IN today’s Orwellian geo-political environment, what used to be considered abnormal has now become the “norm”

Paradoxically, ever since the godfather of modern terror, “Chairman” Yasser Arafat, a Nobel Prize recipient, picked up his ignoble “peace” prize, there has been little peace in the world. Interesting nexus. And, isn’t it a tad coincidental – under the (mis)reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama – the Mid East (and beyond) is alight like never before. Indeed, this is not an easy feat to beat in the fiery Arab Mid East! Hail…to the Pyromanic-in-Chief! Alas, he too is a Nobel “Peace” Prize winner. Vomit.

Nevertheless, the above is hardly news herein – at least it shouldn’t be – but it bears noting: a certain disappearing plane – traveling from Malaysia – may well come back to haunt the anti-American occupant of the White House. How so?

Well, while it is certainly the case that few clues are being revealed publicly, re the vanishing aircraft, the fact of the matter is that alarm bells have been ringing in a certain direction, as to the mega dangers associated from the firing of MANPADS; missiles which are capable of downing civilian airliners, aside from those militarily aligned.

Now, where does the POTUS shine in? Here…and there…

Here & There One:

Intelligent folks understand this verily truth: the blowing apart of Libya had nothing to do with freeing its citizens from Qaddafi’s rule. In fact, as crazy as the Libyan dictator was, he was the only thing standing between Al Qaeda’s – and affiliated terror groups – gaining their hands on Libya’s MANPAD arsenal & associated heavy weaponry: BENGHAZIGATE’S POISONOUS FRUITS VIA SYRIA’S THEATER OF WAR: GLOBAL BLOW BACK & THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENTS!

Here & There Two:

Knowing what you do about Obama Inc., what are the chances that BENGHAZIGATE’S STONEWALL: Egypt’s Brotherhood & Its Fingerprints; Proxy Jihadis; Weapons Running; Blind Sheik’s Release & Obama’s Brotherhood Nexus are not related to the downed airliner? Odds on favorite…

Here & There Three:

Is it any wonder that there is a GROWING case warranting the POTUS’s impeachment: the arming of Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda aligned terrorists through Benghazigate. A Violation of American Law!

Back to the missing plane…

Korean rocket last week

Posted on March 9, 2014

By Aaron Klein

TEL AVIV — Just eight days after a terrorist attack in the city of Kunming dubbed “China’s September 11th,” a Malaysia Airlines flight carrying mostly Chinese passengers disappeared over the South China Sea.

While the international probe is in its early stages and questions are being raised about the prospect of terrorism, investigators would be wise to thoroughly examine the possibility of a missile attack in light of recent information about the global proliferation of such projectiles capable of downing civilian airliners.

Further, China has issued a series of warnings about North Korean missiles, including one that crossed paths with a Chinese airliner carrying 220 people just last week.

On Friday, China complained to North Korea when one of its missiles came dangerously close to a civilian jet last Tuesday. The airplane had departed Tokyo’s Narita airport en route to the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang.

One day earlier, South Korea’s defense ministry released a statement saying the Chinese civilian plane had “passed as the ballistic missile (from North Korea) was in the course of descending.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters, “On this issue, we have already contacted the North Korean side to convey our deep concern.”

“If any country is to hold training or exercises, it should take measures in accordance with international practice to ensure the safety of civil [facilities] in relevant airspace and maritime space,” said Qin.

Qin said the jet was flying over international waters at an altitude of 10,000 meters, or 32,800 feet.

“The rocket could have hit the plane on its way down,” he said. “North Korea had not given any warning. It was an unexpected and immoral act that goes against international norms.”

One week earlier, North Korea reportedly test-fired two short range missiles into the sea.

The Malaysian Airlines flight reportedly lost contact with air traffic controllers some 2 hours after departing Kuala Lumpur, when the plane was about one third of the way into the trip.

Vietnamese searchers said they found possible aircraft debris, including part of a door, that could be from the missing flight. Those fragments were reportedly located about 65 miles south-southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island. The distance from that area to North Korea is about 2,600 miles.

North Korean missile capabilities are said to include the Musadan missile, with a range of about 2,485 miles; the 4,000-mile range Taepodong-2; and a claimed long-range UNHA-3 missile. None of those missiles were reportedly tested in public.

In January, former CIA Director David Petraeus warned of a “nightmare” scenario in which the proliferation of missiles could provide terrorists the ability to shoot down passenger airplanes.

The largest terrorist looting of Man-Portable-Air-Defense-Systems, or MANPADS reportedly took place immediately after the U.S.-NATO military campaign that helped to end Moammar Gadhafi’s rule in Libya.

Gadhafi had hoarded Africa’s biggest known reserve of MANPADS, with his stock said to number between 15,000 and 20,000. Many of the missiles were stolen by militias fighting in Libya, including those backed by the U.S. their anti-Gadhafi efforts.

Last week there were unverified claims some MANPADS went missing in Ukraine.

Last April, the United Nations released a report revealing that weapons from Libya to extremists were proliferating at an “alarming rate,” fueling conflicts in Mali, Syria, Gaza and elsewhere.

Most MANPADS are designed to down a low-flying aircraft.  Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, however, reportedly disappeared from radar while flying at cruising altitude in fine weather.

The details surrounding the fate of the Malaysia Airlines flight could take months or even years to fully emerge. While it is too early to jump to conclusions and the possibilities will evolve along with the investigation, some reports about the flight are technically consistent with a potential missile strike.

Reuters has exclusively quoted a senior source inside the probe saying they were narrowing the focus of the investigation to the possibility the aircraft disintegrated mid-flight.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya told reporters the airline had no indication of any distress signal from the pilot, with CBS News reporting this suggested “that whatever happened to the plane occurred quickly and possibly catastrophically.

Other reports say radar tracking the flight indicated the pilot may have turned back from its path to Beijing before disappearing. It was unclear how quickly the airplane did an about face or why the pilot may have decided to reverse course.

Meanwhile, international intelligence agencies have joined the investigation amid news that two passengers boarded the jet using stolen passports, raising terrorism concerns.

‘Nightmare’ threat targets passenger aircraft

At a conference in Tel Aviv in January, Petraeus warned of a “nightmare” scenario in which missile proliferation could provide terrorists the capability to shoot down a civilian airliner.

Petraeus was speaking at the annual conference of the Institute for National Security Studies, a think-tank at Tel Aviv University.

He referred to a video posted on YouTube by the Sinai-based Ansar Jerusalem jihadist group, which claimed it had fired a surface-to-air missile at an Egyptian helicopter.

“I mean, shooting down a helicopter with an apparent shoulder-fired missile is a big deal,” Petraeus said.

“As you know, that was always our worst nightmare, that a civilian airliner would be shot down by one. Which is why we were so concerned when they moved around,” he said.

The MANPADS didn’t just move around. Thousands were looted when Gadhafi’s reserves were unprotected following the NATO campaign there in 2011.

At the time, CBS News reported the U.S. was unable to secure “thousands” of MANPADS.

CBS quoted a “well-placed source” divulging that hundreds of missiles were tracked going to the group Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM, the al-Qaida franchise based in Algeria that is now considered to be one of the gravest threats to the U.S.

Rest assured, if anyone believes the real story will emerge, good luck with such fantastical thinking. How many recall the tall tales (in 1996) told re Flight 800:

If you watch Kristina Borjesson’s new film, TWA Flight 800, you’ll see a highly persuasive case that this passenger jet full of passengers was brought down by missiles, killing all on board.

A CIA propaganda video aired by U.S. television networks fits with none of the known facts, makes the claim that there were no missiles, and offers no theory as to what then did cause the explosion(s) and crash into the sea.

A coverup by the FBI and the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) was blatant and extensive, involving intimidation of witnesses and investigators, tampering with evidence, false testimony before Congress, censoring reports, and numerous violations of normal protocols.  Some of the government’s own official investigators concluded that the explosion(s) occurred outside the airplane.  They were not permitted to write analyses in their reports, as in every other investigation.  Their reports were censored.  They were forbidden to testify.  Some 200 eyewitnesses — people on the ground and in other planes, at least many of whom described seeing one or more missiles rising from the ground to the airplane — were censored as well.  Not a single witness was permitted to testify at the public hearing.

The military staged a test firing of missiles with witnesses, in an attempt to prove that the witnesses would either not see the missiles or testify inaccurately about what they saw.  However, the witnesses all reported seeing the missiles well.  The report on this test came to the opposite conclusion of what had been hoped for, but the government fed the original, hoped-for line to the media, which dutifully reported it.

Investigators thought and still think a missile or missiles brought down the plane.  Eye-witnesses thought and still think the same.  Explosives residue in the plane wreckage and other physical evidence in the wreckage suggests missile(s).  Data from several different radars at the time of the disaster show pieces of the plane being blown off at speeds that could only have been generated by high explosives, not by a fuel tank exploding.  Radar data also show the plane falling, not rising.  (The CIA claimed, without offering any evidence, that the plane rose into the sky as it was exploding, thus accounting for witnesses’ reports of seeing objects rising.)  The damage to the seats and passengers in the plane was random, not greater closer to a fuel tank.

And, how many remember, the anti-jihad smoke screen in Oklahoma City, the fairy tale, back in 1995: 

Officialdom is sticking to their parroted narrative, regardless of amassed evidence to the contrary. In essence, the story-line goes – “McVeigh and Nichols executed the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing without the support of a group or groups from the Middle East.”

This blogger begs to differ.

And most significantly, R. James Woolsey, Director of Central Intelligence,1993-1995 tells a different tale too, diametrically opposed to the media proffered version, a version conjured up by the highest denizens in the Justice Dept. In fact, Woolsey is so convinced of the veracity of his claims, he penned an attribution for the back cover of an explosive book decrying the official version, dutifully reported by a compliant media! Media digging for facts….. what’s that?

R. James Woolsey, even though a part of the establishment, is first and foremost a patriot.  ”This fascinating product of Jayna Davis’s near-decade of brave, thorough, and dogged investigative reporting effectively shifts the burden of proof to those who would still contend that McVeigh and Nichols executed the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing without the support of a group or groups from the Middle East.”

To make a very long story short, here’s the deal from a few in the know –

Frank J. Gaffney Jr., President of the Center for Security Policy stated ” With the publication of this fascinating account, Jayna Davis will be recognized for what she is:an outstanding journalist willing to risk everything – her career, her financial security, even her life –  to discover and illuminate the facts about foreign complicity in the murderous 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City. Thanks to her book, these facts can no longer be ignored, or concealed. And those who Ms Davis reveals have systematically done both for nearly a decade must be called to account.”

Dr. Constance C. Menges, Former Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and former National Intelligence Officer, CIA contends ”With enormous skill, courage, and persistence, Jayna Davis pursued the foreign terrorist connections to the tragic attack on the federal building in Oklahoma. Now her fast-paced-book reveals the facts that the Clinton administration did not want to confront. This is a must-read for all who want to see beyond the headlines.” Indeed.

And Dan Vogel, FBI Special Agent (retired), former Public Information Officer for Oklahoma City FBI field office added this “This is a must-read for anyone trying to figure out what our government has been doing (or not doing) for the past decade to protect this country from international terrorists. Jayna’s book will chill your blood then make it boil.”

Having spent considerable time researching the above for a related project, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt, what the government purposefully hid from the public – with the aid of a non-inquiring media – led in multiple ways to 9/11/01, though not exclusively so. The point being, keeping facts hidden from the public has deadly consequences, allowing them to operate with their eyes glued shut!

KNOW this: if the fingerprints link back – and they may very well, despite the (eventual) “reported narrative” – to firepower spirited out of Libya due to Benghazigate, NO one in officialdom will ‘fess up. NOT a damnable one!


  1. Adina

    As always, you present a very thorough and interesting analysis.

    Am remembering the U.S. space shuttle, Columbia when it disintergrated in space and left debris from Wyoming to Louisiana in the USA.

    Yet this plane seems to have left no debris. And the business about the false passports adds to the mystery.

    Anyway, good job on keeping us informed. Have not posted lately, but have been lurking and, as always, love your posts and am very informed by what you have to say.

    You are a real treasure on them there Interwebs!

  2. Adina, I read your column religiously because you dig up important info and you are one of a very few who have clear vision – but your English sometimes gets a little shaky.  Recently you picked up the word “herein” which you now frequently use and often use incorrectly.  For the sake of safety and good appearance, do yourself a favor and don’t use the word at all.

    I love you but I bite my lip when you mess up the language.

    Andy Halmay

    • Andy, don’t bite your lip, and I appreciate your vote of confidence. However, I often take many liberties and this is due to the nature of my commentaries. Yes, when I write op-eds everything is letter perfect, as it should be. “Herein” – not so much!

      Note, I also use many abbreviations and this would also be unacceptable for my op-ed writing, as well as for my written interviews. You get the drift…

  3. I have lots of questions about the missing 777 which I doubt will ever get answered. A 777 doesn’t just disappear from military radar barring a bomb or a missile.

    I read Jayna Davis’ book about Oklahoma City. I’m surprised it ever got published considering what she uncovered.

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  5. The other scenario, that the plane was hijacked and has landed safely, is much more dangerous. The mad men of Iran are developing nukes and Obama’s crew thinks we still have years because they have no delivery system. What if they stole the plane to make it their intercontinental delivery system? Perhaps this will be America’s final reward for their stupidity and yes…evil for electing this lunatic?

    • Two possibilities stand out, above all others. In fact, the firing of a missile lies at one end, and the other is a long-planned skyjacking for a jihadi, WMD related attack, as opposed to a 9/11/01 “regular” terror attack. EVERY other theory becomes less than a needle in a haystack.

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