This American-Israeli has little interest in Hollyweird stars, they hold about as much appeal, within said confines, as jumping off a bridge. Never mind that many anti-semites/anti-Zionists would approve of said “self-sacrifice”. Don’t snicker. It ain’t gonna happen.

In this regard, it is wildly unusual for this site to mention any of their names, let alone place a specific personality front and center. However, Scarlett Johansson more than merits top billing. Due to her moral stance against vile Israel/Jew haters, inadvertently, she stepped into MEGA doo doo. Righteous actions usually lead to (and reveal) the truth. OXFAM, your rep is now mud! Roll in it. A sexy, highly popular star outed your vile “aid” organization. Sweet.

NEVERTHELESS, their connection to Islamic jihad has been known for quite some time, but they finally ! received a full public tarnishing. So, yes, Hollyweird stars can often reveal much more than they even intended, whether for the positive or the negative. Yippee.

Now, before we seep into the jihadi nest, it is imperative to unmask the penchant for far too many self-proclaimed “human rights/aids” groups to align themselves with terror groups. Not only that, it is inordinately clear, Jews are the only group – although the tiniest minority among minority populations – who are non-deserving of any “human rights”, at least according to so many of these scummy self righteous organizations. Israel/Jews are constantly targeted for having the gall to survive, despite all odds. What the hell.

Specifically, the following is a run down on just some of their jacked-up Islamic“aid partners”….you decide what their end game is.

Oxfam Partners

I. East London Mosque – an extremist institution whose speakers have included
Saad Al Beraik, a hate preacher who calls for the enslavement of Jewish

II. Islamic Relief – a charity which the Israeli government has designated a
“terrorist front”. Ayaz Ali, the head of the charity’s Gaza operations, was
deported after being accused of funnelling money to Hamas. Neo-Nazi images
were found stored on his computer.

III. MADE in Europe – a charity whose staff are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood
and other radical Islamist groups, and whose offices are based at the extremist
London Muslim Centre.

IV. Human Appeal International – a charity identified by the US Government as
one of a number of groups used as conduits for funds to terrorist organisations,
including Hamas.

V. Zaytoun – a trade collective run by members of the anti-Israel, pro-terror
International Solidarity Movement. Zaytoun works to promote the boycott of
Israeli goods.

VI. Palestine Solidarity Campaign – an anti-Israel lobbying group which the BBC
has described as a ‘radical’ organisation that supports Hamas. The Board of
Deputies of British Jews has stated the PSC’s views include “racist conspiracy
theories, the propagation of antisemitic stereotypes and Holocaust denial”.

VII. Muslim Aid – According to its own accounts, Muslim Aid paid £325,000 to the
Islamic University of Gaza, where leading Hamas figures teach; and £13,998 to
the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, designated by the US government as a “sponsor
of terrorism” and a front for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

VIII. Federation of Student Islamic Societies – a radical student movement which
has, in the past, promoted Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar Awlawki and has provided a platform to hate preachers such as Haitham Al-Haddad, who has said that Jews are “apes and pigs” and that the Gaza war made him happy because “it clearly encouraged Muslims to prepare themselves for jihad, all over the world”.

This report reveals that Oxfam has partnered with groups that
support terrorism, religious extremism, anti-Semitism and advocate
violence against Jews, women and homosexuals. But what exactly defines a partnership? Oxfam has sponsored events,
issued joint press releases, and run campaigns with all these groups.
Certainly, if these were far-Right groups, the criticism of Oxfam’s
associations would be much more loud and severe. And yet some of
these groups listed advocate ideas that are even more extreme than
the evil politics peddled by far-Right. Most importantly, Oxfam itself describes many of these relations as
“partnerships”. It partnered with Islamic Relief and Human Appeal and
Muslim Brotherhood-linked group MADE to produce a ‘campaigns
toolkit’.  Both Islamic Relief and Human Appeal have been accused by
a number of Governments of being “terrorist fronts”. Further, Islamic
Relief’s President, Essam al-Haddad, was the campaign manager for
Egyptian President Morsi, who recently described Jews as the
“descendents of apes and pigs”. In fact, on Oxfam’s website, the blog post acknowledging the
‘campaigns toolkit’ project was written by an Oxfam staff member
called Nina Gora, who was a leading anti-Israel activist while at
University. Working with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, she
invited Aharon Cohen, the extremist leader of Neturei Karta, to
address students. A few years before, Cohen had said that Holocaust
victims “deserved it”. Gora also wrote this piece, titled ‘Horror of
Occuption’. Oxfam’s relationship with the London Muslim Centre, considered by
many to be one of the most extreme anti-Semitic institutions in
Europe, has also been described as a “partnership”. Oxfam proudly labels itself as the leading supporter of Zaytoun, an
organisation run by the pro-Hamas International Solidarity Movement.
Again, Oxfam calls the relationship a “partnership”. And yet Zaytoun
is one of the leading actors in the movement to boycott Israeli goods. Oxfam’s relations with these groups goes beyond sharing the
occasional platform; it includes running joint events and affirming
support for each other……

ONTO the “good” news, but let’s first offer a huge thumbs up to Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Founder/Director of Israel Law Center, a woman who (legally) chews up and spits out terror garbage (and their enablers) on a regular basis! Nitsana, rock on.

Oxfam Accused of Ties to Terror Group

Palestinians dance at a rally marking the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Palestinians dance at a rally marking the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine / AP

February 20, 2014 10:00 am

The aid group Oxfam International is said to be partnering with two Palestinian organizations tied to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), according to an Israeli advocacy group that defends victims of terrorism.

Several of Oxfam’s global affiliates are said to be providing financial aid and “additional forms of material support” to two Palestinian workers groups that are deeply tied to the PFLP, a U.S. designated terror organization, according to the Israel Law Center.

The Israel Law Center demanded in a letter sent Thursday that Oxfam end its relationships with these two groups—the Union of Health Workers Committees (UHWC) and the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (UAWC)—or face possible legal action.

Oxfam, a group known for its harsh criticism of Israel, has been in the news in recent weeks for encouraging boycotts of Jewish state and criticizing actress Scarlett Johansson for her support of Israeli company SodaStream.

“Please be advised that providing services to the terrorist instrumentalities UHWC and/or the UAWC is illegal and may have already exposed Oxfam, its global affiliates and its officers to criminal prosecution and civil liability to Israeli, European, American, Australian citizens, and others victimized by terrorism sponsored by the PFLP, the parent organization of the UHWC and the UAWC,” the letter states, according to a copy obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Israel Law Center requests that Oxfam “immediately provide us written confirmation that Oxfam has discontinued the provision of aid and material support to the UHWC and the UAWC,” according to the letter. “Absent such confirmation, we will seek all available relief and remedies against Oxfam and its officers in all relevant jurisdictions.”

Oxfam, which says it has refuted the Center’s claims, has not been shy about publicizing its work with the UHWC and the UAWC. It provides the groups with financial backing and has described them as “partners” in various press statements, according the Israel Law Center.

However, both groups “were created by the PFLP, and they operate under the direct patronage and in close cooperation with the PFLP,” according to the Israel Law Center, which outlined extensive ties between the organizations.

“The UHWC and the UAWC are the PFLP’s health and agricultural organizations, respectively,” according to the Israel Law Center. “These organizations were created by the PFLP and they operate under the direct patronage and in close cooperation with the PFLP.”

The UHWC has been listed online as a subsidiary to the PFLP and has provided various medical services under the direction of the PFLP, which has also held events at official UHWC facilities, according to the Israel Law Center.

Top UHWC leaders have also held “senior positions” in the PFLP, which has claimed responsibility for the assassination of an Israeli minister and the murder of three Jewish children, according to the letter to Oxfam.

The UAWC also has been listed online as a PFLP affiliate, and the two outfits have been known to jointly hold events together, the Israel Law Center found.

Both groups have also dabbled in “anti-Israel political activities such as land day protests, publicly opposing Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, supporting boycotts and divestments of Israeli academia and companies, and the like,” according to the letter to Oxfam.

Israel Law Center director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said that Oxfam is providing support to the PFLP through its work with these two groups.

“While Oxfam accuses Israel of war crimes, they themselves have partnered with and financially supported a designated Palestinian terrorist organization,” Darshan-Leitner told the Washington Free Beacon. “The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is responsible for some of the most heinous terrorist attacks against civilians over the past decades. Its criminal operations and murders continue against Jewish civilians today.”

“Oxfam claims to care about human rights in Gaza but then partners with the terrorist group which was responsible for massacring the Fogel children in the Itamar community,” she said. “There is no difference between providing aid and support to an instrumentality of the PFLP and giving funds to an instrumentality of al Qaeda. Any money given to a terrorist organization advances its ability to carry out murderous attacks.”

Financial support for the PFLP and its satellite groups could violate several European and U.S. laws, according to Darshan-Leitner.

Oxfam’s head of media Matt Grainger said his organization’s officials have not formally seen the Israel Law Center’s letter yet, but pointed to 2012 rebuttals of similar claims.

The Israel Law Center noted the UAWC’s connection to the PFLP in a 2012 suit and named Oxfam, among other organizations, in the claim, Grainger said. Oxfam and these other groups refuted the accusations at the time.

“Without seeing the new [Israel Law Center] letter, I don’t know if they’re the exact same allegations, against UAWC, or different,” Grainger said.

For the record, the PFLP terror group has been in this investigative journalist’s cross hairs for some time, and it had everything to do with their backing of the ISM terror front, a focal point herein:

I am an investigative journalist and independent op-ed contributor to various Zionist andConservative media outlets. I contributed to an in-depth investigative series at FrontPage Magazine with Lee Kaplan from 2003-2007.We are still working together . Go to the 5:59 timeline at – as well– – to listen to him address the current situation in Syria. He is a world class expert on the ISM (International Solidarity Movement), and he utilized my foundation in forensics and investigative journalism to “follow the jihadist money.” Unfathomably, the ISM was able to accomplish the above money laundering, courtesy of their IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Specifically, my name appears at the end of the expose’, ‘Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Laws’? 

The nexus between the ISM and the PFLP (and their hydra organs) is solid as a rock:

Fayyad SbaihatDon’t let that toothy grin fool you. This is a bad dude. Israeli security has advised that Sbaihat’s entire family is active with the terrorist organization the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) that murdered Israel’s Tourism Minister and is responsible for the deaths of at least fourteen Americans in terrorist attacks. Sbiahat’s two brothers, Laith and Mohammed, are both PFLP terrorists. Sbaihat recently gave up his role as national spokesman for the ISM conference to Nadeem Muaddi of Temple University.Below is information on Sbaihat who is still active in the ISM and will no doubt be at Georgetown:

Based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fayyad Sbaihat is the national student organizer and leader of the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM), which is the campus arm of the International Solidarity Movement in the United States. True to the spirit of these two organizations, Sbaihat has organized – at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada – conferences advocating divestment from Israel and promoting the dismantling of the Jewish state.

Full circle. Bulls eye.




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