Obama Inc/CIA Designs “False Flag” Production Set: The Toppling Of Syria’s Assad. To What End? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The most renegade, radical, revolutionary regime in U.S. history is Obama Inc. and the civilized – and not so civilized – world is viewing a window into their treachery.

Many contend that they are a bumbling crew and are out of their depth in both domestic and foreign policy issues. Absolutely not. For the historical record, their actions are purposeful and decidedly anti-American.

For a glimpse into said charges, let us start with some building blocks:

Well before his reelection, this blog warned about the ensuing nightmare from a second term Obama presidency, and its thesis has indeed come to pass. Not long after, a regime gone wild more than proved said prognostication. But aside from Obama Inc.’s specific red/green allied plans, a clear cut case was made which demonstrated the outcome when radical revolutionaries gained the helm. NO charges at this site have ever been made in a vacuum. But do take special note of the co-option of the Pentagon and CIA by the same radical forces, even before Hagel and Brennan officially took over. 

So, aside from countless other indictments within these pages, one stands above the others, at least in the realm of their deliberate foreign policy fires – Benghazigate, which in turn leads us straight into Syria and the HEART of the matter

Obama Admin Produced Fake News Of Syrian Dictator Being Toppled

OCTOBER 1, 2013 BY Kris Zane – Video embedded
The failed novelist, once Obama speech writer, now National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote a series of phony newscasts showing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad being overthrown.

Huge movie sets of the al-Assad presidential palace were built in Saudi Arabia, overseen by our own CIA, in which doubles of al-Assad and his generals are depicted fleeing the Free Syrian Army.

The Hollywood-like operation had an army of special effects crew, stuntmen, and makeup artists that rivaled most studios.

The phony footage was to be fed through Arab League-controlled satellites, preempting regular Syrian newscasts, making the Syrian people think their government had just been toppled.

The CIA-controlled CNN would then re-broadcast the phony footage, causing the world to think al-Assad had been overthrown.  While Syria was mired in anarchy, a real coup would take place; and Obama would ride in on his white horse, installing another Islamic regime.

The plan, scheduled to occur on June 15, 2012, never happened because Syrian officials got wind of it and put a stop to it. The White House and CNN then buried the story down the memory hole and created a new fiction: al-Assad’s August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack, also nowproved to be fake, perpetrated by Obama’s own al-Qaeda rebels in order to warrant a U.S. bombing campaign.

This according to Tony Cartalucci’s book, War on Syria: Gateway to World War III and his subsequent blockbuster articles.

NO sane non-jihadi would argue that Assad is anything but a stone cold killer and that getting rid of him – particularly due to his allegiance to Iran’s Hitlerite regime – is not a western interest. However, this is not Obama Inc.’s impetus, and this fact has been proven beyond a doubt. 

In the main, the Islamist-in-Chief and his captured/captivated surrogates have chosen sides in the centuries old jihadist struggle, having thrown America’s weight in with the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, of which Al Qaeda/Al Nusra is in the forefront. You got that? Instead of removing the boot of Iran’s regime from the region – thereby completely weakening Assad in the process – back in 2009, as Iranian freedom fighters bled in the streets, Barack HUSSEIN Obama gave them the finger

YET, even the leader of the mighty super power can’t control all events, and geo-politics inherently involves fast moving parts with many knock-on components. Blow back. 

In effect, as Syria’s rulers got wind of Obama Inc.’s celluloid-designed coup – to help usher in an authentic one – Benghazigate, with its own tailwind, exploded on the scene and Obama Inc. revised its plans.

YES, and while all of the above was exploding, Obama Inc. didn’t count on Morsi’s Brotherhood Mafia being swept from power, another regional and unanticipated blow back. As such, as most Islamists at heart are wont to do, they have little aversion to switching sides midstream, understanding that the “strong horse” is the best way forward to march on the west.   

To the civilized world’s horror, the leader of the once free world is completely on board with both Syria and Iran. And this was predicted too through all the above.

1 thought on “Obama Inc/CIA Designs “False Flag” Production Set: The Toppling Of Syria’s Assad. To What End? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. I have a prediction, Obama will be the first American president removed from office by force. This monkey with a grenade breaks the countries laws at will, usually weekly. Americans on the street want NOTHING to do with islam, communism or Obamacare. JZ thinks Obama is a cool dude, JZ is a self admitted drug dealer, Obama is a self admitted muslim in his book. The media can not prop Obama up much longer. Putin is more American than Obama. Obama should resign and leave the country while we will let him go. It may not be so easy after the people rise up, and they are rising. His civilian defense force will not last 72 hours against an enraged populace. Taketh the money and run you creep.

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