Israel’s/Jewish Soldiers Maligned For NOT RAPING “Palestinian” Women: The Twisted Hatred/Sickness Leveled Against Israel & Jews Alike…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NO threshold is too low to sink to when it comes to the oldest disease known to mankind, duly evidenced within antisemitism is found at most U.S. (western) campuses. And, yes, to rail and rage against the ONLY Jewish state in the world; to call for its elimination/extermination; to demand double and triple standards for Jews  – and only Jews – is to be a defacto anti-semite. To call for boycotts, divestments, sanctions against Israel is to dictate that Israel must totally surrender to the PA/Fatah terror junta. That is that.

YET, these same purveyors of Jewish/Zionist “intolerance” brazenly reveal their true colors and intent, even as they tolerate and encourage all manner of heinous actions from the PA terror apparatus. Thereby, they display their anti-semitic hand, even as they deny that they are anti-semites. Credo quia absurdum. Whatever. 

In a nutshell, there are no ifs, ands or buts about the above double (and then some) standard. Besides, this site has ZERO tolerance for any attempt to parse this and that, in order to offer nonsensical “explanations/justifications” on a major Jewish life and death issue.

EVEN more so, to view the level of hate waged against Israel, but not against regimes like Iran – which are truly genocidal in intent – is to witness an affliction of the world’s most intractable disease. It is not for nothing that a deep investigation into those who lead/incite BDS campaigns must remain a top priority.

In reality, Israel’s (read: the Jewish people’s) enemies are deadly serious in their intent, and financial divestment is simply their stated, albeit initial goal. To give the readers a leg up, view the embedded video…it rocks…it shows the insane hypocrisy hurled towards Israel

It must be clearly understood: those who engage in “bashing Israel at all costs” are mentally off center due to their consuming hatred, self hating Jews included. As such, there is a phenomenon – hold onto your last meal, otherwise you may upchuck it – of accusing Israeli soldiers (Zionist males specifically) of demonstrating “prejudice” against PA Arab women for NOT raping them when they are swept up in terror raids! In other words, by (for the most part) behaving civilized, Israeli soldiers are treated as pariahs, thus, they are accused of shunning PA women because they aren’t “good” enough for them to have sex with by force! Have you ever heard of such madness? שגעון! 

Oh dear, this is too much…but just wait…there’s more.

Ex-Israeli Soldier Denounced on US Campus for Not Raping Palestinian Women

October  2013 By 



Hen Mazzig had been a member of Israel’s most left-wing party. But that didn’t prepare him for the sheer level of Israelaphobic craziness that he would encounter on campuses in the Pacific Northwest.

This year, from January through May, I went to college campuses, high schools, and churches to tell people about the history of modern Israel, about my experience growing up in the Jewish state, and about my family. I also always spoke about my military service as an officer in an IDF COGAT unit that attends to the needs of Palestinian civilians who are not involved in the conflict and promotes Palestinian civil society.

That went about as well as expected. Especially when BDS was involved. BDS rhetoric makes Nazi rhetoric look sensible and reasonable because it taps into whatever dementia is in the air.

At a BDS event in Portland, a professor from a Seattle university told the assembled crowd that the Jews of Israel have no national rights and should be forced out of the country. When I asked, “Where do you want them to go?” she calmly answered, “I don’t care. I don’t care if they don’t have any place else to go. They should not be there.”

When I responded that she was calling for ethnic cleansing, both she and her supporters denied it.

And during a presentation in Seattle, I spoke about my longing for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. When I was done, a woman in her 60’s stood up and yelled at me, “You are worse than the Nazis. You are just like the Nazi youth!”

A number of times I was repeatedly accused of being a killer, though I have never hurt anyone in my life.

On other occasions, anti-Israel activists called me a rapist. The claims go beyond being absurd – in one case, a professor asked me if I knew how many Palestinians have been raped by IDF forces. I answered that as far as I knew, none.

She triumphantly responded that I was right, because, she said, “You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.”

You’re a rapist? You’re not a rapist? Why do you hate Palestinian Arab women? Why won’t you rape them? You’re a racist!

Hen Mazzig blames American Jews for not being more vocal, but this particular piece of crazy actually originates from left-wing academics in his own country.

According to Dr. Gurevitch, This was a very serious paper that asked two important questions: Is the relative lack of IDF rapes a noteworthy phenomenon, and if so, why is it that there are so few IDF rapes when in similar situations around the world, where rape is so much more common?

The abstract of the paper, authored by doctoral candidate Nitzan, could not find instances of rapes of Palestinian women by the IDF it sought to find, so it was decided that the paper show that “the lack of organized military rape is an alternate way of realizing [particular] political goals.” It continues, “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it can be seen that the lack of military rape merely strengthens the ethnic boundaries and clarifies the inter-ethnic differences – just as organized military rape would have done.”

Ergo, Nitzan could not find any cases of rape by IDF soldiers of Palestinian women even though Palestinian media constantly accuses Israeli soldiers of this. Apparently distraught over such findings, Nitzan had to twist her thesis to attribute the lack of such rapes to a governmental program instilling in IDF soldiers that the Arab women are sub-human or inferior.

This demented Catch 22 lunacy, or Reverse Rapism, as some have called it, won an award at Hebrew University. The people who endorsed it were likely to have been Meretz members or at least sympathetic to its position.

Tal Nitzan has since compared the media and internet criticism of her “Israeli Soldiers are Racist for not Raping” to… being raped.

“Media(ted) rape as a terror-inducing method

“From my distanced position in Canada, the public responses to my thesis seemed in a way similar. Obviously the effect on my life was not even remotely similar to the physical and mental suffering these women and their relatives went through, yet the mechanism used and the cultural logic behind it were quite similar.

“A crowd of self-appointed state representatives, joined by a mob of concerned, patriotic citizens gathered to defame my problematic character and disturbed personality. Yet this wasn’t enough. A body had to be dragged into the main square. It was examined, evaluated, mocked, ridiculed and then publicly and repeatedly raped as a combined act of punishing me and terrorizing others.

“Modern technology allows public events to be seen beyond the traditional spatial and temporal limitations… Hundreds of people, maybe more, gathered to defame me and my work… as an external distanced observer I could see the terrorizing and disciplining message it sent feminists, left-wing supporters and society as a whole.”

Then Tal Nitzan went on to defend Ariel Toaff, another left-wing academic, who claimed Jews drank blood.

Tal Nitzan’s brand of anti-Israel crazy apparently percolated throughout academia and confronted Hen Mazzig. The whole thing is an example of how the international left works together to demonize Israel.

But there is good news for Israeli leftists. Muslim Arabs in the West Bank are far less racist than Israeli Jews and far more willing to rape despite ethnic differences.

One activist, who in the past used to frequent the protests in the West Bank but no longer participates, told Haaretz, “Two years ago we had a meeting of women who took part in the struggle against the occupation. It took place in an apartment in Jerusalem, and disturbing things were brought up. Nearly all the women that attended told of cases of harassment or discrimination.

This correspondence, along with other testimonies obtained by Haaretz, tells of a wider phenomenon of sexual harassment and assault of Israeli and foreign protesters in the West Bank. In the past two years, at least six incidents were recorded in the West Bank and East Jerusalem: two in Sheikh Jarrah, four more in the Mount Hebron area, in Masra, in Kfar a-Dik, and an alleged case of attempted rape in Umm Salmona, near Bethlehem, that was revealed in Haaretz.

Recently, a special forum was started by a group of women from leftist groups for the purpose of dealing and monitoring such incidents.

Israeli leftists should welcome these acts of tolerance. And this call by an Egyptian female lawyer to sexually harass Jewish women as an act of resistance.

Interviewer: Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam has proposed that young Arab men should sexually harass Israeli girls wherever they may be and using any possible method, as a new means in the resistance against Israel.

Nagla Al-Imam: First of all, they violate our rights, and they “rape” the land. Few things are as grave as the rape of land. In my view, this is a new form of resistance.

Interviewer: As a lawyer, don’t you think this might expose Arab youth to punishment for violating laws against sexual harassment?

Nagla Al-Imam: Most Arab countries… With the exception of three or four Arab countries, which I don’t think allow Israeli women to enter anyway, most Arab countries do not have sexual harassment laws. Therefore, if [Arab women] are fair game for Arab men, there is nothing wrong with Israeli women being fair game as well.

I’m sure Judith Butler is writing up an enthusiastic call for involving the LGBT community in this new daring form of anti-racist activism.

IF the above isn’t perverse/twisted enough to sear a normal person’s soul, Israel’s demented, delusional left jumps aboard the same insane “logic”. Hebrew U disgraced itself by allowing one of its Masters students to present a thesis paper filled with racist/biased “scholarship”, to the extent that its reputation (in the social sciences) is forever sullied due to this disgrace of so called “academic research”. What next will they place their stamp of approval on? Shivers.

Not Raping = Rape … If You Are an Israeli Soldier

Paper Proves Once Again that Academics Never Outgrow Their Need for Bullshit

Prize Winning Sociology Thesis at Hebrew U.: Lack of Rape Among Israeli Soldiers Achieves Same Aims as Rape

“A Hebrew University Sociology department M.A. thesis entitled “Controlled Occupation: The Lack of Military Rape in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict” notes that the relative absence of instances of rape by Israeli soldiers is an alternate method of achieving the same kind of degradation of Palestinian Arabs that would be achieved through a directed policy of raping Arab women……” 

Now, the deleterious effects emanating from the (in)humanities departments within Israel (and western academia as a whole) is hardly a new topic within this site. Its dangers stem from Israel’s left in particular, and specifically from academia. In fact, much ink has been spilled on this topic, and its findings serve as a dark blight on Israel’s otherwise excellent mastery in other arenas, particularly its sciences and technology departments.

Justice in the Holy Land, is it ideologically driven? is more than eye opening. It is mind numbing. And, as already proven at this site, the nexus between western academia, the ISM (International Solidarity Movement and its terror offshoots) and leftist Jews (and others) is no longer a theory. Their trajectory is rock solid. 

The havoc wrought by western academia – its leftist entrenchment in a time of immoral relativism –  is both a paradox and a pitfall of liberal democracies.

Maariv, a mainstream Israeli newspaper (, penned a scathing op-ed from one of its main columnists, and its revelations back up EVERYTHING this blog site has been claiming. Its contents must be absorbed, even if some need google translate to do so. Of course, reading it in Hebrew renders it even more explosive – 

החופש האקדמי חוסל ע”י השמאל הקיצוני

בחלק מהחוגים למדעי החברה יש תופעה של השתלטות האסכולה 

הפוסט והאנטי ציונית והמצב שנוצר הוא שהחופש האקדמי מחוסל

For this site’s English readership, avail yourselves of Im Tirtzu: University of Haifa legal clinics are politicizedNO academic discipline, outside of science/tech departments, is safe from the left’s anti-Zionist claws!

As a result, upending their leftist hegemony is this generation’s moral imperative. NO time to sit on the (academic or moral) fence.

12 thoughts on “Israel’s/Jewish Soldiers Maligned For NOT RAPING “Palestinian” Women: The Twisted Hatred/Sickness Leveled Against Israel & Jews Alike…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Excellent article and extremely well written. So sad that there is such a blind hatred that defies all logic… it only serves to prove the level of stupidity much of mankind has sunk to. Yimach Shemam.

  2. It’s painful to believe that so many Jews seem to be ushering in their own demise. Do they not see it? Apparently not. This article is well written and alarming to all those who support Israel and the Jewish people.

  3. The above article describes the state of affairs torn from the pages of Kafka’s book “The Trial” . In a world where not committing a heinous crime … is a crime, where not taking away a woman’s humanity is considered …inhumane, injustice becomes justice. In a world where , other nations have driven out thousands, if not millions of people, like Russia did, Poland and Czechoslovakia did,Turkey (the Greeks) Algeria a million Frenchman. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese, and least we forget the 750,000 Jews from arab countries after 1948 – communities that had hundreds of years tradition in some places, Refugees either assimilated or left. no where but the PA does the title “refugee” become an inherited status. We are now on what the third generation ? The difference is unlike all the examples above, the nations of the world displace people in aggressive wars…land grabs where as Israel won a defensive war , fighting for its survival. This distinction is never mentioned in US universities. We have 2 or 3 generations now growing believing Israel was a demon in 1967 for not allowing themselves to be “pushed into the sea” as Naser claimed was the goal of that war.
    Why was “the west bank” not called occupied territories in 1966? The Jordanians who took control by simply occupying it after the British left certainly had no legal claim to it? And if History, International law, or the double standard doesn’t win the day, how about the simple fact that from Oslo agreement onward the PA has one stated goal: to rid the entire region of Jews..their words not mine…a western style peace process that helps them along the way is fine with them, but does anyone truly believe the rulers of the PA will stop at some point? this is stuff Kafka himself couldn’t have dreamed of writing…its too contrary to reality, to ridiculous to be believable…even in a novel.

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