Why? Read The Cloward-Piven Strategy of manufactured crisis and look for Resources. You will recognize as my girlfriend and myself did – it is not that Obama is inexperienced and was not ready to run a country. Quite the opposite this is planned, the lies, the use of executive power easily for his/ their agenda as trained at Columbia University – (Open Society Institute- George Soros, Media Matters, Moveon.org, NARAL/NOW (just a few of the many organizations funded by the Open Society Institute, OSI that funded Obama’s Presidential campaign.

    I believe the too busy, confused American Citizens will connect to the Lois Lerner e-mail. Reporters and attorney’s must teach the connection of this e-mail (approved by LL in one week). Important to do your research and teach the American citizens the connection between President Obama and Malik Obama (treasurer of the Muslim Brotherhood). Could it be that Obama is funneling money through this 501 (c) (3) to the Muslim Brotherhood?.

    This e-mail from Loris Learner copied onto my desktop. I have a print copy. I was not able to scan, copy and send to you. I could probably attach in an e-mail. Here is what it has in it.

    Upper right hand side, says. . . DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY:
    (gives the Employer Identification Number: 26-2461343; DLN: 17053152367041; Contact Person: RENEE RAILEY NORTON ID#31172; Contact Telephone Number: (877)829-5500; Accounting Period Ending: December 31; Public Charity Status: 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi); Form 990 Required: Yes; Effective Date of Exemption: April 30, 2008; Contribution Deductibility: Yes; Addendum Applies: No
    Dated June 26, 2011; with the return address: Internal Revenue Service P.O. Box 2508 Cincinnati, OH 45201. The letter to THE BARACK H OBAMA FOUNDATION, 4301 N CARLIN SPRINGS RD., ARLINGTON, VA 22203. The letter is signed by Lois Learner giving the BARACK H. OBAMA FOUNDATION a 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. My research states Malik Obama (treasurer for the Muslim Brotherhood) is the head of the BARACK OBAMA FOUNDATION.

    Dear Applicant:

    We are pleased to inform you that upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to you are deductible under section 170 of the Code. You are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code. Because this letter could help resolve any questions regarding your exempt status, you should keep it in your permanent records.

    Organizations exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Code are further classified as either public charities or private foundations. We determined that you are a public charity under the Code section (s) listed in the heading of the letter.

    Please see enclosed Publication 4221-PC, Compliance Guide for 501 (c) (3) Public Charities, for some helpful information about your responsibilities as an exempt organization.


    Lois G. Lerner
    Director, Exempt Organizations

    Enclosure: Publication 4221-PC

    Letter 947 (DO/CG)

    Please contact me If this would be of help to get the truth out to the public. The citizens are clueless about what is has been happening (everyone so busy) and overwhelmed with each manufactured crisis. Needed are facts, simple visuals to see for themselves.

    If I can be of help, please contact me by e-mail or phone. Please announce yourself via phone message because I get a lot of phone calls that are unrecognizable and I will not answer unless someone leaves a message for me to return, or if I am sitting here and hear who you are and then I will pick up.

    I understand where Congress may not want to bring this letter themselves. They will be accused with terrible words and shut down , accused of islamaphobia, racist and more.

    This is a clear “visual” connecting the White House to Malik Obama which will lead to opening the door so the news, and/or attorney’s can begin speaking and bringing out the truth; the on-going pattern.

    Perhaps, this should come from Fox news, starting with “The Five”; then Bret Baer, Gretta, O’Reilly, Hannity; each speaking and showing the Lois Learner connection as to why she, they got rid of her e-mails, computer and more. I had files on Ali Hersi, muslims, C.A.I.R. and the tactics they used to anyone who dare speak. As happened a short while ago with Ali Hersi, “Honor Diaries” and what happened at Brandice University; shining the light on the truth C.A.I.R in American. To hear Fox begin to bring up the truth was amazing. Little by little the people are learning. I hope it is not to late. I worry about what I know from around the world, from those that do know. At times I worry about my safety.

    Please let me know if this might help in any way to get the truth to the citizens. I do not do Facebook. Do not feel safe to tweet.


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